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9N & 2N Ford Tractor Registry (1939 – 1947)

A club database to record information about your 9N & 2N (1939 thru 1947) Ford tractor(s).
Use it for tracking, insurance records, and general interest.

8N Ford Tractor Registry (1947 thru 1950)
8N & Newer Ford Tractor Registry (1951 and up)
Click here to submit your tractor information to the registry. One submission & one photo allowed per tractor.
Click here to email a registry entry modification to the webmaster.
Year Model Serial # Description Owner Previous Owner Photo
1939 (9N - S/N 1 to 10233) (110 entries)
1939 9N 9N017 Just bought came from Ohio going to restore runs but hood is in bad shape. Barry Albertson    
1939 9N 9N52 Fourth oldest 9N known according to the F&FCA registry. Steering column S/N 122. Tractor has seen a lot of use and abuse but runs well. Replacement steel hood. To be restored at some point in the future. Bob Johnston Justin Kemp BobJ_19399N3
1939 9N ☆9N90☆ Cast alum. hood & very rare 32" loop rims. Barn find in 1965. My father bought it got it running and used on his small farm in RI. for years. My son and I finished full restoration in 2013. Now in Woodstock Valley, CT. Paul & Joel Wilbur Lester (Sonney) PaulW_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N91☆ AL Hood, AL Dash casting number 161, 32" Loop rims, Small generator. Father son restoration complete fall 2017. Joel & Paul Wilbur Marion Parrish JoelW_19399N
1939 9N 9N141 Alum hood Burt Hudson N/A  
1939 9N 9N157 Mostly original, w/ alum hood. Jackson Ramsey Rufus Roberts JacksonR_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N198☆ Purchased from Mark Harris who used it as a work tractor from 1996-2020. Full restoration to come. Brett McLeod Mark Harris MarkH_19399N
1939 9N 9N223 Alum Hood Smooth Axles 4 spoke wheel restoration started Kelly Jewell N/A  
1939 9N 9N241   Randy Sierk    
1939 9N 9N281 This (n was purchased by my father in 1980, used hard to clean up 5 wooded acres, mowing and grading dirt with a straight blade. It has been abused but kept on going and still runs to this day. I am in the process of restoring the tractor now. Greg Haxton Jerry Haxton GregH_19399N
1939 9N 9N284 Still running need some work Troy Conley John Hewitt  
1939 9N ☆9N287☆ Very original early 9N.I'm 3rd owner. Original owner owened it till about 10 or twelve years ago.Its from Colorado and very solid. It has never been repainted an there is quite a lot of original paint on the rear fenders as well as some spots on other parts.Runs perfect.brakes and steering are excellent. Jason Grooms Jim DeBacker JasonG2_19399N
1939 9N 9N357 1939 Aluminum Hood restored but could use new paint. Palmer Fossum   PalmerF_19399N
1939 9N 9N397 Dash #433, steel hood, smooth hubs, small gen., double rib fenders. Bert Reis    
1939 9N 9N404 Aluminium hood and dash (dash #516). 32inch rear wheels, smooth axles, four spoke steering wheel, double ridge fenders. Extras F.T. overdrive & Keithsburg heated seat. Found in Montana. Restored in UK Julie Browning   JulieB_19399N
1939 9N 9N419 aluminum hood incorrect wheel incorrect front wheels incorrect rear axels Sean A Smith Grant Johnson  
1939 9N 9N445 Has smooth axles, 32" rims, original front axles and spindles, threaded left three point link. Has reproduction doglegs, battery cover and steering wheel, 'B' generator and cutout. Dash and trans cover are not original. Tractor came from central Texas. Harold Cooke Randy Abbey HaroldC3_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N465☆ Under Restore Ration Jacob Beams Unknown  
1939 9N ☆9N496☆ Fourth owner; found in upstate NY. Full restoration completed in 2019 including aluminum hood. Brett McLeod   BrettM_19399N
1939 9N 9N516 Alum hood, smooth axles, 32" rears, 4 spoke wheel Kelly Jewell N/A KellyJ_19399N
1939 9N 9N528 This model is unique in that it has aluminum hood, side skirts, grille and dash. Owned by www.N-Complete.com N-Complete, Inc.   ChrisA_19399N
1939 9N 9N529 Original, runs good, alum hood. Have owned for 15+ years. Wondering what it's worth....call 1-906-753-6985 Floyd Cappaert N/A FloydC_19399N
1939 9N 9N540 I am the third owner of the tractor. Was found on a little farm in the Ozark hills of Fordland Missouri. Used to bush hog. Tractor was restored 20 years ago and use in local shows. Some original parts are missing like the grille and dog legs. The aluminum hood in good condition. My plans are to restore it back to factory condition. Chris Purvis   ChrisP_19399N
1939 9N 9N543 Alum hood, smooth axles, 32" rears, 4 spoke wheel Kelly Jewell N/A  
1939 9N 9N546 Hood was replaced with steel hood. Dash #636 Kirk Witte   KirkW_19399N3
1939 9N 9N551 1939 9N number 551 bought in 1972 Ronald Hill James Hill  
1939 9N 9N555 Alum hood, smooth axles, 32" rears, 4 spoke wheel Kelly Jewell Tom Armstrong  
1939 9N 9N605 Tractor is a 1939 but the motor is 1940. I just bought it and I am lookin forward to getting started tearing it down. Wesley Connell Bradley Thomas WesleyC_19399N
1939 9N 9N614 Tractor worked a long hard life and at one time mounted a loader. Painted Ford blue when found - possibly traded in to a dealer many years ago? Still has original aluminum hood and one aluminum dogleg. Other dogleg, battery box cover and grill are gone. A full restoration is planned. Bob Johnston Shawn Young BobJ_19399N
1939 9N 9N665 Aluminum hood, tractor runs but needs to be restored Church Family    
1939 9N 9N693 Very late production aluminum hood tractor. Steering column serial is 710. May be the highest serial aluminum hood tractor still in existence. Has original hood, doglegs, grill and battery box door. Spent its working life as an orchard tractor (note side mower mount). Bob Johnston Linden Hall BobJ_19399N2
1939 9N 9N739 Purchased from the original owner in Ohio. With the exception of one hood dogleg, all aluminum parts are there. It's been kept inside and well-maintained. Has a Sherman combo auxiliary transmission. Dave Hoffman Not disclosed DaveH_19399N
1939 9N 9N876 Most all original parts. It was found in a field rusting away where it quit running some years previous. The owner gave it to my father who fixed it up and made it the family work horse. Dennis Melby Unknown DennisM_19399N
1939 9N 9N882 The 1st 9N our dealership rec'd in Aug.1939, traded back in 1980. Sweigard Bros., Inc.    
1939 9N 9N910 great shape, and with Dearborn belly mower James Cleveland Jason Williams  
1939 9N 9N927 Steel Hood(lift out Bat.Door),ALUM;OEM Grille(NotAftermket)& SteeringPost& All Inspection Covers.Left/Lift Arm Threaded.Correct Front Axle&Hubs.Older OEM Rad(Not Aftrmkt).Correct Rear Axle&Parts.Still Has`Smaller'Gen.A Lot Of Harder To Find Parts Are Here.Backyard/Owner Restore. Stan Morris   StanM_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N963☆ Steel hood, aluminum dash. Runs well, everything works, no leaks. Unrestored. Don Houston N/A  
1939 9N 9N988 Currently a non-runner, still deciding between yard-art and restoration Gary Heinze    
1939 9N 9N1020 Mostly original. Palmer Fossum had a grille and a pop in batter cover made for it. It's looking good! Patrick Hauke Abandoned PatrickH_19399N
1939 9N 9N1043 Still running. Needs some sheet metal work and paint. David A. Everett    
1939 9m 9N1055 Came the way I like them, flat tires and not running. Going to work the tractor for a few years before resto. Has a lot of early '39 parts on it Joel & Paul Wilbur   Joel&PaulW_19399N
1939 9N 9N1232 Good running, hydraulics need some work (stuttering), love the old girl. Peter Langhamer Unknown PeterL_19399N
1939 9N 9N1442 Missing some original 9n equipment and wrong paint. Does have double rib fenders also a howard trans. Does run and drive good. Kirk Witte Brad Choppy KirkW_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N1484☆ 2 months into resortation. Going slow and easy. Ken Steckbauer George Steckbauer  
1939 9N 9N1485 Third owner, Maine, restoration in progress. 32 rears, all original, missing operable left lift arm link. John Myrick Stanford Brown  
1939 9N 9N1604 A mostly original early 9N. Correct rear tires and generator, with CM Hall lights. Matt Murphy   MattM_19399N
1939 9N 9N1724 Owned since 1983. Mows 3 acre lawn in summer and plows snow all winter in NE PA. Currently in FL for some reclamation work. Bill Blackburn N/A  
1939 9N 9N1789 Refurbished John Koerner    
1939 9N 9N1880 Trip bucket George DeBalko  


1939 9N ☆9N1907☆ Purchased 05/2015, runs great. Currently a workhorse helping me maintain my property (brush hog, blade, landscape rake)and a future restoration project. Need more implements! Original 6 volt system, 32" rears, very little rust or corrosion. I should have paid 2 or 3 times what I paid for her! Larry Lemke   LarryM_19399N
1939 9N 9N1998 Pretty much original, almost done. Randy Yacowatz   RandyY_19399N
1939 9N 9N2091 Needs some TLC but runs good-used for bushhog-plowing 2 furrow and blade in winter. Continuous project Bruce Howie Unknown BruceH_19399N
1939 9N 9N2129BA 100% ny restaurert Rune Marthinsen    
1939 9N 9N2169 Runs well, use mostly for bush-hogging. I suspect a lot of parts are from other years, ex: front wheels have 6 bolts, not 5, and the hood is sheet metal, not aluminum. 12V conversion. Got it cheap & it's been worth every dime.   I (Andy Baergen) bought it from my grandpa (Ron Boomstra) and I then sold it to Mr Kitley Ron Boomstra
Mr Kitley
1939 9N 9N2275 Working 1939 9N in Prince George VA. Tractor is used daily to maintain a small horse farm. Engine and pto lift work fine. 12v conversion. Thomas Colligan   ThomasC_19399N
1939 9N 9N2534 Good runner. Needs a grille. Planned as a restoration project and daily user Mark Bottrell Luke Collins  
1939 9N ☆9N2624☆ Bought this in 2003, took 2 years to complete. Very Original 9N Jason Grooms Charles Gant JasonG_19399N
1939 9N 9N2785 Very Great Condition, Rebuilding Engine.To Nice To Repaint. 2nd Owner. Anthony Fagnani Jr. Kings Road Schenectady  
1939 9N 9N3355 In really rough shape. Looking to restore in the near future. NW Arkansas. Damon Bunting    
1939 9N 9N3551 Just bought this tractor at auction. Don't know anything about it. Has 8N cast where the starter bolts on. Jim Price Unknown JimP_19399N
1939 9N 9N3662 Pretty near original, still some work to do. Del Huebner   DelH_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N3657☆ Two ribbed rear fenders. Everything is there. Sat in Old McDonald's garage for the last 10+ years. Plan on restoring it and working it. Ward Townsend Harold McDonald WardT_19399N
1939 9N 9N4044 Has both smooth axle hubs with 10x28 hat rims. Steel hood, start button on dash by amp gauge. No visible freeze plugs. Double rib fenders and threaded left side lift link. My plans are to restore it. Gary Peterson   GaryP_19399N
1939 9N 9N4090 '39 9n with smooth hubs and 32's with howard trans. Trans number 3985. Kirk Witte Steve Smith KirkW_19399N4
1939 9N 9N4182 Still has one smooth-hub axle. Otherwise: wrong grille, 28" rears, car 5-lug on front, steering arms welded to top of spindles, but no smoke and runs great! John Collins   JohnC_19399N
1939 9N 9N4394 Originally owned by a farmer/rancher in Logandale, NV. Very original w/ "A" generator and voltage regulator. The governor, grill and steering wheel are incorrect. Never had lights installed. Will eventually be restored. Bob Johnston Roger Weingardt  
1939 9N ☆9N4670☆ Runs good. Complete rebuilt engine with new pistons and sleeves. Some original, some not. I got this tractor as a basket case from my uncle. I had to find several pieces just to make it complete. It does have transmission number 4450. 20 foot paint job with Rustoleum Smoke Gray paint. Andy Wildman Warren Wildman AndyW_19399N
1939 9N 9N4833 Rough shape scheduled to be restored Matt & Sally Patton Max Mathews  
1939 9N 9N5060 Runs good and drives good needs a coat of paint. Gary Riddle    
1939 9N 9N5222 Gifted to me from man in Florida. Mostly renovated (not restoration quality). Plan on using occasionally on farm. Bobby Alexander D. McMannen BobbyA_19399N
1939 9N 9N5262 Smooth axles, 32" rears, 2 rib fenders Harold Cooke C B Miles HaroldC_19399N
1939 9N 9N5550 Rough, missing fenders. 1 smooth axle. Will restore. Fred Klein    
1939 9N 9N5861 Nice shape needs a grill ,original alum one is not all there. I have the original bill of sale. The tractor was from a dealer in manasquan New Jersey. Called Howard Height Inc. and has been in the family ever since. Restoration is under way and soon to be finished. Robert S. Trella Family Members  
1939 9N 9N5872 Home made rear wheels using 11.00-20 heavy truck tires and home made front wheels using 6.50-16LT tires. Josh Beeman N/A  
1939 9N 9N5913 Fully restored, shown at 2013 California Antique Farm Equipment Show, Tulare, CA Steve Dabrowski   SteveD_19399N
1939 9N 9N6050 The tractor was in pieces in my grandpas shop. I restored it for use and painted with the light grey and red paint scheme. Daniel Orosco Grandpa Orosco DanielO_19399N
1939 9N 9N6315 Purchased new and still owned, operated and maintained by the Cook family on their Atascadero California farm. Run weekly, and still in it's original trim with 6 volt electric system. Runs like a Swiss watch without and problems. 3rd owner Marsha (Cook) Wozniak Original buyer/owner Martha Dandrich Cook, 2nd owner Walter Leighton Cook  
1939 9N 9N6319 All original, needs a grill but all else is intact. Still used weekly to smooth roads or harrow field or mow. 32 inch wheels Jim Lola Doug Becher  
1939 9N 9N6329 Belonged to my grandfather. 1st. 1939 sold in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. James Herndon Dewey Herndon JamesH_19399N2
1939 9N 9N6381 Good shape, need's few small repairs. William Bairefoot Kubota Dealer  
1939 9N ☆9N6531☆ Early serial number- ☆9N653I☆ built in November 1939. It will be restored and displayed as a tribute/memorial to my grandfather, John Thomas Sullivan, who bought the first FORD with Ferguson System tractor brand new in Huron County, Michigan, in November 1939. Tim Daley John Thomas Sullivan-grandfather  
1939 9N 9N6629 Rebuilding-Found sitting in Mojave desert behind Saddleback State Park, Calif. Charlie Haas Unknown  
1939 9N 9N6854 This tractor was part of the Palmer Fossom colection It has a Brunco Cab made by the Brumbaugh Body Co., Altoona Pa. Joe/Ruth Reynolds Palmer Fossom JoeR_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N7002☆ I just bought this tractor for the bucket but will probably change the engine out for earlier one. I have (198) has two ribbed fenders, aluminum dash, smooth hubs, starter button on dash, tranny dipstick on shifter cover, no battery door but used no hinges. Mark Harris   MarkH_19399N2
1939 9N 9N7137◊ Some original gray some ford blue. Runs good,rebuilt brakes last year and put on new pto spline (kept original shaft) amp guage doesn't work. Still a working tractor. Larry Heine Carl Weinke  
1939 9N 9N7701 Rough David Vorous   DavidV_19399N
1939 9N 9N7742 Orchard tractor, trans number7552. Kirk Witte Buddy Ahlers KirkW_19399N5
1939 9N 9N7807 A really nice running 9N with a step-up Sherman Aux. Transmission. Harold Cooke Jeff Miller HaroldC2_19399N
1939 9N 9N7863 Was use the last 8 years for pulling firewood and dragging deer out of the wood at Pa deer camp. Will return to original smooth hubs and 6 volt and 32's. Kirk Witte Foster Bilger KirkW_19399N2
1939 9N 9N8050-B One owner 9N, last run 20 yrs ago, possibly converted to 12v Chris Cecil Biltmore Farms  
1939 9N ☆9N8109☆ Found in rural Callaway County Missouri. Parked behind the barn for nearly 2-decades after starting to smoke. Very complete A-Z, smooth body & fenders. Rubber front, steel rear wheels.! For now, being displayed (as found) in our rural Audrain County Missouri front yard. Carl Hirst (Bean Creek) Harold Johnston CarlH_19399N
1939 9N 9N8156 1939 Ford 9N Chris Brumbalow   ChrisB_19399N
1939 9N 9N8235 Purchased in 1939 - 2nd Ford Tractor sold in Richland Co. Ohio to Paul Gages Sr. Tractor stay in 1 family circle. Everything is original - Tractor runs good - Excellent sheet metal. Restoration begins soon to be completed in 12-16 months [2014]. Dennis Rinehart Paul Gages Sr & Jr. DennisR_19399N
1939 9N 9N8257   Scott W. McClure Unknown-Bought from dealer who took as trade  
1939 9N 9N8470 Purchased at a consignment auction. Engine is on stand. I have smooth rear axles and 32 inch rims and double rib fenders to install. John Sanderson Unknown  
1939 9N 9N8801 Has orignal 19 in. front and 32 in.rear tires. Leon Robinson    
1939 9N 9N8825 Ugly but still being used Mick Adams    
1939 9N 9N8829   Cecil Walker    
1939 9N 9N8840 Completely restored 1939 9N with all correct parts. On display at Just8ns showroom. Dustin Barkley Don Barkley  
1939 9N 9N9021 Found under a barn in Kansas. Rough. Runs. Complete except snap in gas/battery cover. Eugene Sommerhauser saw me coming, threw in loader,plow, harrow,blade  
1939 9N ☆9N9264☆ Working tractor needing minor TLC Mike Black Don Sheridan  
1939 9N 9N9314 Needs some love, but a 3rd generation owner 9n. Scotty Bratcher   ScottyB_19399N
1939 9N ☆9N9375☆ Part of a frankenford - block is surrounded by mostly late 2N parts. Engine runs well, but needs a rebuild (blowby.) Brent Mostowy   BrentM_19399N
1939 9N 9N9497 1 owner small gen, smooth hubs 32"rears,alum. grille,cm hall lites very functional. Restored. Correct & original. Pete Jerardi Charles Jenkins, Hartford City, IN  
1939 9N 9N9586 Smooth axles, small generator, 32" wheels, very straight tractor Church Family    
1939 9N 9N10014 Mostly straight tractor with age appropriate cosmetic flaws. Needs grille, rear wheels/tires, correct four-spoke steering wheel. C.M. Hall's attached. Had to have been manufactured during the final week/day of production in 1939. A very good tractor to restore. Jerry Marks N/A  
1939 9N 9N10082 Very late 39. Very close to the end. Has snap in hood, aluminum dash, dual rib fenders, hat wheels. Very original. Second owner. Bill Tiller   BillT_19399N
1939 9N 9N70322 Replacement engine Mike Stone   MikeS_19399N
1939 9N 9N230703 1939 body and chasis with a 1946 model motor Dusty Johnson Do not know  
1939 Fordson XXX000 Fordson 1924 Burt Hudson    
1940 (9N - S/N 10234 to 45975) (139 entries)
1940 9N ☆9N10240☆ Good shape just restored. Ryan Hansen Richard Hansen RyanH_19409N
1940 9N 9N10408 Overhauled completely. Fred Droney   FredD_19409N
1940 9N 9N10570 Very restorable,cracked block but repairable missing a few parts, have most. Sitting on 32"Steel Wheels Tim King Phil Hannah  
1940 9N 9N10934 Fair Richard Miller Dan Turke  
1940 9N 9N11285 Hoping to restore this. I have 1 original smooth hub and one to go on, aftermarket aluminum grill, and used 4 spoke steering wheel. Dash is cracked and rewelded. Block is cracked but the engine runs, needs an overhaul. Myron Lupkes Stans Radiator Shop, Lake Stevens WA  
1940 9N 9N11293 Good Jerry Hill Roger JerryH_19409N
1940 9N 9N11505 Changed over to 12 volt system. Has Sherman auxillary transmission. Jerry Lohr   JerryL_19409N
1940 9N 9N11611 Fully restored when purchased in 2001 at auction. Sherman auxillary transmision. Eric Steigers    
1940 9N 9N11749 Fair condition, needs much yet purchased Aug 08 Gary Ford Marc Hamilton GaryF_19409N
1940 9N 9N11917   Paul Cathey Edward Cathey  
1940 9N 9N11943 I bought this 9N with MF blade in August 2007 for $1700 from an elderly gentleman in Naniamo B.C and he provided reg. papers from 1985 that report the tractor being up in Tlell on the Queen Charlotte Islands. I stripped the sheet metal down and cleaned and painted some parts. I also replaced the rad. and hoses, fuel sediment bowl assem.,muffler, etc. It runs well and I enjoy riding around the neighbourhood. Michael Verhagen Jerry Muir/Douglas Richardson MichaelV_19409N
1940 9N 9N12332   Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9N12433 4-spoke steering wheel, 32" wheels, smooth hubs Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9N12678 Original C. M. Hall lights. Very original tractor. In process of restoring myself. Jeremy Walker Bought from tractor lot in Albany Indiana JeremyW_19409N
1940 9N 9N12702 very Original. Strong engine needs some body work and repaint I am presently restoring it. Doug Willis Okey Jordan  
1940 9N ☆9N13030☆ Previous owners sort-a fixed it up from generations of mis-adventure to help with son's college tuition. 12V converted previously, old but prob not orig carb, EI added, Remote coil. Back blade works well for snow and misc chores with harrow & drag Joe Scheckler Loyd from Spirit Lake, Idaho  
1940 9N 9N13036 Original Owners' Gift Binder issued to Paul Wachtel, Ingomar, Ohio by E. E. Schatz, Pres. of The Truck Tractor Equipment Company, Columbus, Ohio Royce Montgomery    
1940 9N 9N13284 Converted to 12 volt by previous owner and not completely reassembled. Working on assembling now. Daniel Nulph    
1940 9N 9N13560   Mike Stiles   MikeS_19409N
1940 9N 9N13669 Unrestored fence row fresh. David Worthington N/A  
1940 9N 9N14270 Full "resto-mod", rebuilt by a friend and is being used as a snow plow, with front mount custom plow setup, and i am also using it for antique tractor pulls. located in Townshend, Vermont. William K. Chase   WilliamC_19409N
1940 9N 9N14497 Smooth axles CM halls, very original. Currently under restoration. Jay Newsome Rich Hoffman JayN_19409N
1940 9N 9N14577 Painted like an 8N. It has a Sherman Step-up transmission in it and a front bumper. C.J. Mason John Milligan  
1940 9N 9N14644 Just purchased from original owner and beginning working rebuild. Jimmy Chrisawn Terry  
1940 9N 9N15015 Purchased new in 1940 by my Grandfather for the farm. Refurbished in 1997. Visit www.my9n.com for more info. Tyler Neff  Wilmer Neff TylerN_19409N
1940 9N 9N15240 My Dad purchased it NEW, sold to a neighbor 1949, my Uncle got it 1975 and it came to me in 2020. Good condition for 80 years old. 4th generation grandson sitting pretty :-) P. W. Brown Sam A. Brown PWB_19409N
1940 9N 9N15510 Not in great shape. Currently doing a total clean up and paint job. Bud Ingram Rudy Arbanas BudI_19409N
1940 9N 9N15622 Just purchased 8/19/2017 and starting renovation. Greg & Misty Panzino ??? GregP_19409N
1940 9N 9N15785   Mike Rivers    
1940 9N 9N16059 2nd owner. Bought from original family in October 2007. Sold new in 1940 Strawberry Point IA. Have tractor, plow, ad drawbbar all sold with tractor new John Korschot   JohnK_19409N
1940 9N 9N16345 Good shape,use daily,with sherman overdrive,plowing,blading Byland James, St. Joe, MO Unknown  
1940 9N 9N16??3 Good running, working tractor. Charles Finn (chaz-mo)   CharlesF_19409N
1940 9N 9N16957 Bought in March 2012. Rough looking now, but it mowed 15 acres and starts easily and quickly. Rickey Walker Jack Dean RickeyW_19409N
1940 9N 9N17160 Purchased on 8/13/2020 for $3200.00. Good running machine. Plan a full restoration. As purchased it seems to need some new engine gaskets. Oil leaking mostly from the governor. All rubber boots in bad shape. Steering wheel down to the bare steel wrapped in electrical tape. No overheating issues. Gabriel L. Grasso John Stewart GabrielG_19409N
1940 9N 9N17762 Running condition trans and rear housing have been broken and repaired. Brian M. Gleason Sr. N/A  
1940 9N ☆9N18371☆ Just bought the tractor and starting to retore it. I'll post pictures when it is put back together Geryl Gilbert Bo Taylor  
1940 9N 9N18515 The tractor was sold new in Norway and we are the fourth owner. The tractor will be restored and a wood chip gas generator will be fitted. Hjartdal Gamalteknisk Forening
Lars Brekke  
1940 9N 9N18520 Just bought tractor needs total restoration it is a one owner tractor been sitting in a barn outside of Viroqua,WI. for 20 years should be a fun project. Doug Allen    
1940 9N 9N18765 Very nice mostly original tractor with 32" wheels and smooth axles. Harold Cooke   HaroldC_19409N
1940 9N 9N18946 Restored 2006, imported from Norway sometime in the fifty´s. Now i´ts located in Vasteras, Sweden. Carl Lundberg Unknown CarlL_19409N
1940 9N 9N19012 Off the farm (San Joaquin Valley). Willard H. Johnson, Jr.    
1940 9N 9N19875 Previous owner made loader frame for my 9N , I love it. Larry Hubbard III   LarryH19409N
1940 9N 9N20270 Good shape, few paint job, no rust Marc Reid    
1940 9N 9N20382 In very bad shape bought in Recycle junk yard. Raul Peralta    
1940 9N 9N20802 Purchased it last fall. Was informed the engine was leaking oil into water. I thouht it had a cracked block or head but when I started to loosen the head bolts, the were loose. Who overhauled it forgot to torque the head bolts. Put head gasket on and purs like a kitten. C.A. Guy Farm Auction  
1940 9N 9N20891 Restored back to original condition in 2019. Has a sherman stepup transmission Joel & Paul Wilbur   Joel&PaulW_19409N
1940 9N 9N21117 I believe this to be a 1946 model. Runs as well as it looks. Just bought last Saturday(4-4-15). Cecil C. Wilhelm II   CecilW_19409N
1940 9N 9N21776 Very original tractor, right down to the aluminum grill. Has through-the-hood air breather. Runs well and is ready to work. Will be restored after I finish up with 9N4394. Purchased from Willard Paulson, a 99 y/o farmer in Ashby, MN. His family finally convinced him to stop driving it around the farm. Bob Johnston Willard Paulson  
1940 9N 9N21778 Not quite original but appears to have once had through hood breather. William Nicholson ??? WilliamN_19409N
1940 9N 9N21858 Abused and has been frozen badly repaired will be back at work soon Mark Fox    
1940 9N 9N22042   Gary Bordeaux    
1940 9N 9N22211 Ford 9N with Dearborn loader. Richard D Roberts   RichardR_19409N
1940 9N 9N22296 My new toy I got it on ebay. Would like to put it back to original. Scott Gross   ScottG_19409N
1940 9N 9N22548 8n center axle,hubs and wheels,loop rear rims and aftmkt fenders. Special thanks to The N Tractor Club, Yesterdays Tractors, Just8n's, John Smith and Zane Sherman Peter Button of ButtonRock Farm N/A PeterB_19409N
1940 9N 9N23645 In the middle of restoring Larry Nicholson John Chisholm  
1940 9N 9N24607 Owned for 35 years. Overhauled it 30 years back runs great. I am going to restore it this winter. Gave it to my son-in-law Mike Lund and grandchildren Kameron and Mason after restoration. David Weir   DavidW_19409N
1940 9N 9N24675 alum horiz.gril alun trans.coverwith dipstick alum dash Tom Dexter    
1940 9N 9N24808 Smooth hubs aluminum dash pusher fan Tight steering nice running tractor. Mike Bennett Al Williams MikeB2_19409N
1940 9N ☆9N25297☆ Good running tractor, use it for work, mostly plowing and bush-hogging (with a ORC). It was an eBay purchase, along with my 2N. Putting in a new PTO seal now. Peter Garnham John Burns PeterG_19409N
1940 9N 9N25317 Pretty much all original. Exception 12v conversion runs great. Michael Corcoran   MichaelC_19409N
1940 9N 9N25572 My newest toy to rebuild. Russell Landreth Unknown RusselL_19409N
1940 9N 9N25751 Purchased from original owner. unrestored good condition. runs well. Paulette and Sam Shoffner Mr. Stoner  
1940 9N ☆9N26344☆ Original condition. Tin is in great shape. Was my grandfathers. Stored indoors. Ernie Sumner Ernest J Sumner ErnieS_19409N
1940 9N 9N26368 This 9N has been in my family for a long time. It was my Grandpa's tractor and has a great deal of sentimental value to me. Mostly Original. 6V system in place. Runs well. Stored indoors. Hopefully my Grandkids will enjoy it some day. Jay Novero JD Haggard JayNo_19409N
1940 9N 9N26867 32" wheels - smooth hubs, Sherman O/D tranny Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9N27074 My Labor of Love.Wifes pain in the ? Eric Johnson N/A  
1940 9N ☆9N27165☆ Worked good for several years, now needs some love to get it running again. Original color, now a 12 volt system with Alternator. I use it to bring in wood for the winter. My only attachment is a rear lift. Jerry Bell N/A  
1940 9N 9N27319 Ford 9N modified front wheels and loader still run very nice Serge Belanger Allen SergeB_19409N
1940 9N 9N27433   Charles Harrington Bob the crook  
1940 9N 9N27994 Original 1940 Ford nine in with Dearborn 14–4 side mount sickle mower all original recent overhaul. Preston Henry Roy Clovis PrestonH_19409N
1940 9N 9N28070 Very original, minus the smooth hubs. Restored 20 years ago. Jonathan Coine Mark JonathanC_19409N
1940 9N ☆9N28074   Timothy Stokley    
1940 9N 9N28443 Not running John Sanderson Unknown  
1940 9N 9N28597 Painted like an 8N. Used on our farm regularly Stephen Grigg Ernie Horne StephenG_19409N
1940 9N 9N29927 My great-grandfather bought the tractor in 1946. Been in the family ever since. I restored it in 2012. Connor L. Kauffman Clarence & Betty Witman ConnerK_19409N
1940 9N 9N30221 Not running John Sanderson Unknown  
1940 9N 9N30358 Found it not running and partially disassembled hiding in a warehouse in South Florida. The goal is maybe a partial restoration to get it back running and driving so I can use it on my 10 acres. Kelly James Nick KellyJ_19409N
1940 9N 9N31060 Converted to 12v,  otherwise stock. Ted Spangler    
1940 9N 9N31146 Acquired in 1996, major overhall completed in 1997. Many original parts and sheet metal. Unusual above the hood air cleaner. Al Grove   AL GROVE 102603
1940 9N ☆9N31372☆   Dennis Etters Rick Markley  
1940 9N 9N31798 Brought from original owner with original bill of sale, manuals.Smooth hubs and 4 spoke steering wheel. Lived it's life on the loveless christmas tree farm in Lawrenceville NJ Kirk Witte Nicolas Loveless KirkW_19409N
1940 9N 9N31910 Standard Ford 9N Grey/Red Jacob Mcgrath Renard Fritz  
1940 9N 9N32088 I have owned this tractor for 18 years, did a repaint about 6 years agoe. The tractor is used to blade the drive and mow. Michael Mueller    
1940 9N 9N32214 Pretty decent machine used on golf course since new. Smooth axles intact, optional 28in. wheels. Needs restoration. Kevin Strutt    
1940 9N 9N32673   Sweigard Bros., Inc.    
1940 9N 9N32920 Just bought it back was my dads. Engine locked up but i freed it. Steering very bad. Fred Mabey   FredM_19409N
1940 9N ☆9N33027☆ Restored,used in the summer to mow the lawn with a 5" finish mower.Great little tractor! Dave Hancock    
1940 9N 9N33998 Original as they get. Albert Sandholm Arthur's Tractors AlbertS_19409N
1940 9N 9N33509 32" Wheels, smooth hubs Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9N34138 This is a lightly used early 9N with 32" tires and the dual tire option and smooth axles. It has the 4 spoke wheel and aluminum grill and steering column. All original paint and 6 volt system. Runs great! Bought this for $1100 in spring 2014 from original owner. Joe Festian Christ Von Allmen JoeF_19409N
1940 9N 9N34361 32" Rubber Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9N35454 1940 9n bought of 2nd owner barn stored for 12 yrs. runs great going to clean and paint her up. Larry Meyers   LarryM_19409N
1940 9N 9N34577 1940 9N, bought in June 2007, runs great had a rebuild with 6 hrs on it. Previous owner did some work to it including 5 bolt hubs, car tires on fronts, painted like an 8N. Restoration planned for the fall of 2007. Dave Zielinski David Stahl  
1940 9N 9N34735 Still original. James Godwin    
1940 9N ☆9N35753☆ Luci, a good worker needing some TLC AND a paint job - acquired Nov 2010 - appears all original, amenities incld; Alum dash, 10-28 hat rims, converted to 12V for simplicity only. Dave Zenda Unknown DaveZ_19409N
1940 9N ☆9N35971☆ Hard worker that needs a new paint job Dan Howe  


1940 9N 9N36582 Owned since 1978. Aluminum dash, inspection covers steel hood, dog legs. Front faceing zerks on spindles. I beam rods Sherman shock proof stearing unit. 3 spoke wheel. Still 6 volt and no reason to change. Bob Jeffries    
1940 9N 9N37265 This is a basket case but it will be my biggest challange. Les Foster Unknown LesF_19409N
1940 9N 9N37327 Just purchased runs good not smoking bought to mow my 2 acres. I want to make it look like new. Robbie Gilcher Grandville Tractor RobbieG_19409N
1940 9N 9N37936 Starts & runs, no smoke. 12 volt conversion. Shifter is vague but works. Battery compartment cover has home made hinges. Charles Kull   CharlesK_19409N
1940 9N 9N38383   Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N ☆9N38779☆ Found in a field in southern KS. Was restored and owner died, sat for 7 years. Cleaned it up and replaced the carb, fired right up. has a Sherman high/low trans and a later grill. Converting to 12 volt and use her around the house. Chris Sommerville Unknown  
1940 9N 9N39077 Serial number changed reads CE39077, assume it was 9N39077. All other body part 9N, starter on dash
Dan Hebert    
1940 9N 9N39145 Was running good but after sitting a long time having trouble getting starter to work. Robert Fredrickson Jerry RobertF_19409N
1940 9N 9N39167 Refurbished, Aluminum Grill, 32" hat rims & Sherman trans. John Koerner    
1940 9N 9N39315 Beautiful condition Stephen Mcteggart Unknown  
1940 9N 9N39594☆ (3)forward gears Fred G.Howe Unknown  
1940 9N 9N39654 Runs great everything works including lights. Needs tires they are cracked, and paint etc... John Wilder   JohnW_19409N
1940 9N 9N40451 Smooth rear axles, Alum dash, alum cover plates, alum grille,I-beam front, Currently restoring. N. Curtis C. Reinhart  
1940 9N 9N40496 Nice original tractor. 3rd owner. Owner resides in Quebec, Canada Bob Lafontaine N/A  
1940 9N 9N40570 Bought it as a parts tractor but appears to be in too good of shape to part out. I will try to get it running and evaluate it later although the smooth rear hubs are going on my earlier 40 John Korschot Has had numerous owners JohnK_19409N2
1940 9N 9N40644 Just bought it, not running, not to bad. Came with a front loader   Jeff Pinnow  
1940 9N 9N40864   Ed Leslie Bob Storey EdL19409N
1940 9N 9N41023   Harold Bailey   HaroldB_19409N
1940 9N 9N41518 My grandpa gifted this tractor to me for my birthday. He has had it for as long as I can remember. Jerry Lovan II Richard Duncan  
1940 9N 9N41770 Purchased in 2011 to use around the home place. Runs good but needs restored. Has a Sherman transmission. Don't know how common that is but the additional gears are very handy in the woods. Mike Brimmer   MikeB_19409N
1940 9N 9N42147 Runs very well with good oil pressure. Has 12-volt alternator and auxiliary step-up transmission. Chad Hauris Cope's Farm Equipment ChadH_19409N
1940 9N 9N43105 Solid spoke steering wheel Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N 9NBN43235   Burt Hudson N/A  
1940 9N ☆9N44226☆ Porcupine Ontario Canada Paul Callegari / Camp Waskesiu    
1940 9N 9N44341 Fairly good shape. Painted Ford light ford gray. Mounted rotary mower for 30 acres of weeds. Wife loves 'small tractor'. Good working tractor. Jerry Sonner Unknown  
1940 9N 9N44651 1940 9N, great running and in great shape. Used for light duty lifting and snow removal. Michael A. Fields Steve Moody MichaelF_19409N
1940 9N ☆9N447??☆ Working tractor Bob Thompson   BobT_19409N
1940 9N 9N45192   Mark Garcia   MarkG_19409N
1940 9N 9N45359 Just acquired this tractor and an 8n. Needs a lot of work but is a running tractor. The Wall Family (James) Carol Calhoun  
1940 9N 9N45368 Very nice tractor. Inherited from grandfather. In the process of restoration. Got a lot of $ and time in this tractor. I'm very fortunate to have this tractor. Gotten a lot of looks & compliments. Hunter Riley Alex Kephart HunterR_19409N
1940 9NBN 9NBN45998 9NBN Industrial Tractor Hugh Hamlyn    
1940 9N 9N137321 Just got it-and love it Jody Young Gallo JodyY_19409N
1940 9N


It is a 1940 with a rebuilt 1946 engine. My uncle bought this tractor in the mid 50's and used it to disc his 5 acres of almonds. Loren Robinson John Beeks LorenR_19409N
1940 9N 9N227354 2nd Owner. Nice Tractor with Buzz saw and 7'Back Blade Jay Jeffery Bannen N/A JayB_19409N
1940 9N 9N?????   Ray & Anita Fillmore Roy Robertson RayF_19409N
1940 9N Unknown 1940 9N With 1946 engine serial # 9N 250480, being rebuilt as we speak Daniel Forguson Lee Jenkins DanielF_19409N
1940 9N Not Readable Given to me by friend. Has 32" rims and 2 rib fenders in good shape. Been sitting for a long time in barn. Suppose to run, but can see a bit of work to make reliable. Howard Skipper Alan Stoneking  
1940 9N Unknown Bought new by g==my grandfather new block around 1957 from 8N. Needs restored as it was used on the farm. Joe Acri Salvatore Acri  
1940 9N Has 1942 Engine 32 inch rear tires. Late 1940 9n tractor that had engine/grill replaced in the mid 1950s. Has been in family since late 1950s. Good sheet metal with little rust. Very complete. 6 volt system. New tires. Bryan Tutton George Tutton  
1940 9N N131274 Run good restoring this year. Toby Zwerdling    
194x BNO 40 796 BNO-40 altered to be a Loader. Has truck 10.00x20 tires recap as tractor tread. Runs, converted to 12V. Unknown make/model of loader. Check out pic. Mike Gilman Quincy Airport??? MichaelG_BN040
1940 9N Unknown New long block and rebuild 2009. Red/gray paint scheme. New tires. Now hobby tractor. Jon C Jacoby (NE) Bryan Elder (NE)  
1940 9N Unknown; 8N Engine 1940 9N per stampings on axle housings.  8N engine rebuilt completely.. Restoration almost complete. Jim Rushford
Sold to Michelle Hernandez
1941 (9N - S/N 45976 to 88885) (109 entries)
1941 9N 9N46085   John Barr Gene Fulp, Belews Creek NC JohnB_19419N
1941 9N 9N46763   A.Eugene Benson Not Known  
1941 9N 9N46793   Robby Angle   RobbyA_19419N
1941 9N ☆9N47278☆ My first tractor. Painted a silvery grey, missing a few minor parts. Starts and runs good. I am tinkering with it looking for original parts to replace missing ones. Mickey Christian   MickeyC_19419N
1941 9N 9N47377 Looks a little rough but runs like a gem! Shawn Burkett Unknown  
1941 9N 9N47405 Complete restoration done in 2005. Pulls a 5' rotary mower. Brian Cole Kathy McGovern BrianC_19419N
1941 9NAN 9N47523 Lend/lease export to U.K. Restored 2007 by previous owner. Paul Hodges/Stan Munn Winston Wood  
1941 9N 9N47664 Runs great. Looks OK, has yellow front loader which is an Ezee-on model 40. Bought for landscape work, then may restore and sell. David Wren Unknown  
1941 9N 9N48233   Cole Planert   ColeP_19419N
1941 9N ☆9N48982☆ Rebuilt 12-2003, New 12v, paint, Zane Thang, great working & looks tractor John Slaton No idea! JohnS_19419N
1941 9N 9N49321 Rebuilt motor March 2013. Runs great and everything works. Dwain and Kathy Bradshaw   DwainB_19419N
1941 9N 9N49323 Just beginning restoration. Aluminum Dash. Steel hood. '41' Grill. Garry Maitrejean Vernon Maitrejean  
1941 9N ☆9N49793☆

Took pity on it in a dealer's lot. Runs, but needs work!
Sold January 2012 to Scott Fithian, East Hampton

Peter Garnham
New Owner Scott Fithian
LaCorte Equipment PeterG_19419N
1941 9N 9N48460 Need resoration but runs Dennis McGuire N/A  
1941 9N 9N50903 Has original #19-42 Deerborn industrial front loader on it. Use it on my property mostly moving logs. Ron Pieroni   RonP_19419N
1941 9N 9N50941 Not running. Originally purchased for parts tractor. Has all parts and nice sheetmetal. May restore. John Sanderson Unknown  
1941 9N 9N50943 Running tractor going for complete restoration will be done spring of 2012. Frank Bogden Alex Bogden  
1941 9N 9N51975 Fresh sheet metal paint all cast parts pretty good. Tim Mclean ?  
1941 9N 9N52254 Found on small dealers lot in Frankfort, OH. Runs good but missing parts. Sherman Hi/Lo transmission. Unrestored Bryan Park Bought from dealer  
1941 9N 9NBN52308 Good Shape Ronald Eiler    
1941 9N 9N52536 Under restoration Robert Grosz   RobertG_19419N
1941 9N 9N53479 One rib fenders, original tires, grease gun, and holder bought at equipment auction. Uniontown, PA 10-4-12 Mark McCune   MarkM_19399N
1941 9N 9N53623   Scott Wiseley    ScottS9N
1941 9N 9N55112 Newly rebuilt and painted as an 8-N,used daily. Harley Howery    
1941 9N 9N55142   Burt Hudson N/A  
1941 9N 9N55786 Almost finished. Chris G.   ChrisG_19419N
1941 9N 9N55890 In the middle of restoration with completion in spring 2009. I inherited it upon the death of my granddad in 1981. It has been in our family since 1957. I am 41 yers old and have been driving since i was 5 years old. Steve Merideth Henry R. Merideth Sr.  
1941 9N 9N56330 Second owner, 1941 9n. original engine, never apart. all original tin work. new wiring harness, distributer rebuild, replacement steering wheel, and a fresh coat of paint. George Dieffenbacher Bernard Carney GeorgeD19419N
1941 9N 9N56473 Original tractor virtually rust free and perfect sheet metal. Allan Mick Unknown  
1941 9N 9N56966 Bought at an auction in running condition. Have done basic maintenance and have been slowly getting gaskets and seals replaced. Looking for original parts for a partial restore Colby Waters Jimmy Adams ColbyW_19419N
1941 9N 9N57489   Dick Calland Paul Fletcher  
1941 9N 9N57720 Red and gray in running shape, converted to 12 volt and now Electronic Ignition. New Carb – New radiator – new front and rear rims and tires – new spindle bushings and hub bearings – replaced one spindle and hub with used - lined the gas tank – new brakes Bill Langenfeld    
1941 9N 9N58318 Runs good as advertised. Needs a lot of TLC. I bought it from a kind gentleman that was on his last leg. Unfortunately it's starting to look like I'm on mine too. Hopefully I'll be able to restore it and play with it for awhile before i bite the weenie. Jennifer N. Latrell Wayne Murphy JenniferL_19419N
1941 9N 9N58522 Still working just not as hard Joel Pease Randy Blystone  
1941 9N 9N58857 Grandpa bought it in the late 1940's and used it for everything. It has been sitting for a few years now and I am starting to make it usable again. He swears it came from the dealer with dark green paint, but I can't find any documentation other than dark gray. It has a loader and skeleton wheels to go with it. Brad Bryant Joe Bryant BradB_19409N
1941 9N 9N59204   Mike Lovejoy    
1941 9N 9N60125 Been sitting for 25 years plan to totally restore in near future Jason McLaughlin   JasonM_19419N
1941 9N ☆9N60387 A long dream come true. A long term restoration project that starts on summer 2005 Gary Valley   GValley_19419N
1941 9N 9N62029 Just purchased in fair shape runs good. Am going to bring it back to original specifications Warren Rice Unknown, bought at sale.  
1941 9N 9N62476 I bought it barely running. I am restoring it piece by piece and painting it PINK! I love it!! Judith Haley Tim Etheridge  
1941 9N 9N62913 Restored, with Hup o/u trans, 12v generator, like new. Herman Spitzer Bought new, original owner.  
1941 9N 9N63145 Just a work horse for now. Bill Rantala    
1941 9N 9N63722 Still use it to bush hog and take it to our local exhibition. Brent Moulton Jeff Moulton BrentM_19419N
1941 9N 9N64582 From our farm. Rebuilt 1987 7 in "Refresh" now William E. Carns Carns Farm Nebraska WilliamC_19419N
1941 9N 9N64825 Drove similar N Model working grandfather's fields in late 70s at 7 years old. Runs good. Adam & Sara Calderon   AdamC_19419N
1941 9N 9N65283   Dan Wakeman- Engine_Dan Jerry Seid  
1941 9N 9N65287☆ Rough condition, engine rebuilt 6 yrs back, all parts there, converted to a alternator, home made brush guard, no lights at all. Ryland Matthews Sal Zanghi RylandM_19419N
1941 9N 9N65310 4th generation owner, great, great grandpa bought it new with 2-12 plows, sping tine cultivator, and cord wood saw (might be more, somewhere i have the original sales reciept). Michael Athey John Athey  
1941 9N 9N65334 Rebuilt 15 yrs. ago used very little since, runs great. Mike Broome Dan  
1941 9N 9N66412 Running in good order. Steve & Eilene Van Splinter   SteveS_19419N
1941 9N 9N66867 This is my great grandpa's tractor. Bought it and a two bottom plow new. Harold & George Tophinke Felix Tophinke  
1941 9N 9N66957 Its not perfect yet but close. Chris Mackowski   ChrisM_19419N
1941 9N 9N67878 Bought er from the farm where she worked new. I think with a little wax and a oil change she'll be like new......Still got the original paint!!!! Somewhere under the rest of the layers........ Jeremy & Debbie Langley Charley Hansel JeremyL_19419N
1941 9N 9N68226 New 3 point hitch rear end seals, now the hydraulic system runs great. This tractor belonged to my Grandfather. All in the family! Steve Chauncey Arthur Chauncey SteveC_19419N
1941 9N 9N68506 Red frame with grey hood and wheels. Tory Jamison Keith Jahn ToryJ_19419N
1941 9N 9N69502 This is my first tractor. I'm having a great time with it around the property, It runs great,and has a dearborn loader(first thing I took off). Kevin Braga    
1941 9N 9N69506 Lots of mix-n-match parts, but mostly 9N. Bought it off a retired pea farmer in Texarkana. Jim Glover Mr. Robertson  
1941 9N 9N70068 Grey / hood needs a little work. Herb the cow farmer accross the street for many years. He had the engine rebuilt but did not use it much, he bought a newer Ford. The steering is tight same with the gearbox. Compression is all about 112 / 114 blows a whisp of smoke. Michael NMN Casling Herb MichaelC_19419N
1941 9N 9N70068 Great working tractor, I purchased from farmer in east texas. Check the serial number , as Herb registered this tractor previously in Neb. John Benson    
1941 9N 9N71533 Refurbished, upright exhaust, 32"rear Hat rims John Koerner    
1941 9N 9N71881 Just bought and came with 6 ft back blade. Thomas Johnson Brad Morris ThomasJ_19419N
1941 9N 9N71944 Not running. Has not run for more than 5 years. Head removed by previous owner for low compression. At least 2 exhaust valves stuck open. Bill Fleisch   BillF_19419N
1941 9N 9N72421 Purchased about 1955 by Clifford Taylor after the tractor was involved in a side hill roll over Elmer Taylor Clifford Taylor  
1941 9N 9N73167 It belonged to my brother in law that passed. It sat in a fence row for ten years. Jeff Huddleston Randal Stowers JeffH_19419N
1941 9N 9N73432   Thomas Sawicki    
1941 9N ☆9N73547 It runs and has an F & T aux trans Kevin Harvey    
1941 9N 9N73848   Lee Bates Paul  
1941 9N 9N74132 An older restoration ready for another round. Starts and runs well. Jim Jennessee Ron Beaver JimJ_19419N
1941 9N 9N74265 The tractor is a turn key. I use it to mow my yard. Its a joy to run, thank you. Ronald Michaud    
1941 9N 9N74325 Owned for 30 years. This tractor has been in my wife's family for 50 years. Just finished restoring to original specs. Bernice/Dennis Noland Arthur Moses DennisN_19419N2
1941 9N 9N74953 Previous owner got it running after many years of sitting in a barn. I got it for an FFA project. I split it and replaced many seals and gasgets in the Sherman overdrive and the transmission. Replaced the axle seals and bearings. Went through the steering housing replacing bushings,pimion gear and seals. New tires and correct paint. Lots of work but it is one sweet ride now. Tyler Day Mike Mathews TylerD_19419N
1941 9N 9N75091 Was running, took apart to paint. Having trouble remembering how to wire it back up. Had allready converted to early style alternator with external regulator. I am interested in selling project, E-mail address for details   (partstwo@cox.net) Don Partridge Gift from my father  
1941 9N 9N75276 This is the first tractor I have ever owned. My goal is to restore it to original condition as a first time auto restoration. I don't know much about engines, or anything to that fact so this is a big project for me but I'm totally excited! Steven Pfost   StevenP_19419N
1941 9N 9N75704 Work tractor will be fixing up tin and other stuff. Jeff Watson N/A  
1941 9N ☆9N75997☆ Good condition Tom Sloppy    
1941 9N 9N76139 In really good shape but previous owners have painted hoses, wires, linkages, and external engine parts like the carb, and governor. Johnny Lambert   JohnnyL_19419N
1941 9N ☆9N76420☆ 1941 David Roper E.J. Roper  
1941 9N 9N76648 Just purchased it Aug 2008. Resent rebuilt motor. New paint. Came with the Dearborne front Loader setup. Will try that out for awhile and see how I like it for snow removal. Everything works great! Looking forward to fixing her up even more! Arthur Putnam Don Strolley ArthurP_19419N
1941 9N 9N77660   Charles Harrington Doc the bad machanic  
1941 9N 9N77763 All original except for steering wheel and grill. Fresh grey paint. Cast iron one piece dash, battery box, and steering column. Damon Bunting   DamonB_19419N
1941 9N 9N78036 Nice little 41 that has the high / low option. I just aquired it to do some mowing. Gonna need some new shoes and original headlights but other than that a solid tractor. James Baker   JamesB_19419N
1941 9N ☆9N79052☆ Working Tractor. 6 Volt System Sean McDonough   SeanM_19419N
1941 9N 9N80215 Runs great good grey paint. Lawrence Adams Mr. Moore  
1941 9N 9N80575 Vineyard model. Has front and rear Wilkerson-Nutwell wheel weights. Recent engine rebuild but needs other work. Used at a vineyard in the Central Valley of CA Purchased Oct. 30 2010. Rene Morris Robert Kall ReneM_19419N
1941 9N 9N81847 Did not run when I got it am still working on it. New batty, new front tires,tubes and wheels. Will paint when I get it running. Need to rebuild carb. Don Hipp Tommy Poole  
1941 9N 9N82001 Originally won the restored 9N from a raffel on Sept 24, 2000 for $5. I have done a little more to it since then. Doug Foreman   DougF_19419N
1941 9N 9N82089 Ready to be restored Ron Iwanejko Jim McKean  
1941 9N 9N82091 Mechanically sound few dings in hood and fender all ariginal but needs some TLC. Craig Lukens Marvin Stennet  
1941 9N 9N82139 Restoration project, I'll add pics later on. Jason Edwards    
1941 9N 9N83015 Running but could use overhaul Ricky Pate R. Burnham RickyP_19419N
1941 9N 9N83057 You should have seen this thing when I started. It runs great- no smoke. I can't decide whether to paint it 8N red and gray or the original gray. Much sand blasting yet to do! David M. Rushton   DavidR_19419N
1941 9N 9N83917   Corey W Helweg Unknown CoreyH_19419N
1941 9N 9N83955 Runs good. Unrestored, shows its age. Richard Rowley D.H. Marvin & Son RichardR_19419N
1941 9N 9N84845 I have owned it since 1980 when I bought it from my Uncle who I believe bought it new. Dennis Atchison Rudoph Durre  
1941 9N 9N84992 Daily user. I got it in a trade for a fridge in 1979. Decided to clean it up. Bill Howell J. Eddy  
1941 9N 9N85407 Recently went over, running well.Bought in Knoxville M.D.going to W.V.to work my new to be orchard. Thomas Riddle Miran Martin ThomasR_19419N
1941 9N 9N85457 Exellent original condition. Just puchased, starting restoration. Scott Tedrow Harrington ScottT_19419N
1941 9N 9N87099   Razvan Birzescu   RazvanB_19419N
1941 9N 9N87392 Sat for 10 years without being started. Don Doan Mike McSweeney DonD_19419N
1941 9N 9N87883   Burt Hudson N/A  
1941 9N ☆9N88015☆ A work in progress Dave Smith <*)))><    
1941 9N 9N88373 Partially restored, used for small perennial production and general home projects. Popular in parades. Gift from a friend, now passed. Walt Donovan Pat O'Neill  
1941 9N 9N88595 Looks awful painted yellow at one time. Runs and starts perfect. Michael K.Anderson N/A  
1941 9N 8N171510 This is my Ford 289N tractor. The rear end and transmission is from a 2N (with some 9N pieces), the engine is from an early 8N, and the front end is from a 9N. The serial number is from the 8N engine. Larry W Blum Tim Freeman LarryB_19419N
1941 9N 9N?????? Bought as a non-runner. Rebuilt the carb, new battery, tune up kit, cleaned out the gas tank and fresh gas and it runs now. May repaint to original color at a later date. Kirk Witte Clare Liptak KirkW_19419N
1941 9N N/A Bought July 2nd 2008 currently in the process of restoring. Adam Melen   AdamM_19419N
1941 9N N/A Bought this tractor from member Bruce Dorsi. Had stuck engine/clutch but runs and drives now. Has sherman step-up. I added the 711 one arm loader Kirk Witte Bruce Dorsi KirkW_19419N2
1941 9N 9NI79754 Owned since 1960 2x3tran Can't find information on 9NI serial numbers Steve Firme Unknown  
???? 9N 9N?????? Later model with lights, air intake stack thru hood John Gilbertson Unknown  
1942 (9N - S/N 88886 to 99000) (2N - S/N 99001 to 105372) (67 entries)
1942 9N 9N89108 Starting to restore 1/2 done,runs great,body now in super shape,.hope to post pic's soon.. Don Harney Unknown  
1942 9N 9N89698 Pretty rough shape on sheet metal. Engine runs great. Now working in south Texas oil field mowing pipeline right of ways. Great Bay Operations Clyde Henning  
1942 9N 9N89716 Original, still does its job Keith Miller    
1942 9N 9N89860 My first tractor. Working every day. Kevin Hillner    
1942 9N 9N89901 Refurbished John Koerner    
1942 9N 9N90110 Very solid original 9n. This is my first and the one that got me hooked. Randy Yacowatz   RandyY_19429N
1942 9N 9N90534 Purchased in 1996 for $2,500 with 5ft bush hog and back blade. Mostly all original except for blue belly. Keeps very busy bush hogging 120 acres of fields. Terry Maney Unknown  
1942 9N 9N90600 I got her in February of 2005. Pretty rough shape but it had a loader and a blade. I use it on our Hobby Farm. We have one registered Paint Tovero, and up to 20 calves at any given time. This board has been a great resource. Thanks, Joe Joe Trotter   JoeT_19429N
1942 9N 9N90717 Blue frame with gray fenders and hood. Daily driver neighbor hood favorite for road grading and snow plow work. Boise Idaho Tory Jamison    
1942 9N 9N90760 Grandpa traded the family car for this in 1942. I have had it since 1984 & it will be my sons after that. Restored in "85" & is now being restored again in 2012. Sherman step transmission, solid dogleg panels & flat steel RB's. Satch Wilson Gwin Wilson Sr. SatchW_19429N
1942 9N 9N91515 Just purchased, have engine out. Looking for info on camshaft specs and any thing else that may be of help Bob Ward    
1942 9N 9N91818 Found in the back of a barn and owner decided to give it to me. I am in the process of making it run. Then on to paint and looks. Travis McKay Willie Mourns  
1942 9N 9NAN 92043 Another war effort visitor to UK dual fuel burnere holley vaporiser plate, restored as ploughing tractor, using 2 furrow ford (dearborne ) plough Jim Murray A farmer in Aberdeenshire JimM_19429NAN
1942 9N 9N92204 My grandfather bought it new in Northern Wisconsin then my Father had it and now I have it. Pretty much all original except paint color. John Setzer Jr. John Setzer Sr. JohnS_19429N
1942 9N 9N92257 My 1st. Tractor Michael Rabold   MichaelR_19429N
1942 9N 9N92577 Has front-end loader and 12v conversion George Stossel Ed Hammett GeorgeS_19429N
1942 9N 9N92796 Steel wheels, Sherman antikickback steering, coil spring seat Richard Polcyn Amish man  
1942 9N 9N93239 Unrestored working tractor on a small falimy farm in North Central Washington. Justin Weigel Town of Rearden, WA JustinW_19429N
1942 9N ☆9N94360 Bought from older fellow. runs. has been converted 12V. rear snow blade and chains. Poconoeagle Joe Squindo EugeneS_19419N
1942 9N 9N95410 old 9n needs restored ,would love to get some used body panels that are in good shape ,hood ,bat wings ,fenders John Corso    
1942 9N 9N95418 Runs well, plan to restore it and use it for pasture work. David Mosca Jerry Cecil  
1942 9N 9N95539 Good condition. Under daily operation Don Milwrick Genevive Stach DonM_19429N
1942 9N 9N95546   Bigg Sho   BiggS_19429N
1942 9N 9N95855 Bought with 5' mower deck. Needs some tlc but I really enjoy working on it. Dave Setterberg Josh Logan DaveS_19422N
1942 9N 9N96621 This is my first tractor,it's in good shape and runs strong,I picked up a back blade and intend to do some snow plowing this winter. David Day Baldwin from Warren Center PA  
1942 9N 9N96999 This 9N is a real work horse. It is used year round here in Western New York keeping the grass mowed, field brush hogged, and the driveway plowed in the winter. Don't know what I would do without it... Craig Prucha   CraigP_19429N
1942 9N 9N????? Bought this one off ebay for $775 out of Ohio. She has a 8N engine Serial 8N153623. Jeremy & Debbie Langley Tim Gray JeremyL_19429N
1942 9N 9N????? Has "I" beam front axle radius arms, trans dip stick is lower right, pressurized radiator, Sherman Hi/Lo/Direct box, A 1950 Industrial engine (Data plate on top clutch area), Various things indicate it to be a early 1942 production. Dean Borchert Unknown DeanB_19429N
1942 9N 9N97045 Ford 9N With Wagner 3M Loader Keith Flanagan Steve Kelley  
1942 9N 9N97514 My Great Grandfather, Louis Turco, bought this tractor used at John C. Stewart Ford in Cuttingsville, VT in the early 1950's. Justin R. Turco Walter Turco  
1942 9N 9N97522 Just purchased along with blade and mower. Prior owner says it came from Alberta to SW Ontario Peter Newman Robert Henderson PeterN_19429N
1942 9N 9N97642 Just bought, partially restored, good running. Andy Nott   AndyN_19429N
1942 9N 9N98186 I'm the 4th owner of this 1942 9N. I bought the tractor from Jim Briske, he bought the tractor for an implement that the previous owner wanted to sell along with the tractor. Most parts on the tractor are original and it is in great shape. Sean Lee Jim Briske SeanL_19429N
1942 2N 9N98346 I bought this tractor in central Florida in 1989 and had it since. I just found out it was a 1942 2n a few minutes ago. had to clean the paint off the serial # to see it. Jeff Theroux   JeffT_19422N
1942 2N 9N98436 My 1st tractor.Needs light restoration. Some mechanical. Hydraulics very weak. 1st project Is pump work. Bill & Lynne Rochester James Stevens  
1942 2N 9N99042 rough Will be used for parts Quintin Akeley N/A  
1942 2N 9N99135 Cleaned up and painted, but still working. Had been sleeping in the barn on the family farm for 25 years up until last year. Rick Hughes N/A RickH_19422N
1942 9N 9N99384 Bought as a 9N, but got it home and looked up #'s. Was advised last owner was in Montana, USA. Jay Muse ? Montana JayM_19422N
1942 2N 9N99404 pulled out of neighbors barn last week - rebuilt carb - picking up battery tomorrow - hope it starts - sheet metal in rough shape - planning to restore completely over next two years - I'm sloooow Barry McDermott Merle Bowcutt  
1942 2N 9N99618 The 1st 2N our dealership rec'd during WWII on steel wheels but still had the electrical system, I have the registration, I am the 3rd owner. Scott Deppen    
1942 2N 9N100157   Steven Whittington    
1942 2N ☆9N101198☆   Kenny Williamson Orie Wayman KennyW_19422N
1942 2N 9N101386 Still runs good. My dad bought as new in 1946 went from Va. to Delaware to get tractor. Serial # is a 1942 not 1946 Wayne Andrews My Dad  
1942 2N 9N101414 Wartime model. On Steel, with magneto ignition, without starter, generator, battery and electrical Jim Waugh   JimW_19422N
1942 2N ☆9N101562☆ Great plow tractor, recently bought at a REPO auction. Sherman Transmission. Painted like an 8N Kristopher Nolan N/A KrisN_19422N
1942 9NAN 9N101715 Lease Lend, War Effort Tractor arrived Scotland late 1942 Tractor Vaporizing Oil and Petrol fitted holley 35 vaporiser carburetor Alan Todd Lewis Emslie AlanT_19429NAN
1942 2N 9N101758 In pieces. Joe Connors Vern Gaw JoeC_19422N
1942 2N 9N102067 Good Shape, runs well, just starting restoration. Daniel Perry Unknown  
1942 2N 9N102535 Tinkerbelle, the 1942 2N. Bought her for $500, plan to restore and give to my wife. George Harris JJ Johnson (Owned 10 years) GeorgeH_19422N
1942 2N 9N102712 My Grandpa’s tractor that sat in the back of his shop and didn’t move for almost 35 years. After his passing I decided to do a full restoration with intention to pass it onto his Great Grandson. Matt Hardt Alvin Johnson MattH_19422N
1942 2N 9N103273 sherman high low trans rebuilt great tractor Brian Appel    
1942 2N 9N103550 Hard working tractor. Coy Abernathy's Wife William McNeely CoyA_19422N
1942 2N 9N103728   Greg Rouse    
1942 2N 9N103775 Lots of good original pieces on it. Being restored. Tim Ponn    
1942 2N 9N104001 Very straight little war-time tractor, converted to 12-volt. Plan to return it to 6-volt and restore to parade condition. Jerry Marks    
1942 2N 9N104177 Found under a pile in the back corner of a local barn. Plan to restore. Jason McLaughlin Jerry Little JasonM_19422N
1942 2N 9N104234 Wartime Joel W. Wilbur David Knowles JoelW_19422N
1942 2N 9N105085 This old tractor with loader was given to me to “make it go away” James Mort Anderson JamesM_19422N
???? 2N 9N?????? Painted and nice powerful machine. PTO and all works fine. Joe Pires Ron Fawfau  
???? 2N 9N?????? Rebuilt 8n engine(red),everything works well, starting to restore. Wiley Miller    
19?? 9N/2N Illegible Hybrid tractor, has "8N-B" cast in flywheel housing, but front mount distributor. All other identifiers point to '41, '42, or '43 manufacture. Jon A. Poe N/A  
1942 2N ???? 2N model dark gray in color Richard Dewane Robert Imes  
1942/43 2N Unreadable My 1ST tractor. Bought it 5/4/09. Plan on cleaning her up. Bill & Gina Graham   BillG_19422N
1942/43 Moto-Tug BNO401146 A runner ,needs restoration,unit is in n.s.w. Australia Geoffrey Whitfield N/A  
1942 2N BNO402896 Runs good no smoke, needs some TLC, brakes, PTO output shaft worn with a hole drilled through it. Orlen K. Keith James LeBlanc OrlenK_19422N
I believe
2N Unreadable Rear axles have hollow fender brackets. Smooth doglegs. Sherman Stepup transmission. Monroe seat,and no headlight holes.Magnetodrive with IHC mag. Use every day. Robert Coryell    
1942 2N Unknown When I got this tractor it was on steel wheels and had no engine. I replaced the steel wheels and installed a 1946 2N engine in it. Tried to bring it back to as close to original as I could. Del Huebner   DelH_19422N2
1943 (2N - S/N 105373 to 126535) (46 entries)
1943 2NAN 9N106512 Scottish kerosene burner with holley vapouriser that actually works. Unknown history, but better than an old grey TE20. George Franklin   GeorgeF_19432N
1943 2N 9N106796 Working tractor purchased from salvage yard. 12-volt conversion. Mike Smith N/A  
1943 9NBN 9N107411 Currently in the process of getting this tractor going & finding some missing parts. I intend to restore to working condition. Peter Shearer from QLD Australia Unknown  
1943 2N 9N108522 Good old working tractor. Has been in the family on the same land since 1948, most of my life. I'm a 1946 model. Philip Hayse Unknown  
1943 2N 9N108618 S/N says 1943, lack or electronics says 1942. Been in family since new. Steven Nowaczyk    
1943 2N 9N109401 Bought locally in Oklahoma as a project 12 Volt converted just got it home. Rick Huddleston   RickH_19432N
1943 2N 9N109493 Restoration complete. Will be putting her to work up at the property. Gregg Effisimo   GreggE_19432N
1943 2N 9N109692 The 2N is 3/4's restored. It was pretty rough when I bought it. It was used for asphalt road work. I use it for road maintenance and snow plowing. Her name is the Patricia Ann. Joe Batt Dale Serbeit JoeB_19432N
1943 2N 9N110004 Tractor must have spent most of life indoors. Has been painted many times. Has Fasco looader with hydro dump in good working order. 40" bucket. Want to get in good working order so I can finish grounds work on house we are planning to build,then restore Jim Chivers    
1943 2N 9N110190 Rubber tires, starter, mostly good shape, 3 point doesn't work right(yet) 19-61 FEL w/snowbucket in rough shape Norm Howes    
1943 2N 9N110944 Nice, runs like a top. never left outside. Remember previous owner working it in the 60's. just purchased from his daughter. Ray Nellis Joe Mangus/Joanne Allen  
1943 2N 9N112313 Not too pretty. Converted to 12v & electronic ignition. New seals in the rear & new brakes, new hydraulic pump and side chambers. It starts right up, runs & works like new. Dollar Bill   DollarB_19432N
1943 2N 9N112965 This tractor is in great condition for its age. It has had some owners that took rather good care of it. It is definitely in 'easy' restorable condition. H. Lee Sharp Jr. Larry Hoover


1943 2N 9N113054   Mike Kocher    
1943 2N 9N113497 Steel wheel model with no alt (owned by my grandfather). William Pope Lawerance Gillis  
1943 2N 9N113654 First N series tractor. Paid $750 for it and drove it up onto the trailer. Steve Teague N/A  
1943 2N 9N113704 Wartime model missing EVERYTHING. Parts search is on! Kevin Strutt    
1943 2N 9N113918 Looks good. Still in use. Jim Barry    
1943 2N 9N114006 The year is not 100% because my engine stamp has 8 characters. 9N 114 0 or C then 06 (9N114C06) or 9N114006). The unique portion it has a high low range with 3 speed. Making me think it is a later edition??? Richard Ewasko   RichardE_19432N
1943 2N 9N114017   Lawrence Mantta ABE Supply LM_19432N
1943 2N 9N114077 Solid 2N, runs great bought her for $1500.00 in July '08 Jake Kulon Joe Falkenberg JakeK_19432N
1943 2N 9N114296 3rd owner.First owner had for 57 years in lower British Columbia Canada on his orchards. Used very regularly, mowing, hauling, plowing etc. Great old workhorse. John Seabeck Robert Johnson  
1943 9NBN 9NBN114482 Industrial model tractor originally owned by the RNZAF as an airfield tractor. Dave Frazer - South Australia RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Airforce) DaveF_19439NBN
1943 2N 9N114746 Runs well, everything works. Rick Stone    
1943 2N 9N114938 Tractor runs but needs restoration. Todd Teicheira Justin Flood ToddT_19432N
1943 2N 9N115082 Rough, runs, has F&T Step up transmission John Sanderson Unknown  
1943 2N 9N115184 Runs good, recent major repairs John Korschot   JohnK_19432N
1943 2N 9N115211   Bruce Beckert   BruceB_19432N
1943 2N 9N115890   Chuck Toye    
1943 2N 9N116571 Purchased from granddaughter of original owner. Has not run in many years, but looks like low hours. Not pretty, but solid! Lynn Patrick Steve Tomas LynnP_19432N
1943 2N 9N117589 Dark gray/blue Dennis Thomas N Complete Tractor Parts  
1943 2N 9N118761 Great little work-horse Picked it up this spring Starts and runs very well My uncle owned one in the seventies and never had a problem with it. Gary Pasholk    
1943 2N 9N120058 This was an eBay purchase. Extensively (and not well) farmerized, Bondo'd sheet metal, but runs well. Will be restored to near original. Peter Garnham Chilton Tractor PeterG_19432N
1943 2N 9N121055 Working tractor runs great for 60+years. Brent Schmidt   BrentS_19432N
1943 2N 9N122256   Nicholas Coakley   NicholasC_19432N
1943 2N 9N122380 Very bad shape, saved from the scrapper. We'll try our best to save it. Kevin Strutt    
1943 2N 9N122719   Jody Barnett    
1943 2N 9N123045 Tractor is red and gray to the metal. In the middle of total restoration. Charles Self    
1943 2N 9N125177 Good runner. Needs some work on grille and hood. Ryan Kerschbaumer    
1943 2N 9N125220 2N, completely redone and painted red/gray instead of original gray. Runs great! Craig Hamilton Unknown CraigH_19432N
1943 2N 8N270303 1943 Ford 2N, restored. Painted Ford red and Ford white. too many new parts to list. Previous owner must have changed engine to an 8N which is reason for Serial Number? Nice Tractor! I bought from Craigslist. Robert & Janice Watkins ? from Butler, Ohio RobertW_19432N
1943 2N 9N?????? Wartime, full steel wheels Burt Hudson 2nd owner  
1943 2N 9N?????? Working girl,painted as a red belly, Bought her 3 yrs ago. Dave Park    
1943 BNO-25 203 This Tug was stationed at the Barstow Dagget Modification Center in Barstow California during WWII. There is a tag on the dash with their Equipment Serial number on it. This Center modified A-20 Havoc Light Bombers and P-38 fighters during the war. It was painted Olive Drab and will return that way when restored. Steve Gregori    
1943? 2N None stamped Picked this tractor up locally, the rear housing has a casting number that looks to have been made in 1943, the engine block casting number shows as a 1946, the serial number pad looks like there has never been a number struck into it. At this point think its a 43. Luke Roberts   LukeR_19432N
1943 2N BNO252074 Working life spent at Miramar Airfield, San Diego, California. Harry Ferguson Ltd. tag number 621. To be restored. Julie Browning, UK David Lory JulieB_1943Tug
1944 (2N - S/N 126536 to 169979) (107 entries)
1944 2N 9NBN113447   Matt Goodwin    
1944 2N 9N126790 My workhorse,homemade auto 15" front wheels,24 inch rear rims welded to the centers. Special thanks to The N Tractor Club, Yesterdays Tractors, Just8n's, John Smith and Zane Sherman. Peter Button of ButtonRock Farm   PeterB_19442N
1944 2N 9N127066 On its way to a good restoration Marty Mitchell Joel Gordon MartyM_19442N
1944 2N 9N127435 Was restored in the late 80s from ground up but looking its age again Anson Dove    
1944 2N 9N127746 I purchased it abt 1990, rebuilt the motor in '96, cut large lot with it for years. Now it is mostly retired. Jonathan Gabel Delmar Bone JonathanG_19442N
1944 2N 9N127815 Family heirloom. Dad bought in 1965 for hobby farming. Overhauled and painted red and light gray. Currently under restoration and used mostly for snow plowing. Terry Samsa Stanley Samsa TerryS2_19442N
1944 2N 9N128095 Purchased refurbished and moved to Whitingham, VT John Matthews 9/07-5/12 John MacLean Hatfield, MA; ??to 9/07 Jeff Zsrodnik Hatfield, MA JohnM_19442N
1944 2N 9N128513 Just purchased.Will restore.Runs good. Walter Fulford Unknown  
1944 2N 9N128639 Not running, good sheetmetal, original rims John Sanderson Unknown  
1944 2N 9N129008 A garage find, purchased in March 2008, this tractor will be used by my 81 year young Dad on his farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada as his 6410 is just a tad large. Mostly original with a 12 Volt system. Martin Neynens Halifax, Nova Scotia Ron Beazley MartinN_19442N
1944 2N 9N129556 Bought January 2007 With C.C. Kelly Loader installed. Loren Jones An oil field company or municipality LorenJ_19442N
1944 2N 9N130323 Picked this up for a doner tractor but it still runs Jeff Theroux   JeffT_19442N
1944 2N 9N130764 Just bought it for $1,200. Joel Norton    
1944 2N 9N131507 Has early series I-beam radius arms Raymond Smith George Edward "Mickey" Runyon  
1944 2N 9N132008 Good running condition, recently repainted. Terry Reed Charles Hartman TerryR_19442N
1944 2N 9N132716   Bob Doss   BobD_19442N
1944 2N 9N133253 I bought this tractor for clearing snow. Still in great shape and has worked on a farm most of its life. John Lusty Glen McFarlane  
1944 2N 9N135125 Just picked it up. Looking forward to restoring. La Vernia, Texas Kevin Webb Ken Kosub KevinW_19442N
1944 2N 9N135906 Very versatile little tractor Bobby & Debbie Mack    
1944 2N 9N137389 Good original tractor still in use. Plan to restore. Daniel Jeffries Jimmy Seymour  
1944 2N 9N138375 Starting to restore. Robert Gene Childress    
1944 2N 9N138458 "Matilda" was restored some years back by a previous owner and stored in a shed. She runs well and is a welcome new addition to our family and farm in the Alaska wilderness. Rick Ford @ F Trine Farm    
1944 2N 9N138474 I just got done a restore!!!! Mike Robidoux   MikeR_19442N
1944 2N 9N138576 Purchased from a guy who had parted it out into another tractor, mostly there, missing a few things. Working on restoration. Robert Daniel   RobertD_19442N
1944 2N 9N139381 1944 Ford 2N with a Sherman step up. Just picked up from my neighbor and seems to run pretty good, and having fun learning more about it. Brock Anderson   BrockA_19442N
1944 2N 9N139636 Fully Restored in 2000 Tom & Dan Coffman    
1944 2N 9N140213 Average condition, currently undergoing restoration. Shannon Hsu   ShannonH_19442N
1944 2N 9N140339 Awesome tractor that needs abit of work. Paint and sheet metal in good condition. Beth & Rob Mitchell    
1944 2N 9N140394 Bought in 2004 from original owner after restoration. She's a good working tractor. Chip McCann   ChipM_19442N
1944 2N 9N140440 Restoration planned, previous owner. Nick Pierce   NickP_19442N
1944 2N 9N140927 Rusty, runs, needs restoration. Jeremy Cox N/A  
1944 2N 9N141457 Original 6 volt. Came with dozer blade and post hole auger. Mark A. Richards Sky Meadow Farm/Chopper Fowler  
1944 2N 9N141544 Currently Rebuilding has been in the family since it was new. Sharon Gonser/Julie Torrens John Stewart Gonser  
1944 2N 9N141876 Working tractor; unknown history. Tim Bode    
1944 2N ☆9N141949☆ Now in restoration process James Alcock   JamesA_19442N
1944 2N 9N142595 good John Stidham Darin Cody  
1944 2N 9N142965 2N when purchased 2/2004 Floyd & Daniel McDonald Hess Farm Equipment Canton,PA FloydM_19442N
1944 2N 9N143186 Picked it up last year. Does a great job with 6' finish mower and 7' blade. Wes Ingram   WesI_19442N
1944 2N 9N144238 Purchased from a farm up the road in 1997.Re-bit and repainted in 1998.My father -in-law (The amazing Dave Smith converted to 12 volt in 2005)..I have used this tractor to move and grade over 100 tons of fill and I plow snow with it all winter. John Forness A farmer taking the big dirt nap. JohnF_19442N
1944 2N 9N144912 Tractors name is Murphy and we adopted him to use around the acreage. Kari Mullikan Eric Moorhouse KariM_19442N
1944 2N 9N145117 Did some work on this tractor over the winter to bring it back to what it is now. Del Huebner   DelH_19442N
1944 2N 9N145205 It was my wifes grandfathers it was in a barn for 30 years and we got it out and fixed it up. Bob Jackson Carl Jackson BobJ_19442N
1944 2N 9N145823 Not a bad ol' girl. Bought it to mow our property. Now I'm hooked on old tractors. Tom Whiffen    
1944 2N ☆9N146119☆ Was in a barn for about 10 years. Factory Ford loader. Put gas in it and drove it 7 miles home. Runs like a top. Brian Winfrey   BrianW_19462N
1944 2N 9N146811 Original all Grey. Runs very well. Has leaky seal on rear PTO & needs seals for 3 point lift hydraulics. For sale David Butler N/A DavidB_19442N
1944 2N 9N147201 It came with the red belly paint and gray top. Robert Martin   RobertM_19442N
1944 2N 9N149153 Working tractor; unknown history. Showing signs of age. Larry Curreri    
1944 2N 9N150081 I have done some fix-up work since I got it in early 90's, has Sherman trans. Steve Hart Neil Fosnaught  
1944 2N 9N150653   Dave Granlund   DaveG_19442N
1944 2N 9N150704 Operational, but could use some work. Michael Gove Paul Arslanian  
1944 2N 9N151351 My dad bought this in 1968. It was panited all green,and he panited it yellow and black ???? it was ugly !!! It had been sitting in the stack yard for about the last 20 years in poor shape. I started a complete restoration reman of from 2009 to 2013. I found all original sheet metal for. I did all the body work and painting, using Nason singal stage urethane. I also install a Sherman transmisson the I got from John Smith. Eric Aldous John Gabica EricA_19442N
1944 2N 9N151562 1944 2N Than belonged to my dad who purchased the tractor after returning from the Navy in 1946. He thought it was a 1947; however the tractor was on the lot because no one had any money during the war, and he saved his Navy pay to purchase the tractor after returning from the war in Japan. The tractor was used on the farm and has been running ever since! Aaron K. Ball Charles H. Ball AaronB_19442N
1944 2N 9N151818 Runs good, used with woods 750 back hoe attachment. John Pfeil   JohnP_19442N
1944 2N 9N152103 Rebuilt 6 years ago. Currently in use. Tom Green Allen Young TomG_19442N
1944 2N 9N152468 In the process of overhauling and fising it up to use. Keith L. Johnson Fred Nossum  
1944 2N 9N153040 Just bought. It's been in storage since 2011. need to redo electrical first. Robert Waldron Aaron Pengilly  
1944 2N ☆9N153307 This is my original tractor, its been in the family since 1963. Jason Grooms Pixley Tractor Sales JasonG_19442N
1944 2N 9N153509 Purchased June 2009,Not running,No missing parts,Very little rust.Planning a complete restoration. Jeff Gamble    
1944 2N 9N154315 Still a hard working tractor in what is left of it's factory dark gray paint. Sean Kelly    
1944 2N 9N155092 Working tractor with dearborn loader. Paul Reichard Bill Annis  
1944 2N 9N155417 Engine rebuilt, lots of new parts. Will be a piece by piece restoration. 12V, Sherman Step-Up. Kenny Towne   KennyT_19442N
1944 2N 9N155641 The best 9/2N I have ever driven! I bought it as a chore tractor for the grandkids & when they grew up bought it back for me! Lynn Patrick
Sold to Steve Tesser
Ellen Yoder, Kalona, IA LynnP_19442N
1944 2N 9N155678 Ford 2N tractor Thomas Brown    
1944 2N 9N155733 Restoring to running condition at this time. James Shea, Connecticut Gordon Pike, Maine  
1944 2N 9N155922 Purchased in August of 2006 at Auction. Sad shape and painted as an 8N Lots of TLC to come! Terry Thomton    
1944 2N 9N155967☆ Just bought it for $1,000. Runs and good sheet metal. David Patterson    
1944 2N 9N156055 Bought it for the Sherman 2 speed. Now to get it running and make a working tractor out of it. Jon Poe    
1944 2N 9N156075   Wilfred Schexnayder   WilfredS_19442N
1944 2N 9N156147 Blown head gasket and freeze plug or welch plug gone. Previous owner had put a piece of wood and rubber in the hole. Ran good. Restoring . John Shaver N/A JohnS_19442N
1944 2N 9N156748 Purchased by my father and uncle in 1954 for my grandfather from family whom owned farm they bought after immigrating from Germany as displaced persons. Originally sold new Swanson Ford-Ceresco, NE. 2N replaced pair of draft horses they were using. Was a "redbelly" when purchased in '54. Partial restoration started in late '70s-early '80s, needing total resto after sitting outside for 20+ years after sister-in-law punched out radiator running into combine. Has Ferguson 14-40-30 2-bottom plow, Sherman OD, missing lights. Was on original Good Year rubber until 2006, hat rims rotted out. Alan H. Tast ? Kramer, Wann, NE AlanT_19442N
1944 2N 9N156974 Tractor I got for my dad from the grandson of the org owner. Rob Clements   RobC_19442N
1944 2N 9N157736 Amazing shape for being outside for a known 40+years and still a runnner. Was painted blue with grey fenders and hood. Ken Dodson Mr. Martinez  
1944 2N 9N157855 Runs well after previous owner did some work to get it running so he could mow property he owns. Still 6 volt and largely original, though the wiring is not great. Will be restored over time and enjoyed. Andy Shupe   AndyS_19442N
1944 2N 9N158000 Bought in Feb 2005. Sad shape but with a little TLC "Maybelle" has new life. Randy Humbert    
1944 2N 9N158361 Still runs great. It will have an easy life maintaining the R/C car track and little jobs around the house. Kieth McIlwain Dave Haight KiethM_19442N
1944 2N 9N158397 Rescued from a field. Collecting parts for a restoration. Wes Benton    
1944 2N 9N159536 Has Hupp dual drive transmission. My great grandfather bought it new Jason McLaughlin Roland Nantais  
1944 2N 9N159729 Purchased by myself in 1999 in Iron River, MI. Had been used as a utility tractor by a road contruction company. I have completely rebuild this tractor and use it frequently for mowing, blading and drilling post holes. Dennis Conner Unknown DennisC_19442N
1944 2N 9N160436 Bought by my Poppa in 1980. Rebuilding the engine in the summer of 2021. Finn Campeau Gary Bouck  
1944 2N 9N160711 Bought new by my Dad in 1944. Restored 2001. Never slept outside. Albert Sandholm Walter Sandholm AlS_19442N
1944 2N 9N162434   Burt Hudson    
1944 2N 9N162605 A little rough, needs front grill to be replaced.Still workable Larry Slaughter Charles Smith  
1944 2N 9N163170 Working tractor has front and rear lights, has been in family since mid fifties. Phil Slocum Norman L. Slocum PhilS_19442N
1944 2N 9N163404 Complete, original and very tight. Unrestored Gary Johnson Unknown GaryG_19442N
1944 2N 9N163783 Bought this tractor in Sept. 2013. It was sold to me as a 42' 9N. However the serial number tells a different story. Would appear I have a 44' 2N. It has an 8N paint job which I am currently restoring. Came converted to 12 volt already. Plugs, wires, and a vertical exhaust and she runs great. Looking forward to many years of use. Patrick Ike Unknown  
1944 2N 9N163808 This tractor was already converted to 12 volt but poorly. The body is in good shape and runs good. Steve O'Brien    
1944 2N 9N164296 Has Sherman Combo complete rebuild of engine. Mark Welling Salvage  
1944 2N 9N164685 My Dad bought this tractor sometime in the late 50's from a family friend, B.R. Bridges. As far as I know, Mr. Bridges was the original owner. Dad used it to raise a garden and just, in general, take care of the 7 acres we lived on outside of Jackson, MS. (Later it was 5 acres after we built a new house and sold the old house with 2 acres.) Dad passed away in 1995. The tractor sat around taking up space until 2005. I brought it to Texas and had it restored by a local mechanic. My main reason for the restoration is sentimental. The tractor holds a lot of memories of my Dad for me. I have actually been surprised that it is as handy as it is on our 1 1/2 acres here in North Texas. I count it as a useful tool and as a hobby. I figure the maintenance will give me something to do in my spare time over the next few years. Plus I have some projects in mind like adding the headlights back on, building a carryall, and such. I'm sure that when I need information I will be posting in the forum here to ask for it. Frank Sudduth Ben Sudduth FrankS_19442N
1944 2N 9N164729 My wife inherited this from her dad, who recently passed away. The tractor was sitting on his land when he bought it and I don't believe he ever tried to get it back going. We pulled it home and the work will begin in earnest to get it back into running condition. Melissa Pierce Samuel Lewis MelissaP_19442N
1944 2N 9N165832 Well running 2N that gets almost daily use for farming, logging, mowing and transport. Unbelievably rugged and dependable. Since i use it for work it is not a stock restoration piece even though someday i hope to restore to its original glory. i have a land plow, disc harrow, bush hog, seed spreader, trailer, and homemade logging winch. This winter we cut 40 cords of firewood. painted the wrong color by the dealer. Robert Hogg   RobertH_19442N
1944 2N 9N166214 Not running tractor, will restore later. Bob Lafontaine N/A  
1944 2N 9N166404 Cuts hay every summer, and pushes snow every winter. Love, care, & gasoline is all that is required. Steve Chauncey Dick Chauncey (father) SteveC_19442N
1944 2N 9N166484 Good shape and runs well.I plan to paint it back to its original grey. James Schwartz   JamesS_19442N
1944 2N 9N166563 Bought in 05/08. Plan to restore it. Brian A Irwin N/A  
1944 2N 9N166570 Imaculate shape,has a 6 ft. blade to clean snow. Thom Robinson    
1944 2N 9N166887 Bought this tractor in Griswold Ct. as part of a package deal. I have not started yet as I am working on a '44 right now. This tractor will be for a friend that needs a three point for some of his implements. Michael Novak    
1944 2N 9N167595   Mike Arnott   MikeA_19442N
1944 2N 9N167669 "Granny," as we call her, is a working tractor and fairly original we believe. Granny's got a 6' Woods finishing mower on her & is used weekly in Summer. When our 8N got stuck in mud (deep!), Granny yanked it out w/o problem. Granny's pretty stout! Brian Szafranski of Elma, NY James Hill family of Elma, NY (from 1980-2001).

These former owners are our next door neighbors and owned Granny for well over 20 years until they sold Granny to us in 2001. They only used Granny 2-3 times a year a brush-hog 1-2 acres. Granny sat in their out building and was kept high and dry all those 20+ years.
1944 2N 9N168730 Just bought her last week, she was traded into a local John Deere dealership earlier this year. They were not going to do anything with her until I showed up asking about her. She runs and drives beautifully, needs to be resored more for visual, running ability is very good. They even put her on a Dyno and said she is good to go to work. Mark Birchard Bigon Tractor  
1944 2N 9N168735 found in old barn about 5 years ago, belonged to 96 year old fellow engine and tractor club friend. This was his first tractor causing him to get the engine and tractor bug back in 1969. This 2N hadn't been running for about 40 years. Once in my hands i broke it in half, replaced clutch and throwout bearing, new plugs, points etc. after making adjustments it fired right up and runs excellent. I've added it to my N tractor collection. I always get many compliments and ask a lot of questions when its taken to a parade or engine/tractor show. Only thing I need to do is replace the grill. Color is a little lighter than original, however Im leaving it as is since my friend painted it many years ago and it's a bit of a tribute to him. It came with factory wheel weights so it adds about another 1000 lbs to it. Peter Sonne' - Shepherd House Ranch Dave Gibson PeterS_19442N
1944 2N 9N168851 she a old girl still working and awaiting a complete face lift and overhaul. I will be starting in the spring of 08 Dale Thompson   DaleT_19442N
1944 2N 9N169981 About half way through a complete restoration. Has a Sherman step/up/down auxiliary transmission and a 1952 8N engine, SN 480601. Last tractor made in the 1944 model run by serial number. James E. Vaughn Wesley Mach JamesV_19442N
1944? 2N 9N??????   Thomas Gibson Dad ThomasG_19442N
1944? 2N 9N29027 This tractor appears to be a late model 2N in which engine 9N29027 has been installed. This was Patricia's father's tractor which she drove as a young girl. Husband James supports her interest. Patricia Hand Boyd C. Jacobs  
1944-1947 2N No S/N I purchased this good working Ford tractor November 2013. The sheetmetal work is on the rough side and all of the tires are worn. The electrical system is already converted to 12 volts . Engine runs good and the hydraulics, PTO, and 3 point hitch all work . Research reveals that it is a 2N tractor (!944 to early 1947 model) with an 8N engine cast March 1st 1950. I use it for mowing and work around the homestead. Three attachments I use are a BUSH HOG FTH 600 finishing mower, Leinbach pinestraw rake and a carryall. I am trying to decide if I want to restore this vintage tractor or just clean, paint and keep everything in good working order. This Old Gray Mare (ain't what she used to be) and I are about the same age and with a little tender loving care , I think we'll cross the finish line together.‏ Earl Johns   EarlJ_19442N
1945 (2N - S/N 169980 to 198728) (56 entries)
1945 2N 9N171303 Working Tractor..8N hood and air breather..Zane Thang..12V conversion... Ken N Tx Unknown KenB19452N
1945 2N 9N171811 Bought this tractor on 3/8/08. Gathering as much info as possible to start restoration. Jason Warrenfeltz Jim Kyler JasonW_19452N
1945 2N 9N172732 Got this for a steal and now I cut my 10 acres n half the time. If it doesn't start, I'm going back to bed. I wish everything started and ran this well. TCB in TN Rich Hall   RichH_19452N
1945 2N 9N173008 All original except paint Dale Wilcox Rosy Bros, Inc DaleW_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N174185☆   Dale Neese    
1945 2N 9N175694 Very orginal, I recently purchased it from my uncle who it was willed to 3 years ago by my grandfather who shipped it to Nampa Idaho in 1952 from South Dakota I believe. Kelly Robert Harold Robert  
1945 2N 9N175721 Good running tractor. Was in good mech condition when purchased 2 years ago. Recently repainted. Harold Cooke Wayne Page HaroldC_19452N
1945 2N 9N176274 Mostly Original, 6V, thru-hood air filter. Used on horse farm, post hole digger, pond scoop, brush-hog, drag blade. Very useful tractor Pat Kenney Pat Connaire  
1945 2N 9N177094 This tractor has been in the family since it was new. Undergoing restoration. John Hospenthal Josef Hospenthal JohnH_19452N
1945 2N 9N177417 Inherited from Dad. Use on 20 acres. Mowing a few acres during summer with brush-hog and blading snow in winter. Fair shape, converted to 12 volt. Bob Herr    
1945 2N 9N177487 Mostly original 2n when purchased in 2005, very rough exterior. Engine was rebuilt in spring 2005. Outside of tractor was restored 2009-2010, and painted correct colors (was a redbelly when I bought it). Accessories include rear worklight, headlights with wings, cyclone precleaner (under hood), and monroe easy-ride seat. Future plans are a grille screen and front bumper. Jon Dyer N/A JonD_19452N
1945 2N 9N177815 Good condition working 2N came with chains, blade and a Ferguson plow. Jeff Henningfield   JeffH_19452N
1945 2N 9N178105 This is a great running tractor. When I bought it I drove it home, 15 miles. It takes 2 hours to drive a 9n 15 miles in case you were wondering. Bryan Waterworth Empire District Electric BryanW_19459N
1945 2N 9N178579 Running with rebuilt engine. Needs new rear rims. Joe Huppenthal    
1945 2N 9N178905 A lengthy expensive project, but it's all there and the motor is good. Needs 4 wheels and tires. Michael Kriss Anderson Unknown  
1945 2N 9N180642 Runs Great,In the process of restoring Dennis Snyder George ( Heinie ) Globes  
1945 2N 9N181263 Starts easily, purrs like a kitten. Cleon Rogers Norman Neumeier  
1945 2N 9N181477 Original steer tires hold air. Will be restored. Corey Orchel Gordon C. CoreyO_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N181492☆ Previous owner thought it was a "1949", so it is paint as a 8N RedBelly. Mark Black , Royal Center, IN.   MarkB_19452N
1945 2N 9N181520 Restored back to original. Very nice tractor. Jason Grooms   JasonG_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N181644☆   Donald Gold Gary Zieg DonaldG_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N182741☆ Good running tractor! Lenard Farr    
1945 2N 9N183332 Fully restored. Jared Singletary Trey Cannon JaredS_19452N
1945 2N 9N184037 A good running tractor which was in decent shape as purchased. Previous owner used it only for a year to clear a lot for building a house. Originally owned by a farmer in Oley, PA. Came w/ sickle bar mounts and incorrect 3-pt hitch arms from a much later Ford. Bob Johnston Ron Roy  
1945 2N ☆9N185276☆ It is in France. It runs correctly. It will be reconditioned as soon as possible.... Marc Esprit Unknown MarcE_19452N
1945 2N 9N186226 I have the orignal Bill of Sale when my grandfather purchased new in 1945 with 2 furrow plough. Is in great original shape but hasn't run in 15 yrs. Dale Hoard Harold D. Chambers  
1945 2N 9N186585 Got it out of a field 4 years ago. New battery, plugs, fluids it starts everytime. Brandon Grose   BrandonG_19452N
1945 2N 9N187340 Just purchased, going to do a full restore. Erika K Sprunger Unsure ErikaS_19452N
1945 2N 9N187448 9N with 19-21 Dearborn loader and Ford 406/19-142 reversible 3pnt. scoop. David Efner   DavidE_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N187476☆ Has lights and air intake through hood, machine gray and red Dan & Kathy Foular Robert Baker DanF_19452N
1945 2N 9N187529 Bought in 2018. All original, good condition, converted to 12v. I have restored it changed to grey/blue colours. Lance Richardson   LanceR_19452N
1945 2N 9N188034 Not in bad shape sheet metal seems to be descent. Eventually going to restore to original color. Bought at a consignment auction. Michael Wagner N/A  
1945 2N 9N188447 My first tractor. She will be used for what she was intended, a good honest working tractor. motor was rebuilt in 1980. Runs like the day she was built. Jerry Sweeney   JerryS_19452N
1945 2N 9N188713   Radek Vrzal    
1945 2N 9N190118 Tractor was painted red & grey, I am going to put the original color of dark grey back on some day but am building a new home now and it is seeing a lot of work. Todd W. Liston bought from Bill Eaton of Graysville, IN he had to sell to move to Florida.  
1945 2N 9N190274 Great working tractor. Jerry Russell    
1945 2N 9N190548 Bought near Hancock, NY. Seller bought it and resold it to me from somewhere in this region. Garrett Craven   GarrettC_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N191858☆ ☆9NI91858☆ Used for snow removal on our property. It's used more as our motorized wheel barrel. Runs great. Changed over to 12V. Joseph Curry   JosephC_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N193165☆   Mike Walterman    
1945 2N ☆9N193176☆ Working/ Freeman Gravity drop hyd. bucket. Brush hog/Finish mower/Rake/Back blade Phil E Reimer Unknown PhilR_19452N
1945 2N 9N194642 Located in Illinois. Bought in Waupaca Wisconsin Rick Smutny    
1945 2N 9N194955☆ Old Rusty Blue getting a make-over Timothy Wagner   TimothyW_19452N
1945 2N 9N195182 In restoration John Koerner    
1945 2N 9N195838 Good old girl that has died and came back to life twice that I know of. Sh'e a hard worker though. Bill Myers   BillM_19452N
1945 2N 9N196554 Old and rusty but runs like a champ Bobby Looper Justin Norton  
1945 2N 9N197436   Roger Olson   RogerO_19452N
1945 2N 9N197916 Oregon- great tractor pulling brushhog,501sickle mower,plow, tiller,blade, harrower. Working farm tractor. Benjamin Tucker   BenjaminT_19452N
1945 2N ☆9N198209☆ Clean, good running 2N used for mowing and light work on our farm. Tom & Gloria Sowinski Unknown TomS_19452N
1945 2N 9N198683 In great shape used PTO to run welder. Used by Pinchbeck Nursery, for many years in Ridgefield CT. Joesph Pinchbeck    
1945 2N 9N198707 Imported from south of France to Ireland Dec 08.Non-runner with distributor and starter missing.tin work very good. Sean Buckley    
1945 2N 9N?????? Funk Flathead Six W/ Cast Pan. Working tractor, primarily w/ brush hog. Also has Sherman overdrive, aftermarket suspension seat, Kosch steering device, and a curious pedal conversion that positions both brake pedals on right. No one I have ever talked to has any knowledge about the pedal conversion!!! Robert Olmstead Previous owners unknown!  
1945 2N 9N??????   Burt Hudson    
1945 2-9NAN BNO 25 312 1945 end of war model 2-9NAN dual fuel burner on holley vaporiser carburetor. Engine replacement early 1950's with moto tug engine s/no BNO 25 312 Jim Murray Father of Jim Murray bought 1948  
1945 -
9NAN 9NAN18B249 ....UNRRA... Roman Zelinka    
1945 -
2N ???? Has been in the Curtis family since about 1959. Had a loader on it that was just removed. Painted redbelly. Engine replaced at some time. Engine is 8n129759. A local Ford dealer said they just used have rebuilt engines in stock and just swap out engines. Restoration is underway. Will update as we progress. Lee Curtis ? LeeC_19452N
1945 2N 8N 345567 (Replacement motor) Tractor had not run for 26 years was completely seized , freed up within a week , runs perfect. Stan Gordon ( heybusdriver) D. Branson StanG_19452N
1946 (2N - S/N 198729 to 258501) (127 entries)
1946 2N 9N198770 I-beam radius rods from earlier model otherwise pretty original I think. Greg & Cheri Froehling Norman, Oklahoma... unknown  
1946 2N 9N199374 Founded 2N in Little Current On Canada Needs a lot of work. It still runs well. I am going to try to restored it back to show room condition. In memory of my good friend Bert Wilson who loved tractors. Bill Watts N/A  
1946 2N 9N199774   Kevin P. Mowrey   KevinM_19462N
1946 2N 9N199868 46 2N, 3rd owner. Last owner used to rake field for 30 years. Working on restoring Ralph Mayercik    
1946 2N 9N200594   Burt Hudson N/A  
1946 2N 9N200860 Estate sell. Not running 8+ years. Trip Bucket Loader & Fergeson BFO-20 back blade Don Rigney Albert Bartel DonR_19462N
1946 2N 9N201328 Rough condition. 6V electrical. Wrong size tires on homemade rims. Has some sort of sherman trans. Doesn't run. Came with a finish mower and back blade. Andy Baergen Unknown AndyB_19462N
1946 2N 9N201373 3rd generation owner. Has been in the family since 1947 Jonas Hastings   JonasH_19462N
1946 2N 9N203198   Alex Ray Jim Valiga  
1946 2N 9N203680 God stand Magnus Klepp Tor Sletei  
1946 2N 9N203957   Joshua Moore   JoshuaM_19462N
1946 2N 9N204239 Great old tractor with a Wagner loader and a york rake. I use it alot. Dan Hagelberg   DanH_19462N
1946 2N 9N205889 Good shape Marc Stroker bob deno  
1946 2N 9N206001 2N in France (from Marshall plan). Runs great. Cyril Boukamoun Unknown CyrilB_19462N
1946 2N 9N206740 Red and Grey and being restored Bob McLaren    
1946 2N 9N207125   Ken Nault    
1946 2N 9N207303   Darel Beghtel Matt Clark DarelB_19462N
1946 2N 9N207395   Kevin Hillner    
1946 2N 9N207655 Purchased from a friend who began restoration. Date code B126. Has an 8N hydraulic cover under the seat. In 1947 my dad bought a new 2N I learned to drive on it. Fred Drajna Jake Osterioker  
1946 2N 9N207687 Restoration project Wayne King N/A  
1946 2N 9N207766 The fella I bought it from said it was a 9N but by the serial # looks like it's a 2N. It's rough but it starts right up. I use it for my garden brushhogging and snow plowing mostly. Todd Truax Rush Leverich  
1946 2N 9N207798   Brian Evans   BrianE_19462N
1946 2N 9N208010 Working tractor, painted like 8N Marty Manning   MartyM_19462N
1946 2N 9N208914 Had to get it because it cranked up before i heard the starter engage. Bruce Trescott    
1946 2N 9N209980 Converted to 12V, changed the fluids, and put her to work! Mark Armenta Don Hudson MarkA_19462N
1946 2N 9N210195☆ Kansas farmer had it listed for sale side of road. Started right up, decent shape, will use for driveway maintenance and snow removal. Conrad Candelaria John A ConradC_19462N
1946 2N 9N210211 Original eng. o/h in '94 runs o.k. use to grade road Bob Ream    
1946 2N 9N210580 This tractor looks rough but has served us well for the last three years as we work our church garden for outreach. We are not the first owners. At the moment it is giving some trouble. Loses power after about 20 minutes. Works ok again when she cools down but then happens again. Still trying to solve!  Update: Power problem solved. Changed 6V. coil West Highland Fellowship Baptist Church   FredHe_19462N
1946 2N 9N210928 Bought it from a man who said he rescued it from a field. Claims he just got a new battery and changed the oil. Have a brush hog and scraper for it. Seems all original. Plan on changing transmision fluid and putting it back to work. Works like new. One rear axle in stamped Dec 46 and the other Jan 47. Brian Korbs Unknown BrianK_19462N
1946 2N 9N211035 Currently under restoration. Dave Billings Unknown  
1946 2N 9N211478 This tractor was purchased new in 1946 at Grannis & Stratton on South Broad Street in Norwich NY. It has stayed within 15 miles of Norwich since then. I am the 2nd Owner. Tractor still works hard. I'm slowly restoring her. David Steinbach T. Thomas DavidS_19462N
1946 2N ☆9N212304☆ Using information on your site, I am able to confirm that this tractor is indeed all 2N built in 1946.  It runs, but not as it should. A carb overhaul is in it`s future. It has been converted to 12V. And most of the electrical components are new.  Rear rims, tires and tubes have just been replaced and loaded with ballast. Now has a new drawbar and third link. Will continue with the restoration until someone offers me a 1949 8N in trade. Preferably in western Canada to avoid border crossing woes. Edwin Bryant Ollie Ryerson  
1946 2N ☆9N212710 Purchased by my Grandfather in the 50's and handed down to me in 2006. Needs some TLC but still runs. Robert Travis Howard Travis  
1946 2N 9N212721 Just purchased. Tractor has ignition issues. New coil on the way. Tractor has been converted to 12v. Doug Nichols Atkinson Farm DougN_19462N
1946 2N ☆9N212865 Bought new in 1946 with all different attachments for it. The tractor is still working and being used on family farm. Josh Townsend Father-in-Law  
1946 2N 9N213254 Purchased tractor to maintain small acreage in Iowa. Tractor has a Model 19-72 Dearborn economy blade. Tractor when purchased was painted red/white like an 8N Scott Butville   ScottB_19462N
1946 2N 9N213356 Previous owner had removes all the sheet metal and radiator to repaint it. It wound up sitting for several years and being moved several times.Parts have been lost and every thing needs to be gone through. One plus, the engine isn't stuck.Doing a little at a time, I hope to have it running sometime. Allen E. Cain L. Haynes  
1946 2N 9N214214 Tractor was used to maintain a nursery in Barrie Ontario until the mid 1950's when it was purchased by my grandpa's twin brother for use on his farm in Oro Township, Ontario. He used the tractor well into his 90's and passed on in 2004. I purchased the tractor from his son in 2005 and began the restoration (it was not running then). It now is as good as new and used solely for parades and shows in & around Oro Township. Jeff Campbell Duncan A. Campbell JeffC_19462N
1946 2N 9N214385 Disassembled in pile when received Ben Shaull   Ben Shaull
1946 2N 9N214466   Louis Rodriguez    
1946 2N 9N216721 Orchard Fenders,Lowered Floorboards,Comfort Seat,Underhood Pre.AirCleaner,Hour Meter,Relocated Exhaust. All OEM Sheet-Metal. OE Hat-Type Rear/Rims. I Think This Came From West Coast. There Is a Pic on Internet of 2006 Farm Show in Wash.State of this Tractor. Stan Morris   StanM_19462N
1946 2N 9N216772 Good shape, little rust. Michael"Kriss" Anderson N/A  
1946 2N 9N216832 Very good shape. It's my working tractor. John Kivler Harlan Ruzek  
1946 2N 9N217355 Runs Great, recently painted by previoius owner Jose H. Cantu   JoseH_19462N
1946 2N 9N218538 Completely disassembled during winter of 2012/13. All worn parts replaced with new. New paint-sheet metal powder coated.Reassembled, now like new. Wade J. Karcha Ted Yuzek  
1946 2N 9N219354 Not restored. Runs. Plan to use it as a Bush Hog and hay rake mule. Dane VanTerSteege    
1946 2N 9N219472 Sherman overdrive Soundguy   ChrisB_19462N
1946 2N 9N219571 Sherman Step-Up Transmission Good shape for a 60 year old tractor. Jimmy Hite    
1946 2N 9N220000 Tractor has a Wagoner Loader and the sherman high and low auxillary transmission. Fred & Caiden Watts    
1946 2N 9N220968   Mark Groves    
1946 2N 9N221265 Sherman OD, original except 12V, working tractor James W. Smith, III, Ashland, VA Original Owner  
1946 2N 9N221330 Completely assembled, but not running. Engine not Froze up". Starter is being rebuilt. Hope to get it running soon. Lee Clark Don Clark  
1946 2N 9N221874 Mostly original, grandfather got it from a lady who was widowed by it. Their son got stuck and the dad tryed pulling from the top link. My granddad owned a towing service that was called out to pull it off of him. I enjoy using it and working on it. Cody Dinkel   CodyD_19462N
1946 2N 9N221887 Solid tractor, 12 volt system and new paint. Michael Torrance    
1946 2N ☆9N222399☆ Needs little TLC, runs good. Need to work it, than restore. Mike Sanftner    
1946 2N 9N222589 This 2N tractor is in original condition although the engine was rebuilt some time ago. The tractor has never been painted and is in excellent condition. Carl Hamlyn Bob Wiley  
1946 2N 9N222648 Repaired cracked block. Don Lamb   DonL_19462N
1946 2N 9N222933 Has Sherman stepdown & Howard transmissions. Stan Gordon (heybusdriver) Jack Leach StanG_19462N
1946 2N ☆9N223240 Runs good, look fair plan on using it a lot. Aaron Wilt Mike  
1946 2N ☆9N223749☆ Bought it 5/2021, the rest of its life will be spent on a 10 acre farm in Alabama. Nick Mead   NickM_19462N
1946 2N 9N224034 Painted Tisco Ford Dark Grey Shaune Simonson Randle Johnson ShauneS_19462N
1946 2N 9N225050 Original condition w/Sherman step-up, Monroe Ez-ride seat, 6 blade cooling fan. State of NC P W Brown Unknown  
1946 2N 9N225057 Rough and ugly, but I'll be working on that, time for a restoration. John M. Charles W. JohnM_19462N
1946 2N 9N225147 Solid old girl. Painted blue and white at some point in her life. Just needs some T.L.C. and maintenance. Lance Ketchem    
1946 2N 9N225369 95% original and partially restored with primer gray hood, faded red engine block and gearbox. Has working lights, rear grading blade and full front grill/bumper with trailer ball Jim Castagneri Steve Day JimC_19462N
1946 2N 9N225794   Eddy Strosnider    
1946 2N 9N227205   David R. Pitts    
1946 2N 9N227217 This tractor has overdrive shifter on left side of trans. Brian M. Gleason Sr. N/A  
1946 2N 9N227462 Needed work to run. All tin good. Came with Wagner loader. Mike Cuddy    
1946 2N 9N228927 Rare barn find in Puna'lu'u Hawaii. Still runs good compression Stephen Owen Bishop Family StephenO_19462N
1946 2N 9N229063 3rd generation owner. Bought by my grandfather in Lincolnville, PA to replace his team of draft horses. Restored in 2016. Doug Range   DougR_19462N
1946 2N 9N229143 Used to run great. Currently broken down from running into a ditch. Trying to fix it back up. Love this tractor! Denette Vonasek Alvin and Sadie Vonasek  
1946 2N 9N229930 I bought this tractor from my good friends Ray and Bill in Dayton, Ohio. It runs great, and looks pretty good! Recently restored. Joe Salyers Ray Metzger JoeS_19462N
1946 2N 9N230823 Bought it in 1980 in Bozeman MT. Used to build 5 houses. Has always & still runs great. Now in Belgrade, MT. Roger Teters   RogerT_19462N
1946 2N 9N230950 Crusty and not running found under a brush pile. John Vukovich Unknown JohnV_19462N
1946 2N 9N231446 Restored with Front end loader. My dad bought it new in 1946. Keith G. Bird Fred Bird  
1946 2N 9N231558 Restored by previous owner. Sherman Combo. trans. and Wheel weights. Gonna be used for antique tractor pulls only. Rob Arison Randy Turner  
1946 2N ☆9N232237 Missing fenders, seat and radiator. Engine siezed. Hope to bring her back to life Dave Park    
1946 2N 9N232676 Rusty and crusty Doug Goff   DougG_19462N 
1946 2N 9N233012 2 speed PTO (is this a Sherman transmission?) basic working tractor, bought at auction Spring of 2003 Judy A. Bella, Briar Patch Farm Mike Sahlhoff  
1946 2N 9N233097 Bought not running, sat for about 10 years in MI, just put on a new coil, points, and a battery and she fired right up. Fred Hauser   FredHa_19462N
1946 2N 9N233325 Vertical muffler, running boards, a working tractor. I gave it to my Dad to play with. Judy A. Bella Wyatt Farm Center  
1946 2N 9N233656 Dad bought in 1998 gave to me. 100% engine rebuild. Eric Johnson Charles Johnson  
1946 2N 9N234550   Darryl Schmidt   DarrylS_19462N
1946 2N 9N234581 Being restored. Daryl Richardson Jr. N/A DarylR_19462N
1946 2N 9N235138 Runs good. Undergoing body restoration. Bill Merdick Von Worell  
1946 2N 9N235385 Inherited this from my Dad, he had owned it for about 52 years, he purchased at an auction, I drove it home 30 miles. I was just a kid in High School at the time.... Ralph Stieben Clifford Swanson  
1946 2N 9N235702 Basket case 2N runs,operates fine. Well worn and used but still all original. Has not been restored or painted. Tim King   TimK_19462N
1946 2N 9N236582 Sherman underdrive plus Howard 2 speed rear and left hand brake. Mike Sloane Ken Blankenberg MikeS_19462N
1946 2N 9N236975 My grandfather purchased this tractor new and used on his farm till about 20yrs ago when he purchased a bigger tractor. My dad and I are working on getting her back in running order and hopefully a full restoration is in her future! Heather Bradnick Fred Rolecke HeatherB_19462N
1946 2N 9N237250 Purchased as a project tractor for restoration and actual farmer use on small gentleman's farm and show. Eric Pierce Robert Andrew EricP_19462N
1946 2N 9N237372 All Original Dick Huey   DickH_19462N
1946 2N 9N237992 Working tractor. Kerry Devine Veron Devine  
1946 2N ☆9N238420☆ This 2N was rescued from the "back of the barn". It is a working tractor but is nearing an engine overhaul. Original 6v system intact. Steven Jackl Joseph B. Tanata StevenJ_19462N
1946 2N 9N238693 Good working order no major repairs, good working tractor. have use it with disk, bush-hog and box blade. Gerald W. Richardson Unknown  
1946 2N 9N239439 Neighbor had in yard parked for 8-years. All parts are on it. Can't wait to get started. Rob & Joann Turney Unknown  
1946 2N 9N239645☆ 1946 2N engine only, rebuilt currently used in a 1949 8N Not sure where original tractor is. Danny Underwood Wengers of Myerstown DannyU_19462N
1946 2N 9N241942 Married into a share of a neighborhood-owned 2N used primarily to grade a shared road. Mostly original and runs very well when it runs at all. Currently sorting out a botched 12v conversion that eats coils. This is my first experience with an N, and I love this tractor. Zachary Brislenthaler    
1946 2N 9N242861 Engine is now spinning freely afer sitting in my Grandad's garage for 17+ years - waiting on parts. Jeffrey Johnson Clifford (Tip) Eadler JefferyJ_19462N
1946 2N 9N243197 Brought back to life in 2016 after years sitting in a shed. Running happy in the italian countryside. Filippo Arrighi   FilippoA_19462N2
1946 2N 9N243592 Nice little tractor. Runs great. Justin Call Bud JustinC_19462N
1946 2N 9N244640 I bought this from the widow of the previous owner. He did a ground up resoration in 1966 and used it solely for plowing snow in his driveway. When he passed she covered it with a bed sheet and left it parked in their basement for 8 years until I got wind of it. Fresh gas, blow down the carb, file the points and she's been running like a top since. Mike Paul Charles & June Stracka MikeP_19462N
1946 2N 9N244876 Still has the original stamped Ford 2N front emblem. Converted to 12volt used as a food plotting tractor. Cory Soberg Brett Reichardt  
1946 2N 9N245106 Excellent condition, painted three years ago, have five foot Toro finish mower, six foot scraper blade and eight foot boom. Don White Leroy Blevins  
1946 2N 9N245827 Been in the Family since Aug 5th 1977. Give or Take a few days. Was sitting for a few years. Got running in 2014. Moved it to Southern California. Now in 2021 got her running again and fixing her up again. James Walters Jr. James E Walters JamesW_19462N
1946 2N 9N246137   Lynn Coffman    
1946 2N 9N246751 Sherman transmission, not running, 12v conversion, starting rebuild Jason Parks Auction  
1946 2N 9N247147 Purchased in 2011 for $500.00 with frozen engine. Rebuilt the engine and made repairs. Replaced all the ignition with new 6-Volt as original, new front tires and now use it as a trailer mover. Hope to paint it this winter. Glenn Anderson    
1946 2N 9N247211 My father in-law gave me this tractor after sitting in a field for who knows how long. The engine cracks with the starter but all else is frozen with rust. I want to restore this tractor as best I can. I am new to flat head engines. Tony Sanchez   TonyS_19462N
1946 2N 9N247258   Al Gray    
1946 2N 9N247777 Bought it from my cousin who had owned it for 20 years. Pretty much all there and in decent shape. Needs new grille and hood. Dosen't burn any oil and runs good. Will begin resoration in the spring. Larry Sennett Craig Sennett LarryS_19462N
1946 2N 9N248391   David Knowles(stumpy)   DavidK_19462N
1946 2N 9N249844 Just purchased. In bad shape, been sitting in pasture for yrs. Ft.Tires have been changed to 16in. Changing to 12volt system. Looks like a long project, but looking forward to putting it back to as new as I can get it. Mikel Collins Unknown  
1946 2N 9N250700 Very nice project to restore. Fermin Vite Williams Tractor Fayeteville FerminV_19462N
1946 2N 9N250828 Has Sherman over under and boost cylinder for 3 point on left side. Retread Firestone tires. Jerry Stauffer Auction Buy  
1946 2N 9N250884   Richard Worrells    
1946 2N 9N251464   Burt Hudson N/A  
1946 2N BNO251869 Moto tug served on USS Enterprise. Found in michigan at auction. Bought it for $5,900. Freddie ? JamesM_19462N
1946 2N 9N253014 Orig Burt Hudson N/A  
1946 2N 9N253700 Brought back to life July 2005 Randy Norden Unknown RandyN_19462N
1946 2N 9N253712   Charles Bachman LeRoy W. Bachman CharlesB_19462N
1946 2N 9N254314 Nice tractor painted red/gray excellant condition some rust around the hood I just gave it a complete tune up and rewired the whole thing Dennis Thomas    
1946 2N 9N255835 9N just purchased. Will be restoring. Robert Burroughs Unknown, bought it from my company. RobertB_19462N
1946 2N 9N256533 believe my grandfather bought this tractor new. It was given to my dad when he died. I drove it across town some 20+ miles to home when I was 13. When my dad died it became mind. After 64 years it still runs great. Someday I hope to paint it. Paul Straw my Grandfather then my Dad PaulS_19462N
1946 2N 9N257492 Bought in Belen, New Mexico. (2014) Works good; needs some TLC on body and engine. Dr. Denis Ismael HaLevi Otero John Mark Shenk DenisO_19462N
1946 2N 9N257921 Original rims, step up trans, air cleaner, front lights, bumper, rear lights are older aftmkt,Now it's my new lawnmower. Special Thanks to The N Tractor Club, Yesterdays Tractors, Just8n's, John Smith and Zane Sherman. Peter Button of ButtonRock Farm N/A PeterB_19462N
1946 2N ???? Working tractor Barry Blalock Sr    
1947 (2N - S/N 258502 to 306183) (102 entries)
1947 2N 9N258703 Found this tractor in Griswold Ct. In the process of rebulding. It was painted every c olor known to mankind, will bring it back to original condition or as close to it as I am able, runs good. It will be worked around the homestead. Michael Novak Unknown  
1947 2N/8N ☆9N258796   James Grauer ?  
1947 2N 9N259029 Rebuilt from hitch to bumper, 12 volt system, 6 foot snow blade. Larry Cadden Trucking.    
1947 2N 9N259075   Richard F    
1947 2N 9N261305 Runs great, original sheet metal, use it to mow and plow snow on 18 acre homestead in southern Ohio Steve Lefebure    
1947 2N 9N261322 Currently being restored. Black Creek Farm Warren County Service Center  
1947 2N 9N262324 Refurbished with both rubber and steel rear wheels. John Koerner    
1947 2N ☆9N263085 Fair condition; used for work around property. Lionel Bonura Tony Bonura LionelB_19472N
1947 2N 9N264530 Purchased 05JAN2016 in Mt Home, Arkansas. Engine partially dismantled, but looks complete. Has Sherman Transmission. Cleon Rogers Randy Morris  
1947 2N 9N264692 Real work horse. Use on farm and mowing fields. Runs great. Charles Kuhlman    
1947 2N 9N264694 Runs Great, painted well, new front tires. Hydraulics and breaks overhalled. Windcrest Farms Unknown  
1947 2N 9N264847 I dont know anything about the history of this tractor.Just purchased it to work on my property, and found that it is more fun than work. Hank Medina Len Synkowitz HankM_19472N
1947 2N 9N265424 This tractor is like my dad's first trator,a 1944 2N. I bought it at a auction. I have a picture of my brother sitting on the tractor in 1946. He was 2 years old. Larry Boening Unknown  
1947 2N ☆9N265515☆ Runs good. 6v. has been painted red and gray. tires fair.has sherman trans. bought at auction for $1400.00 needs TLC Dennis Snakenberg    
1947 2N 9N265831 Has been in the family since 1948, purchased from Eric Friesen, Laird, Sask., for $1,350.00 with a plow.(have bill of sale) The tractor was used on a mixed farm of 160 acres as the only tractor until the mid '60's, after that used on lighter jobs. It was repainted blue & gray in the '70's, I am planning on repainting it dark gray one day, am testing a gray color on the wheels, have added a Sherman overdrive, tractor is still in good working condition. (I am the third owner) Ben Rempel John Rempel BenR_19472N
1947 2N 9N267080 Bought from my wife's uncle in February 2007. He is 89 and owned the tractor for over 50 years. Painted like an 8N. Have a 5' scraper blade and 3' box scraper. Converted to 12V. Runs great. I never thought I would find so many uses for this tractor, but I use it all the time. Galen Brelie Reuben Johnson GalenB_19472N
1947 2N ☆9N267909☆ Restoration done a few years back. Was painted Gray & Red. Runs Great. Will eventually rework everything. William Coon Chris Prescott  
1947 2N ☆9N267997☆ Bought this tractor from a friend ,tractor didn't run and has four different colors of paint on it. Have it running now and planning to restore it! Dan Campbell Foot Hill Farms/ Richard & Jim Schooler DanC_19472N
1947 2N 9N269890 I bought it with the engine totally rebuilt for $2,100.00. Now has chrome tipped exhaust almost no rust and sits in a warm barn when not working. James S. Bow Some tractor guy  
1947 2N ☆9N270023☆ Was bought used by my father and grandfather for use on his small farm. After our father passed away it is kept in my brother shed. It runs good and I use it for a number of small jobs around my house and my brothers forty for hunting purpose's. It is just the right size for what him and I need. Dave and Jerry Czappa    
1947 2N 9N270048 Bought somewhere around 1993 from Cloverdale IN Darren Fitch   DarrenF_19472N
1947 2N 9N270718 I have been restoring it since 2003 as money and time would allow. Finally finished in June 2010. Tom Florea    
1947 2N ☆9N271890☆ Was my great grandfathers/then grandfathers.recently got from the estate. Plan on gettin her to run shes been sitting for at least 8 - 10 years. Casey Simmons Charles Simmons  
1947 2N 9N272725 1947 2N purchased 8-5-05 to keep on the farm so as not to have to haul my 8N back and forth for bush hoging. Tractor was average condition at purchase, 40-45 oil presure, front mount dist. Had been painted like an 8N. I dismantled it in winter of 2005-2006 and repaintedlike an 8N rather than try to change colors. Good solid running tractor, was told the engine has been rebuilt and it appears to have been. It had an easy ride seat on it at purchase but I thought it was an AC seat so I removed it and replaced it with a stock Ford spring seat. It was too hard to get my feet thru to the other side with the easy ride seat. Ross Fillmore Pugh Charles Walker  
1947 2N 9N272954 Excellent running condition; got from father-in-law Dec 2014 with intent to restore as a hobby. Originally purchased in east Temple TX. Oscar Cammuse Marvin H Spoonts  
1947 2N 9N273926 Runs good. Needs front engine seal replaced. Steve Ellerbrock    
1947 2N 9N274025 What I consider a very nice straight tractor. Appears to have had an engine overhaul at point. Had bald single rib front tires and interconnecting tread rear tires, however one rear was split. Not running yet, but working on it! Chuck Palmer
Sold to Tom Walker
Thomas Blake  
1947 2N ☆9N274964☆ Neglected, but good original shape. Has Sherman Step-Up tranny. This will probably be my trailer queen, with a little plowing on the side. I'm working on it now. Peter Garnham John Burns PeterG_19472N
1947 2N ☆9N275684☆ Purchased as you see it Oct. 2006. Close to original except paint. 6V electric , PTO and 3 point systems still work great. Waiting for Zane Thang to get here so I can use the back blade and mower on our 10.5 acre hobby farm. Mark Gleckler   MarkG_19472N
1947 2N 9N276090   Chet Holmes    
1947 2N 9N276374 Bought in 1975, engine was just rebuilt at that time, still runs great. It has a Sherman combo and a steering wheel extension. It is all original except tires and toolbox, and the center rib in grill. The sheet metal is in excellent shape. I will completely restore this one some day. Paul Wiesman A. K. Murphy PaulW_19472N
1947 2N 9N276540 A runner but has a bent front axle...nothing we won't fix. Ken Dodson    
1947 2N ☆9N276899☆ Complete and runs - will be for sale after paint Kevin Harvey    
1947 2N 9N277746 Was Purchased by my Grandfather Clarence Nelson in 1947. He used it on his farm until 1991 when he died. I am fully and correctly restoring it; but, not over-restoring it. Dents and bruises are from a hard working life and give it character. Everything on it is wornout, everything! New life is on its way.... Jess Nelson Clarence & Claora B. Nelson JessN_19472N
1947 2N 9N278098 Worker due for paint. 6 Volt Jackson H. Collins Collins - Romkey Farm  
1947 2N 9N278138   Delbert Merrifield    
1947 2N 9N278772 FORD FERGUSON 2N bought in 2013, imported to UK in 2005 from France. Now showing, and little ploughing. Engine rebuld in progress. Pistons, liners all fresh. Also fitting Sherman stepup trans. Little more mph and less revs? Shane Blezard (Cumbria, UK) D. Toplis (Chesterfield, UK)  
1947 2N 9N280589 Working Needs Restored Jon Lakey    
1947 2N 9N280607 2N, I just purchased. The PO had the motor rebuilt, a new clutch and hydraulic. I needed to reassemble as it was a basket case. Working on new paint, and Installed many new parts including a 12v conversion with electronic ignition. Dennis Pfohl N/A DennisP_19472N
1947 2N 9N281150 Hodge-podge 2N has a 9N aluminum dash with chrome shifter and throttle knobs, 9N trans, 8N differential case. Barry Belisle    
1947 2N 9N281279 Retrieved from farm in Collinsville, OK. Engine stuck. Summer 2017 project to bring it back to life. Steve Richards Brandon Austin SteveR_19472N
1947 2N 9N281323 47 2N my Dad gave me last year,I did the paint job and mechanical repairs. David Ogden Claude Ogden DavidO_19472N
1947 2N 9N281596   Dan & Donna Dresser   DanD_19472N
1947 2N 9N282528 This tractor was traded in at the local Cadillac dealership in the late 50"s were it was used to scrape their car lot and bush hog their estate until July 2010 when I bought it from them. Scott Rhodes Boyds Cadillac /Buick ScottR_19472N
1947 2N 9N282964 This is a very original 2N in decent condition except for the paint. It has tract-o-lights on the front, a duolamp taillight, what I think are the original gauges, and the inner battery cover. The hood and fenders aren't rusted out. It still has the Ford and Ferguson System badges, and the grill is only slightly bent. While cleaning it up, I found the original gray paint, 8N red and gray paint, then blue and gray paint. It's going back to the original gray. The first think I did when I got it home was remove that ugly brush guard. I think that is what bent the grill. Doug Weaver   DougW_19472N
1947 2N 9N284019 Someday I plan on restoring it. It has the Sherman Step-Up AUX. transmission, optional 6 blade fan, and an aftermarket seat release that allows you to tip the seat back. 12 volt conversion. Clint Osowski Clint Henslee ClintO_19472N
1947 2N 9N284550 Very original condition, imported from France, now going to work on small holding in Somerset. Paul Bown    
1947 2N 9N284868 Exact as Original Brad Armstrong    
1947 2N ☆9N285043☆ Good working tractor. Doing full restoration this winter. Rich Craven Unknown RichC_19472N
1947 2N ☆9N285506 Sitting in field for 20 yrs. Charles Butka WMm Jurrnigan  
1947 2N ☆9N285898☆ I found her on craigs list.Was totally neglected and some terrible attemps at repairs.She is happy now running like an old Swiss watch Edward Viola Unknown EdV_19472N
1947 2N ☆9N286948☆ Just bought this 2N tractor. It is in good working order except for a few leaks. In need of a lot of TLC. Have just bought a buzz saw attachment for it. Ken Bowmer Don Nielsen KenB_19472N
1947 2N 9N287910   Tom Peacock Bryan Kime  
1947 2N 9N289910 Working Gary Cowart    
1947 2N 9N289928 Bought at sale lapeer mi i blasted,epoxy primed,painted,clearcoated runs good another one saved !!!

Sam Lackie
Ontario, Canada

1947 2N 9N290767 Looks a little rough, been sitting for 3 years and ready for some TLC. The fun will now begin. Tom Supan Joe Byrd TomS_19472N
1947 2N 9N291387 This is the before, My Granndfather had a 1947 and at 3 years old I rode it with him. Now I have the same year and model to restore. Bob Robertson   BobR_19472N
1947 2N 9N292626 Very original 2N. Still has the 6volt system. Has been painted red belly like 8N Curby Perkins Dealer CurbyP_19472N
1947 2N 9N293766 Tractor is all original with sherman step up transmission. Bought it north of Detroit MI. Jason Becker   JasonB_19472N
1947 2N 9N294500 Good tractor, needs some new paint Marco Friederich   MarcoF_19472N
1947 2N 9N294914 Was my Dad's tractor. His dream was to restore it but he never got around to it. I will try my best to complete the job in his memory. Steve Joyner Walter H. Joyner  
1947 2N 9N295251 Very nice tractor. 2-Speed trans Bill Wood Dealer  
1947 8N? 9N295707 Serial number indicate 2N but wheels, parts are from 8N 12 volt 4 speed 2WD Tom Sanderfoot Someone from Hardinsville KY TomS_19478N
1947 2N 9N296369 Purchased 1999 . I completly rebuilt engine at the time. Converted to 1 wire Delco alt. rebuilt starter for 12 volt.Have used and abused this little JEWEL every month since. Jackie D. Braddock    
1947 2N 9N296802 Just picked it up last week. Planning on doing a full restoration. Has cable operated step up Sherman trans. 6 blade fan. Purrs like a kitten! Daniel Martynowski   DanielM_19472N
1947 2N 9N297477   Dennis Glidden   DennisG_19472N
1947 2N 9N297493 Traded an old truck for it Runs like a top. Can't wait for spring to start tinkering own it. Could be parade bound as well Uncle Packey N/A UncleP_19472N
1947 2N 9N298886 Fair condition when I purchased it in 2001. It is in pieces now getting ready for painting. Gary Lyons The fellow I purchased it from only bought it to sell and only had it a few weeks. He is gettting some history on the tractor for me.  
1947 2N 9N299417 one of the last 2N's made. Latest casting date said 5-8-47 on the axle trumpet. Had to have been built a little after that. Jeb Lloyd Martel Lloyd (my grandfather), who bought it second hand from the first owner who lived down the road from him. Not sure of the year of this ownership change, but he had that tractor at least since the early 70's when he cleared a garden with it. JebL_19472N
1947 2N 9N299610 needs restoration but sound motor use if for farming one of the last 2N`s made in 1947 John May   JohnM_19472N
1947 2N 9N299655 I am told this is a 1947 Ford 9N, but can't be sure. Standard grey and red paint. 12v conversion. Runs great! Spencer Butcher Jerry Biggerstaff SpencerB_19472N
1947 2N 9N299854   Eric Best    
1947 2N 9N299931 Bought this one Setember, 2008 to work a small property in Eastern Washington State. Has been restored but paint is incorrect. Runs great. Planning on keeping it pristine. Jim Kilpatrick Clyde Mack JimK_19472N
1947 2N 9N300025 Just got it and have fallin in love. Eric Adkins   EricA_19472N
1947 2N 9N300168 eBay gem. Very nice solid and complete original unit awaiting full restoration. Kevin Strutt    
1947 2N 9N300393 Restoration in progress Matt & Sally Patton Ernest Sarbaugh  
1947 2N 9N300943 Completely rebuilt and repainted summer of 2000. Mike Chiodo   MikeC_19472N
1947 2N ☆9N301311☆ Bought the tractor in late 2011..Going to restore after winter. Ronald Weeks   RonaldW_19472N
1947 9N 9N301412 It has 2N numbers on the rear axles - 2N4015A2 with 3A below and 2N44014A2, with 4A below Beth Simmons   BethS_19419N
1947 2N ☆9N301439☆   Dry Gulch Farm (Don Roos)    
1947 2N 9N301529 Looks almost new! Good rubber, great paint, starts & runs great w/very good oil pressure. Needs the carb rebuilt & returned to 6 volt! Lynn Patrick Luke Barclay LynnP_19472N
1947 2N 9N301690 In excellent condition as-bought (unrestored). Has Woods belly mower. Used for mowing grass and not much else for last 17 yrs. Garage kept, original paint. Bob Johnston Carl Brenner BobJ_19472N
1947 2N 9N301724 Bought it as a "toy" to plow snow with and take to shows. I use all my tractors as they were intended. But I maintain them for shows also. Forrest R. Rosell   ForrestR_19472N
1947 2N 9N302488 All original, except paint. Inherited from my father who purchased it from the original owner. Original purchase in Upper Peninsula, Michigan in 1947 by two brothers who got out of the Army and bought it for their father to use on the farm. Well taken care of all these years. Thomas Bidgood G. T. Bidgood ThomasB_19472N
1947 2N 9N303283 9N303283 Burt Hudson N/A  
1947 2N ☆9N303346☆ Runs good. Used weekly. Aaron Loden    
1947 2N 9N303383 Just bought it. Runs good. Will restore and use it. Keith Lawrence    
1947 2N 9N304829 Still a hard working red belly tractor in Blair Nebraska. Fair condition. Sean Kelly    
1947 2N ☆9N305448☆ It's all there and seems to be pretty original (other then the paint) runs & drives decent, but needs some TLC. Joe DiGenova Unknown JoeD_19472N
19?? 2N 9N763308   John Turner    
1947 2N 9N4014A2 I bought this from an auction. It ran like new. All I did was tore it apart and sanded it piece by piece and gave it its own paint job. I have no idea what Im going to do with it now. It was only a project when I got it. I guess its going to be transportation around our hunting land and mabe a little farming hobby. Mark Stoinski ??? MarkS_19472N
1947 2N 9N?????? "Ole Betsy". In 2003, Ray and I bought "Ole Betsy", in a terrible shape. As Spring sprung, Ray and I set about to fix her up. We like to have run Don and Dereck at just 8N's slap nuts. Don was about ready to put a caller ID on the phone line so he could evade me. However, with there great help and parts, we have her fixed up, new paint, new tires, new clutch, transmission, hydralics and lift and she now sports a pair of twin pipes. I drive her daily over the place when I am not in the Recording Studio. We love her. Anita Fillmore   AnitaF_19472N
1947 2N 9N?????? This thing has got to be between a 44-47 model 2N. I've never been able to read the serial #. Dad got the thing used and abused. Thomas Gibson    
1947 2N 9N?????? This is "ole Betsy" She has been repainted and new engine. Now she is just for show. Color scheme is tribute to Henry Ford Anita & Ray Fillmore   RayF_19472N
1947 2N 9N??????   Grant Noller Dale Cross  
1947 2N 9N?????? Runs great and the hydraulics are excellent. Has a little rust and a ding or two but appears to be mostly originally equipped. It has a "Cyclone Pre-Filter" going into the oil bath air filter. Still has the 6V electrical system. Was owned by a school district for most of it's work life - that explains the school bus yellow color. We will be using it as a working tractor on our Northern California ranch but will be restoring as we can. Bryan Golsch Ried Fischer BryanG_19472N
1947 2N 9N?????? This is 47 2N I recently picked up. It's in terrible shape and I,m struggling trying to figure out where to even begin. A work in progress to put it mildly, but I got the motor free so thats a start. Ha Ha Matt Eckert Unknown MattE_19472N
1947 2N 9N?????? Running condition. Martyn Turner   MartynT_19472N
1947 2N Not Legible Not running, 6 volt, bad axle fluid leak, no foot rests, engine sleeved at one point. David Eichler Joseph Haines  
1947 2N 2N4D14A2 Barn find Patric Zahner Unknown  
194? BNO-40 1192 Navy tug, was yellow. Will get it back to original. For USS Lexington C1-A COD Daniel Serrato    
1947 2N 8N119603 Not actually sure what year for sure the tractor is, it has an 8N motor on a 2N. Based off the casting date on the horn, I am guessing at 1948. Restoring it. Mike Bjorkley    

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