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8N Ford Tractor Registry (1947 thru 1950)

A club database to record information about your 8N (1947 thru 1950) Ford tractor(s).
Use it for tracking, insurance records, and general interest

9N & 2N Ford Tractor Registry
8N & Newer Ford Tractor Registry (1951 and up)
Click here to submit your tractor information to the registry. One submission & one photo allowed per tractor.
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Year Model Serial # Description Owner Previous Owner Photo
1947 (8N - S/N 1 to 37907) (140 entries)
1947 8N 8N21 Mechanically sound but has been out in the weather. Someone painted the tin work yellow! Mike Voss    
1947 8N 8N94 Nice older restore. Jerry Wyatt Greg Carlacio JerryW_19478N
1947 8N 8N113 We brought her November of 2009 and have been in love with her ever since. She's got new rubber and wiring now. Next, I'm changing all the hoses on the Wanger jungle gym loader that came with her. We use her for everything on our farm. Got a King Kutter 6' blade and a Hawkline box scaper for her. Looking for a 2 bottom plow and a disc harrow. Rick Ewing   RickE_19478N
1947 8N 8N137 RESTORING James McCollum    
1947 8N 8N147 Bought her off a friend who thought it was a 52 model. Runs like a champ after sitting 2 years. Dore Family (Joseph) Dave Gunther JosephD_19478N
1947 8N 8N167 Excellent condition - runs great, beautiful paint. Fred Raskopf   FredR_19478N
1947 8N 8N176   Guy Gregory    
1947 8N 8N225   Tim Kirk    
1947 8N 8N246 This is Dolly. We found her in a barn that had fallen in.. gave $1200.00 for her points plugs some help from other Ntractor Club members. She's running great! She had been sitting for about 20 yrs but kept dry. This is an ongoing restoration. Earl Kiser and Karin Llyod N/A EarlK_19478N
1947 8N 8N268   Bruce Elliott Stan Elliott (not related)  
1947 8N 8N297 Gasoline-Petroleum Richard Loetz (from Germany)    
1947 8N 8N363 We purchased the tractor in April 2009. Now she looks good and has always run great. Lee and Chris Wright    
1947 8N 8N402 8N with 2N engine block & side distributor modification. Terry Reed   TerryR_19442N2
1947 8N 8N407 I purchased this tractor about 1 year ago. The man I purchased it from bought it from the original owner. He was a friend of the man's family. He knew some of the history of it. From what he told me, the dates and time frame were correct. He said the tractor was purchased in July of 1947. I also have an original operators manual dated 1947. As of now, the tractor is not used very hard. I will probably make a restoration project out of it. Steven Karassik   SteveK_19478N
1947 8N 8N410 Grampa bought this in the early 60's. It's been living at our cabin for the last 35 years and is in need of some TLC. I've just started rebuilding the mechanicals. Once it runs decent I'll worry about the cosmetics. Tim McManus Bill Bierman TimM_19478N
1947 8N 8N447 My first tractor and I love it. Had to do a little work to get it original still needs a few little things about $300 dollars to finish. I'm working on it in my spare time and when the weather is good. Gary Norris Chris Kolmsee  
1947 8N 8N478 Found her half stuck in an old garden behind the last owners house, the points went and he never bothered to fix them he just left it. she had an s-10 rad wired to the front, 110v lightswitch for the headlights, no airfilter, rag for a gas cap, stuck hydraulics, no brakes, a large set of towing mirrors duct taped to it and she was completely painted with silver paint. 1000 dollars later she purrs like a kitten and is looking great;its still an on going restoration project. i just bought a frontend loader for her with i hope to get mounted soon. Thomas Alchorn N/A  
1947 8N ☆8N603☆ Runs very well Pre-restore state Dave Robertson   DaveR_19478N
1947 8N 8N711 Show quality restoration. Almost finished. Chuck Mantiglia    
1947 8N 8N888 Sparky was given to me after resting in a barn in Omaha for many years. He was tired but fired and off he went to live in Arizona. Sparky was given a front loader and completely refurbished in Jan 09. Chad Mallach Steve Mcintosh ChadM_19478N
1947 8N 8N892   Kenneth Robison Vernon Robison  
1947 8N ☆8N1118☆ I just purchased in 2011,small local ran. have no history seller had taken in on trade, for mechanic work. reading registor just thought 8N1118 would help fill in gap. would like to know how many tractors a day were made and could 8N1118 have been made in 1st week of 8N production. tractor is now in Hermitage Tennessee.purchased it running (but with neglected transfer case)it did load under its own power, but really makes a nasty popping noise when in gear.plan to have checked out by local mechanic. Jim Bruce Unknown  
1947 8N ☆8N1155☆ Pretty decent shape, hood straight, paint above average, tires very good, slight dents in the grill, no lights, 6V, came with 9N dearborn side mount mower brackets. Runs OK but I see valve work coming soon. Real nice tractor but needs rear brake work. Myron Lupkes Purchased from Meridian Equipment Auction  
1947 8N ☆8N1712☆ Not running when I got it, completebut parts were off. Needs lift cly. Don Charlette Brad ? DonC_19478N
1947 8N 8N1773 Was running last year…..had her running now for almost 5 minutes. Robert Callahan Unknown  
1947 8N ☆8N1788☆ Good for age. I am restoring. Bobby Trussell Unknown  
1947 8N 8N☆2005 1947 8n refurbed but in process of restoring. Bryan Applequist   BryanA_19478N
1947 8N 8N2364 Bought from my brother-in-law ready to start restoration. HE has used it to brush field and little jobs. Larry White Dan Jones  
1947 8N 8N2383 Very low wear and tear on this early 8N. I am in the process of restoring it. Ethan Horning   EthanH_19478N
1947 8N 8N2744 I bought this 8n several years ago to restore and now it is finished I had a complete restoration done engine disassembled and all new parts,fluids flushed and replaced,all bushings replaced,new brakes,wires,gauges,sandblasted and painted with clear coated for extra shine,I done much more than this and made pictures of work done from start to finish and now it is ready to show and retired from the fields. DL Dimery   DLD19478N
1947 8N 8N3079 Rusty but trusty! A workhorse on my little horse farm, it has a step-through front end loader and pump driven off the front of the crankshaft. Leaks a little oil and smokes a bit, hope to rebuild / restore it soon. David Spangler   DavidS_19478N
1947 8N 8N3252 My great grandfather bought a 100+ acre farm in upstate NY in 1950 and the tractor came with the sale. Matthew King Rudolph Kessler MatthewK_19478N
1947 8N/9N 8N3355 Ford 9N with 8N motor. Ed Nikolich Casey Hess EdN_19488N-9N
1947 8N 8N3697 In good running order.Has minor surface rust and is in all orriginal except for alt. Is missimg tail light. Casting # H17 Deale emblem is still visable but in bad condition. Brahama Tractor Company. Denton,Tx Charles Wallace S G Hayes  
1947 8N 8N3735 Purchased in May 2014 in SD. Currently still mowing with it in Westfield, IA. Douglas Graves Unknown  
1947 8N 8N4012 Recent restoration, runs well. Bought it to pull logs out of the woods and to hay my 5 acre hayfield in Vermont. Joseph Cornelius Moe's Equipment  
1947 8N 8N4013 Used running tractor. Appears to be mostly original. Has working single arm Ford loader installed at this time with trip bucket. Paul McMurphy    
1947 8N 8N4024 Just purchased 5/20/17; it is my first tractor. Rough condition/project Dave Lynes B. Heath DaveL_19478N
1947 8N 8N4033 Older restoration. Very good condition. Casting date of 7-23-47. Neal Beach   NealB_19478N
1947 8N 8N4240   Mark Haase    
1947 8N 8N43?3 Just bought it in Dec. 2003 and got it running in Jan. 2004. Alan Shaw Henry Randall  
1947 8N 8N4585 Runs good just needs minor body work and painted Daniel Whitt Charlie Whitt  
1947 8N 8N4778 Grandad bought it used in the mid 50's for $25 & used it for plowing & planting cotton into the early 60's, cutting & hauling hay after that 'til he died in '79. She sat unused until 2004 when I started restoring her. Jeff St.John Harold Dee St.John


1947 8N 8N4834 A poor abused loader tractor saved from the smelter. Has Sherman Step-Up. Will make a nice addition to the fleat when done. Kevin Strutt    
1947 8N ☆8N5906☆ Very early 8N, built in August 1947 about 28 working days into production. This tractor is very original, tires and rims,wireing,gauges,rad cap,voltage regulator,badge,steering wheel ect. Very tight tractor as it had a belt pulley on it and appears to have spent most of its life stationary. Jason Grooms   JasonG_19488N
1947 8N 8N6958 Bought on 10/21/11. Great condition. Has Sherman transmission w/High Low knob on right side of dash panel. Jeff T. Humphries Ernie JeffH_19478N
1947 8N 8N7006 Registered 6/11/2009 Edward C. Hardwick    
1947 8N 8N7006 Runs great but has been brush-painted, not so nice. Registered 10/24/2008 Willy McNeal    
1947 8N 8N7006 Great shape original paint low hours Edward M Yaklich    
1947 8N 8N7109   Steve Brassard Marcel Grenier  
1947 8N 8N7254 All original with Lights, 16" Front Tires and Dearborn 19-21 Loader with Conversion to HD 19-22. Also has a Sherman Step Up Transmission. D. D. Ling Farol Chanan  
1947 8N 8N7488 Working Tractor. Still operates at 6 volts Frank McKane Unknown  
1947 8N 8N7775 Work in progress Rita's Ranch   ChuckB_19478N2
1947 8N 8N7942 Restored by the local NH dealer in 1999 for previous owner's father, now deceased. Prior history unknown. All tin except hood was replaced, wheels & tires are new, motor apparently rebuilt too. A good working tractor. Bob Johnston Bill Barbera BobJ_19478N
1947 8N 8N8138 All original 8n in the process of being restored and put into an easy retirement of pulling hay rack and hay rides. Ryan and Natalia Hansen N/A  
1947 8N 8N8189

My dad bought this tractor in 1966 at a farm auction for 650.00. It came with a loader, which he sold after he got the tractor home for 100.00. It has been in the family since then dad passed away in 2002 and left it to me he farmed 50 acres in central IL. For about 30 years, I also have a 2-bottom plow, Dearborn planter, disc cultivator, spring tooth harrow, rotary hoe, slip scrape boom. He done everything but harvested the crop with it I done most of the maintenance on it since 1966 when I started high school. It is now retired from farm work and has earned a permanent spot in the machine shed waiting a total restoration.

Jim Jaegle Ken Jaegle JimJ_19478N
1947 8N 8N9556   James Davis D. Montgomery  
1947 8N 8N9656 The 3rd 8N sold by our dealership, I have the registration, I am the 2nd owner, it has all 4 original tires. Scott Deppen    
1947 8N 8N9913 Bubba is kind of rusty with a lot of work to be done. Glenn B. Wood Tom Ansley  
1947 8N 8N10079 I got it 3 years ago and got it running. Jacob Roberson   JacobR_19478N
1947 8N 8N10643 Received complete in 2005 and it sat around awhile due to other projects now starting restoration. Ken Shew    
1947 8N 8N11100 Pretty good condition but hasn't been used in years. She's in my shop now and partly dismantled for my first restoration project. I may need some advice!! Bob Shaw Robert Shaw, Sr.  
1947 8N 8N11242 Purchased from an 82 Yr. old farmers widow. Her husband purchased it from a dealer in Denver in 1961.I have no experience with any type of tractor, so this should be a lot of fun learning. It has a Shawnee front loader and ran last in 2004. The last owner added a Hydraulic ram for power steering and it works amazingly well. I think I will fully restore it in the future, but for now I need it for medium ground work on my property. It seems to be in good condition with the exception of the steering system being heavily mofified for the hydraulic steering (cobbled up welding and heavy duty steel added to avoid ripping out the front end from the piston force). Gregory Quinn Jack Hammontree  
1947 8N 8N11473 A little rough now, but I will get her fixed up this summer. Jim Gladfelter    
1947 8N 8N11712 Found on CL for 500 complete, but not running YET. Don Charlette    
1947 8N 8N11792 Decent shape, some newer parts such as steering box, proof meter. Jeff Flynn Elroy Heselton JeffF_19478N
1947 8N 8N12063 Decent condition giving it some TLC and cleaning. Bought with a Dearborn Trip Bucket installed Kevin & Amy Wurster    
1947 8N 8N12349 Good condition. Runs great. David Ayscue   DavidA_19478N
1947 8N 8N13163 1947 Model 8N - painted blue over red. Rough cosmetics, no lighting, runs solid and powerful. Hydraulics need attention. Fuel system leaks. Howard auxiliary transmission purchased and will be installed while servici Travis Marshall Mike (last name not shared) TravisM_19478N
1947 8N 8N13203 Has been sitting outside in the weather for apox. 15 years. Rusty but after some work runs like a top. Bruce Bratz   BruceB_19478N
1947 8N 8N13282 It's a ford 8n with a 12 volt alternator conversion Bill Vick Not Sure BillV_19488N
1947 8N 8N13325 Runs great rear oil seal leaks and brakes saturated. Tony Miller Jeff TonyM_19478N
1947 8N 8N13506   Larry Shankle Curtis Shankle  
1947 8N 8N13594 98% complete. Going to receive a total restoration over the next year. Might even stray from the 100% purest restore, and chrome some handles and inspection plugs. L.Sande
Sold in 2012
1947 8N 8N13807 6 Month Restoration Rush-N :) All The Worlds A Stage... Mark Garcia   MarkG_19488N
1947 8N ☆8N14175☆ Early model 8N. Front Mount. Original 6 volt early model 8N. Restoring. Pictures as I go. Kent and Jackie Anderson    
1947 8N 8N14644 A little rough. No showpiece for sure, she's a worker. Sherman combo trans, and undergoing a engine rebuild as I type this. Paul B   PaulB8N
1947 8N 8N14665 Pulled out of woods in Mississippi husband had bought it. I put some gas to it fixed starter and carb cranked right up and still running JD Lambert ?  
1947 8N ☆8N14735☆ My wife gt this for me as a birthday present. Its been a lot work to get back from rust and grime. I love it! Michael Wilson Johnny Smith MichaelW_19478N
1947 8N 8N15267 Its in good shape and has a dearborn loader, blade and sherman trans. Being used around my 5 acres. Corey Duckett    
1947 8N ☆8N15286☆ Running out of weather. Needs some TLC. Need help finding true year. John Naegle N/A  
1947 8N ☆8N15513☆ I rebuilt the engine and repainted the whole thing in the spring/summer of 2003. It has all original equipment- rear rims, 4 x 19 Kelsey-Hayes front rims, Cyclone Air Precleaner, worklight, TAURUS taillight and brackets, bumper, toolbox, and lights. Tim Daley I bought it in 1992 from a dealer who got it from the original owner in Canada on a potato farm. It is an early 1948 - built in September 1947 by casting code I167. It is a working tractor despite recent overhaul and paint job. Best little work horse around! 1948 8N Ford Tractor - Right Side View
1947 8N 8N15643 My dad bought this 8N brand new in 1947. It is mechanically excellent but hasn't run in 8 years. Just finished restoring my dad’s 8N. Has always run great and now looks great again too.  It had been in a barn untouched for over a decade. Greg Goddard John F. Goddard, Jr. GregG_19478N
1947 8N 8N15774 Purchased (6/4/2017) from Mr. Pinchbeck of Goshen, CT. He used this tractor at Pinchbeck Bros in Ridgefield, CT. It is one of 4 N Series he owns. Dwayne Acton Joesph Pinchbeck  
1947 8N 8N16071 Nice 8N with most all original dated parts. Jerry Wyatt Pete Hall JerryW_19478N2
1947 8N 8N16915 Great running tractor that is still in use today. Anthony Salyers   AnthonyS_19478N
1947 8N 8N16934 Has stars in the ser #. still org. and I use it regularly. Gene Davis    
1947 8N 8N17329 Nice solid tractor undergoing restoration, was originally family owned on the wifes side, has the original Harco pre cleaner, Monroe Easy Ride seat, and runs good! Danny and Audra Matejewski Dale Turner  
1947 8N 8N17555 Bought last year from a guy in elk river mn. Tractor is in great shape and used for deer plots and garden tilling. Aaron Becker   AaronB19478N
1947 8N 8N17556 Bought this in 1969. Put a wagner loader on it in 1971. Converted to 12 volt. Bob Steers N/A  
1947 8N 8N18458   Josh Beeman Butch  
1947 8N 8N19142 Mostly restored,12volt. No rust, seems to have been always barned. Bob Borghese   BobB_19478N
1947 8N 8N19393 Purchased in 1999. Sheet metal good,6 volt system. Used for bush hogging field until 2017. Plan to restore and keep as an antique. Alvin J. Brown Lived in Lehigh, PA, name unknown  
1947 8N 8N19633 Partially restored 12v conversion. Located in Georgia. Jeffrey Morris David Rahn JeffreyM_19478N
1947 8N 8N20009 Purchased in 2012. Has overdrive. Used for tractor rides. Mark Wikner Gary Schmitt MarkW_19478N
1947 8N 8N20137 Was very rough, used as a snowplow and salter, Rebuilt it 10 years ago, looks and runs great, used regularly for landscaping and grading Russ Weiler    
1947 8N 8N20690   John Robertson   JohnR_19478N
1947 8N 8N20869 Nice little tractor. Frank Loewen   FrankL_19478N
1947 8N 8N21015 Reconditioned Mar 04,Sherman Transmission Argie(RG) Hickman/Bill Hickman Eugene Troll 8N overtired
1947 8N 8N22756 Bought 5 weeks ago. Previous owner had rebuilt engine and painted it with a gallon of Ford Blue and a brush! Looks much better after sand blasting and fresh coat of proper color paint! Grand Kids are optional accessory! Bob Kuba Scott Johnson BobK_19478N
1947 8N 8N22806   Burt Hudson    
1947 8N 8N22927 Purchased this tractor 6/27/06 from a dealer in St. Cloud FL. Jeff Theroux Estern Auto JeffT_19488N
1947 8N 8N23205 Very good,restored worker Joe Hamner Unknown  
1947 8N 8N23517 Engine rebuild 2015, new paint, tires, etc. Great running tractor around the farmstead, shows and parades. Enjoyable to tinker with, got to get those front wheels re-done, thank you! Mark Ebner   MarkE_19478N
1947 8N 8N24342 Serial number is a palindrome. Reads forward and backward the same. Hauled home as a basket case. Restore to factory specs and driver grandson won a blue ribbon in the parade for the tractor. Dick Shrader Grape Vinyard Farms, Modesto DickS_19488N
1947 8N 8N24751 I Have this tractor for about 20 years, but my uncle that pass away few years ago, did not took care of him very well, so I'm in the process to restore it again, many pieces are missing other that I need to replace, but the engine is in good condition, thank you guys from this very nice web site that it have a lot of information like for me that I'm new on this. Josue Espinoza Unknown JosueE_19478N
1947 8N 8N25460 Found sitting in a camp ground, had not run in 5 years. have it running now. Will start fixing it up, will be used and worked, not sure how much of a restore I will do ? Paul Sanders   PaulS_19478N
1947 8N 8N25655 Main job is maintaining 800 ft. of gravel road-owned 25 years. Brad Ford  


1947 8N 8N25765 Purchased in '05, began complete restoration. All phases can be seen at www.jack-shack.com Jack Ansley James Beard JackA_19478N
1947 8N 8N26135 "Butch" is a strong running mostly original 8N with a Sherman OD. He's a great work machine. Lee Vermeiren Unknown My478N4 
1947 8N 8N26697 My grandfather's tractor, been is storage for 12 years since his passing. Ran 6 years ago and not since. Hoping to get it running and do a few repairs. 99% original. Andrew Jones Donald Orr Sr. AndrewJ_19478N
1947 8N 8N26701 Carl did a great job restoring this tractor but when he retired to Florida it didn't get to go. Since then I have added the rear light and rear tires. It gets worked as hard as it can on a 3 acre wooded residential lot. Sam Tayman Carl Titcomb SamT_19478N
1947 8N 8N26994   Scott Lokker Vernon Lokker (Father)  
1947 8N 8N27009   Don Montoya Donald Bowthorpe DonM_19478N
1947 8N ☆8N28634☆ New barn find! She's been sleeping for 25 years. Fairly good shape, a little sheet metal cancer on the hood in the typical areas. Some tires and gaskets and rewiring and paint and, and, and!!! Previous owner liked blue......Oh well! I,ll fix her up in time, just want to get her running first. Bruce D. John F. BruceD_19478N
1947 8N 8N28691 Worked since new at family ranch in Montana. Tractor now retired in Norfolk, VA Andrew Paul Robert Neumann  
1947 8N 8N29166 An early 8N, pretty good shape - used for light work around small farm. Ed Kramer   EdK_19478N
1947 8N 8N30204 "Elly Mae" as we call her is a working tractor typically used with a 5' Land Pride Brush hog. This tractor was recently sold at an auction in 2009. Do not have the current owner. Mary Jane "Nancy" Messing of Elma, NY, Sold to ? in 2009 Unknown.. Tractor was purchased from Southtowns Tractor in Holland, NY in 2000.  
1947 8N ☆8N30508☆ completely original,is used to mow low-bush blueberries, I'am considering the V8 conversion as 100h.p. would help! Bob Kimber    
1947 8N 8N31213   Carl Walker H.M. Walker Sr.  
1947 8N 8N31239   Jim Collier Michael Breen  
1947 8N 8N31340   Sean Monaghen    
1947 8N 8N31592   Dennis Barnette Edward Norris  
1947 8N 8N32744 I use it to mow. Has been converted to 12 volt system. Dad owned this tractor since 1955. Michael Torrance Richard E. Torrance  
1947 8N 8N33018 My first tractor, I bought it to restore and show.   
Last Saturday morning I drove it over to Starbucks and parked right  
in front.  Some customers brought out digital cameras.  It was quite  
Steve Dabrowski
Glenn Hall MD StephanD_19478N
1947 8N 8N34307 Excellent for age. Sheet metal like new. Two rear tires and one front new. Quintin Akeley Thomas Cook  
1947 8N 8N34347 Early 8N with "late model" steering box Scott Frazier   8N34347
1947 8N ☆8N35082☆ I have had several old tractors but wanted a Ford 8N since I ran the neighbors when I was a kid.  Now, 50 some years later, I was able to trade my good condition AC tractor and brush hog for this Ford 8N.  It was only running on 3 cylinders and looked pretty rough.  It has been my winter project, and I am sure enjoying it.  After a complete overhaul of the engine and replacing a gear in the tranny, it now purrs like a kitten.  I have cleaned off all the grease and mud and painted most of it.  I will use it for mowing, and the grandkids will drive it in the local fourth of July parade.  I love it. Bill Andersen   BillA_19478N
1947 8N 8N35508 Complete in every way , am rebuilding the motor right now , it had a broke sleeve/piston , its our first tractor and will use it on our 3 acre homestead. Robert & Linda Kersey Chuck Kersey RobertK_19478N
1947 8N 8N35769 Restored and being used on our CSA farm. Frank Carli    
1947 8N 8N36853   Rod Rosenberg    
1947 8N 8N37387 First Ford tractor and needs minor repair and still running strong purchased May 15 Paul Armstrong Unknown PaulA_19478N
1947 8N 8N37682 8N fitted with the dearborn loader. Purchased w/home here in AZ. Tractor came from Wessington Springs, SD. Don Forbis Jack Ferguson DonF_19478N
1947 8N ☆8N35695☆   Tom Hale Ron Thacker  
1947 8N 8N37762 This is Woewoe. It was painted when I bought it but the paint job is not Ag quality and I've done and redone quite a bit on it. Po replaced drums and brakes but used grinder on worn hub. Such things as that. I think it may either have been well maintained then fell on hard times or was not used extensively. Maybe not, not sure. It runs like a sewing machine but looses oil pressure when it gets to op temp. Strangely, there are things about it that are identical to the one we had when I was a kid but I don't know what year it was or where it went when we sold it. John Parker Unknown JohnP_19488N
1947 8N 8N37787 Engine overhaul steering box replaced later model brakes clutch new Needs body work and paint Murray Engle    
1947 8N 8NAN 137783 8NAN TVO/Kerosene with Holley Vaporiser. Twin fuel tank, 6 volt, closed pattern rear tyres. Believed to have been sold new in Southern Ireland. Julie Browning UK Ian Moores UK JulieB_19478NAN
1947 8N 8N237682 Preserved-works everyday in the summer John McCutcheon    
1948 (8N - S/N 37908 to 141369) (182 entries)
1948 8N 8N39119 My first 8N. Donald Schroder   DonaldS_19488N
1948 8NAN 8N39388 Have the tractor from a dealer. Is in bad shape but engine is running. When its ready I'll post a photo. Minne Heeg from the Netherlands Tractor Dealer  
1948 8N 8N39512 Good mechanically but has not had metalwork restored. Has been converted to 12 volt with electronic ignition. Use it for plowing snow, mowing and work around the homestead. David Christensen    
1948 8N ☆8N39531☆ Bought from local Ford dealer in 1983 and have kept it running all these years for field mowing. In the middle of giving it a paint job for its 60th birthday. Stephen Ahlfeld Twin City Ford  
1948 8N 8N39788 Good working tractor - restoring as I go - paint this summer hopefully Mark Siddons   MarkS_19488N
1948 8NAN 8N39936 All original except a handbrake was added. Now restored to original configuration. Holley Kerosene Vaporizer all original. Great shape John Lewis   JohnL_19488NAN
194? 9N/8N 8N40132 Has 8N motor, 9N trans and rear end, later model axle housings, and varius other parts from 2N Josh Beeman N/A  
1948 8N 8N40249   James Darrough Doug Moyer  
1948 8N ☆8N41282☆ Rusty Bradly Couch   BradlyC_19488N
1948 8N 8N41427 I have owned this tractor since 1980. it is used daily on my farm. It has been redone twice since I've owned her. Don Sura    
1948 8N 8N42779   Russell Grudier Unknown/Consignment Purchase  
1948 8N 8N43113 It was given to me by my late grandfather that purchased from a fire settlement. He started restoring it in '05 and I am trying to finish never started until 2007. Scott Rasmussen Bill Stormburg  
1948 8N 8N44939 Just purchased. Hope to restore soon My 4th "N" Charles Finn Unknown CharlesF_19488N3
1948 8N 8N45684 Good old machine restored to worker bee standards Kevin Strutt Unknown KevinS_19488N
1948 8N 8N46641 Sheet metal is on the rough side but she Purrs like a kitten Todd W. Liston Henry W. Colby
Robinson IL,
1948 8N 8N47006 My brother and I bought this for our hunting land and it's the first tractor for both of us. It is nearly restored. Brian and Darren Glynn Matt Winkels BrianG_19488N
1948 8N 8N47065 Rough but complete. Was running a brush hog and quit, they just let it sit where it quit. Steve Tellin Steve Tellin  
1948 8N 8N47291 Everyday work tractor Jim Littiken Riddle Tractor JimL_19488N
1948 8N 8N47557 This is my 2010 winter project, its a 1948 Ford 8N Tractor. The original owner passed away 10 years ago and it sat out in the yard till a neighbor of his purchased it from the owners wife and hauled it out with his tractor. He stated it was sunk in the ground up to the motor. He then started to restore it however his wife has taken ill, and he put it up for sale. I purchased the tractor October 18th, 2010 and now the project begins. It runs great, I just installed new plugs, the oil/filter and fuel bowl was replaced. A tank liner was put in the fuel tank. I am going to purchase new wire, distributer, etc for it, fix some of the old wiring, wire the headlights. I just ordered a factory decal kit for it that should hopefully be here this coming week. It still currently has the original 6 volt setup that I am going to keep, it charges great and has roughly 40-45 on the oil presure guage. Rear PTO works, however the hydraulics do not, when the leaver is pulled nothing happens (will look into this). I am trying to decide if I want to restore it to original (smooth out the hood, fenders etc), or just fix everything to good working order. Shane Mollins   ShaneM_19488N
1948 8N 8N47835 Rebuilt approximately 2 years ago but still needs work which I am slowly doing. Something that I have always wanted. I worked on a potato farm in the 60"s and Herb the boss had one. Always ran like a charm and he always said they were easy to work on but rarely needed to. John Blake   JohnB_19488N
1948 8N 8N47869 Runs amazingly well- not exactly sure of the serial number - the last numbers are a guess as they look like part of the casting other casting is A288 so I assume it is 1948. Ben Heller Unknown  
1948 8N 8N48657 This is Old Bastard. Apparently named by previous owner. This was basket case for wiring and sheetmetal. Lift holds great and started right up, no smoke. Now beginning restoration. Alan McCrary ? AlanM_19488N
1948 8N 8N50220   Mark Janowski Fred Dalton MarkJn_19488N
1948 8N 8N50510 Serial number hard to read, other clues confirm it's a '48. Starts easy, runs great. Weekend warrior with a Dearborn 19-22 loader. Ken Weeks Bill Baldwin  
1948 8N 8N51507 Bought it from my dad estate. I am starting to fix it up to it glory days. Jim & Deb Clevenger Marion S. Clevenger  
1948 8N 8N51985 Runs great, bought for $2k with just 200 hours on rebuilt engine. Cosmetics, brake work and tires are my first priorities. Dave DeMonte Wendell Murch DavidD_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N53686☆   Steve Olson Dennis Petersen  
1948 8N 8N54383 Overhauled Feb. 2004 James H. McFaddin James C. McFaddin  
1948 8N 8N56106 With a little horse trading I sold the old 8N and got this one that's a little more original Steve Thomas   SteveT_19488N2
1948 8N 8N56371 Great Tractor, real rough when first purchased but now a jewel Carl Moore Otis Pippin CarlM_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N57614☆ Just picked up. It was an older restore, runs good. Needs a little TLC. Alan Atkins Unknown  
1948 8N 8N58182 Hood and front wheels were 2N. Ser # & casting dates agree with Feb 48 mfg. Shannon Clark G.R. Davis
Green Valley, CA
1948 8N 8N58724 Sat for five years, I bought it rebuild carb, did plugs added gas and fired right up, great tractor. Rob Baker   RobB_19488N
1948 8N 8N60087 Nice older restoration, runs well, needs some TLC Sam Shoffner Unknown  
1948 8N 8N60896 Runs well. Needs paint Brian Smith    
1948 8N 8N61512 Neglected, but working again, running well Jay Johnson Unknown  
1948 8N 8N62311 All there, I think. Looks rough but runs great. Not really sure if the serial # is correct yet, area needs cleaned. Photos later. Dan Cook John Mander  
1948 8N 8N62619 Just got it. Someone through a very bad paint job on it. It appears to be all there and all numbers are close so it's original. All except the 12 volt conversion. Sweet Town Farms    
1948 8N 8N62747 Fair old tractor stuck in 2 gears when I bought it. David Bennett   DavidB_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N63399☆ works great/looks bad -- more work needed Bill Mason Unknown  
1948 8N 8N63516 30% restoration (A field ready tractor) converted to 12 volt electronic ignition Herman Block   HermanB_19488N
1948 8N 8N63672 j ai acheter en2012..restauration a 80% Sylvain Bouchard   SylvainB_19488N
1948 8N 8N63822 Partially restored, 6 volt negative ground system, front wheel weights, brush bumper Brian Watson Joe Akey BrianW_19488N
1948 8N 8N64710   Brad Edmiston   BradE_19488N
1948 8N 8N65144 Very clean 1948 ford 8N. Everything works, but have a real axle bearing going out and must replace. I love the tractor. Bill Bowman Al Getz  
1948 8N 8N65365 '48 8N with snowplow/dozer frame, quick hitch, toolbox, and my own invention of a woodbox carrier for field necessities mounted to the quickhitch. Many mods, add-ons to tractor & implements done or planned for custom needs. Long term project as time allows, with plans for specialty items made to be quickly removed for easy change whether on/off this tractor or to another model. Experimenting in many areas with regards to implements, interchangeability, space, weights, multi-purpose uses, and more. A worker made fun! Hardacrefarm N/A GeorgeL_19488N
1948 8N 8N65700 I'm restoring it, it was my grand-fathers and it was my great-grand-fathers before that i think he was the first owner Jeff Kent Donald Elmhirst  
1948 8N 8N66008 This is a very nice unrestored 8N. Bill Haines   BillH_19488N
1948 8N 8N66103 Original 6 volt working tractor with it's work clothes still on. Runs beautiful. A sister tractor to our other 48 8N. Dick Shrader Cabral Farms DickS_19488N2
1948 8N 8N66108 It came with some land that got, it had ran in a few years. We got it running and everything work ok. DeWayne & Tony Glazewski Jack Spears  
1948 8N 8N66199 Has Sherman step-up. Complete restoration Jason McLaughlin    
1948 8N 8N66391 "Betty" had some issues when I bought her but I got her fixed up and a new coat of paint. Bill Blackwell   BillB_19488N
1948 8N 8N67193 Has Sherman over/under Mark Harpell Roland Fraser  
1948 8N 8N68159 Bought from neigbor thinking about restoring it. Larry White    
1948 8N ☆*8N69174☆ Purchased from dealer. Hope to restore in future. Exhaust leak. Hope it's just a gasket. Andy Chunco ?  
1948 8N 8N69363 Just picked Ben in October, my first tractor. He's in good shape, I changed all the fluids and exhaust manifold. I put a new bumper on and I ordered a 12 Volt kit to put on him. I picked a King Kutter 6' back blade for snow. Other than that just a few things to do here and there and I'm hoping to be done. Ken Tackett Herb Johnson KenT_19488N
1948 8N 8N70008 Running, poor to fair shape,In restoration process now. John Gardner Mr. Vickers  
1948 8N 8N70193 Just bought off a farm in Southeastern Wi. My first 8N. Decent shape used to pull a wagon at Halloween around the neighborhood. Currently kept in a heated garage in Southwestern Wisconsin. Steve Schultz Nate SteveS_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N71097☆ Well used. Complete except missing grille. James Dunbar    
1948 8N 8N72321 Working tractor after Derek Barkley reworked well worn mechanics. May retire it one day & make show ready to pull behind my restored '69 Chevy pickup truck. James Stewart Willard Chastain  
1948 8N 8N72360 Runs good, was used for dairy farm work since new. Bought from original owner. Kevin Adams Jacob Westbrook  
1948 8N 8N72697 Wouldn't run for more than a minute when I bought it. Had a loader in very poor shape. Flushed out the gas tank and it has run fine since. Found that it had been rather well cared for otherwise. Nathaniel Emerson Dave "Trader Dave" Johnson  
1948 8N 8N72592 Nice looking, recently painted. Ran well until last month when it didn't give spark. Needs an ignition tuneup. Has front loader. Spencer Johnson Les Gable  
1948 8N 8N73612☆ Runs good. A few minor oil leaks. Needs good cleaning and paint. Restoration under way. Al Mercier N/A  
1948 8N 8N74074 Ms. Betty Bill Griffin Michael Nethersole BillG_19488N
1948 8N 8N74122 Pretty good shape Dennis Cronin    
1948 8N 8N75469 1948 8N Good Condition. Runs Strong. Converted to 12 Volt. PJ McCoy   PJM_19488N
1948 8N 8N77131   Vern Bacon    
1948 8N 8NAN78011 Non runner ready for restoration Mr. B   MrB_1948NAN
1948 8N 8N78511 Fully restored in 2003 Dave Sherlock Unknown almost finished
1948 8N 8N78661 Bought last year, been sitting for 3+ years, now restored 12v conversion Wes Johnson   WesJ_19488N
1948 8N


My first N, possibly going to restore it, finish off the work I've done so far. CW Gatewood Ted Masink


1948 8N 8N79869 12 volt conversion, mainly use it for keeping my fields out back cut with bush hog. Coy O. York Tommy Durham CoyY_19488N
1948 8N 8N82041 8N with Backhoe and bucket. We call it "worker" 1 of 4 (2-2N, 2-8N) Joe Pinchbeck    
1948 8N ☆8N82878☆ Modified with 12 volt, Electronic tachometer, hour meter, tempature gauge, all lites front and rear including flashers on rear, Zanes Live Thang for live hydrolics Dave Smith <*)))>< Unknown DaveS_19488N
1948 8N 8N84350 Recently purchased from the original owners family. Derek Young Terry Dermott DerekY_19488N
1948 8N 8N84777 Fair to good shape. I owned this same tractor 20 years ago and bought it back in Nov. '06. Quintin Akeley Henry Gardner  
1948 8N 8N85573   Steve Brown Unknown  
1948 8N 8N87641 Albuquerque, NM- Given to me by Mr. Michael Dale of Edgewood, NM. This is a working tractor and it runs great. Currently has the looks of a working tractor and I plan on keeping it for the time being. I plan on keeping it as original as possible while keeping it reliable. Juan Baca Baca JuanB_19488N
1948 8N 8N88423 Nice running 8N. Craig Woolpert   CraigW_19488N
1948 8N 8N88442 Restored use it at tractor pulls,parades,shows,and rides.Dearborn cab,Arps tracks,Steelcraft curtain Kit,Deluxe windsheild with 6 volt wiper and automotive glass, steel craft running boards[clone].Dearborn swinging drawbar.Home made front ski kit I now call it a antique snowmobile (not for racing purposes) twin tracker. Peter Turnbull Wendall Worster PeterT_19488N
1948 8N 8N89684 Runs but in poor shape. I have just gotten it to run and will be doing more retore work as a hobby. Fred Dorr    
1948 8N 8N90491 Good Alan Posey    
1948 8N 8N91733 In process of restoration. James Porterfield Johnny Peden JamesP_19488N
1948 8N 8N91777 Its a good running tractor. I plan on restoring it in the future and making it a show tractor! Joel Hardy    
1948 8N 8N92179 I purchased this tractor about a year ago. It had caught fire and burned all of the wiring. It got so hot it blowed the top of the radiator off. I am almost through with it. All I lack is lights. Roy Milam Joe Roberson RoyM_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N92448☆   Larry Dunham Howard Shy  
1948 8N 8N92850 Good condition. Frank Elmo    
1948 8N 8N94314 Good condition,everything works great. Gerald Carter N/A GeraldC_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N94375☆   Ron Walker Grandfather Walker  
1948 8N 8N94393 Nice looking working tractor in good shape. Jim Potter   JimP_19488N
1948 8N 8N94671 I`m restoring the tractor, hope it is up and go next summer. Thorbjorn Skottene Bjarne Gronlund  
1948 8N 8N95145   Al Gundersen John King AlG_19488N2
1948 8N 8N95264 1948 Ford 8n. I bought this tractor in 2008 from a lady in Colorado Springs for $800. It belonged to her father. I had my grandfather restore it for me. Need to do a engine rebuild as it's getting tired. Jay Rogers   JayR_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N95546☆ Working tractor, unrestored Ed Vander Hoeven Charlie Parnell (2006)  
1948 8N 8N95563 Restoraion almost complete. Bill Tindell Earnest Campbell  
1948 8N 8N95770 My fathers only "new" tractor on farm. Still used - currently in restoration mode. Hope to have done for daughter's wedding in May 2015. Paul Schmitt - North Franklin, NY Werner H Schmitt  
1948 8N 8N96124 My grandfather bought this tractor new in 1948 for his dairy farm. Bob Nelson Glen Meiner BobN_19488N
1948 8N 8N96673 Bought spring of 2009 when the previous owner got a new diesel tractor. Ran like a top all summer, then shattered a sleeve after plowing the garden this spring. Getting ready for new sleeves and pistons and paint. Dan Reed Unknown DanR_19488N
1948 8N 8N96960 Restoration/Preservation currently at 99%. Four generations have ridden on this tractor. Donald Gene Pennington Ralph Eugene Pennington DonaldP_19488N
1948 8N 8N97386 Rough, Runs like new I purched it for $250.00 so I can afford to put a little money in it. Quintin Akeley Fernald Garland  
1948 8N 8N99161   Kevin Fitzpatrick    
1948 8N 8N99650 Diamomd in the rough! Bob Pugliese    
1948 8N 8N100062 Great litle tractor being used for light farm work in Georgia. William Jensen Tommy Daws WilliamJ_19488N
1948 8N 8N103194   Jake Adams Unknown  
1948 8N 8N103218 Basket case, bringing her back to life. Will add picture when complete. Bob Nagle    
1948 8N 8N103228   Lane Mantta Brian Wilder  
1948 8N 8N103263 *UPDATED PHOTO* Major overhaul Spring 2006. Motor rebuilt spring 2007 Has some 49 parts. Nickname Project Hybred. Tractor runs regularly mowing grass John Korschot   JohnK_19488N
1948 8N 8N103462 Just bought this tractor June 2008 from Early Ford V-8 club. It was a good friend of mine from the club who passed away and donated it to the club. Runs good, very nice sheet metal, needs some TLC. using it to cut fields in eastern PA with a Ford 908 5' cutter. Jody Lamoreaux Bill Moulton  
1948 8N ☆8N103589☆ Purchased in May 2009. Ken Pate   KenP19488N
1948 8N 8N103985 She's a real jewel. Dennis & Kerrie Greene    
1948 8N 8N104235   Danny Smith Penrose Manufacturing  
1948 8N 8N104892 I purchased this tractor by word of mouth and honesty being a great tractor with stuck points from sitting over a year. Well, come to learn when I drop the oil plug, 2 gallons of water and gummed up oil came out. Now,I got me a project that will be fun to restore. She has been very neglected, service wise and now it time to bring her back to life. Kenny Betsill Scurry,Texas KennyB_19488N
1948 8N 8N105078 Ok paint job, body and paint could use some work. Runs well and works hard. Kevin Benton    
1948 8N 8N105784 Strong runner, working girl. had crank rebuilt in '97. Tim Thomas Rodger Anderson  
1948 8N 8N106203 Been sitting a couple of years. Working on getting her going. She has a back blade and a heat-houser for the Indiana winters. David Ingram Bought Thru Dealer  
1948 8N 8N107077 Unrestored tractor. Loren A. Bjornson David Nelson  
1948 8N 8N108174 Just an old 8N that I traded a motorcycle for. I am in the process of restoring it now. James Mack    
1948 8N 8N108688 Real good shape. Small amount of rust,but no problems. Purchased in 2000 and have used it ever since. Front mount, 12Volt system. Its a bullet-proof beast. Terry Kinisky Bob Loveday  
1948 8N 8N109083 Been in family since 1973. purchased by my father to use on his acreage. I purchased it November 2015. Cal Sexsmith Bill Sexsmith CarlS_19488N
1948 8N 8N111073   Richard William Johnson Steven J. Johnson RichardJ_19488N
1948 8N 8N111226 She was pretty rough when I got her. After 6 months of working on her and a lot of new parts, I am very happy with the results. Dan DeGroot   DanD_19488N
1948 8N 8N112872 Needs paint but works great William Prather Will Sharp IM000225 
1948 8N 8N113864 Runs fine. Starts right up. G. Littlejohn Joseph Sola G.LittleJohn
1948 8N 8N114137 She runs!! Jeff Kennebeck    
1948 8N 8N114761 Daily Worker. Restored in 2010 Thom Marcum N/A  
1948 8N 8N115171 Bought in the spring of 2004. Came with a brush hog and a landscape box. Steve Thomas   SteveT_19488N
1948 8N 8N115341 Recently restored and painted original colors after sitting for 20+ years. Now working on a farm in West Virginia. Tom Scarpellini Melvin Black  
1948 8N 8N115444 Purchased at auction 2006, Norwood, Ontario. Engine rebuilt/bored Belleville, Ontario 1973. 12-volt conversion 2012. Block heater installed before I bought it. Jon Archibald   JonA_19488N
1948 8N 8N120470 A little rough but after setting for two years with a fresh battery it started and drove on trailer. Quintin Akeley Joe York  
1948 8N 8N122135 So I bought this from my friends dad who had gotten it from his uncle. The cool story on this is the uncle bought it new and its stayed on the same property its entire life until now. I plan on getting running to use it to pull logs and eventually restoring it. I'm keeping the 6 volt system for now also. Morgan Bennett Mike Lopicillo MorganB_19488N
1948 8N ☆8N122683☆ Purchased this tractor in Oct. 2011, from one of my Antique tractor club members, His health is failing and wanted to sell this tractor to someone that would restore it back to showroom shape. The tractor is mechanically sound, decent shape with all the sheetmetal straight. Needs sandblasting and paint. Tractor has new tires, and many other new parts. Has a 12 volt system that I will convert back to 6 volts. As I have on my 1952 8N. When completed it will be used only for tractor shows and parades.....(Eddie I promise you I will make you Proud). Bert Engeron Eddie C.  
1948 8N 8N123084 Working tractor used for driveway grading and other dirt work. Has a Dearborn 19-8 front loader and a newer Ford rear blade. Doing rear axle seals and brakes roight now along with a few other misc. items. Harold Shotwell    
1948 8N 8N123333 Wanting to restore this family hierloom to its original glory. Every member of our large family has fond memories of and a favorite story about this tractor and our small farm in Welby, Colorado. David Ciancio George and David Ciancio  
1948 8N 8N123440 Traditional colors, original 19" frt wheels, rear tires are 11 X 28. Tractor is kind of rough, but nothing major seems to be wrong. Still evaluating. Harold Dunlap    
2948 8N 8N124201 Tired, needs work, but still runs. IH Jones    
1948 8N 8N124299 Originally purchased when I lived in Stanwood, Washington, the machine now is garaged in Arlington, Washington, at our estate along the South Fork of the Stillaguamish river. It is a  working tractor, used to grade the road and driveway, clear snow, earthwork, move cars & trucks, pull fallen trees from the woods, pull an old Deere disc/harrow, pull a plug aerator for the lawn, pull a Korean war era Jeep wagon for yard cleanup, mulching etc., and much much more! I retired it from mowing duties a few years ago, as it was hard on it to run the mower. I picked up an early 70's 2 cylinder diesel Kubota that is permanently assigned to the 6 foot finish mower.  <*))))>< Bob Williams I picked it up from a retired guy in Lynden, WA who got it from a local dairy farm. Before that I can't be sure. BobW19488N2
1948 8N 8N124440   Frank Kaufman Buddy Kaufman  
1948 8N 8N124527   Les Chewning    
1948 8N 8N124983 Bought this sweetheart "Freddie" in May of 2010 in London Ontario He now resides in Buckhorn Ontario in his New Garage. Next to my wife's New car my 4x4 dodge sits out side !!The gentleman farmer (retired) from London had the 8n in his family for the past 35 years prior to that I have no history.Freddie is 80 % restored and is all original (6V) I'm a retired Aircraft engineer/ Mechanic who has to learn the roots of basic Mechanical operation. From 747 to 8n a big step down in technology but still a great learning experience for me from all of you.Freddie came in pretty good shape and has a front end loader with a manure bucket.I have since rescued and attached a rear mount scraper 3PT blade for grading my gravel driveway. He has put in about 60 hours of work on our modest 2 acres.Attended as a visitor my first Tractor show and am hooked like a large mouth bass. Cant wait until I feel comfortable to show mine . Wayne Stone Orville WayneS_19488N
1948 8N 8N124??? Got with purchase of land in NM. Complete, not running. I've got it back in good use, and replaced all fluids and new batt. Added front drive hub for loader. Still working on various bits. Having fun moving snow and clearing brush. Doc Mirror Doug  
1948 8N 8N12??34 Another of my collection to be restored. Charles Finn (chaz-mo)   CharlesF_19488N2
1948 8N 8N125398 Belonged to my Wife's Grandfather sat in a barn for the last 10+ years before its current facelift. Originally had a Dearborn 14-4 sickle mower on it. Chris Griggs Paul Raggio ChrisG_19488N
1948 8N 8N126519   Mark Jackson   MarkJ_19488N
1948 8N 8N126920 My Great Grandpa bought this new in 1948. I Just inherited it and brought it to California. Looking forward to restoring it. Alan Hagen Ked Dejmal/Amos Dejmal AlanH_19488N
1948 8N 8N127156 Needed some work but runs OK, giving her some TLC that has been lacking. Mark Hicks James Sizemore  
1948 8N ☆8N127482☆ Bought by my parents over 25 years ago in Iowa but is now in North Carolina with me. My tractor is Named in Memory of my Son James Trevor Cooley who passed away July 15 2010 in the Des Moines River. Timothy M. Cooley,
Jacksonville, NC
Bob & Patsy Cooley,
Ottumwa, IA
1948 8N 8N127806 8N I27806 purchased to do major work. Tractor in good condition Steven Chambers   StevenC_19488N
1948 8N 8N127874 8N and his buddy F-1 Jim Koppenaal ? JimK_19488N
1948 8N 8N128721 Full tear-down restoration completed Spring 2020. Didn't run for 25 years. Tractor has been in the family since the 1980s. Andy Jarpe Jay Jarpe AndyJ_19488N
1948 8N 8N129360 I had a 1952 8n about 8 years ago. Was sold out from under me. My wife purchased this 1948 8N for my early Christmas present. She paid $2700 for 8N, 5 ft rotary mower, 5 ft finish mower and two bottom plow and had it delivered and full of gas. Dealer was ready to move this package. I have a very sweet wife. She is just as exicted as I am to restore. Right will use around house. Chris and Cristy Woodell Mr. Gruber ChrisW_19488N
1948 8N 8N130671 Mechanically sound, converted to 12v. Tony Kuret Gary Tunes  TonyK_19488N
1948 8N 8N131343 Stored last 20 years. It seems to have done very little. All originaldown to small chans on 3 pt. hitch to secure locking pins. Robert Purinton New Holland-Halifax, PA  
1948 8N 8N131377 Ford 8N found at Farmland Equipment, Christiansburg, VA. William J Murray    
1948 8N ☆8N132728☆ 48 8n. In good shape mostly year correct with later steering box. Shane Marick John Kabrich ShaneMk_19488N
1948 8N 8N132785 I bought this tractor not running, I went through it and rewired it , rebuilt the distributor, new gauges and exhaust and other odd and ends. William Vick Unknown WilliamV_19488N
1948 8N 8N133344 Bought for $1500, after a carb. rebuild she runs great. I plan on restoring her after I get done working her. Bud Witmer   BudW_19488N
1948 8N 8N133502 Purchased for C$2200 including rear blade and tank of fuel. Used for grading the driveway, plowing snow, and launching the fishing boat (mostly I park it in the shade and sit on it) Peter Dietrich    
1948 8N 8N135385 My grandpa bought this tractor in the 1950's. He died 18 months before my birth, but we used his purchase on our little 40 acre farm. As we parted the land out, the tractor got less use. My dad thought of selling it, but I couldn't let the family heirloom go. I bought/bartered it from Dad, planning to restore it then use it on the two acres of land we bought and plan to develop. Damon Hammer   DamonH_19488N
1948 8N 8N135426 Restored 2012. Purchased 9/21/13 in NW Arkansas. Has brand new rear tires and rims, 6' bush hog and gin pole. Just hooked up lights to get ready to pull a church hayride. Spent the whole weekend tinkering. Alan Young    
1948 8N 8N135480 Repainted. New Tires. Gary Alberts    
1948 8N 8N135694 Working tractor in original condition David Meyer    
1948 8N ☆8N135932☆ She's in rough shape but, I'm taking a year to get it up and running. Randy A. Rucker    
1948 8N 8N137419 Just bought April 28 07 for 1,000. Older restoration. been used to mow a gunrange for the past 20 years. Runs like a top. Need gauges, starter button, hood ornament and some 3-point stuff. Not a bad little tractor. :-) Mark LaFramboise Unknown MarkL_19488N
1948 8N 8N137479 Just purchased in Feb 2008. It was painted Ford blue, needed brakes, and had a bent hydraulic quadrant. I plan to restore to it working status and repaint to orginal colors. Morris Brown David Rossmeyer MorrisB_19488N
1948 8N 8N137496 Good working old tractor. Had the engine rebuilt. Still 6V. Still fixing extras like steering. A Canadian girl always. Brian Levy Several local guys  
1948 8N 8N137500 Bought her from a guy who had her listed as a 1950 with wrong s/n (8N7000 - block stamp - casting number?). Been cleaning her up into a nice work tractor. J. Clark   JClark_19488N
1948 8N 8N138022 Restoring Paul Adcock    
1948 8N ☆8N138071☆ ...purchased in 'working condition' with her original Owner's Manual and her own 5' bush hog, she rolled off the trailer and after a few tweaks and twinges here and there promptly bush hogged 80 ac(+/-)that hadn't been touched in 5 years...in 5 days...working that hard I figured she deserved a good name so remembering a song that my Dad used to have his band play for my Mom at the end of each evening's gig, I call her "Sweet Lorraine"... she's only three months older than I am and with a few minor improvements, another tweak or two here and there, and some TLC, I think she'll keep working longer than I will... Stan & Sandi Addison Jeff Reeves StanA_19488N
1948 8N 8N138887 8N Ford. Run s nice, and I use it for mowing grass and cleaning the barn yard. Jim Veeder    
1948 8N 8N139230   Bryan Schwichtenberg    
1948 8N 8N139398 Recently restored but not too perfection. Still needs some work to be to my satisfaction. It will be a working tractor not a trailer queen. Bill Johnston Unknown BIllJ_19488N
1948 8N 8N139570 I bought this tractor several months ago. Plan on restoring soon. Charles Finn (chaz-mo)   CharlesF_19488N
1948 8N 8N140524 Restored, and painted all red? My first tractor and bought Sept. 2013 Ellensburg WA. Needs steering rebuilt. Scott Keener ?  
1948 8N Not Avail.   Dean Dysart   8N After01 
1948 8N KN Its a work in progress. Bob Morgan Joey Peeples BobM_19488N
1948 8N Unable to read serial number Looks good and runs good for a 60 year old tractor. Jimmie Davis Wallace Garden & Tractor  
1948 8N Unknown Purchased 1979 to mow pasture. Has 8N casting numbers, side distributor but never had visible serial number, now has replacement engine. Runs great! Bill Friday Huntsville Ford Tractor Co. BillF_19488N
1948 8N N997 This Tractor requires lots of T.L.C. but it has strong bones, like my self, but failing body! I need Replacement parts, and implements! I'm willing to give this vehicle a ? Life. Dr Gene Landrum Unknown  
1948 8N tbd Originally purchased 1948 by Woodard Family for use on dairy farm. Transferred with farm to John F. Dolan, 1960 for use on beef cattle & standard bred horse farm. Restored 2015 by Michael A. Dolan Michael A. Dolan John F. Dolan MichaelD_19488N
1948 8N TBD In good shape, new owner. Never had one before. David K. West John Kinter DavidW_19488N
1948 8N None Funk conversion with Sherman Power Digger 54B100 and ARPS/Blackhawk plow. Chris McAlpine Donzil Worthington ChrisM_19488N
1949 (8N - S/N 141370 to 245636) (237 entries)
1949 8N 8N141361 Grandpa left to me when he died. He had 6 of them. I am going to finish restoring. Jeff Kriesel Roy  
1949 8N 8N141370 IN great shape. Good metal,runs great. Ready for days work. Anthony Gordy    
1949 8N 8N141678 Needs a little work, runs great! MD Seamon Allen Hammond MDS19498N
1949 8N 8N141743 Found in barn and hasn't ran since the mid 70's being restored Wallace Jones    
1949 8N 8N142004 Has a Ford model 711 one armed loader. Nicknamed the chicken roost(because it was). Josh Beeman N/A  
1949 8N 8N142520 Great shape, grey tin red belly. Robert MacInnis   RobertM_19498N
1949 8N 8N142681 8N complete but needs restoration. Original 6v system intact. Dirk Reschly Mel Cannon DirkR_19498N
1949 8N 8N142745 Complete restore in process (05/2007). Craig Weikel    
1949 8N 8N142780 Purchased June 2009 as a restoration project. It runs rough and smokes a bit but nothing that can't be fixed. I hope to restore and use to plow snow. Ed Heidelbach Mike ?  
1949 8N 8N142791 I bought the tractor in 1994 from my wife's uncle; he used it in his chicken operation. I enjoy using it at home and I am still amazed at the availability of parts. Bill Hurley Talford Drye  
1949 8N 8N143244 Project Tractor J. David Spears James McDougal  
1949 8N 8N144532 The Koon family tractor. It is a working tractor on 7 acres and an ongoing restoration project. Just painted and tuned by Richard Meetze in Irmo/Ballentine area of South Carolina. This tractor is "Cackling" ! David E. Koon Clyde E. Koon DavidK_19498N
1949 8N 8N146688 A vineyard tractor in NY state, on the same property (as far as I know) all it's life. My father purchased with property and had it rebuilt mid 80's. Sat idle for 20+ years. Fired it up in 2007 to go back to work cutting grass. Great machine, lots of memories! John Kalinich Jr John Kalinich, William Cole JohnKalinich19498N
1949 8N 8N146710 Bought in 2009 , finally got around to using it, runs great. Stan Gordon (heybusdriver) Valdo StanG_19498N4
1949 8N 8N146900 Purchased in Hudson, Colorado early this year. Spent $1850 for her, added another $6,000 in parts and equipment. Tractor runs great and will help clear snow this winter. Steve Pilon Unknown SteveP_19498N
1949 8N 8N147149 Work in progress Dean Mel    
1949 8N 8N147482 Needs engine rebuild, and paint to original colors, now it is painted green. John Pfeil   JohnP_19498N
1949 8N 8N147868   Lawrence Shelton    
1949 8N 8N148191 My grandfather bought this tractor used in 1954. It's been sitting for the last 25 years since he passed away. I just recently assumed ownership of his land and his old tractor. After a couple of weekends of working on it and a new electrical system it's running like a top. It looks terrible, but runs great. Looking to put a brush hog on it and start mowing with it! Jim P... Albert "Dutch" Haughey JimP_19498N
1949 8N 8N148387 This was a trade in from Greensboro Tractor bought in 2/12/1998. She is still running on 6 volts. Only thing I've had to do to it in 16 years is a new wiring harness, new fuel tank, new carburetor float, tune-up and maintenance over the years. Currently up for sale. Dalmer Badgett Willie L. Gladney DalmerB_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N149267☆ I bought the old Red Belly on November 12, 2007, changed all the fluids, inflated the tires to where they needed to be and rode around in the woods for about 6 hours. She is hard working too. Larry H. Akin Faye Thornhill LarryA_19498N
1949 8N 8N149576 Complete, In need of restoration Matt & Sally Patton Max Mathews  
1949 8N 8N149787 Bought this tractor in the summer of 2008. She ran good but smoked alot. I am in the process of a complete engine rebuild and exterior restoration. Her purpose is to run a 5ft mower on a 12 acre blueberry farm. Joseph R. Arigo    
1949 8N 8N150479 Purrs like a Lion. Ron Morris John Morris/My Dad RonM_19498N
1949 8N 8N150532 Working tractor. Not pretty but runs strong! Joshua Ignash N/A  
1949 8N 8N150648 My first tractor. Will be used to work with on 10 acres. Matt & Deann Hanlon   MattH_19498N
1949 8N 8N150765 Horse farm manure hauler. Kimberly Kerkman N/A  
1949 8N ☆8N151059☆ Well worn, but complete. Starting restoration. Ray Resac    
1949 8N 8N151211 Has 9n front hubs/wheels I have 8n hubs just need to get some 8n rims and tires everything else is 8n rebuilt engine/paint about 5 years ago this is a picture from then it is getting about time to do a complete restore just because I have the 8n fever you know what I mean!!!! Kent Phillips N/A KentP_19498N
1949 8N 8N151275 Rough, under restoration Keith Bradford    
1949 8N 8N151622 1949 Ford 8N tractor Bob Kennedy Benjamin De La Rosa  
1949 8N 8N151946 Restored in 2018/2019 Arthur Cameron Crabtree   ArthurC_19498N2
1949 8N 8N152713 My grandfather bought this tractor new in 1949. Wayne May   WayneM2_19498N
1949 8N 8N153863   Dennis Pfohl N/A DennisP_19498N
1949 8N 8N154373 Restored and setting in storage for 10 years prior to me getting her. I'm breaking her out of retirement and putting her back to work in the field. Matt Presley    
1949 8N 8N154726 Not running with a lot of issues. Larry Brown Glen Coleman LarryB_19498N
1949 8N 8N155567 1949 still has 6 volt system,Seems to run OK,still scrubbing it up. Sheet metal not too bad. Seals seem intact. Had a 49 growing up,it isn't mine but hearing her purr brings back lots of great memories. Randolph J Henson    
1949 8N 8N156372 Just purchased. Very first tractor. Was told it was a 47 but serial # is 49. Came with 5 ft. finish mower and 7 ft. blade. Perfect running condition and what I needed for my 5 acre yard and 300 ft. driveway. Will post picture soon. Greg Hilton    
1949 8N ☆8N156395☆ Samson, my first tractor. Had an Everett trencher attached. Still has Everett Ncher transmission as well as a Sherman cable-operated step-down transmission. Has an aftermarket valve in the hydraulics to allow a remote, used to raise and lower the front blade. Probably part of the Everett mod. Resto not quite done, need to paint the wheels and bolt a few more things down, but he's already earning his keep plowing snow. See the photo gallery of the resto at www.autoinsanity.com George Harris   GeorgeH_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N156686☆ Runs Great, Just Overhauled -Jan 2008 John Thompson Greg Davis  
1949 8N 8N156946 Best Working Toy John Wilson Doug Wolford - Big Springs, Nebraska. Owner for 2 years 8N010704
1949 8N 8N158093 Basket Case But if block isn't cracked when I get at it I will restore it. Quintin Akeley Phil St, Peter  
1949 8N ☆8N159351☆ Working Tractor with some problems and some fixed. Removed loader Edward E. Oliver - Le Roy, Illinois Unknown EdwardO_19498N
1949 8N 8N160243 Bought in Gardener, KS in 2003 Used it to brush hog for about 5 years with Sun-Mastr T-60 brush hog Mark Welling Unknown  
1949 8N 8N161681 I bought this tractor in September of 2006 and had it restored at a school shop. It was finished by February 14 of 2007 and was shown at the San Antonio, San Angelo and Houston Agricultural Mechanics shows. I got alot of compliments on this restoration job. Freddie Engelbrecht Unknown  
1949 8N ☆8N164771☆ I bought this 8n for $1400. It is a nice tractor with a lot of life left. It is my first tractor and I plan on owning it till it's left to my sons. Talmadge Armistead Mike Shannon TalmadgeA_19498N
1949 8NAN ☆8NAN166075☆ Na de oorlog naar nederland (Groningen)gekomen als onderdeel van het Marshall plan. Hier werden ze omgebouw naar Kerosene. Veel aan gesleuteld. Ik heb hem volledig gereviseerd en gerestaureerd 2001-2005. Technisch 100% origineel 6 volt. Daarvoor bijna 25 jaar stil gestaan. Werk en volgende 8nan en bouw hem terug naar Benzine uitvoering.

Dutch to English Translation: After the war the Netherlands (Groningen) came as part of the Marshall Plan. Here they were converted to construction Kerosene. Many tampered with. I have him completely overhauled and restored 2001-2005. Technically 100% original 6 volt. That stopped almost 25 years. 8nan and construction work and following him back to Gasoline implementation.
Louis C.P. Bos Family LouisBos_19498NAN
1949 8N 8N166079 Rough condition. Ray Robinson    
1949 8N 8N166387 My grandfather's 8N used on the farm in NW Arkansas until his death in 1987. Has been sitting neglected since in an old broiler house. Currently working on getting her running again. All original and complete, but a little rough. That's her with my grandfather, me and my brother aboard in May 1967. Kent Schnetzler Bert Seitz KentS_19498N
1949 8N 8N166449   Scott Musil   ScottM_19498N
1949 8N 8N166685   Burt Hudson    
1949 8N 8N166704 Got this tractor from my wife's grandpa and have been enjoying spending many hours working on it. Eric Washburn Neal Lummus EricW_19498N
1949 8N 8N167242 Reasonable shape when purchased from grandfather in the process of restoring now adding sherman Hi-low as wellwill post pic when complete Cory Gill Grandfather  
1949 8N ☆8N167346☆ Healthy and working steady Chris Thompson Cliff Harrison (not the N-club member from Missouri) ChrisT_19498N 
1949 8N 8N168121 Nice running almost all original tractor. Only modifications are a 12V conversion, complete rewiring, and a more comfortable seat due to back injuries. Bought with attached bush hog in Cherry Hill NJ. Pretty much a toy to tinker with although it is used to mow. I learned to drive on one of these as a kid on our family farm and have wanted one of my own ever since Xena Moynihan   XenaM_19498N
1949 8N 8N168764 Purchased this tractor on 4-2-12. Everything works. Love my tractor!!!! Jose B. Sanchez Keith Campbell  
1949 8N 8N168885 Purchased off of Craig's list in Chelsea VT. Well running, kept in the Barn. Recent paint job but with A/C red (I'll fix that!) Very lucky to find such as well cared for 8N! Lexie Kensington Dave Savidge, Chelsea VT  
1949 8N 8N169407 Tractor is in fair shape.Has bad steering which I am repairing.Owner said it wasn't running right,found firing order wrong.Paid $600.00 for it.My Grandfather had one when I was little.Bring back memories. Steve Foor    
1949 8N 8N169596 Bought it 20yrs ago,gets used daily on forty acres. Kevin Comardelle Ed Barrlow KevinC2_19498N
1949 8N 8N170103 I bought this tractor about 30 years ago from my next door neighbor. I have just finished a a 2 yr. total restoration. She should be good for another 30 years or so. I use the tractor for plowing, discing and scraping on a regular basis. Don Fink Hubert McClure DonF_19498N
1949 8N 8N171004 8N handed down from my father who bought the tractor around 2002. Ken Lynde Joe Lynde  
1949 8N 8N171229 John bought new and had it for 55 years.I have Sickle Mower 14-1,Cultivator 13-1,Wagon 21-2 Plow 10-184,Blade 19-5 V hitch&PTO extension,Lift Jack & Hydraulic Pump. Ken Kerkman John Thompson KenK_19498N
1949 8N 8N171312 Ran when i bought it, I've replaced or repaired many parts. In daily use on small homestead/farm. Wayne McManus N/A WayneM_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N171347☆ I inherited this from my dad, converted to 12 volts, added lights, complete tuneup, rebuilt carb and new tires, still in shop, almost don and ready for show. Paul R. Grassmyer Jr. Paul R. Grassmyer Sr. PaulG_19498N
1949 8N 8N171748 Purchased it in 2006. Completely original. $1500. 2007 3 new tires and engine overhaul. Arthur Ward/Wisconsin    
1949 8N 8N171930 Good Condition in Restoration Process Frederick Rooney Joseph Travares  
1949 8N 8N172604 Just bought this: 2n front end, 9n rear, 8n engine, someone painted JD green. "one piece at a time" Mark Hittle   MarkH_19498N
1949 8N 8N172725 This is a nice restored 8n tractor It has been changed to 12 volt system Larry White    
1949 8N 8N173375 My wifes dad got this in late 60,s early 70's, gave it to here in about 02, rebuilt engine and hyd. & painted in 07. Still a semi-retired but working tractor. Debbie (Church) Dale John A. Church  
1949 8N 8N173458 I purchased her in North Central Iowa. Moved it home to Texas. Clifton Able   CliftonA_19498N
1949 8N 8N173543 Running but not restored Angela Muttillo Tony Muttillo - Deceased  
1949 8N 8N174125 A work in progress. Has not run for 15 years. Mal Conrad Bill Dies  
1949 8N 8N1742495 Eatons of Canada yard tractor Paul Anderson Eatons of Canada Paul Anderson 8N 
1949 8N 8N174582 I bought this tractor on 6-4-2015, from Don Stringfield. It was owned previously by his dad. His dad bought it in the mid 1970s. It wasn't running when I got her, but she runs now. I am in the proses of restoring it. Richard Riddell Don Stringfield  
1949 8N 8N175507   Dan Beets    
1949 8N 8N175588 I purchased my tractor from a horse-trading "buyer-reseller" over Missouri way, where it had been sitting out in the weather for some time, well-used, non-running, with bad back and front tire for $700, $800 delivered to Kansas. That's not too much pay as 8N's go, never the last that's more money that I have available so I'm working through a bank loan. My interest in 8N tractor is purely what work can be accomplished, so I'm not the least bit shy about customizing, modernizing/modifying 8N to suit my purposes. I enjoy tinkering and fixing things, so for me it's an enjoyable endeavor and I've gradually combed my way down through layers of problems, as repair parts can be afforded, repairing, replacing, and fixing as I go, paying particular attention to advice and information what's forthcoming on various Tractor Repair forums. I really should make a "before and after" picture, as I'm sure tractor will look quite different once painted, with addition of something similar to "Dandy tractor cab" and further modifications like Bombardier-type track treads; perhaps a GEET unit for better performance and economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j97ILHAWrf0 Brad Cobb, Oskaloosa Kansas Johnny Spire, near Parnell Missouri  
1949 8N 8N175616 Bought from uncle who owned for 40 years. Original down to the 6V and carb. I am now restoring. Lance W. Kuecker Ervin Kuecker  
1949 8N 8N176128 Restoration in process. Sherman Hi-Lo. Had Dearborn loader. Patrick Tipton Originally sold by Sussex County, NJ Ford Dealer to [ ]. 48Before 
1949 8N 8N176305 Bringing it back to be a nice looking , working tractor. Del Huebner    
1949 8N 8N176390 Got to get it running. Jesse Carrington Marvin Crawford  
1949 8N 8N176594 This tractor was given to me by the Almany family. It was stored in their barn for over 30 years. I'm in the process of getting it running and doing some painting. Gerard Uhls Don Almany  
1949 8N ☆8N176994☆ My neighbor was moving and was going to leave the tractor when he left, instead, he just gave it to me! With a bush hog to boot. It had been sitting for 9+ years, so it needed some work to get it going. (less than $200 all told to get it running) Carburetor kit, battery and alternator replaced, fuel take cleaned, patched, and resealed. New manifold and some TLC and it is up and running like a 60 year old tractor. It needs to be rebuilt still, but for the time being, it's great for a FREE tractor! I'm loving it and think I found a new hobby. I also got a scrape blade for trade by spreading some gravel for a different guy. Not a bad trade for less then 2 hrs work (travel time included). BTW – Great web site! Les Besendorfer Dennis Masteller LesB_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N177151☆ 12V Conversion, Used for mowing every week, plowing, bush-hogging, dirt & gravel work. Starts and runs great! Tim Cochran N/A TimC_19498N
1949 8N 8N177215 Good condition- 12v Conversion- Robert Lerussi N/A  
1949 8N 8N177935 Has Dearborn loader, newer tires and carb. Appears mostly original otherwise. Still 6 volt. Tom Shilts    
1949 8N ☆8N177973☆ Bought 10/07/2006, in good running condition. The tractor seams to be all there and not a mix of a few tractors all casting dates are right on or before engine serial number. I am in the process of repainting and restoring, it’s now ready for paint. I will post pictures when finished. Mark McKinzie John Pasquali  
1949 8N 8N178146 No headlights (due to loader attached) Galen Mommens, Tecumseh, NE   GalenM1949_8N 
1949 8N 8N178226 My father in law gave me this 8n a couple months before he past away. It was sitting in his pasture. He bought it at an auction yrs. before and it never ran. It was all rusty and in pretty bad shape. I spent 2 months restoring it. Unfortunately he passed before I finished it. Sam Nardi    
1949 8N ☆8N178844☆ SN indicates a 49, engine, trans, and rear end have 1950 casting marks. Has options from after 1950 as well. Currently restoring. Runs great. Lee Link Wilfred Link LeeL_19488N
1949 8N 8N178876 Good original condition, mainly used as a mowing tractor, will be restored. George Over Unknown  
1949 8N 8N179188 Currently a parts tractor soon to have a Ford flathead V8. Josh Beeman N/A  
1949 8N 8N179333   Chebon and Kristen Lee    
1949 8N ☆8N179411☆ Was not running when I bought it May 19,2005.Replaced all wiring,coil and rebuilt the cab. use it along with my 1939,9N on the 3 acre garden. Leon Robinson Robert Paul McKiness  
1949 8N ☆8N179555☆ This has a snow plow and is an excellent tractor, runs well , will be a great stable mate for ☆8N362039☆ Stan Gordon
B.C.Transit StanG_19498N
1949 8N 8N179872 I purchased this from a neighbor for a small acreage we bought. Previous owner said it starts up fine, (it didn't), doesn't leak (it did), and doesn't smoke, (he was right on that). I bought for 1500 and have out another approx 1300 in it and I am having a blast working on it. I should have done this a long time ago. Kevin Crowe   KevinC_19498N
1949 8N 8N179952 Old 8n converted to 12 volt, needs two rear wheels, 1 tire and complete tune up with oil change, has monster midwestern industries front-end loader. Burl Abraham Albert Abraham BurtA_19498N
1949 8N 8N180087 1 owner original, virtually untouched, with a Republic RC 8N loader Richard Vezeau   RichardV_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N180658   Eric Stemen   EricS_19498N
1949 8N 8N181634   Burt Hudson    
1949 8N 8N182194 Under restoration-----ran great b4---- ---restoration coming along fine --down to sheetmetal and electrical assembly ---want to have done by aug 04 for local firemans parade Greg Metzger Warren Schnittker----original owner---next door neighbor---  
1949 8N 8N182327 Originally bought by my grandfather Minuel in 1949. It was used alot for cultivating potatoes. Was passed onto my dad John in 1965 when he took over the farm and was used religiously for cultivating blank strips of dirt between certified seed fields and mowing ditches mostly by me starting at the age of 7 or 8. During those years it was repainted 2 times using whatever was in the shop and available. Dad cleaned it up, removed the home made sun shade that was installed for hot summer days, and it was finally repainted its original colors. He passed it onto me in May of 2008 to keep and toy around with. I dont have a farm but I drive it around. Lots of memories with her. James Egeland Minuel, then John Egeland JamesE_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N182503☆ 8N found in Illinois. Monroe EZ ride seat and hat rim rear wheels still in tact. Restoration under way. Dan Jones Henry Noll  
1949 8N 8N182988 Converted to 12v solid but paint almost gone was owned by grandfather Sheila Marrs Charles Marrs Sr.  
1949 8N 8N183321 Working tractor, hope to restore. Terry McCannon    
1949 8N ☆8N183563☆ Bought at a yard sale with a 5' finishing mower. Used around the place. George Petty Rose Brown GeorgeP_19498N
1949 8N 8N184075 Hope to use to maintain gravel drive -- and to let grandchildren ride. . . . Mack Bailey Ken Kennamer MackB_19498N
1949 8N 8N184382 Just bought her and I am happy with her. She's tired but she's a workhorse. Shelby Middlebrooks Bobby Tyrone ShelbyM_19498N
1949 8N 8N184383 "Bessie" is equipped with an FEL; under reconstruction. Charles Hudson    
1949 8N 8N184682   Kevin Schoenheider   KevinS_19498N
1949 8N 8N184962 Was repainted a weird grey and normal red at some point in time. Bought it in eastern Oklahoma. Lance Lafferty N/A LanceL19498N
1949 8N 8N186215   Ron White - Bandera, Texas    
1949 8N 8N186633 Were functional. It is in restoration right now. Andre Lefebvre    
1949 8N ☆8N186645☆ Has a Wagner WM3 loader. I have a bucked, forks and plow. I made a log splitter for it that is attached to the three point hitch. Robert Ciabaszewski Unknown  
1949 8N 8N187038 Working Tractor Original just had some cosmetic work. Lanny Gray   LannyG_19498N
1949 8N 8N187906   Richard F    
1949 8N 8N188746 Purchased this tractor in 2013 Donald Knightly Kirk Mudd  
1949 8N 8N188963 My first 8N. Haven't had it very long but happy with my purchase. Tim Lalonde   TimL_19498N
1949 8N 8N189112 Received this for free from my Grandfather. It came with a Dearborn 19-61 loader, a Sherman Hi/Low auxillary transmission and a Sherman 54100C Power Digger Jonathan Decker Donald Francis  
1949 8N 8N191569 Under restoration Lenny Bailey    
1949 8N 8N192428   John & Toni Allen    
1949 8N 8N192964 My wife’s grandfather bought it new, and brought it to the family farm where it has stayed ever since. We are the 3rd generation owners and still use it on a regular basis. Jason Vanosdol Ken Wooster  
1949 8N 8N193986 Working restoration Kevin McLughlin   KevinM_8N
1949 8N 8N194498 Bought in Maine and is used daily on horse farm and property maintenance. David Shipulski    
1949 8N 8N 195502 Originally purchased by family in 1949. Used on a family farm to replace horse team. Only tractor Used on the farm till 1960's Jesse and Doris (Greunke) Lyons Paul Greunke Family  
1949 8N 8N196642 My grandfather bought this tractor in 1949, and farmed in Hamlin NY until passing it to my uncle who used it until 2015. Now I have just transported it to NM where it will be restored and used to move snow and keep our ranch roads in shape. It has been in the family since 1949 and still is. Bob Schafer August and Donald Schafer BobS_19498N
1949 8N 8N196693 Working tractor mostly snow plowing and general yard work. Equipped with Dearborn loader w/ assorted buckets. Runs strong on original 6V system. Also has a Ford 2 bottom plow. Gerard Lavoie    
1949 8N 8N196820   Denny Cook   DennyC_19498N
1949 8N 8N197192 This 8n was purchased new by my Grandfather it has been used on the same property and kept in the same barn since it was new. It is a great tractor I still use it now to mow and plow.I love keeping the tractor running it was overhauled once and painted. I am going to give it another paint job this year for its birthday. Herbert MaCauley Donald VanDixon  
1949 8N 8N197434 Rebuilding. Daniel Werts    
1949 8N 8N197893 Previous owner painted the tractor, I have did the 12 volt and electronic ignition conversion. Tractor runs like new, I just like to show it off, its the only thing I have built in 1949 and still runs. Steve Caldwell    
1949 8N ☆8N197904☆ Should be a great companion for ☆8N 179555☆ & ☆8N 362039☆ Stan Gordon Pete Krischuk StanG_19498N2
1949 9N 8N198394 Runs strong. 12v converted. Battery wont charge. Needs steering adjustment. Alan Finck    
1949 8N 8N199000 Had severe oil leaks mostly around the oil gauge, fixed and cleaned up seems to be fine now. Stan Gordon (heybusdriver) Jerry ??? StanG_19498N3
1949 8N 8N199030 My Dad bought it new. Now it's mine, still has to work for a living. Ron Craig Cleitus Craig RonC_19498N
1949 8N 8N199151 A hard-worked mutt that still holds oil pressure. Emmanuel Rollin   EmmanuelR_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N199956☆ Old and rusty barn find. Runs good. Would like to sell to someone to restore. I do not have the skills. Would love to see it restored. Hope I got the year and s/n correct. Hard to read. James Jackson Robert Cotton JamesJ_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N200785☆ Runs but waiting for restoration. Michael Buebe   MichaelB_19498N
1949 8N 8N201097 Refurbished in 2007 Robert Opalko   RobertO_19498N
1949 8N 8N201239 Grandfather purchased in the early 50's and used it on the farm for most of it's life. I learned to drive this tractor when I was less than 10 years old. Now he is gone, and I have it. My plan is to restore it as close to original as possible. Currently it still runs great, but needs a little fixing up. My grandfather signed the side of it, and I am trying to figure out how to preserve that, while repainting it. Kenneth Leake Louis R. Humphrey  
1949 8N 8N201714 LPG conversion Ramon Mercer   Picture1251 
1949 8N 8N201890 Fair shape needs electric gone through. Keith Schwandt    
1949 8N ☆8N202483☆ Purchased after being rebuilt in Pea Ridge, AR. Is the same tractor that was used to maintain the property for the previous owners of our home. Donnie Ewald Bob Kitterman DonnieE_19498N
1949 8N 8N203346 Currently a working tractor on a small 45 acre acreage. Ted Wagar Not known but last owner lived near Kamsack in Saskatchewan Canada. TedWagar
1949 8N 8N203532 We'll it runs doing a one week restoration when parts show up. Lee Ranney N/A LeeR_19498N
1949 8N 8N203948 Work in progress. Engine was stuck still dealing with that. Vicki Earnshaw Unknown  
1949 8N 8N204076 This tractor is in Latvia. Aigars Olukalns   AigarsO_19498N
1949 8N 8N204323 Purchased in May 2021, blown motor,. Rebuild 1946 2N engine. Is running, still working on tractor. Danny Underwood Carolyn Benskin DannyU_19498N
1949 8N 8N204354 Just traded 5 cords of wood for it. Hasn't run in 3 years. David Whitton   DavidW_19498N
1949 8N 8N205179 Family tractor, brought back to life and working on our farm. Aaron Korver Royland Laatch AaronK_19498N
1949 8N 8N206924 Recently painted and general mechanical restoration (no internal engine work). Steve Kennedy   SteveK_19498N
1949 8N 8N208135 I found this tractor behind a friends house, where it sat for 5 years. Paid $2000.00 for it and a post hole auger, shredder, chisel plow, bucket scoop, box scraper, and grader blade blade. I rebuilt everything on this tractor except the engine. Thomas Ford John Smith ThomasF_19498N
1949 8N 8N209219 Bought not running got home and seen it had no fuel line put one on and it fired right up.now I'm going to restore it. Chris & Laura Carter    
1949 8N 8N209300   Gary Gallion    
1949 8N 8N209301 Bought this on July 30, 2022. From North Vernon IN. Darren Fitch Jim Lamb DarrenF_19498N
1949 8N 8N209402 Got in 2006 had to rebuild engine 1800$ paid. Paul Wender    
1949 8N 8N209472 Bought in 2008, hydraulics needed repair. repaired hydraulics, still replacing parts Roy Kennedy
New owner Randy Kennedy , Oct. 2009
1949 8N 8N210742 Complete retoration. Has Sherman step-up. John McPherson   JohnM_8N
1949 8N 8N210872☆ Reconditioned by unknown..bought from individual near Graham, TX Walt Petty Unknown pet933R129A 
1949 8N 8N210942 Have had it about 25 years. Really starting to show its age. Time for restoration. Both our daughters learned to drive on it, and now our 6 year old grand daughter loves to steer from my lap. Her turn is coming in a few years. Have just gotten second 8N and will list it also. Much better shape, but also needs some attention. Spencer Cullen    
1949 8N 8N211238 Good working condition. Purchased in April 2013 in Goshen VA. Plan to use as a working tractor on a 53 acre farm in Millboro, VA Randy Blum    
1949 8N 8N211570 Ford 8N Tractor. About to get it running for the first time in years. Burton Clarke Ron Jansen  
1949 8N ☆8N212217☆   Eric Fadenrecht   EricF_19498N
1949 8N 8N212514 The tractor was purchased by my Father in about 1983. It has been used annually to maintain 183 acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). I mowed approximately 60 acres in 2010 using the Ford 501 mower. The tractor is not restored, but has been well maintained and under a roof for most of it's life. Roger Kechter Lester Weaver RogerK_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N212589☆   Scott Vincent   ScottV_19498N
1949 8NAN 8N212727 8 nan with rare vaporiser bought it in 1999 and was in verry bad condition, now it's almost complete and runs good. Bert Veenstra Unknown BertV_8NAN
1949 8N 8N213502 Good paint with front loader. Will be a worker when it get squared away. Starter fried, and waiting for a new one... Jeffrey Kahle Steve Shovely  
1949 8N 8N213973 Barn find and not running at the moment but it will. David Stiles   DavidS_19498N
1949 8N 8N214109 Just acquired, not running, spark ends at top of distributor, no spark at plug. Craig Rose Friends Deceased Father-in-Law  
1949 8N 8N214353☆ Rough but functional, needs seals all around Brian Sengelaub - tinyirisfarm Buttermilk Tractors/Johns Tractors BrianS_19498N
1949 8N 8N214385 Manufacture date: August 17, 1949; has Sherman transmission. Jim Lovejoy Baker & Sons Equipment Co. Ohio  
1949 8N ☆8N215129☆ Just bought this tractor on July 1, 2011. It is in the process of restoration. Runs great to be a 62 year old tractor. The 8N Ford was the 1st tractor I ever got to drive when I was a boy. I have been looking for a good one for at least 28 years. Can't wait to complete the project. Tim Reynolds N/A TimR_19498N
1949 8N 8N215303 Not running when I bought it in 2001. It has been a three year project to rebuild (not restore) it. It's a working tractor but doesn't do much work. I pamper it. I've installed Zane's Live Thang which is fantastic and converted it to 12 volts. Runs like a top. Paul Drazek Nicholas Kominus PaulD_19498N
1949 8N 8N215442 Great tractor makes bushwhacking 5 1/2 acres a stroll in the park. Heimbuck   HBuck_19498N
1949 8N 8N217079 Very nice shape, runs great... Jason Zimny ???  
1949 8N 8N217107   Burt Hudson    
1949 8N 8N217785 Runs great, needs some cosmetic work Jay Beets Richard C.  
1949 8N 8N218789 Purchased from original owners grandson in non-running condition.Took 18 months for restoration. Ready for show now. Have a 641 Workmaster that is restored, but is the work tractor. Brad Dale Sam Lott-Wiggins, MS BradD_19498N
1949 8N 8N218913 Nice tractor. Will clean it up and use it as a hay raking tractor. Ken Pearson    
1949 8N 8N219193 Restoration in progress. Has been in the family since 1986. Eric Craigs William A. Lepizzi EricC_19498N
1949 8N ☆8N219978☆ Bought April 2008 from a friend in Wimberly,Tx. Replaced tires, cleaned up, replaced a few small items. Runs great and I plan to mow my 2 acres and a few chores. Mike Gaston   MikeG_19498N
1949 8N 8N220537   Randy Harrod    
1949 8N 8N220705 12V, Electronic Ig, Fully Rebuilt and Repainted James Kidd   JamesK_19498N
1949 8N 8N220856 Hank came out of a barn in southeastern Pennsylvania. With a little work, he fired right up. All parts appear to be original. The picture here includes Hank, Jr. - a commorative pedal tractor from the 2006 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Ed Bureau   EdB_19498N
1949 8N 8N221051 Working tractor in good shape, we use it for managing our timber around the property. I bought the tractor in November 2018. Done various improvements and repairs. Michael Young Unknown  
1949 8N 8N221083 just bought it 6/05 This is my first tractor and it seems to be in great shape. I hope to mow my 10 acers with it as well as keep the snow at bay... Tim McGinty    
1949 8N 8N221175 Good Condition. Needs some cosmetic work Michael J. Landsfeld    
1949 8N 8N221306 Wonderful condition. Runs Great. Show item category. Charles Kuhlman    
1949 8N ☆8N221503☆ Changed to 12 volt when i bought it. Had not been running for 5yrs. Lot of rust. Robert L. Coppage Greg Miller  
1949 8N 8N222XXX   John & Cindy Sadowski    
1949 8N 8N222307   George Young    
1949 8N 8N223385   Richard F    
1949 8N 8N2238t0 Survivor all original. Father bought new. Robert Johnson Nels Johnson  
1949 8N 8N224430 Front mount distributor with Wagner full hydraulic loader. Loren Hoppel
New owner Jeff Buckingham, Nov. 2018
Merle Farney  
1949 8N 8N225459 Front mount dist. 12volt. Cyclone air cleaner. Eric Black    
1949 8N 8N228047 Great shape needs a little fine tuning. Thomas Williams   ThomasW_19498N
1949 8N 8N230787   Chaley Florey Herbert Lavier  
1949 8N 8N230798 Equiped with Superior Bucket and Sherman Back Hoe. Runs and works, needs restoration. Good project for me. Gene Meabon    
1949 8N 8N230891 A semi-working tractor, doll up complete! I use it to plow snow and bring wood in. Named "Betsy" after a willful old Border Collie I had. Doug Pope ? DougP_19498N2
1949 8N 8N231041 This was my work tractor until I decided to fix it up a little. Tom Streng   TomS_19498N
1949 8N 8N231332   Jeffrey Schara    
1949 8N 8N231865 Bought this tractor @ 10 years ago. Added the Wagner loader last year. Would trade it for anything. LeRoy Dukes   LeroyD_19498N
1949 8N 8N233891 Just got this nice restored 8n out of south east texas, I've always wanted one, she's going to be in my life for a long long time. Rusty Sharp   RustyS_19498N
1949 8N 8N234248 Father in law bought new in 49 . I did a quickie paint job all original always in a shed. Greg Thomas Foy Atkins GregT_19498N
1949 8N 8N234272 Was recently restored by Robert Garbutt. My father and I bought it August 2009. Runs well and looks good. Van Robison Robert Garbutt VanR_19498N
1949 8N 8N234691 I bought a finish mower and the tractor came with it. Been sitting for a while but complete. He'll be company for my restored 48 8n. I'll have him running in no time... Bill Blackwell   BillB_19498N
1949 8N 8N235885 Bought about 6 years ago,having alot of problems starting and running as it was ste-up as both 6v and 12 v system,changing over completely to 12v system ,over its been a good tractor for my use ,mainly doing gravel road and clearing snow. Donald Walker N/A  
1949 8N 8N236479 Unrestored and unloved when purchased. Restoration started, much to do. Dearborn trip bucket loader; front and rear PTO. Rick Meade Doug Frazier  
1949 8n 8N237547 Late 1949, converted to 12V. Jim Merrell John Goode JimM_19498N
1949 8N 8N238362 Purchased 3-September-2005. Presently resides in Tennessee. The previous owner had it for nine years. During that time he beautifully restored it to it's present state. I use it to maintain a large garden and yard. Michael Gregory George Burger MichaelG_19498N
1949 8N 8N238633 Married into this gem. Sat un-used for 8 years. Got it running in March of '08. Used it all thru fall of '08 with minor issues. Gary Benson    
1949 8N 8N238834 AsIs tractor,bought to work on our ministries property Crescent Moon Ministries in Sumter Co.Ga. Greater Horizon Babtist Church  
1949 8N 8N239456 First tractor bought for $550 in September of 2014 when I turned 16, undergoing major restoration all parts matching numbers. Preston Henry Nancy Zitko PrestonH_19498N
1949 8N 8N239579 Needs carb rebuilt and the original tool box and a jar? for the air intake. Ran when I first got it, but the carb continually flooded. David Butler    
1949 8N 8N239587 Needs work. Waiting for spring (warmer weather). Curtis L. Hinson   Curts8n 
1949 8N 8N239830   Timothy Wiley   TimW_19498N
1949 8N 8N240532 Currently has a Wagner WM4 loader on it and it sees a lot of use. Del Huebner    
1949 8N 8N240786 Just got my first tractor and this one is a one owner beauty. All original paint and she runs great. Everything works and I am looking forward to giving her a new paint job this winter to make her look as good a she runs! Hard to admit I have a Ford being a die hard Chevy guy... mayby a small block chevy is in this tractors future. Bob Kapron   BobK_19498N
1949 8N 8N241009 Saw it setting along side of road...I knew I had to have it..just like the one I use to drive when I was 9 yrs old..need some work...but that what i like to do Spuds McKenzie Unknown  
1949 8N 8N241713 Hard working 'red-belly' *Restoration Never Stops* Tom Cullen Ray .... TomC_19498N
1949 8N 8N242525 Found in a barn on a lemon ranch in ventura california, has original dearborn drawbar, with orchard fenders, in the process of restoring it, my first project tractor, hopefully will be ready for lima bean cultivation in the spring. Kyle Bowker N/A  
1949 8N 8N242729 Purchased from local CNH dealer who had tkaen in as trade. Repainted this summer. Harold Cooke   HaroldC_19498N
1949 8N 8N242764 Running well. Restoration and painting underway. Jonathan Rhee    
1949 8N 8N244322 1949 Ford 8N. Will use for gardening and clearing brush at our retirement home in Putnam, TX. Ron and Deb Pearson Joe RonP_19498N
1949 8N 8N245176 Runs great and gets used weekly for finish mowing and blading. Looking to add more attachments as needed. Brian Hyde    
1949 8N ☆8N245689 Runs good needs some work on body and hydraulics are weak Bob Gulick The tractor came from Forida,I purchased from small dealer in MA.  
1949 8N 8N2????? new addition, needs a clutch but otherwise runs pretty nice. Ill post the sn later John Korschot Unknown


1949 8N Funk 0000000 6 Cyl., complete Burt Hudson N/A  
1949 8N ???? Funk conversion, Flathead Six Dallas & Ramon Mercer   Picture0941 
1949 8N ???? V8 conversion, 289 from 66 mustang. All of our tractors are on our website, mercerimplement.com Dallas & Ramon Mercer   Picture0601 
1949 8N ???? Rebuild in process. Dotte McMasters    
1949 8N ???? I bought this a Feb '06 in pieces. After cleaning, painting, and repairing elec., carb., brakes, hydrolics, she runs like a dream! Chris Edge   ChrisE_19498N
1949 8N 9N37508 This is my 49-8N that came with a 40-9N front distributor engine. It smokes a little but looked much better with the new paint job. Could not find a Ford gray that looked right to me so settled on the silver. That will be the first thing I redo now that I know better. My mechanical upgrades so far are the Sherman Combo, Zanes Live Thang, 12-V, new backlit gauges, cup holder, coolant recovery, gas gauge, and seat cushion. Also straightened the radius rods after this photo was taken. Kevin LaRue Unknown KevinL_19498N
1949 8N 8N510380 Bought for $300 from a guy at work. He bought a new kabota and his wife wanted gone, my luck. 3 Months later he said he would rather the 8n. I have tuned it, new wiring harn, new plug wires, rebuit carb and now rewiring lites front and rear. Back blade ( bought from same guy $75 )needs welding, no big deal. Will mount snow blade in front sometime. Looking forward to working on it, no trailer queen just a reliable tractor and fun to work on and easy to fix if needed. You people are great thanks Gary Chiz N/A  
1949 8N ???? 498N with parts from both 50 and 49 on it. Brought to N.C from Texas. Received from my niece whos husband passed away. Tryingto restore but it has been a challenge for someone who knows little about motors and tractors. Will and Peggy Annarino Charles Powell  
1949 8N 8N4013A2 Rough but runs Mark March N/A  
1949 8N ???? MIss Peggy Lee work in progress. Mark Quackenbush Danny Berry MarkQ_19498N
1949 8N *Lost* Converted to 48 volt EV. Uses a 8hp B&S pancake motor and 6 8v golf cart batteries. I modified the hood to tilt forward for easy battery access. RPM match done via 1940 Plymouth 3 speed transmission in front of original transmission. Clutch-less installation but has a second pot. hooked to the peddle to simulate a clutch. LED lights and more gears than I know what to do with. It has been working like a charm since June of 2014. Timothy Chapin   TimothyC_19498N
1950 (8N - S/N 245637 to 343592) (216 entries)
1950 8N 8N32007 Has been running now needs engine rebuild, tires etc. Ken Scarborough Mike Hannigan  
1950 8N 8N235354 Vance owned this tractor from 1964 until his passing 4 years ago. His daughter, Cassandra, kept it in her garage for 4 years. She deceided to give it to someone that would take good care of it. I agreeded and have started the restoration process. Sam Tayman Vance Bailey Baker SamT_19508N
1950 8N 8N238056 Family Farm Tractor Joanne Huber    
1950 8N 8N247088 My first tractor. Sitting in a barn for decades till an ex-wife got rights to it an put it up for sale for $800. At least it went to a good home(me). It was seized but eventually came loose w/out rebuild. Runs excellent after some TLC and another $600 or so. Nearly all original hardware, even part of the OEM toolkit. Old conversion to 12v w/a Generator! Overall the tractor shows surprisingly little wear for it's age. Randall Fountain Unknown RandallF_19508N
1950 8N 8N247573 My first tractor. Got it to work around the house and keep driveway in good shape. Hope to restore it sometime in the future. Mike Boyd Used car lot (Danny's trucks) MikeBoyd_19508N
1950 8N ☆8N249439☆ Purchased locally in 2001 for $1,200. Complete rebuild completed in 2008 as originally configured (6V). Used on our small farm for haying (sickle bar, rake, baling), plowing, discing, drilling seed, plowing snow, etc. Ed Stembridge Unknown EdS_19508N
1950 8N 8N249883 Good Running. Good Looking. Electronic 6V Ignition, Frank Smyser 8N2503553 FrankS_19508N
1950 8N 8N250310 Purchased with Dearborn snow plow. Jack Lancette Ricky Dygert JackL_19508N
1950 8N 8N2503553   Roger Boyd Alva Beesley  
1950 8N 8N250470 Good 'ol tractor that the previous owner had started a restoration on and lost interest. It was in pieces when I got it and had been sitting for 3yrs. I've just about got it ready to fire up for its renewed life. I got this for a something-to-do project and have enjoyed figuring out how it went back together. After getting it to run good, the body work begins! Ron Kircher Mike Green  
1950 8N 8N250560 I bought this 8N in 2002 to help do a LOT of landscaping after our new house was built. It was sitting on the lot at a used implement and tractor business in Edwardsburg, MI. It had been converted to 12 volt before I got it. It runs GREAT, summer and winter! Dave Coulston   DaveC_19508N
1950 8N 8N250561 In original condition. My grand father bought it new and farmed until 1975 with it.Planning complete restoration Jason McLaughlin Jack Sexton  
1950 8N 8N250793 My first tractor, good worker, could use a new coat of paint. Kevin Beckmann    
1950 8N 8N251044 Good condition needs work glad I found SB 118. John Shira Tom Doumit  
1950 8N 8N251153 Mohammad Mokri Franklin T. Bowman    
1950 8N ☆8N251293☆ Original MO Tractor. In the process of restoring. Purchased from original owner May 2014 Sweet Town Farms Mr. Mueller  
1950 8N 8N252104 Restored early 1950 w/front distributor. Jack Conner   JackC_19508N
1950 8N ☆8N252229 Has been sitting since 1982. Engine was stuck. I got unstuck with head off, doing a almost complete rebuild. Zane Satterfield Paul Satterfield  
1950 8N 8N252706 Reliable with loader. Jeremy Benson    
1950 8N 8N253730 Cleaned & red painted years ago. 12 volt w/electronic ignition. Tin good, rims NOT! Lynn Patrick John Nichols LynnP_19508N
1950 8N 8N254079 8N with Dearborn loader , got it Nov 2008 , not quite finished but getting closer Stan Gordon (heybusdriver) N/A StanG_19508N
1950 8N 8N254232 First purchased by my grandfather and then handed down to my father, and now is in my care. Steve Happe Louis G. Happe  
1950 8N 8N254815 When I purchased this tractor it had sat outside for 2 years with a cracked transmission. I replaced the transmission and numerous other parts to revive the tractor. Everything works well, I would like to completely restore the tractor in the years to come. Todd Brummond    
1950 8N 8N255029 Our 8N has been in the family since new. Ian Armitage William C Harris (1950) Grandfather IanA_19508N
1950 8N 8N255545 Plan on restoring next year. Jeff Tucker Donnie Williamson  
1950 8N 8N255699 Just bought. Everything works, but needs restoration. Mike Mannell David Chatelain  
1950 8N 8N256833 I purchased this tractor from a friend of my wife's about a year ago. My wife's friend said it was new when her grandfather bought it about 1949. It turned out to be a 1950 according to the serial number. I had so much fun working on this old tractor. I put new tires and rims on it and painted it the original colors. It looks real good and now I can use my brush hog at our property. It runs real good and did when I bought it. It also came with a original ford dump trailer, single bottom plow, discs, drag. Roger Tate Mrs. Karol Duke RogerT_19508N
1950 8N 8N256937 Bought this tractor 25 years ago and worked her (Henrietta) hard. She has set for a few yrs and now I am trying to rebuild and maybe restore. Glen Peters Unknown  
1950 8N 8N258701 Great runner. converted to 12V. Never fails to start and runs strong in all gears. Wish it wenr slower in 1st. gear because I have a Dearborn mower for it. Brian Nelson    
1950 8N 8N259604 Seen a lot of weather but doesn't look like it worked a lot. Don Ritchie Bob Smith  
1950 8N ☆8N259639☆ I'm not sure about the S/N on the engine block. I think the S/N was mis-stamped because it starts with #4 but has front mount distributor. So, I believe the 4 should have been a 2. She's still a worker for snow plowing. She appears to be original except for a couple of repaints and well cared for. I'm planning to refurbish her over time. Trevor T's Father Father-in-Law TrevorT_19508N
1950 8N 8N259848 Bought in February 2003. Started restoration in January 2004 and finished up 15 months later in April 2005. Tractor and tractors family reside in Middle Tennessee. Tractor now enjoys retirement inside owners workshop alongside a '31 Model A and a '50 F-1 Pickup. Tractor enjoys pulling kids on hayrides, moving lumber and other junk for owner, and hanging out in the shop with it's flatheaded buddies. Patrick Black (flathead) Robert Ralston PatrickB_19508N
1950 8N 8N260377 Bought from Lowery Tractor Supply, a ford specialized restoration/dealer in Colonial Heights, VA on July 3rd, 2012 John Perkins Charlie Lowery  
1950 8N 8N260454 Was sold to me as a 1950 8N but motor number and 4 speed transmission,front mount distributor,older steering box, and date stampings on transmission and trumpet housings along with no inner oil seals on axle,i think it is closer to a 1947 or 1948. I have painted it red and gray. Mahlon Taylor Boyd Wetzel MahlonT_19508N
1950 8N 8N260576 Early 1950 front mount. Working tractor, runs good and still 6 Volt. Karl Rathburn, Carthage, NC Unknown KarlR_19508N
1950 8N 8N261742 Recently renovated and converted to 12v. Dad bought in 1970, used 4-5 times a year. Became mine last year. Jason Brimingham   JasonB_19508N
1950 8N 8N262918 One of the last frontmount N's. Block & pan casting dates are both Feb. 17, 1950. Purchased September, 1999. This tractor has had very little use as the raised checkerboard pattern on the pedals are barely worn. Engine rebuild May 2004. Bruce Haynes Ashland Ford Tractor, Ashland VA BruceH_19508N2
1950 8N 8N263214 I got it in February 2003. I restored it in the following 5 month. You can see the restoration on www.hobby3d.com. Back to work in forest. It is just fine and tough. Robin Boulianne Marius Levesque RobinB_19508N
1950 8N 8N263505 Just a nice running old tractor. Everything works and used mostly for bush hogging. William Conrad    
1950 8N 8N263662 First tractor just bought in 5-2010 runs good,looks good, new play thing,hope to do new fender skins,paint,tires soon Wilson Greene Unknown  
1950 8N 8N263753 1950 Ford 8N Daniel & Floyd McDonald Louie Atkinson  
1950 8N 8N264225 Partially restored Billy Kyle Unknown bk19508N
1950 8N 8N265059 Part yard art and part functionality. Runs good. Needs some TLC. Mitch Tauber Rodney Crook MitchT_19508N
1950 8N 8N265090 Fair for setting in the woods for 28 years Quintin Akeley David Cane  
1950 8N 8N265592 This tractor is in exceptional condition, has the original bill if sale and owners manual and has always been kept inside since new. David Wilkins Rhodes Marston DavidW_19508N
1950 8N 8N265816 Bought it in late 2005 ago down here in south west France, running, but a bit sick due to neglect and non standard parts. But it came with old, but unused tires, which was strange. Now fixed up and running well and used for mowing and light work about the place. Don Maxwell Unknown French farmer DonM_19508N
1950 8N 8N266146 Purchased in January 2006. Used daily hauling gravel, firewood, planting garden, wildlife plots, brushogging. Mark Carey Unknown  
1950 8N *8N266146 Going to be restored and live on a 30 acre hobby farm. Robert C. Stokes Zack Brown  
1950 8N 8N266330 I'm old and tired. I've been put out to pasture because I'm ornery in my old age. My greatest joys now are when my owner airs my tires up, tops off my oil and water and lets me wander around the pasture so I can mark my territory where ever I go..... Phillip Bartlett My memory fails me....  
1950 8N 8N266555 Bought out of cow pasture and working to restore. Pat Honn    
1950 8N 8N266556 Purchased from Ed in Newton, NH. 12V Conversion works great. Starts during about 1/2 engine turnover. Use it everyday to clear the front wooded area. Plan to do a restore in the winter. Conrad P Koch Jr. Ed ConradK_19508N
1950 8N 8N268258   Johnny Sumlin N/A  
1950 8N 8N268423 Picked her up in March, my second Red Belly. Good runner, needs some things but dont they all? Still runnin on 6 volts and starts like day one. David Hahn   DavidH_19508N
1950 8N 8N269488 Came with the house I bought in 2014. Runs, but needs a lot of work. My 1st 8N. Bruce Campbell Ron Schneider  
1950 8N 8N270153 Sold to me as a "51 but by the serial number it looks to be a '50. It runs good and is not too bad a shape. Great find in Alaska. Carol Reed Quinton Goentzel CarolR_19508N
1950 8N 8N270380

Unrestored, running, slowly being redone

Dennis Neff    
1950 8N 8N270760 My dad bought her new in 1950. Cultivated cotton, peanuts, and corn early on and pulled a hay baler for 30+ years. Not bad shape, but will soon be restored and I will be as proud of her as my dad was in 1950. Kenneth Smith Elmer Smith  
1950 8N 8N271229 My dad purchased new and I restored it in 2005. Richard Brock Raymond Brock RichardB_19508N
1950 8N 8N271673 In the process of being restored Larry Micallef    
1950 8N 8N271678 Basic 8N,12 volt conversion Named "Gray Boy" Robert John    
1950 8N 8N272920 Side mount distributor. 12v conversion. Runs very well. Many fond memories with my dad and this old tractor. Plan on a winter restoration. Richard Blevins Tom Blevins RichardBl_19508N
1950 8N 8N273308 Orig Burt Hudson N/A  
1950 8N 8N273657 This is one of the early sidemount 1950 N's. Purchased August, 2003. Block casting date March 28, 1950. Bruce Haynes Purchased in New Kent Co, VA BruceH_19508N
1950 8N 8N273908 Found this gem abandoned in a storage facility. Appeared to have a rough life but after a year of work, some clean up and engine repair I now have the largest snow plow in my neighborhood. Joe Doscher Unknown JoeD_19508N
1950 8N 8N274460 Purchased September 2012 from 2nd owner. Had been sitting for two years with steering problems. Carb kit, plugs, wires, a little oil here and there and a pressure wash runs great! Joe Speegle   JoeS_19508N
1950 8N ☆8N275105☆ Not running engine stuck sheet metal in sad shape. Will fix her up like new over time. Terry Jackson    
1950 8N 8N276318 Early side mount without proofmeter. Great mechanical condition, but needs paint! Works hard. Patrick Tipton Originally sold in Honesdale, PA by Joe Krempsky Ford. Traded in by [ ] to Marshall's Machinery in Honesdale, PA. I bought tractor from Marshall's. 508N 
1950 8N ☆8N276492☆

1950 model Ford 8N, side mounted distributor, 12 volt wiring conversion with negative ground, alternator, 12 volt coil, and no resistor. This tractor was a gift from my father. It had set idle for approximately 2 years not running. I asked him for it and he finally gave it to me with all the following implements; box blade, middle buster, and bush hog. After much help from here at the N-Tractor Club, she cranks immediately and runs beautifully. The hydraulics are a bit weak. I have purchase several used parts from several members here and many new parts from Just8N’s. I am working on the sheet metal and paint next.

Mark B. Williams Billy Charles Williams MarkW3_19508N
1950 8N 8N277675 Found this tractor in a barn RI. Bought it to clear a house lot, it came with a Ford 951 Rotary cutter. After the lot was done I repaired and painted to original specs with exception of 12 volt electrical system. In memory of my loving daughter "Lisa Lou" aka "Me Too". Michael Novak Russell Johnson  
1950 8N 8N280057 Purchased new by my grandfather in 1950. Has Sherman Over/Under. Front distributor; 6 volt ignition. Glen Howell    
1950 8N 8N280107 Original 12 volt side mount distributor, looks original and runs great. Has a set of Wilkerson Nutwell wheel weights mounted to rears. Purchased second hand from a gentleman who rebuilds and restores N-series tractors here in Paso Robles California. Ron Bridgman Unknown  
1950 8N 8N280671 Good condition, unrestored, runs great. Wade Schneider Bob Trainer  
1950 8N 8N280747 Engine is blown. Parts tractor. Mike Bramblett    
1950 8N 8N281172 Excellent shape, runs great, 6 volt, pretty much original but re-painted, new tires and partially restored. Paul Breeden 2 Previous Owners PaulB_19508N
1950 8N 8N281272 Just overhauled the motor. Michael Renner    
1950 8N 8N281534 Working tractor, work in progress Joe Scribner Carl Worden JoeS2_19508N
1950 8N 8N281550 In black Bill McGrew   BM19508N 
1950 8N 8N281849 Sidemount dist, mostly original, 6volt, needs a little TLC but hope to get restored soon. Alvin & Julie Zeisset , MO N/A  
1950 8N 8N282730 Fair shape,needs some paint. David Adkison    
1950 8N 8N282765 Good running condition. Has operable original front bucket and new rear box grader. No rust. Richard G. Ryder John R. Augusta, Falmouth, MA.  
1950 8N 8N283510 8N series 1950 model farm tractor,was purchased from a farm in Vera OK by Mr Walker who farmed on 80 acres at Collinsville OK. At his death i purchased the tractor from his son Joe Walker. The tractor is great running shape,it had a manafold leak and i had that fixed and converted to 12volt system. I live out side of collinsville OK where i use the tractor for mowing. David McGuire Robert Walker  
1950 8N 8N283521 Fair original condition except for engine rebuild and 12-volt conversion in 2016. Harold S Armstrong    
1950 8N 8N284166 Sweet not yet but soon Denis St Francois    
1950 8N 8N284592 1950 8n ,6v ,fel,rear blade,was stored indoors,stock looking, bought to restore and play in the snow Mark Ryan    
1950 8N 8N284922 Purchased in 1998 in Bastrop, TX. Used it for 7yrs. It has sat for 4 yrs. I have just begun a repair/paint project. John Stukes   JohnS_19508N
1950 8N 8N286800 This one was owned by my Grandpa, need some TLC Ronnie McDougal Wilburn Garrett RonnieM_19508N
1950 8N 8N287055 Tractor in great shape, but tore down motor for complete rebuild. Hope to fully restore. Trevor Patnoad Clinton Lathrop  
1950 8N 8N287645 Previous owner's father had started restoration and passed away. Bought after 15 years in storage. Replaced missing parts, did 12 volt conversion, cleaned and lined fuel tank. Fixed other things and now runs great. Found a 10-1 56 two bottom Dearborn plow and going to drive it into the garden. Pip Pilotte Peter Madden PipP_19508N
1950 8N 8N287907   Nick Szydlek    
1950 8N 8N289154 Mostly used for grading driveway and to pull a bush hog. Lyndal Britt N/A  
1950 8N 8N289198   James Ackroyd    
1950 8N 8N290633 Sherman Transmission with dealer installed option Direct/high/low. Skyline loader w 2nd front mounted PTO with With Dearborn blade in back. Tractor Runs hydraulics functional. Excel Christian FFA Chapter Mr. Judd JessieR_19508N
1950 8N 8N291734 Tractor? Jeffery Andrews William Higgins JefferyA_19508N
1950 8N 8N291863 This tractor is used for Bush-hogging on my farm. It has been re-done once since I've owned it. I have owned it for about 8 years. Don Sura    
1950 8N 8N292575 Better than average looking 8N converted to 12 volts by New Holland Dealer where I purchases it from. Iknow nothing of the history of the tractor. Very good condition except oil seal on right rear has a leak, causing brake on that side not to work good. Purchased tractor to bush hog on the farm. Ross Fillmore Pugh Unknown  
1950 8N 8N293029 Bought it running poorly. New wire harness, tank, grille, carburetor rebuild, maniflod, front tires. Came with 8V battery. Modified regulator to match. Runs well, good compression. Use with 6' rear scraper blade to grade lengthy driveway. Jim Pitman   JimP_19508N
1950 8N 8N293251 Purhased at Columbus Jct. Iowa feb. 2008. Nice clean tractor in need of some TLC. Brad McGowan    
1950 8N 8N293566 Purchased for use on my small farm for basic bed preparation. A solid tractor, runs well, restored, but not show quality, so I won't feel guilty about getting it dirty. ;) Came equipped with a Hupp auxiliary transmission and the mounting brackets for the cordwood saw. Patricia Nolde Donald Harper PatriciaN_19508N
1950 8N 8N293735 My dad bought this tractor sometime before 1976. Although it looks a little rough, it has been a faithful worker. It is used mainly for bush hogging, but I have purchased a grader blade & disc to use with it. I would love to restore it some day and keep it forever. Mark Blandford    
1950 8N 8N294524   Bob Jennings Edwin Sterling  
1950 8N 8N294907 I bought this 1950 tractor in January,2007. The 8N rins good and no smoke, it has a side mount dist. and has been convertedto 12volts.Restoration in process. John Hobbs Cecil Hilger  
1950 8N 8N295898 Working 8N, Has been fully repaired and is a strong wood hauling and road grading machine. In a former life it worked on a Horse Ranch here in western Washington. Has a roof over it's head and clean oil! Paul Farley Sam Parks PaulF_19508N
1950 8N 8N296506 Bought not running & very rough looking. Good tune up, wiring, etc & runs like a top! Lynn Patrick
Sold to Bryan Peterson, Fairfield, IA
Virgil Gingerich  
1950 8N 8N296723 Grandfather bought new in 1950. Left for dead in a field in 1999, after his death. Resurrected in 2020. Joe Dowling Richard L. Stevens JDowling_19508N
1950 8N 8N297084 A working 8N that my dad bought in the early 80's. Not sure who it was purchased from. Chuck Nix Roger Nix  
1950 8N 8N297578 Rebuilt Engine and Transmission, repainted, new hydraulics and wiring. Richard Taggart   RichardT_19508N
1950 8N 8N298005 Unrestored, refurbished Richard Jones Unknown  
1950 8N 8N298253 Took all sheet metal off and repainted every thing. Melvin Robinson   MelvinR_19508N2
1950 8N 8N299976 Father bought it in 65 with a wagner loader it for $750 Harry Bisanz Walt Miller  
1950 8N 8N301688 Family owned for the last 60 yeras, great shape kept inside most of its entire life. Edward Weskerna Jr. Edward Weskerna Sr. EdwardW_19508N
1950 8N 8N301768 I was told it was a 1952, but based on serial numbers it looks to be 1950. 12v convert, look good and works well. Told it was restored 7 yrs ago. Karl Rechlin Chad Carson  
1950 8N ☆8N301813☆ 12v conversion. Previous owner had engine rebuild done by pro. But he bought a newer tractor while this one was still in the shop and decided he didn't want the 8N anymore. Lucky for me! I'm using it for basic chores and having fun doing them. David Curin    
1950 8N 8N301871 Got it as a Christmas gift from my wife last year. Painted Ford Blue, looks to be in good shape, all original except color. James Ryan Kinderhook Tractor  
1950 8N 8N301926 Converted to 12V Carl Lange Terrell Manuel  
1950 8N 8N302002 Nice running 1951 8n needs paint and electric work. Russell Landreth Don Mobley, North Texas RussellL_19508N
1950 8N 8N303368 Was rusted-out and bought for parts. Decided to restore and now its a nice tractor. Ed Kramer   EdC_19508N
1950 8N 8N303929 I grew up driving this great little tractor on the farm in Northwest Indiana. When dad sold out, my cousin bought the farm and agreed to use the tractor until I could take possession. I've had it now for about two years and am slowly restoring it in honor of my dad. Every time it starts it takes me back to being 6 years old again. Rex Schlagenhauf    
1950 8N 8N304384 A wonderful work in progress Jeffrey Wantz David Wantz  
1950 8N 8N305191 Xmas present from my wife. Great 8N , runs well, not perfect but still looks good . Ron Green Doug ? RonG_19508N
1950 8N 8N306058 I purchased this tractor from a local used tractor dealer. She's been used a lot. Saved someone a lot of hard work I'm sure. I got it to help clear our 7 acre homestead here in Florida. My dad was a Ford fanatic and very happy to know that I finally saw things his way. :-} Bill Griffin Unknown BillG_19508N
1950 8N 8N306513 In good condition, my first tractor. Les Foster Unknown LesF_19508N
1950 8N 8N306678 Cool tractor; my first! Robert Ralph    
1950 8N 8N307251 Fully restored….Owned since 2016 Stanley R. Smith
Murphy, NC
1950 8N ☆8N308598☆ 2 tone pink with a white buggy top canopy. Kimberly McVay   KimberlyM_19508N
1950 8N 8N309156 Well used tractor with new rubber. Used to mow my acerage. Need instructions on how to hook up the tach, headlights and brake lights. Jim Mong Ralph Jordan  
1950 8N 8N309173 Partially restored about mid 2002. I bought it on Nov. 25th 2011. Runs great, brakes leak and needs throwout bearing and battery. Other than that tractor is in great shape and plan to fully restore it soon. Chris Pedersen Dave Schramm ChrisP_19508N
1950 8N 8N310056 8N Ford with side mounted dist. William Whitlock Elroy Hines  
1950 8N 8N310145 My first tractor, bought summer of 06. Bill Denny    
1950 8N 8N310394 Restored, semi retired Glenn Clough    
1950 8N 8N310570 Preserved-works everyday in the summer John McCutcheon    
1950 8N 8N310648 Preserved-works everyday in the summer John McCutcheon    
1950 8N 8N311120 The tractor was located on lake property in northern Minnesota and has been parked there for 20+ years. It is in amazing shape considering it was left out in the elements. It turned over fine and took minimal effort to get running. It has a loader on it that I believe to be a Dearborn loader. It was purchased many years ago from a County auction and it is orange in color. The plan is to restore it with the loader and cab keeping it original. Rosanne Harwood Doug Harwood  
1950 8N 8N311382 Good tractor purchased in May 2007. Was painted several years ago (not as well as previous owner thinks, I suspect!). Have had a few minor problems and have already had to split in June but love it anyhow. Bought for a chore tractor but would like to restore someday. Malcolm Warren Dale Welch MalcolmW_19508N
1950 8N 8N311936   Mike Walterman    
1950 8N 8N312136 Runs and looks like new. 8-month restoration. My painting is getting better. Script's handpainted. Albert Sandholm Kenneth Heye, NY AlS_19508N
1950 8N 8N312??? Dearborn 19-21 Loader Ron Wachowiak Dell Esterline RonW_19508N
1950 8N 8N312440 Running but looks rough...mostly original...searching for best restoration options at this time. Will post after pics. Ricky Meadors B.J. Meadors (Dad) RickyM_19508N
1950 8N 8N312726   Robert Foster    
1950 8N 8N313234   Dallas & Ramon Mercer    
1950 8N 8N313282 Bought it in Dec.08 for $1300 with a 6'swing blade on the back.About a $1000 later she is working in field everyday. I realy do like the Sherman over/under trany and 13.6 back tires. Al Skero    
1950 8N 8N313292 Just purchased with blade and woods finish mower. Good running 6 volt tractor, a few leaks and a bit smokey but overall in pretty nice shape. Robert Frost Don  
1950 8N 8N313945 A nearly original 8N side mount. Named smokey for the obvious reason. Rebuild and sheet metal work in the future, but it runs just fine. Gotta love that grill. Kurt Moser Skip Burelli KurtM_19508N
1950 8N 8N314998 Kind of a rust bucket but a bargain rust bucket. 6 volt genny 3 yr old brush hog. Side mount dist Mark Welling   MarkW2_19508N
1950 8N 8N315024 Purchased from local small town Tractor dealor in 2001. The top of motor was off but I had all the parts.Put back together and ran fine until piston rings let oil blow out while mowing.I am now having the motor overhauled because I really enjoy driving the tractor. It is a great tractor to have. Rod Stewart    
1950 8N 8N316742☆ Just a nice solid Workin Girl. Most everything is Original.As can be seen She needs a new grill. Original fell off, and I ran it over with Mower...That makes a bad sound!! Keith Culp   KeithC_19508N
1950 8N 8N317075 Purchased it thinking it was a 1952; the SN proves it is a 1950. Included the 19-71 Dearborn Loader. Purchased in Winter of 2018 in Maine. Bill Plamondon   BillP_19508N
1950 8N 8N317112 Overall good condition. Runs well and everything works Roger Staples    
1950 8N 8N317423 Had it running then started fixing all the "little" things wrong with it a month ago.....still fixing... Johnny Winkler L.W. Turner  
1950 8N 8N317941 I bought this 8N 4 years ago. Mechanically it is in good shape, the engine had been overhauled in the not-too-distant past. It has sat outside a lot and isn't the prettiest, but it runs and works very well. Mike Anderson    
1950 8N 8N318509   Frank Mertz Jeff Sebastian FrankM_19508N
1950 8N 8N318594 A little rough on the eyes but has a strong heart. My hobby and love getting seat time. Slowly getting her back solid. Love the site too! Harry Gunter Gene Ellington HarryG_19508N
1950 8N 8N319536☆ I purchased this year. Was advertised by PO as 1952 but sn proved otherwise. He had owned since 1978. Decent shape, good tires but weak lift. In process of restoring all gauges, decals, etc. Picture shows lever in front of clutch pedal and I'm not sure of its function. Larry Ledford Robert Sandhagen LarryL_19508N
1950 8N 8N320255 My father purchased this 8N in 1986. A PO had painted Li'L Jen on both sides of the hood. Benjamin Haring   BenjaminH_19508N
1950 8N 8N320432 Completely restored, strong running, original tractor. Was used to pull apple wagons on a prison work farm when i bought it at auction, it was in bad shape. Kevin Orme State of Indiana  
1950 8N ☆8N320604☆ Fully restored (13 months) owned by grandfather since 1958. Used as garden tractor for truck farming. I kept the original 6 volt Generator/starter system. Chris Vaughn Lawrence Vaughn ChrisV_19508N
1950 8N 8N321846 "Working" (ugly?) 8N. I know nothing of the history of this tractor. I bought her at an auction (Horn Auction in Nome, TX) in July of 1997. Paid $1900 for the tractor and an 11-hole drawbar, a set of sway bars and a length of chain. Steve Biehl   Tractor4a 
1950 8N 8N322149 I am the fourth owner of this tractor in the family. Great running, I hope my kids will carry it on. Shawn Workman Justin Ward ShawnW_19508N
1950 8N 8N323257 Ain't much on looks but a darn hard worker. Has never failed me yet. John White    
1950 8N 8N324929   Rick Knicely Richard Yearwood  
1950 8N 8N325420 Purchased in 1969 for $530.00. Needed tires but had about 15 hours on complete engine rebuild. Replaced tires in 1972. Still runs good, uses no oil, hydraulics work good. Has been a super good tractor. Don Williams George Pfander
Owner or owners previous to Mr. Pfander unknown.
1950 8N 8N326152 I purchased this tractor in Pittsylvania County, Va.several years ago and finally finished restoring it last summer. Orren Tench B. I. Hayden? OrrenT_19508N
1950 8N 8N326537 All original except for radiator cap. Looks good, runs great. Mike Hill Unknown MikeH_19508N
1950 8N 8N327950 Reworked and Restored. Current total hours are 109. Douglas Samples Don G Samples  
1950 8N 8N327975 Restored 1993 and was my Dad's. Original: Ford Farming screen, battery cover, air cleaner & jar,v-hitch, PTO pulley with paper wheel. Tractor used to plant & plow corn and rake hay. Never abused. My favorite tractor. Jerry Griffin Bill Griffin (my Dad) Mt. Juliet, TN JerryG_19508N2
1950 8N ☆8N328099☆ Rough shape. It has been sitting in the weather unmoved for about 10 years. The battery leaked and slowly ate a smooth round hole in the bell housing. I hope to be doing a 4.3 conversion soon. The motor runs but is in rough shape. Hot battery and fresh gas it fired right up though it had no oil pressure. The pickup tube has fallen off and I'm not sure about the shape of the motor. That's why I'm considering the 4.3 Chevy conversion. I also have a original 1949 8n. Talmadge Armistead Bob Malcom TalmadgeA_19508N
1950 8N 8N328251 Side mounted distributor,rebuilt 2008,working tractor John Murphy Jack Morris JohnM_19508N
1950 8N 8N328857 Tractor is in very good mechanical condition, sheetmetal is good, (Minor dents in front of hood), hydraulics are good, front axle & steering is a mess, but being repaired. I was a baby when Dad bought an 8N. After 60 years, I have my own. Donald F. Lundmark Paige Tractor, Inc.  
1950 8N 8N329381 I bought the 8N from a local boat yard, it was used for many years moving boats around the marina. I've used it for about 10 years to move buses around my shop. That's my wife on the tractor and we have decided to restore it and use it to pull the drag around the track at the local motorcycle flattrack races. Mike Browne Martinez California boat yard MikeB_19508N
1950 8N 8N329975 Purchased from second owner in Bossier City, LA. He said he bought it from a Dairy Farm in CA. Requires a little love, but everything works. Thomas O'Neale   TomO_19508N
1950 8N 8N330216 3rd owners of standard equipment 8N in running and driving condition, Wagner front end loader, post hole digger, scraper blade included in purchase. Will be used on 7 acre spread in rural Oregon, within a couple of mile from the ocean. Jason & Sandra Randolph Ken Wilson JasonR_19508N
1950 8N 8N330291 Poor Tractor!!! It has been abused. It is in good hands now and will be put to work on our farm/ministry property. Cresent Moon Ministries, Sumter Co. GA John Barry  
1950 8N 8N330733   Keith Boulet    
1950 8N 8N331162 Bought from a man across town for $900. It's a 50 but has the one piece steel stick and not the knob. Duane T. Hofstetter    
1950 8N 8N331216 1950 8n runs good 2nd owner York SC Ricky McBee    
1950 8N 8N331477 Good shape-has been painted.Generator has been replaced with alternator(doesn't work) Ken Smith-Citra, Fl.    
1950 8N 8N333274 Purchased in summer of 2011 as a working tractor. Is in good shape and runs well. These N's grow on you. Jeff Rissmann David & Mark Cunningham  
1950 8N 8N334412 Bought April 2016 off craigslist. Barely running and looking bad. Added 12v conversion, valve job, new carb, overhauled hydraulics, lots of other parts replaced or rebuilt. Great 25ft rattlecan paint job. Great for working my 5 acres. PapaDon Marsh Unknown PapaDonM_19508N
1950 8N 8N333645☆ Rebuilt engine. Runs great, still works the garden,does tractor pulls and needs a little paint Luke Haldeman Mel Haldeman  
1950 8N 8N333694 I bought it in Ellinwood, KS from the original owner who purchased it in 1950 with a model 19-22 loader. I brought it home to Colorado Springs for snow removal, drive way grading and enjoyment. Gene & Candi McNany Lyle Bryant GeneM_19508N
1950 8N


Its in great shape for its model,the motor runs great and the lift works good to it could use some paint and a grill but that is about it, It has been changed to a 12 volt, Love my Tractor Andrew Keener Jerry Findley AndrewK_19508N
1950 8N 8N334850 Just a good ole Red Belly, wanted a 1947 to match my birth year, still looking. John Cobb Jimmy Tankerously  
1950 8N 8N335240 Purchased for a working tractor, refurbishing now for use. Jonathan McCandless    
1950 8N 8N335528 My first tractor. Decent shape - runs good - Hydraulics don't work.It sat out for a while. Lots of work to do. Tony Linkkila N/A  
1950 8N 8N335867 Left for dead. David Jones   DavidJ_19508N
1950 8N 8N336213 Cosmetic restoration a few years ago, used regularly Mona Jean    
1950 8N 8N337275 Bought on 4/7/07. In excellent condition. I will repaint it and switch it to 6 volt when i get the time. Jonas Hastings   JonasH_19508N
1950 8N 8N337751 Bought 6/29/15 for $2500. Mostly original parts with some new paint on the hood, dog legs and seat. Came with a leaky 19-61 front loader. Frank and Cindy Mortimer Dave Andrews FCM_19508N
1950 8N 8N338230 Made a trade for the 8n,2004 Honda 400ex, and $1000 vs. my 1968 Case high lift. We are in the process of restoring it now. It was in very nice shape over all so this should be a nice and easy restoration. Richard Lane    
1950 8N 8N338442 My first tractor. Bought it from "The Plantin Place" in Union ,S.C.in Oct.2008 Charles Koch Jr.
Sold to Dennis Dunn of Rock Hill, S.C. on June 29, 2010
1950 8N 8N338548 Old and tired. Needs lots of TLC which I am giving it so far. Irving L. Smith Robert E. Capper  
1950 8N 8N339392 Finishing restoring it. Has wagner loader. Billy Venezia My dad purchased it new in 1950.  
1950 8N 8N339738 Orig Burt Hudson N/A  
1950 8N 8N340100 Now in restration, expect to be running in August 2010 Jerry Owens Unknown  
1950 8N 8N340172 Old Crystal Springs Farm tractor that I just purchased. Ran about a year ago and will hopefully see work again soon. Michael and Stacey Lucas R.D. "Dee" Hubbard  
1950 8N 8N340673 8N Ford tractor, side mt dist, 4 cyl, std 4 spd trans, all orig Wayne Bullen John Bullen , Carl Bullen  
1950 8N 8N341527 Acquired in 1995. Was a great tractor until it was allowed to sit for too long. Been spending HOURS trying to get it running again. I think I'm getting very close! Lynne Miles Neighbor  
1950 8N 8N342459 Inherited from my Father-in-law. Used to brush-hog 10 acres. Converted to 12 volt. In process of painting and mild restoration. Brian Wetteroff    
1950 8N 8N342520 Tractor was restored to good mechanical condition by previous owner. Chuck Schwickerath Willard Sitze ChuckS_19508N
1950 8N ☆8N342823☆   Vernon Brikowski    
1950 8N Illedgible   Karl & Bonnie Rathburn Unknown kr19508N
1950 8N V8 60HP 1937 NOS 60HP Flathead "Tin-Sided" Block and Ford Aluminum Heads". Engine came complete. Project completed April 2001. Jerry Griffin N/A JerryG_19508N
1950 8N ☆8N154763☆ I think its a 1950 with a 49 engine & trans. Did this happen often ? Allen Gray Wayne Carmichael AllenG_19508N
1950 8N 9N260454 It was sold to me as a 1950 8N but with motor number, and 4 speed transmission,front mount distributor,older steering box and date stampings on transmission and trumpet housing along with no inner oil seals in axle housings,I think it is a 1947.I am in process of fixing and painting Ford red and Ford gray. Mahlon Taylor Boyd Wetzel  
1950 8N ?????? Ford tractor in fine condition. Andres Nuñez Unknown  
1950 8N N/A I purchased this tractor on eBay from Ohio. He purchased it on ebay from son of original owner from Indiana. Tractor is in good used shape for 58 years old. I call the tractor Bertha. Bertha and I live in PA. Scott Gross N/A  
1950 8N Unreadable Purchased from local Case dealer in Renfrew,Ont. Canada last year. Only one way to describe the old girl : Road hard and put away wet. Slowly being brought back to life as funds permit(was purchased as a barely running tractor) Bryan Coppin No history available BryanC19508N
1950ish 8N Funk ?????? Not running Funk Tim Couch   TimC_19508NFunk
1950 8N ?????? Can not read serial #'s.Judging from the thearded shifter knob intruduced at#252845 and the change to the 241 carb at #260595. I think the serial # would fall inbetween there somewhere.Early 1950 front dist. Bought as non runner. Sat in PO's garage for 8 years, mostly disassembled, before he lost interested. PO bought it farm a horse farm.I had to do a valve job,rewire (still 6V), rebuild the carb and generator and put it all back together but runs good now. Kirk Witte Bob ???? KirkW_19508N
1950 8N ?????? The "8N" casting mark on the left rear of the block was changed to "8N-B". Shawn Alfonsi Tim Gray  
1950 8N ?????? I bought this tractor in 2007 from a guy in PA that had restored it. Jim Smucker Bob ?  
1950? 8N None Early Funk flathead 6 conversion. Over sized rear tires. Josh Beeman N/A  
1950? 8N 9N18101 My pink & purple tractor. Karen Virden   KarenV_19508N
1950 8N ??????   Daniel Andersen Not Sure  
1950-1952 8N ?????? Good cond Ricky Watts Joe 's Tractor Sales in Thomasville, NC  
???? 8N Unknown Still 6volt...8n...running not bad! Her name is "Millie" Mike & Cathy Burge Unknown MikeB_1950ish8N
???? 8N ???? Original 8n from back in the 50s or so. Bruce Elliott    

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