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Brakes Electrical General Lubrication Transmissions
Clutch Engine Governor Miscellaneous  
Cooling System Front Axle Hydraulics/3 Point Power Take Off  
Differential/Rear Axle Fuel System Implements Steering System  

Brakes (2)
How to Replace Brakes and Add Sure Seals on a 9N, by Joe Trotter
Servicing Brakes/Rear Axles on Ford 9N/2N Tractors, by John Korschot
Clutch (3)
Clutch Adjustment Gauge - by Harry Van Eaton
Clutch Bearing Release Spring - A Quick Fix, by Tim Daley
Clutch - Methods to Free a Sticking One
Cooling System (3)
Rodding Out an N Tractor Radiator, by Dave Smith
Thermostat - How to Install Correctly
Water Temperature Sender Installation, by Dave Smith
Differential/Rear Axle (3)
8N - Axle Seals (Rear) - How to Replace, by John Smith
Rear Wheel Seal Replacement Tip, by Jock (OR)
Servicing Rear Axles/Brakes on Ford 9N/2N Tractors, by John Korschot
Electrical (34)
6 to 12 Volt Conversion on 1951 Ford 8N by BeeMO
12 & 6-volt Negative Ground Electronic Ignition Module Test
12 & 6-volt Positive Ground Electronic Ignition Module Test
12-volt Negative Ground Electronic Ignition Module Test (Pertronix)
8N - Starter - How to Service
Affordable Quick Fix to Protect Positive Battery Terminal, by Brad Cobb
Battery Terminal Cleaning, by Steve Thomas 1/21/2006
Converting a Front Mount Distributor to Use An External Coil
Converting From 6 Volts to 12 Volts by Chris 'Soundguy' Britton
Converting From 6 Volts To 12 Volts by John (tOTG) & llamas
Distributor - Front Mount - Electrical Diagnosis Flowchart
Distributor - Front Mount - How to Set the Timing
Distributor - 8N Side/Angle Mount - Bushing Removal, by Kevin LaRue
Distributor - 8N Side/Angle Mount - Setting Timing, by BeeMO
Distributor - 8N Side/Angle Mount - Timing Procedure
Electrical Specs - Battery, Starter, Generator
Electrical Systems 101 - by Don Hoying
Ferguson TO-20 Wiring and Ammeter Installation - Harry's Toolbox by Bob Sybrandy
Generator - The History of the Ford Ferguson 9N Tractor Generator, by Tim Daley
Ignition Circuit Resistance Test - How To Perform
Installation of 3-Brush Generator in Tractors Equipped with 2-Brush Generator
Rear Lights – Where to Run the Wires from Switch to Lights, by Ed Gooding
Resistor Info
Spark Plugs – How To Read Them To Diagnose Engine Troubles
Starter - How to Diagnose and Cure a Clicking One
Starter - Positive Drive Type
Starter Installation
To Convert or Not to Convert, That is the Question, by Bruce Haynes, a.k.a. Bruce (VA)
Voltage Regulator - Testing & Installing for the 8N Tractor
Voltage Regulator - Testing and Installing for Jubilee/Hundred Series, by JMOR
Wiring Diagrams (8N), by Jim Lawrence
Wiring Pictograms, by JMOR
Wiring Diagrams & Harnesses - With Parts Manual Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams & Harnesses - Without Parts Manual Diagrams
Wiring Harnesses
Wiring Harnesses, Reproducing - by John Ratliff, a.k.a John (AL)
Engine (19)
8N - Oil Pump - How to Service
9N - Overhauling the Engine: Part 1 - Engine Removal, Disassembly, and Evaluation, by John Korschot
9N - Overhauling the Engine: Part 2 - Block Assembly, by John Korschot
9N - Overhauling the Engine: Part 3 - Block Completion, by John Korschot
9N - Valve Job - by Dan Howe (a.k.a. Farmer Dan)
Adding Timing Marks to a 9N, 2N & Early 8N, by Dave Smith
Compression Testing in N-Series Tractors, by Stuart E. Bonney
Cylinder Head Tightening Sequence & Torque Specs
Cylinder Liner Removal, by Mark McMillan
Engine Clearances and Dimensions
Engine Compression - How to Test and Evaluate Results
Engine Vacuum - How to Test and Evaluate Results
Governed Engine Speed Chart
Spark Plugs – How To Read Them To Diagnose Engine Troubles
Spark Plugs for N-Series Tractors, by Tim Daley (MI)
Starting an Engine After Years of Storage
Torque Specs. - Tractor Engine Cylinder Head
Valves- K-D Valve Service Bulletin
Valves & Adjustable Tappets (Service Parts Release and Change Notice No. 50‑2)
Front Axle (4)
Pivot Pin Removal Tool and Method, by Bill Corder
Radius Arms - How to Straighten Bent/Bowed Ones
Stuck Radius Rod Axle Pin - How to Remove, by Dave Smith
Tie Rod Ends - How to Remove, by Zane Sherman
Fuel System (11)
Carburetor - Checking the Fuel Bowl Level, by Dave Smith
Carburetor - Cleaning, by Jesse Morris (JMOR) & Gary Berkey (GB in MT)
Carburetor - How to Overhaul, by Don Stewart
Carburetor - Identification & Servicing on Ford N Tractors
Carburetor - Service Instructions for TSX Carburetor
Ford Tractor Carburetors - Marvel-Schebler TSX Series
Gas Gauge - How to Make Your Own from a Paint Stirrer
Marvel Schebler Carburetor Jets - How to Remove
Sediment Bowl Installation, by Tim Daley (MI)
Sediment Bowl Valve Stem - N-Series, by Tim Daley (MI)
TSX-241 Carburetor Maintenance Tips
General (48)
8N Hat Rim Repair, by Gregg (TN)
8N Hat Rim Repair, by Steve Acker
8N - Tune-up Data, Capacities, Misc. Specs
A Tractor for a Working Farm, by Joel Wilbur
Bumper Build, by George Small
Canopy - Roger ID's Homemade
Casting Dates – Using Them To Determine When Your N Was Manufactured
Colors of Parts (9N-2N-8N Tractors), by kl@myfordtractors.com
Converting a 9N Monroe EZ Ride Seat to Fit a Ford 8N - by John Korschot
Cost-effective Rollover Protective Structure (CROPS)
Decal Placement for Pre-Proofmeter 8N’s, by Ed Gooding
Decals - 600/800/601/801 Series Ford Tractor, by John (AL)
Decals - Ferguson, by John (AL)
Decals - Ford Battery (White Oval), by John (AL)
Decals - N Series Ford Tractor, by John (AL)
Decals - Spin-On Oil Filter for Ford Tractor, by John (AL)
Dowden Foot Feed for the Floorboard, by Dan Howe
Fabricating 16" Front Wheels for Ford 9N and 2N Tractors - by John Korschot
Farming Today With an N-series Tractor - A Discussion Among NTC Members in Nov. 2008
Guides for Installing Transmission Cover & Gasket (Ford 9N), by Del Huebner
Hood Repair- Repairing an 8N Ford Hood, by John Korschot
Identifying Ford N-series Tractors, by John Smith
Jigs and Dollies for Splitting Your Tractor
Knoedler Seat Rebuild, by Israel Stone (aka IceChickenx)
Knoedler Tractor Seat - How to Make More User Friendly
NAPA Part Numbers for Maintaining Your Ford N Tractor
Painting Embossed Logos on your Ford Tractors, by Kevin Schroeder
Proofmeter Faces, by Mike Taylor
Proofmeter Repair, by Bob Gaddis
Rebuilding the Original Ford 8N Front Bumper - by John Korschot
Restoring the Aluminum Hood for 9N292 - by Steve Dabrowski
Serial Numbers - Ford Tractor - 1939 up to and including 12-31-54
Simple Front Blade Lift - by Rod Ritsema
Snow Plow - How Dan Howe Built His
Starting Problems - How to Diagnose
Stuck! Use Chains to Get Moving Again, by Jack Collins
Subsoiler Fabrication (10 Page Version), by Kenneth Crisman (KenPa)
Subsoiler Fabrication (4 Page Version), by Kenneth Crisman (KenPa)
Tips for Ford N Owners, by Bruce Haynes, a.k.a. Bruce (VA)
Tire Chart
Tires - How to Fill with Liquid (John Deere Tractor Co.)
Tires - How to Fill with RV Anti-freeze, by John (TR)
Tires - How to Fill with Windshield Washing Fluid, by John from Carmel, NY
Tires - How to Remove Liquid, by Chris (soundguy) Britton
Tires - Loading with Fluid, by Dave Smith
Tractor Jack Plans, by CargoCult
Tractor Tools, Ford N-Series - Recipe for Restoration, by Tim Daley
Winterizing Your N
Governor (2)
Governor - How to Overhaul, by Don Stewart
Governor - How to Repair Damaged Oil Feed Threads, by Mark in Biloxi
Hydraulics/3 Point (20)
3 Point Lifting Boom - How to Build Your Own, by Marshel Rossow
8N Hydraulic Lift – How To Repair Economically, by Tim Daley
8N Hydraulic Lift - Troubleshooting, by Zane Sherman
9N Hydraulic Pump Rebuild, by Joe Trotter
Bars 101 – Stay Bars vs. Stabilizer (anti-sway) Bars, by Ed Gooding
Cleaning Out the Hydraulic Sump by Carl Schmottlach
Dearborn Transport Lock – with Dimensions
Drawbar Anti-Rotation Device, by by Marshel Rossow
Drawbar, Swinging - How to Mount to Your Tractor, by Ed Gooding
Ford Tractor Drawbars 101, by Ed Gooding
How Do Hydraulics Work?
Hydraulic Control Adjustment Procedure - NAA
Live Hydraulics - How to Provide for Ford 8N Tractors, by Kevin LaRue (K.LaRue-VA)
Limiter Chains - How to Make Your Own
Make Your Own Hydraulic Pressure Test Gauge for Your Ford N Tractor, by Ed Gooding
N Series Hydraulics - A Tutorial & PowerPoint Presentation, by Rocky Carr
N-series Remote Port Modification, by Dan Allen (a.k.a. TheOldHokie)
Potential Leak Points in the N Hydraulic System, by Jessie Morris (a.k.a. JMOR)
Remote Hydraulic Modification for the Jubilee (NAA) Tractor, by Paul Schultz
Stabilizer Bars- How to Install Stabilizer (Anti-Sway) Bars on Your N-Tractor
Implements (11)
3 Point Lifting Boom - How to Build Your Own, by Marshel Rossow
901 Mower Gear Box - How to Replace the "In-Put" Driveshaft for the, by Jackson H. Collins in Collaboration with Richard Wayman
Backblade/Scraperblade Counterweights - How to Construct, by Conrad P Koch Jr.
Dearborn Model 19-1 Universal Frame, Photos and Drawings, by Don Bailey
Ford 907 Flail Mower V-Belt Replacement, by Frank C. DeFelice
Ford Series-J and 201 Disc Harrow, by Frank C. DeFelice
How I Rebuilt the Dearborn Lift-E Disc Harrow, by Wayne Wiseman
Implements for Compact Tractors
Trip Bar for Dearborn 10-14 Plow, by Chuck Lyons
Trip Bar Brackets for Dearborn 10-14 2 Way Plow, by Chuck Lyons
Wrench for Dearborn 10-14 Plow, by Chuck Lyons
Lubrication (3)
Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid - The Full Story, by Llamas
Oil Change - How to do the "Perfect One"
Sinclair Lubrication Chart (8N. NAA, 500, 600, 601, 700, 701, 800, 801, 900, 901)
Miscellaneous (15)
Basic HTML Tags For Forums/Message Boards
Cleaning- Recipe for Grit & Grime Removal
Clean Your Parts with Electrolysis
Cache - How to clear it in your Internet Browser
Cookies - How to Enable Them in Your Internet Browser
DeGreaser, by Steve Thomas
Fasteners Guide, Tap & Drill Charts
Hydraulic Press– Make Your Own, by Marshel Rossow
Paint Stripper with Lye , by Zane Sherman
Post a Photo in the N Tractor Club Forums from Photobucket.com - How To
Post Multiple Pictures in a Single Post in the N Tractor Club's Forums - How To
Powder Coating in the Home or Farm Shop, by Zane
Save Image Files on a Web Site to Your Hard Drive On Your PC - How To
Tractor Maintenance Record - Microsoft Excel Format (.xls)  Free Excel Viewer Download
Torque Values for Common Bolt Sizes
Power Take Off (4)
Removing an Over-running Coupler (ORC), by Marty in VA
Replacing the PTO Yoke on Your Ford Posthole Digger, by Bill Corder
PTO Popping Out of Gear, How to Fix, by Don Hoying
PTO (Power Take Off) Safety - A Must Read
Steering System (7)
8N - Steering Boxes (early ) - How to Service
8N - Steering Box (late) - Steering System Rebuild, by Mark Williams
8N - Steering Gearbox Lubrication (Cornhead Grease), by Tim Daley
8N - Steering Gearbox Lubrication & Oil Filler Plug Locations
Power Steering Pump Replacement, by JohnO in MI
Steering_Shaft_Seal_Replacement by John Korschot
Timing the 9N/2N Steering Sector Gears, by John Korschot
Transmissions (4)
Howard Gear Reduction Transmission - Installation Instructions
Rebuilding Worn 9N/2N Shift Covers, by John Korschot
Sherman Overdrive Transmission - How to Install, by Mark Welling
Sherman Combination Transmission - How to Rebuild One, by John Smith

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