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8N & Newer Ford Tractor Registry (1951 & Up)

A club database to record information about your 8N (1951 & up) & other Ford tractor(s). Use it for tracking, insurance records, and general interest.

9N & 2N Ford Tractor Registry
8N Ford Tractor Registry (1947 thru 1950)
Click here to submit your tractor information to the registry. One submission & one photo allowed per tractor.
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Year Model Serial # Description Owner Previous Owner Photo
1951 (8N - S/N 343593 to 442034) (229 entries)
1951 8N ☆8N39121☆
Industrial Engine
I purchased this Tractor 3/1/12 , this tractor has had a total rebuild including the rear axel & has a 6 cylinder Funk Motor " RUNS GREAT " now lives a good life, we will use it as a show tractor / this tractor now is in the Hudson Valley, NY State. Richard M. Prevost Chats Tractors RichardP_19518N
1951 8N 8N337309 Been restoring for past year pay as you go it is slow,hope to finish this summer. Bill R Unknown last owner br19518N
1951 8N ☆8N343962☆ New project. Virginia, USA. JMNW Z. JC Burkes JohnZ_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N340805☆ My frist tractor it is in good shap and is complete.It has been converted to 12.v has sherman combo transmission has 400x19 tires on the front new have haid about 6 years love my tractor. Orville Osborne N/A  
1951 8N ☆8N345160☆ In fair condition, everything works. Used to clear our yard after hurricane Katrina. Has been in my wifes family since 1953, previously owned by her grandfather. As a sign of respect to my wife's grandfather, we call the tractor Mr. Earl.It's one of our most prized possessions. Steve & Whitley Kanter Mr. Earl Switzer  
1951 8N 8N345548 I have wanted one of these since 1966. Johnny Coleman ? JohnnyC_19518N
1951 8N 8N346588 5-generation tractor, rusty faubion restoration done. Rusty Faubion Roy, Myron, Russell, Rusty, Matt Faubion  
1951 8N 8N346892 In good condition. I put a new jubulee lift kit in the 3 PT I still work her. Martin Kelley Unknown  
1951 8N 8N347311 My first tractor. Purchased to mow 3 acres. It was tired and wore out when I bought her. New paint, new tires, wheels, exhaust, manifold, radiator, distributor, wiring, starter and so on. Runs great, tons of fun. Daymon LaPoint   DaymonL_19518N
1951 8N 8N347888   Kris Lizak    
1951 8N 8N348259 Used daily until 2003. Now used for mowing and driveway repair. Very reliable machine. Scott Wilson Jack Brewer ScottW_19518N
1951 8N 8N348462 Serial nbr dashes look like they were 4s. Needs work but was running. Mike Germany    
1951 8N 8N349200 Older Restoration, 12V converstion. Working tractor for small horse farm Jeff Williams William Spinks JeffW_19518N
1951 8N 8N349420 Block casting code Jan 16, 1951. Tractor has a Freeman loader. Had original wiring when purchased Oct 2002. Notes in operators manual show a rebuild in Oct 1968 & July 1996. Bruce Haynes Reece G. Belk, Fluvanna VA; Russell Morgan, Boggstown IN BruceH_19518N
1951 8N 8N349805 Full engine rebuild complete 8/21. Hole in #1 bore, so has a .090" sleeve there, .040" in others. New distributor, Ring gear, clutch, pivot pin and bushing. Davis loader model 101, and good working 3 pt. Brian Haesemeyer Mark Kraisinger BrianH_19518N
1951 8N 8N350444   Daniel & Floyd McDonald J. Zimmerman  
1951 8N 8N350765 Completely restored 2013 Roy Warren Ted Helms RoyW_19518N
1951 8N 8N350967 Everything works! Good oil pressure, pto & 3 point good. New rear tires. Brakes work nicely. Poor overall red paint job, but cute. Needs bit of TLC which it will get when I learn what to do. Jim Elson Unknown, bought at auction.
1951 8N 8N352409   Richard M Cottrell Chuck Christenson  
1951 8N ☆8N352482☆ My first 8N. It is in great shap and It seems to be complete. It has been converted to 12V. I am looking forward to restoring it. Ken Lang Mark Beraroelli fb_1_s 
1951 8N ☆8N354623☆ Engine rebuild 2019. Sherman combo. 12 volt Woods L306 mower. New radiator Donald Weltzin

Unknown Township SE Wisconsin

1951 8N 8N354740 Original condition; purchased new in Douglas, GA by my great-uncle Guy. After 10 yrs of trying, I purchased in 2004 from 2nd owner. Dave McBride Guy Cox, Fred Ussery  
1951 8N 8N356393 Inherited this 8N from my dad, I'm in the process of a full restoration. Hope to complete it by this summer. Don't know my plans with it after it's restored, But I'm having fun tinkering with this old tractor. Tony Grande Tony Grande Sr. TonyG_19518N
1951 8N 8N356913☆ 1951 with Dearborn Bucket assembly Timothy Shrum Jr. Mitchell Shrum  
1951 8N ☆8N357226☆ Parked under father-in-law's farm house, Orange County, Va. for approximately 25 years. Wife, Frances, and teenage kids, Andrew and Matthew recovered tractor and restored to its current condition. Runs beautifully. Much family history. Restored in 2010/2011. Richard Davis Sylvester "Toy" Chewning RichardD_19518N
1951 8N 8N357648   Alan Franklin Russell Blevins  
1951 8N 8N357820 6 Volt Hall effect ignition. Genesee ignition. Jim Veazey Basinger  
1951 8N ☆8N358932☆ In great shape may need a rear axle some day. 6 volts. Bought for mowing a few acres and pulling a small boat. Looking forward to providing it TLC. Kip Bowe Charmaine Fenske KipB_19518N2
1951 8N ☆8N359112☆   Maxine Vannoy    
1951 8N 8N359996 Working-looks fair - 12 volts-side mount with proofmeter Avery McAlister Aquired from my brother about 9 years ago. He owned for about 30 years. Don't know before then  
1951 8N 8N360007   Stephanie Ramsey Donald Schoenfield  
1951 8N 8N361007 Bought by my grandfather in early 60's Barton Egger Orvel Egger  
1951 8N 8N361319 It is now running smoothly and I'll look forward to using it on our 4 acre place in Northern Colorado. Mike Coen Craig Fisher  
1951 8N 8N361962 Well Restored from Brushton NY Milan G. Sharik Jr Leonard Van Ess MilanS_19518N
1951 8N 8N362039 Bought tractor in 1996, was restored before I got it from a Ford Tractor dealer in Langley, British Columbia , great tractor very little problems, used at my recreational property , plowing field, dragging logs, making terraces , cutting grass, and pulling stumps and many other duties approximately 200 miles from where I live near Vancouver Canada. Stan Gordon Unknown StanG_19518N
1951 8N 8N362420 Restored 2013. Used regularly on small farm in central Canada. Bob Andrews Unknown BobA_19518N
1951 8N 8N363253   Bob Flach Harold Deere  
1951 8N 8N363830   John Koerner    
1951 8N 8N364175 Don't know how long it has been since it last ran! Has a Hupp auxiliary tranny so I'm looking forward to trying it out! Lynn Patrick
Sold to John Brun, Sigourney, IA.
Rich Kunkel  
1951 8N 8N364246 Complete functional 8N with mower drawbar hitch and ROPS. Wally & Mary Kammert Unknown  
1951 8N 8N364475 Work in progress. A & M Harrington Ed Olson  
1951 8N 8N364827 This tractor was my Grandpa's he bought it new in 1951 and It was given to me by my aunt in 2003. I restored it in late 2006 and brought it out for our towns winter festival. I call it Grandpa george in memory of Grandpa, I'm very proud of it. Wont be used much just for parades and shows. Rick Deboer   RickD_19518N
1951 8N 8N365033 Sheet metal is a bit rough, but she runs great. Converted to 12v before I got her. Joe Bunting   JoeB_19518N
1951 8N 8N365209 My first 8N. Best I can tell, the meat and potato's work well, she just needs some TLC. Wife has named her Lil Nell Jerry Spurgeon Ben Wood JerryS_19518N
1951 8N 8N365353 A very original sample of the 8N Ford tractor with factory paint. Carlos Pizzi José Trevisan Filho CarlosP_19518N
1951 8N 8N365532 Repainted and redone , a fun little tractor. Dana Jones    
1951 8N 8N365581 Pretty rough shape. Dollar Bill   DollarB_19518N
1951 8N 8N366685 Tractor has been painted and I am still unable to start it. Ray Van Heusen    
1951 8N 8N366876 My first 8N. Tractor is in good condition. I blew a head gasket my first mowing. Fun to work on! Dale Durham Unknown, purchased from dealer  
1951 8N 8N366904 It runs but had been sitting for 10 years. Looks to be all original. Chuck Howell N/A  
1951 8N 8N367628 It runs, but it is in rough shape, body and paint wise. It has the Sherman transmission. Just getting started on restoring to original color. James Stuckey   JamesS_19518N
1951 8N 8N367983 Good worker, came off a ranch in Nebraska. Serial # begins with a star and ends with a diamond? Dan Vath Nebraska Ranch  
1951 8N 8N368518 I'm the 3rd owner, been in the same family since new. runs great. Scott Brennan R. Fabian / K. Chism  
1951 8N ☆8N369557☆ Being restored Randy Duke Gene Peoples - Royce City,Texas  
1951 8N 8N369614 All original parts. Sheet metal needs work badly. Has Wagner front end loader and six foot rear scraper. When purchased the battery was insalled with negative ground and ran great. Previouse owner had problems keeping the battery charged.LOL The previouse owner in Howell, Michigan had the tractor for 25 or so years. He bought it in Redford, Michigan from a construction company. Mecahically it seems very sound. Needs front and rear tires. Robert V. Wilson Richard Smith RobertW_19518N
1951 8N 8N369645 Older restoration, great runner and fun to tinker with. Bradley Meador    
1951 8N 8N370250 Bought it in pieces, repaired and reassembled it...now earning its' keep hauling firewood for now. Peter Hetherington Unknown PeterH_19518N
1951 8N 8N370343 Bought on an online auction 10/06/2021 in Nebraska to use for mowing and general landscaping. Runs great. New to tractors but excited to fix up and restore. Eric Fadenrecht Biehl EricF_19518N
1951 8N 8N370855 Purchased Feb 08. The picture is how I bought it. Located in Central Valley of Calif. Ron Holmes   RonH_19518N
1951 8N 8N370992 Purchased July 2011 with good motor, transmission, lift. Needed lots of small repairs and repaint - 200 hours. Jacob Pless    
1951 8N 8N371036 Good working condition and complete Rick & Beth Moul Richard Genzler RickM_19518N
1951 8N 8N371963   David Inman Randy  
1951 8N 8N372133 Second Owner Neighbor bought it Brand New. It's a working tractor Clay Thomas Jim Morris  
1951 8N 8N372273 Looks to be all original Kirk Gerst Ted Gerst  
1951 8N 8N372328   Kent Leopold Uncle Kenny  
1951 8N 8N372622 Working 8N used to brush hog clear land Knud Pedersen Wayne Bundeson  
1951 8N 8N372818 Purchased new in 1951 by uncle, handed down to my cousin, purchased from my cousin 12/2011, now completely restored. Robert Rose Ervin Frye, Toby Frye RobertR_19518N
1951 8B 8N374840 Second owner. In great shape, not restored, but very well taken care of. Rick Phillips Kerry Van Arsdel  
1951 8N 8N375058 My first tractor! A great work horse for our 5 acre hobby farm. Basil Banko N/A BasilB_19518N
1951 8N 8N376373 Purchased from neighbor around 2010. Her father purchased around 1970. Slowly attending to decades of neglect. Used primarily for grading long driveway and moving trailers around. Sid Wilson   SidW_19518N
1951 8N 8N376377 Was used hard for brush hogging. Complete restoration 4 years ago. Close to perfect and does not leave the garage Russ Weiler    
1951 8N 8N376447 1951 8n "Old Bessy". Carl Jimz Tennesse Gentleman from Ebay CarlJ_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N376872☆ Buddy of mine had the tractor and had been sitting for 10 years out side and one day my buddy told me to come get it. Put a new 6 volt battery in it change spark plug wire distributor cab rotar drained all the fluid put new back in and put a new carburetor on and it's been running strong ever since. Clayton Benjamin Burch William Thrift ClaytonB_19518N
1951 8N 8N377543 Great tractor it's being restored now , my first restore. Les Foster Unknown LesF_19518N
1951 8N 8N377605 This is our first tractor. It was showing about 3,200 hours on a broken proof meter when we got it in 1990. We use it for light mowing and general moving about of tools and supplies on our small farm. I finally replaced the original wiring harness this year. Starts right up, runs like a charm, does what we ask it to do (well, mostly). Great little working tractor. Pam Tallent Milton Barber PamT_19518N
1951 8N 8N377616 A little rough but great tires & rims. Have plans to perform a "heart" transplant Lynn Patrick Curt Casper  
1951 8N 8N378034 Runs good replaced a lot of parts and converted to 12v Jason Parks    
1951 8N 8N378716 Well used when we obtained it with the house purchase. Rebuilt steering box, front spindles, corrected previously done 12 volt wiring, straightened radius rods, rebuilt carburetor. Installed electronic ignition. Pulls 5' Model 502 Bush Hog (tm) with no issues. Previous owner had recently replaced all four tires (thank goodness). Chris Zuhn    
1951 8N 8N379685   Raymond Dias    
1951 8N ☆8N380174☆ Restoration project at some future date. Russ Butland Manny Duarte  
1951 8N 8N380528   Weldon Lee    
1951 8N 8N380580 Has been maintained and one known repaint 20+ yrs ago still very orginal. Mack Darr Darren Craft  
1951 8N 8N381408   Travis Webb Howard Robinson  
1951 8N 8N381453 Restored after grandpa gave it to me Perry Huskey Earl R. Hood PerryHuskey 
1951 8N 8N381487 Found in a partilly collasped shed. Hadn't been run in 28 years. Restored it in 2003. Good as new now! Eugene Riesterer Herman Christel EugeneR_19518N
1951 8N 8N381813 Tractor Runs Great and has been a lot of fun. I have added a rear blade, carry all and a sicle mower. Still want a post hole digger. Jim Menke Unknown JimM_19518N
1951 8N 8N383058 I bought this 1951 Ford 8N tractor (Serial # 383058) in July 2007 from Roger Decker. Rogers’s father-in-law was the original owner. Roger used the tractor to mow his acreage until health problems slowed him down. The tractor sat unused for about 10 years before I purchased it. Although it was running when parked I have not had it running or started the restore process yet. Tractor is all original except for being converted to 12 volts. New tires were mounted just before Roger quit using it. The sheet metal is in very good condition. This tractor will make a great restore project. Jerry Pitcher Roger Decker JerryP_19518N
1951 8N 8N383421☆ I bought this from a Deere dealer in Bozeman, MT in the Fall of 2009. New tires, chains, loader with engine and body original good running condition. Larry Volkening Unknown  
1951 8N 8N384773   Dan Bush Al Heasley  
1951 8N 8N385141   Steve Welch Unknown  
1951 8N 8N385451 I recently bought this 51 8N from a fork lift service man. He said it was a good tight machine when he bought and it still is. It looks as if it has had only moderate use. The instruments have all been replaced. The rear tires and rims were rotted out and I have replaced them. Pat Morris   PatM_19518N
1951 8N 8N384273 Starts like a champ, leaks a little oil, but great tractor. Joe Jones   JoeJ_19518N
1951 8N 8N385484 This tractor was used to pull boats out of the water at a marina in Kingsport, Tennessee for many years. Jim Penson Ricky Shepard JimP_19518N
1951 8N 8N385949 Fully restored Paul & Perry Meunier Helmut Teigrob PaulM_19518N
1951 8N 8N386099 I bought this working 8N from a local farmer in 2006 in S/E Tenn. It shows what is believed to be 1300 actual hours with all original equipment. Strong metal, no rust, and is currently under complete renovation by me and will be kept as original but usable around my farm. James McEwen Local Farmer  
1951 8N 8N386102 Found this 8N after buying a 2N. The mechanic/farmer that owned it always used the correct wrenches for bolts and nuts, touched up the paint as required and used Ford factory replacement parts.Great start for a restoration project. Jimmy Hite    
1951 8N 8N386304 Runs fine, good condition. Trudy Fair Patsy P. Hammonds  
1951 8N 8N387699 Still original, 6volt, org paint, use it for pulling at tractor shows. best pull was 236 percent, has a hupp high and low transmission, fun ever time we get on her. Carl and Aric Moad Ed  
1951 8N 8N387745 Nice original Ford 8N tractor seeems to have low hours on it. Have taken all the sheet metal off and pounded all the dents out plus repainted it the correct color scheme. plan to use her to mow my fields in New Hampshire with a brush hog. Always wanted one since the first time I was a kid watching a neighbor friend mow our fields in the fall with a 9N. Brian Hickey Dan Harrington  
1951 8N 8N387834 Bought Jan 2012, always shedded, nice original 8N, it has been repainted, rebuilt carb, and new clutch and fluids. Engine casting code of May 17, 1951, hydraulic cover code of Feb 18, 1951 Greg Clawson Paul Wilson GregC_19518N
1951 8N 8N388705☆ I bought this tractor December 16, 2013, from a friend of my father-in-law. I've done body work on the hood and replaced just about every wear part on the machine. It has a side-mount distributor, the later model steering box, and has been converted to 12 volt. John Ratliff   JohnR_19518N
1951 8N 8N388866 Its a pretty one, I had to start working on my 1944 2N. Will Finish it next James Alcock Unknown JamesA_19518N2
1951 8N 8N391590 Newbie owner. Sherman under/over. Wesley Boyd    
1951 8N 8N392198 I bought this tractor at an estate sale,Rebuilt Engine,Hydraulics,Brakes,New Tires,New Paint,Runs very good,Thankful to have it. Bobby Addington Bro. Alexander BobbyA_19518N
1951 8N 8N392607 Bought from fellow who is now the VP of the Bluebonnet Antique Tractor Club I founded a year ago. Good running tractor, just needed some minor cosmetics done. Will post a photo when I'm done. Larry & Candy Steed Joe DeFord  
1951 8N 8N392863 Restored 2005. Tractor used in tobacco patch and hay fields in Watertown, TN. Never saw a bush hog or mistreated. Has the orginal drawbar with part# 9N5182. Jerry Griffin Tom Patton - Patton Hollow Rd. Watertown, TN JerryG_19518N
1951 8N 8N393425 My great grandfather bought this brand new. By years end I will have a full resto done. Pics then! Nik Harris George, Charles Harris  
1951 8N 8N393717 Runs but not like I want it to. Restoring as money permits Stuart Pyburn Who Cares! He bought a John Deere  
1951 8N 8N394328 working tractor,gardning,mowing Robert Jones   RobertJ_19518N
1951 8N 8N394544 Purchase in fall of 2006. Has recent rebuilt engine. Starts easy. Runs super Plan to use mostly with carry all. Harold Cooke   HaroldC_19518N
1951 8N 8N394792 1951 8N Rebuild / Painted 6 volt. My grandfather purchased this tractor new in the fall of 1951. It has never left the Kidd family. I am the third generation Kidd owner. James Kidd Faith Kidd JamesK_19518N
1951 8N 8N394884   Ron Riegle   RonR_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N395122☆ I purchased this in 2009 from the man who purchased it from the original owner (who was my grandfather). Steve Matthews Bill R.  
1951 8N 8N395190 O/U Burt Hudson N/A  
1951 8N 8NB395777 Runs great and looks pretty good. would like to restore completely some day.maybe when kids are grown. Jim Molski    
1951 8N 8N396383 Restoration projects Rebuild motor Retief Vanschalkwyk   RetiefV_19518N
1951 8N 8N396936 Great shape when I got her even better after a year of work with my son. She still does all the little things around the farm. Tom Wyszynski Bought from a local guy a few miles away. Don't know his name. TomW_19518N 
1951 8N ◊8N397034 Was purchased 3 years ago and was then painted red primer.Replaced head and gasket, front tire and tube,cleaned up and painted right colors. Use to mow 7 acres with finishing mower never worked in winter. A real work in progress. Was purchased from a friend in Green County and he got it from a Rod and Gun Club nearby. Tractor now in Saratoga County, NY John Shook Art Tessitore  
1951 8N 8N397281 Still a good running gal named Nelly Belle. Matthew Lotz Gary Norton MatthewL_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N397449 Has Sherman stepup/stepdown In process of rebuild Avery McAlister N/A  
1951 8N 8N397742 Completely restored end to end.Rebuilt engine,tranny,rearend,hydraulics,everything,with documentation and great attention to detail.Every pc.taken apart and gone through.Very little use of aftermarket replacement parts to keep her as original as possible.Original type Firestone tires,Ford 6v tractor battery,repaired the worn out rear rims myself.Cyclone air cleaner,original tool set,top quality paint.Thanks to my wife and contributing friends to bring this peice of American history back to life. Definitly a show piece. Robert & Heather Altizer   RobertA_19518N
1951 8N 8N397773 Working tractor bought from one owner family in upstate NC and now residing in western NC. Will be used to maintain a private road. Mark Correll    
1951 8N 8N399054 bought this a few weeks ago, he was selling it for the widow of the owner so I don't have much on it's history. It is in great shape, it has been converted to 12 volt, other than that ir seems very original. Will Cobb Unknown WillC_19518N
1951 8N 8N399166 I bought this tractor in 1989 after hurricane hugo. I did alot of work with this tractor and it has always performed well. It has a shermann transmission and it is in fair condition. Jeff Humphries & Philipp Burbach Ray Robinson of S.C. JeffH_19518N
1951 8N 8N3995631 All original, purchased in Sept. 2007' from a estate farm sale. Roberto Cruz Jr.    
1951 8N 8N400395 Almost complete! Drew J. Carnevale   DSCN0022 
1951 8N 8N401303 1951 with vertical side exhaust. Purchased in Arizona but owner was from Montana. Still has plug in coolant heater. Greg Raymond Marvin Mccabe  
1951 8N 8N401656 Just recently acquired and in need of a lot of work. Looks to be very complete but will need at lest one sleeve. The Wall Family (James)    
1951 8N 8N402301 All I can tell you is that it's been converted to a 12 volt system. In good running shape. I bought from a widow, who I just would have felt bad to bargain her on a price, so I paid what she was asking. $1900.00 Terry Coker Unknown TerryC_19518N
1951 8N 8N403424 Bought w/ DuAl loader in modest condition. 90%+ restore/rebuild of mechanics, new rubber/hydraulics and in full working condition. Robert Lee Fred Gilbert  
1951 8N 8N403617 Owned since 2009, other than low oil pressure, runs like a top. DuAl front loader. Mike Thomas    
1951 8N 8N404295 Has a loader, a working tractor. Dave Horne    
1951 8N 8N405766 My uncle originally bought it in 1954 and I just had it completely restored. Jeffrey Tucker Otto Vogt JeffreyT_19518N2
1951 8N 8N405934☆ All original 8N - 6 volt - Sheet metal rough. Runs great after a complete rewire and tune up. Will restore but will be a working tractor. David Heise Unknown  
1951 8N 8N407833 I purchased it in 2000 from a farmer in Dewitt Michigan. I runs great and looks fairly decent. It has been converted to a 12-volt system. Lonnie Cross    
1951 8N ☆8N408156☆ Tractor was purchased for $3000 in Schoharie Valley NY In 1996.Was used daily till 2011 mowing,plowing, maintaining 17 acres was moved to Colorado in 2012.Now currently being restored and will be used in parades and local tractor pulls and shows. Daniel Reploeg    
1951 8N 8N408A67 Tractor has been painted and I am still unable to start it. Ray Van Heusen    
1951 8N 8N408219 Being brought back to operating condition with engine work. After setting quite afew years of being stored in barn paint, it's good but blue and grey with wm3 loader. Roger and Ronda Spackman    
1951 8N 8N409539 Just purchased today. Plan on restoring myself. James M. Johnson   JamesJ_19518N
1951 8N 8N409516   Walter Jones    
1951 8N 8N409868☆ This is my very first tractor ever. Very good condition, going to restore over the winter. Rich Craven   RichC_19518N
1951 8N 8N410140 Red/Gray - My dad's tractor on the ranch. Still working. James Gandy Dewey Gandy  
1951 8N ☆8N410317   Buddy Whipple Lowell Talley  
1951 8N ☆8N410602☆ Motor was fairly fresh when we bought it in 2004. All major components appear to be original. 12 volt system and zenith carb are of course aftermarket. Drag links are from another model and will be replaced among other things as the project continues. She's a hard worker. Kevin Kilpatrick, John carlson and Rich Ray Ron Karberg KevinK_19518N
1951 8N 8N410618 Tractor owned by my Grandmother. My brother and I got it running for first time in 14 years. Carolyn   Carolyn_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N411351☆ Seems complete with exception of 12v conversion, lights, and some drawbar/hoist pieces. Phil Wolf (VA) Stuart Marks  
1951 8N 8N411427   Northpoint Assembly of God Church    
1951 8N 8N411917 Our 1st tractor - enjoying it's presence. Well used - needs lots of everything, 6 volt, hupp dual transmission, previous owner used it to run a portable sawmill, looking forward to restoring with my kids. Learning lots. Steve Williams   SteveW_19518N
1951 8N 8N412025 Purchased 12-04. Tractor is in pretty good shape but needs some work on the hydraulic lift. Bob Gardner Ervin Scheer  
1951 8N 8N412369 Work tractor, not a looker. Solid sheetmetal but needs some dressing up. Runs good. Plan to work on it this fall and winter. Tony Gentry    
1951 8N 8N412395   Fred Thompson    
1951 8N 8N412844 She was my first eBay purchase in 2004. Used her to mow 8 acres and take the kiddos for rides. She’s retired now and about to go thru a complete restoration. It has the Sherman step-up, step-down aux transmission also. It has no family history other than me starting it with my family. I thought about selling it, but not now. Scott Easley Unknown ScottE_19518N
1951 8N 8N412909 Nice straight low-hour tractor that sat out a long time - some surface rust but both rear tires and rims are brand-splinter new. Looking for a Sherman combination unit. Thanks Dave Erb Stan Ruhl  
1951 8N 8N413350 Needs a whole lot of work (Pivot pin & bushing, hydraulics, paint) Richard Jones    
1951 8N 8N413375 Third PA owner and always been stored inside. First tractor for our hobby farm. My boys and I lightly rebuilt it with an original paint job. Tractor is generaly all original and in excellent condition. It earns it's keep with a 5' brushhog for about 6 acres. We love it and I'm sure it will be in our family for generations. Bob Bechtold   BobB_19518N
1951 8N ☆8N413950☆ Great working tractor that is mostly original including the Dearborn 10-152 2 bottom plow that came with it. Now it has a new Woods PRD7200 finish mower to keep it working. Gary Lisica   GaryL_19518N
1951 8N 8N413973   Colin George    
1951 8N 8N414210 Good condition, rebuilding hydraulics.It has been in the chelette flmy for yrs.Wifes flmy. Mike & Harold Boles Rex Chelette  
1951 8N 8N414729 All original "work" tractor purchased in 1989, and used primarily for mowing, and general around the farm use. John Anderson    
1951 8N 8N414806 In the shop for repairs and new paint job. Paul & Mignon Wirt    
1951 8N 8N415858 Great Maine tractor used for pulling trees, chipping, haying, grading, and snow plowing. Rebuilt hydralic pump and replace rear wheels. 12V conversion. Needs paint, parts, and body work. Steeve Sanborn   SteeveS_19518N
1951 8N 8N4160116 This is just a project we picked up from my uncle last summer, but it's been in my family for a long time. It's got a heavily modified dearborne loader and a 12 volt kit. It's got a bad paint job, but she's a worker. Scott Woolfolk Woolfolk  
1951 8N 8N417063 Overall a very tired 8N but has worked very well since I got it in '05. It's in upstate NY near Syracuse. Rob Pearson Unknown  
1951 8N 8N417397 or
Good cond. Starts easy! Chas. F. Waltman Unknown  
1951 8N 8N418406 Late 51 engine, tranny and rear end are late 52. Runs pretty well. Painting parts as I fix 'em Joe Allen   JoeA_19518N
1951 8N 8N418872   Jim Weiss    
1951 8N 8N419324 Inherited it from my father who bought it used in 1965 previous owner unknown pretty good shape and in orginal condition David R. Ahrens George M. Ahrens  
1951 8N 8N419384   Jim McNeill Unknown  
1951 8N 8N419504 In overall good shape, currently replacing the head gasket & a few other while I have it apart project. Does have a Freeman 3000 Loader on it. Ryan Arnt Don Kamp RyanA_19518N
1951 8N 8N420111 It is the tractor I wish my dad could have afforded when we were a farm family.It is a runner but could stand some freshing up. Came with plow and disks. Ma Figueroa    
1951 8N 8N421603 Original owner was a local farmer. This tractor was never garaged or in a barn since it was new. engine was rebuilt 5 years ago and new tires were installed. Paint and body is in bad shape. A friend bought it, switched it to 12v and had the transmission repaired. He decided not to keep it and I bought it 2 months after he purchased it from the farmer. I have seen tractors in better shape in the junkyard. My plans are to restore it to the best of my ability and never let it go to the junkyard as long as I'm on this side of the sod. Todd Smith Local Farmer, name unknown.  
1951 8N 8N422123 Good running 8N bought in Middle Ga. 2017. Glen Cortes   GlenC_19518N
1951 8N 8N422770 Purchased from tractor dealer Saturday, June 18, 2005 for $2000.00. Runs good for age, little rust, paint in horrible condition. All parts appear to be there and original. Dean Harmon    
1951 8N 8N423414 Bought freshly rebuilt last year. Runs great. Doesn't look good, but the sheet metal is in good shape, just not the right color. Barking Cat Farm (Laurie Bostic) John Thompson LaurieB_19518N
1951 8N 8N423538 Nothing fancy but does the job I am not done with her yet. Paul Roberts ? PaulR_19518N
1951 8N 8N424268 Purchased by my father in 1953 with Dearborn 2x14 Economy plow and Dearborn 2 row cultivator from local Ford dealer. Used for cash crop farming until 1965. Has worn a Sherman backhoe and a Wagner loader. Currently used for hayrides and tractor shows. Tractor is named "Nellybelle" after the jeep driven by Pat Brady in the tv series, Roy Rogers, in the 1950's. Engine has been rebuilt 3 times and tractor painted twice in 60 years. John Sanderson Unknown JohnS_19518N
1951 8N 8N424404 Our second 8N. Now equipped with a back blade, bush hog, single plow, disc, and a hay wagon. Bought it restored and drove it in a few parades before putting it to farm work. Randy & Diane Landheer Larry Clingan RandyL_19518N
1951 8N 8N424578 Redbelly used to mow fields in Bryan, Texas, currently stored in my shop awaiting complete restoration to begin February 2015. Sam Zewe C. Biensky SamZ_19518N
1951 8N 8N424596 Run's but needs work! Eric Judge    
1951 8N ◊8N425410◊ This serial has a Diamond before the serial # and a star After the #. Joe Andrews    
1951 8N 8N425462 Purchased from original owner in 2007. Rich Weishaar J. Stiles  
1951 8N 8N425676 Mostly original, converted to 12v battery, fair but working condition, a few leaks to fix. David Tyler Roger Weingardt DavidT_19518N
1951 8N 8N426225 Original 8N...I will restore and install a V860 Ford flathead motor. Richard Brock Don Morgan RichardB_19518N
1951 8N 8N426232 Father purchased new in Louisiana and now used on our little ranch in Texas Nelda Hanzi    
1951 8N 8N426111 1951 8N Ford Tractor Restoration: (Marilyn's Father purchased tractor new December 1951.)(Tractor was gift to Marilyn from Mother in 1980) Marilyn L. (Daniel) Banister Emmett &/or Eva Daniel  
1951 8N 8N427015 Purchased from a used tractor and implement broker im Ft. Worth, TX. Basically sound. Will be the BushHog tractor. Restoration is in the future for now. Bob Johnston Don Raines BobJ_19518N
1951 8N 8N427151 1951 8NB, date of production 11/12/51.12v conversion,rewired. Runs better everytime I fix some little thing. Ford got it right the first time! Eric Smith    
1951 8N 8N427462 Bought to plow my garden. Great running machine, pulls the 2 bottom Ferguson plow without any problem. Plan to restore over time. Has a Dearborn loader Mark Burkey, Western Iowa Tom  
1951 8N 8N427499 Just finished a four year ground up rebuild.  Chip Haines Unknown ChipH_19518N
1951 8N 8N428317 Just finished restoring it-new parts, new paint, etc. Fred Kroon Unknown FredK_19518N
1951 8N 8N428622 In good shape. Runs well. Oil in radiator. NOT blown head gasket. Just put on new water pump, having original radiator restored. Phillip Strine Scotty Worshing  
1951 8N 8N429374 Runs with no problems. Headed for restoration Vic Hausler Unknown VicH_19518N
1951 8N 8N429901 All orginal one owner. Mack Darr Walter Hill  
1951 8N 8N430377 Bought as a non runner. Good compression,engine turns free. The hat rims are rusted threw. Proof meter shows 680hrs. Was use for snowplowing a warehouse parking lot in Newark NJ by original owner. Then sat inside the warehouse for years. PO bought it with intentions of fixing it up and lost interest. It sat for 2 years. It came with dearborn snowplow frame. The blade was thrown in a dumpster when cleaning out the warehouse(what a shame) PO tried to get it out of the dumpster but couldn't lift it. As far as I know I am the third owner. I have not had much time to fool with it. Hopefully over this winter I with have the time. Kirk Witte Mike Whittle KirkW_19518N
1951 8N 8N430494 Saved from the junk yard. Huge cracks in the block and head:( Am working on installing a 302 Ford in place of the origional engine. Named her--Henri! Donald Seymour    
1951 8N 8N431584 Fair condition, running, new tires, sheetmetal all in good shape. Quintin Akeley Richard Sutherland Estate  
1951 8N 8N431663 Orig., 6 Volt, sitting 2 yrs. Al Tanner    
1951 8N 8N431901 Looks to be all original, 12v, New Rear tires when bought Aug 04. I love this machine. Scott B. Johnson Daniel Vaughan ScottJ19518N
1951 8N 8N432763   Jeff Russell   JeffR_19518N
1951 8N 8N433966 Cleaned up and repainted, Sherman aux over under trans. David(Stumpy) Knowles   DavidN_19518N
1951 8N 8N434580 1951 Ford 8N-C Toby Black Unknown  
1951 8N 8N434922 Turns over Bill & Nara Crowley   BillC19518N
1951 8N 8N434778 Just picked this one up from an auction in Idabel, OK. Plan on using it while bringing the shine back to it at the same time. Christopher Alan Kumnick    
1951 8N 8N435363 Block Casting Code of 8NC 4K621 (best I can tell). Has Sherman Combo Trans. Bob Pineau    
1951 8N 8N435669◊   Milton Jones    
1951 8N 8N436145 Runs, 12v conversion, work in progress. Craig Thompson Garrett Hedgepeth  
1951 8N 8N 437117 Tractor has been keep in a garage for last few years is in great shape, will put to use cutting grass pictures to come. Dennis Tyler    
1951 8N 8N437336 "Rode hard, put away wet" A little rusty but mechanicly sound Barry Bennett Fred Pridgen/Margo Grummon BarryB_19518N
1951 8N 8N437381 Working Farm Tractor, with Sherman combo transmission and orig. proof meter. Added headlights since photo was taken. Louis Thompson -- Albany, Louisiana   MVC-001F 
1951 8N ☆8N437507☆ I bought it in 2014. Was pretty rough shape. Replaced hydraulic pump, radiator, proofmeter, still working with backblade & rake to care for neighborhood back roads. Mac McCormick    
1951 8N 8N437932 Smokes like mad but still starts and does the job for what ever job that is needed. Raymond Trager    
1951 8N 8N438445 Bought in April 2015. In the Spring of 2016 my Dad and I restored it. My Dad owned an 8N when I was growing up so this brings back great memories. It is "parade ready", but will continue to be a workhorse maintaining and improving my recreational acreage. Tyler Mattson   TylerM_19518N
1951 8N 8N438781 Back center of tractor was broken no 3pt. Good to go now with 3pt added.Going to be use for brushhogging so new new paint will be added. Kirk Witte Mr. Apgar KirkW_19518N2
1951 8N 8N438844 Has been hand painted many times big build up of paint. Needs to be converted to 12v,hard to start. Gary Clevenger Charles Oxender  
1951 8N 8N439273 Looks a little rough but runs nicely. Steve & Matt Wentz    
1951 8N 8N439985 Saved from being parted out - this worker will also be eye candy Kevin Harvey    
1951 8N 8N441172 Hobby Tractor used for occasional light duty towing, parades and hayrides. R. J. Estes Cowboy Preacher from
Post, Texas
1951 8N 8N441528 Just purchased and do not know enough about tractors to comment. I have much to learn! James Hinkle ?  
1951 8N 8N?????? A working tractor that earns its keep. Gary Wayne Bunt   MY8N 
1951 8N 8N?????? 1951 Ford 8N C.R.Austerberry University of Michigan Cover photo 
1951 8N 8N?????? Very good. Almost in restored condition when I got it. Michael Slay    
1951 8N 8N?????? 8N used to mow and grade a field parking lot at the Bill's stadium until I purchased it yesterday John Forness Demarco properties JohnF_19518N
1951 8N 8N?????? 6-Cyl Funk Conversion with hi/lo Sherman Transmission. Was in very good condition when purchased in 2004. (MikeT) Mike Taylor D L Nixon MikeT_19518N
1951 8N 8N?????? Funk 6cyl Flathead w/ cast oil pan, HD aircleaner and aux. gas tank Greg Durdik Mike Meyers  
1951 8N 1663-C7CB ? back half early front half 51. defferent axle trumpets defferent front hubs 51 industrial motor a real Mutt Alum. dash and tras, cover Quibtin Akeley Lewis Cousins  
1951 8N-B L210 Our tractor has been sitting for a long time. It needs sanding and painting. It was running when we park it. Wanda Mixon William M. Stapleton WandaM_19518N
1951 8N 8N??????        
1951 8N Not Legible just acquired - fully restored - beautiful = serial # no legible - Danville, Illinois Bob Bennett Clarence White  
1951 8N 8N?????? '51 8n Ford '51 Truck V8 Flathead - 3 speed Sherman Transmission - Used now for shows or parades. Bob Shattenberg   BobS_19518N
1952 (8N - S/N 442035 to 519146) (150 entries)
1952 8N 8N873 New paint new grill all original. Scott Bullins Unknown ScottB_19528N
1952 8N 8N4????? Hard use and it shows but still runs Ken Sneed West Frankfort High School  
1952 8N 8N446210 Purchased in the late 1950's by our Grandfather. Still used with a rear fork lift attachment on an Apricot orchard in Hollister, Ca The DeLorenzo Family    
1952 8N 8N447863 It is a working tractor. The meter showed over 4,000 hours when I got it but the cable had totally rusted away inside. Only the ends and cover were left. It seems to burn a little oil but pulls well. The sheet metal is in good shape. Frank M. Hancock   Tractor1A 
1952 8N 8N442263 Made the first working day of Jan 1952. The engine has a date stamp of December 18, 1951 - but the serial number reflects a VERY early 1952 model. Has been a very good hard working tractor for me. Dan DeGroot   DanD_19528N
1952 8N 8N442653 1952 Model 8N restored in late 2009 through July 2010. This machine was my father's, purchased in the late 1950's. It spent 30 years out in the weather but now spends its time inside as well as taking lots of happy kids on hayrides. Sam Womer Stewart Womer SamW_19528N
1952 8N 8N443286 Purchased used from the Ford dealership in Rushville IN in the late 1970s and given to me by my grandfather in 2011. Restored in 2012. Shelley Spilman Dave Artmeier  
1952 8N 8N443546 Runs great I have a loader, back scoop, front and rear blades and mower, Sheet metal is rough for now but runs great and used all the time. Jon Beard Caledonnia Rod and Gun Club  
1952 8N 8N443876   Josh Vaughan    
1952 8N 8N445713 Ethal is a working girl but I am trying to pretty her up Stephen Macedo    
1952 8N 8N445800 Runs good with no rust and no missing parts I plan on restoring to original colors and gauges. Rusty Willingham    
1952 8N 8N445900   Heribert Decorvet    
1952 8N 8N446405 Was bought new by my father Steven A Cottle   DSCN0054
1952 8N 8N447205 This tractor has undergone a complete detailed restoration. It is farm work retired and will be used only for local tractor shows. Bert Engeron -
President of the
Outlaw Tractor Club
Purchased from a dealer,was a trade in  
1952 8N 8N447946   Jim Henson    
1952 8N 8N448567 Engine runs really well. Some knock in transmission in gears other than 1st. 12V conversion. Michael Bramblett   MichaelB_19528N
1952 8N 8N448700 Bought from a guy in Des Moines. Good mechanically and pretty strait tin, Will be sand blast and painted. Blake Nelson    
1952 8N 8N450766 Working Tractor/ working (non show) restoration in progress. Sherman step up/down. Guide brand headlights, and Monroe EZRide seat. Frank Spaulding George Spaulding  
1952 8N 8N450997 8N Steve A. Owens Purchased in Pocola, Oklahoma SteveO_19528N
1952 8N 8N451436 Purchased used in the mid 1950s by my grandpa at the local Ford dealership in Thomasville, NC. It has been in the family since that time. Mickey Hoover Dave Hoover MickeyH_19528N
1952 8N 8N452385 8N AG w/combination sherman,12V,lights John Horne Michael Hays 1928-242-8121  
1952 8N 8N452588   Marcus Piland    
1952 8N 8N453254 Located in the Great Northwest. Douglas Scates   DougS_19528N
1952 8N 8N454692 Purchased in 1994 for $500.00, used every summer for mowing. Over hauled the engine, rebored 040, repainted tractor, currently using 11.2 X 24 tires & cut down rear fenders, have the original fenders & rims. Has Sherman overdrive, shifter on dash, very good tractor. Ben Rempel Guy Monette BenR_19528N
1952 8N 8N455455 Given to me by Father-in-law. He has owned for past 30 years. It Has not run in a few years. Considering full restoration with my son. Gary Weghtman Blaine White  
1952 8N 8N455551 I bought this tractor on june 21st, 2005 from a man that had bought it 23 years ago. The tractor is now running good after a good tune up. I am hoping to start the full restoration in a near future. Alain McElligott    
1952 8N 8N455962 All original, slow to start, runs good once started, hard to turn..needs steering knuckle Jerald Hyde    
1952 8N 8N457173 Second owner..Purchased from my Uncles Estate who purchased it new in 1952. Total restoration completed in 2005. Also have all Dearborn equipment he purchased with the tractor. Leland & Gail Tucker .D. Knox Robersonville, NC  
1952 8N 8N457328 Workhorse, fair condition. Bob Fox Joe Livingston  
1952 8N 8N457568 Seems to be all original. The rear axle serial is A 302. Has a Howard. Runs great. Kevin Bovee   KevinBo_19528N
1952 8N 8N459047 Sherman O/U Burt Hudson N/A  
1952 8N 8N460786 Tractor has Sherman Over& Under transmission and Sherman Live PTO Derek Barkley Blake & Cindy Warsig DerekB_19528N
1952 8N 8N461334 12 volt system-proofmeter-restored in 2013-did not rebuild motor,has good compression-starts good-runs good. Bill Leslie   BillL_19528N
1952 8N 8N461526 All original, well cared for and maintained work tractor in nearly show condition. Bob Pelletier    
1952 8N 8N461995   Tony Hawker N/A  
1952 8N 8N462743 Purchased Jul '11 with cord saw and other plow implements. Runs great. Needs TLC. Sold by retiring farmer Craig Lougee Ron Seaver  
1952 8N 8N462835 I got this in 2005 and was told that everything worked great. Pulled the oil pan and found that all the bearings are lunched. We will pull the engine and rebuild it and continue restoring it. Who painted this thing blue anyway? James Swanson   JamesS_19528N
1952 8N 8N463225 All original, runs & operates great!  Bought tractor in Helena, Montana in 2004. Primarily for snow removal.  It has a front mount Dearborn Model 19-80, hydraulic “Dozer Blade”.  Driven at least monthly by owner and 6 year old grandson.  Only minor repairs.  It is a snow, dirt or gravel moving machine.  Jim Lawrence Mike Murphy JimL_19528N
1952 8N 8N464925   Gary Turman   GaryT_19528N
1952 8N 8N465040 Not running starting restoration. Eric Phillips    
1952 8N 8N465575 I bought the tractor in August of 2005 and had it restored by September of 2005.I am only 14 years old and this is my first Ford Tractor. I had a very fun experance restoring it and cany wait to get another. Thank you Uncle Mark and Grandpa for all of the help. Jake Berger Charlie Hardesty  
1952 8N 8N465697 All original with Wagner loader, and hi/lo trans Mark Karlsberger   MarkK_19528N
1952 8N 8N465759 Acquired about 2 weeks ago, and she's a peach! Been trying to get my old 1950 8N running when I stumbled upon her and just couldn't resist! All this time I thought my 1950 was a 52, but when I noticed the differences between the two I used the serial # data base on this site and cleared up the confusion. Lynne Miles Willie LynneM_19528N
1952 8N 8N467607 Nice 340 hours never restored tractor Stephen R Brown Unknown  
1952 8N 8N467767 Older man owned it for years before I bought it. Not many hours on it...he used in town to just plow gardens in the spring. Kevin Lipscomb Unknown  
1952 8N 8N468672 From Milan TN area I traded a 1999 car for it that had 250k miles on it. Tractor is solid motor is free and has compression. Has great fenders and original headlamps. Should make for a good project tractor. Brian Trombley Gary Mann  
1952 8N 8N 470057 Belonged to my father-in-law. He passed and I'm restoring it Jim Overly Sam Houstion Wilcox- Creek, TX JimO_19528N
1952 8N 8N470725 Early restoration. Converted to 12 volts. Needs rebuild, has 3500 hours. Used for mowing mostly. This tractor will always be a worker Howard Skipper T. H. Poole  
1952 8N 8N472847 Revived from junk status. Runs great Rodney Fleischmann N/A  
1952 8N 8N473906 My first tractor. It's in very good shape- practically no rust. Converted to 8 volts. Gil Durham    
1952 8N 8N474974   Darrell Morris Pat McNulty DarrellM_19528N
1952 8N 8N475696 4 speed, hydraulics. David Hurlbut Craig McCourt DavidH_19528N
1952 8N 8N475798 Waiting to have Sherman O/U added and be put back together. Ed Gooding R.B. Bangs - Norge, VA 1952-1993
Gary Brown - Manakin, VA 1993-1996
Ed Gooding - Montpelier, VA 1996-
(Have original invoice, dealer registration and owner's manual.)
Ford8Njust painted
1952 8N 8N476354 Pretty will used and needing cosmetics. Runs strong and starts right up, even after a hard winter and no charger needed to fire it up first time in the spring. Bill Sutherland    
1952 8N-Funk 8N476943 Original Funk Conversion tractor was past being restorable and base tractor replaced by listed serial number. Original Ford Indrusrtrial Block replaced with H Block Casting #7HA6015B out of a F-1 Pickup Truck. Engine completly overhauled. New Aluminum radiator built off of original Funk radiator specks. All other Funk conversion parts were restored and used. Factory Correct front and rear rims with new Firstone (correct to era) tires mounted. Terry & Janice Payne Unknown TerryP_19528N
1952 8N 8N477558 Great little guy; runs great. Well-used over the decades, deserves some little repairs. Currently being used on a small farm on Colorado's Western Slope, blading, discing, etc. Karl D. Lewis KarlD_19528N
1952 8N 8N477837 Donald bought this tractor from Hess Oil. It has a fair amount of rust and lots of paint. I have started to restore it. Peter Lamb Donald Shields  
1952 8N 8N478197 Bought new in 53, Sherman trans, Semi retired now, just cutting fields with her Dearborn sickle bar. Douglas Main    
1952 8N 8N478524 Our 2nd 8N, came with Arps tracks & rear Servis (LS) dirt/snow plow. Works great but needs lots of work to pretty up. Steve Williams Unknown  
1952 8N 8N481250 Purchased in very rough condition. Has alot going for it though. (9N/2N/8N Hybrid) Rich Sokel Mike Reaid RichS_19528N
1952 8N 8N481948 Needs cosmetic restoring, but works well and hard. Lynn Hollis Adams Cliff Smith  
1952 8N 8N482510 Old ugly lil tractor Don Meredith   DonM_19528N
1952 8N 8N483938   Matt Southard    
1952 8N ◊8N484635◊ Very original, well used. Sheldon Cooper    
1952 8N 8N484861 I bought her in Western MA it must have been the early 1980s, maybe late 70s. She is in good shape for her age and use. She has been sitting for a number of years now (I have mostly used the 550 Oliver) and I'm working on getting going again. The valves need to be freed up. Elliott Adams    
1952 8N 8N485036 Original Bill Gravitt    
1952 8N 8N485069 New Hood, New Fenders, Runs good, No smoke. Bill Poole Bill Hodges  
1952 8N 8N485349◊ Just purchased. Runs... but needs lots of TLC. parts already on order and shopping for more as we speak. His name is Edgar. Kane Vincent Jerry & Marilyn Walters KaneV_19528N
1952 8N 8N485549◊ Runs nearly every weekend on the tick and chigger farm in mo. Donna Davidson Quentin G.R. Oelzen  
1952 8N 8N486040 Hard working tractor. Replaced the head gasket and fixed the hydraulics. Tractor ain't pretty but has the wonderful patina of use. Jeff Patkowski David JeffP_19528N
1952 8N 8N486360 Solid, but suffering from being left outside and not used for over 2 years. We're working to get it fully functional as a working tractor. Tapestry Institute Sioux County High School  
1952 8N 8N486362 Bought from a cemetery & brought back to life so I call it "Casper".
Recently sold to Brad Petrone, Wellman, IA
Lynn Patrick
Brad Petrone
(New Owner)
Lynn Patrick LynnP_19528N
1952 8N 8N486392   Marty Downey   MartyD_19528N
1952 8N 8N486630 Still a clean running working tractor. John Schultz    
1952 8N 8N486659 Purchased new by my grandfather in 1952. He gave it to my dad, and dad gave the tractor to me. In good working condition, partially restored. Tractor is still a working tractor. Ken Jones    
1952 8N 8N487412 Still 6 volt, has Sherman Combo Tranny. Very reliable worker. Dave Ahrens Unknown DaveA_19528N
1952 8N 8N487431 Good running tractor, used around the farm. Rick Wilson Dwan Ellenburg RickW_19528N
1952 8N 8N488216 Purchased in 1989. Runs strong and is very useful with a Ford Universal Loader. Jim Jennings   Jim Jennings
52 8N
1952 8N 8N488277 Was left in a field, Motor locked up.. freed, runs great!.. We call her Ole' Lucy Joseph Holland Roy Holland  
1952 8N 8N489423 My first Tractor! Now being rebuilt and asume to be finish on spring 2011. I kept the 6Volt just to keep it more original!! Can't wait to hear the sound of those new pistons!! Sebastien Theriault   SebastienT_19528N
1952 8N 8N490226 This is a Saved from the wreckers unit. Bought as is where is. Discovered later that it was a former municipal unit that had been painted Dark Green with stenciled yellow lettering when new. It had since been painted blue by another previous owner. The only bright spot so far is that the engine was overhauled by a local machine shop at some time in the past and is still in excellent shape. Right now its a basket case pile of parts so no pics. Kevin Strutt Ontario and York Roads Commission  
1952 8N 8N490242 Larry Taylor purchased this tractor from Randy Fountain May 17, 2014. Randy Fountain
Larry Taylor
(New Owner)
Unknown RandyF_19528N
1952 8N 8N491974 Bought it after it had sat for 6 years without being started, but under roof in a old farm barn. Currently in the 'city garage' working on getting it started. Ron Graves Wayne Hill  
1952 8N 8N492263 In restore process now. Richard Buker    
1952 8N 8N494057   Joe Bonavita Chad Goodfellow  
1952 8N 8N494591 Sherman Combo and Howard reduction unit. Greg Durdik Doug Davis  
1952 8N 8N494607 I was told this was a 1951, but after checking numbers it is clearly a 1952. I bought this from a guy that said his father-in-law bought it new here in north Alabama. I bought it to use, and have done so for the past two months, now it's getting time to paint and dress her up a little! Her name is "Ethel" and she will be used, but will never spend another night outside again in her life! I am having way too much fun!!!! Doug McCormack N/A DougM_19528N
1952 8N 8N494929   Kurt Stone    
1952 8N 8N495182 Just completed restoration, but will put to work in the spring. Douglas Cooper N/A  
1952 8N 8N495768 Runs Good Currently rebuilding Hydraulic Pump with kit. How to do more later it the honeydew listing does get too long. Jerry W Marshall David I. Greene  
1952 8N 8N495810 Currently being restored Patrick Rice    
1952 8N 8N496265 Some one was nice enough to put a terrible ford blue paint job on it . I got it from my cousin who got it from our great uncle. Terry Rognon Dave Gleckler TerryR_19528N
1952 8N 8N496970 1952 8N that came with a bunch of probably original period accessories including: Sherman hi/lo transmission, Cyclone pre-cleaner, Dowden foot throttle, springer seat, Tract-O-Lite headlamps & worklamp, and Duolamp tailight. Rick Hadley   RickH_19528N
1952 8N 8N497018 Never a farm tractor. Older, professional cosmetic restoration. Mostly all original parts. Doug Kelm City of Beatrice, NE 1952-1995
Doug Schwan, Becker, MN 1995-2004
Doug Kelm, Minneapolis, MN 2004-Present
Resize of 1952 Ford 8N Right Rear
1952 8N 8N498494 I bought this 8N running and driving but ended up rebuilding the engine. I have plenty of work tractors so this one will be retired to show duty. Larry Blum Warren Davis LarryB_19528N
1952 8N 8N498815 Stock unrestored Don Ubelhor Aloysius J. Ubelhor DonU_19528N
1952 8N 8N499104 1952 8N Ser.# 8N499104. All Original! Being prepped for restoration Jim Rodgers, Sonora, CA Jim Opie  
1952 8N 8N501165 1952 8N Converted to 12 volts by the previous owner. Still needs some red paint and the rims painted. Runs great. Carson Haines Carl Bolt CarsonH_19528N
1952 8N 8N502304 Great running tractor. New paint, 12v alternator conversion Richard Lockwood Jr. Richard Lockwood Sr. RichardL_19528N
1952 8N 8N503524 Not a bad find traded a 1952 case LA-LP for her doing a valve job hopeing to have her done very soon Russell Landreth Church in Zanger, TX RussellL_19528N
1952 8N 8N503670 Replaced Head Gasket,Repaired 3-Pt. Lift, Runs Good. Bob Gulick Army Corp. of Engineers in Bourne, MA. The N worked around the Cape Cod Canal, cutting grass. It still has the 14-4 Sickle Bar Brackets on it. It was auctioned off to a private party in Carver, MA. Sold to a Mr. Johnson also Of Carver, MA. Then sold to M. Silva of Carver, MA.  
1952 8N 8N503718 Owned this tractor since '95.The motor was overhauled in '13 and still retains the 6V system. Runs great.I use it year round for brush/snow removal and hauling. Patrick Brennan N/A PatrickB_19528N2
1952 8N 8N504089 Looked original except rims but very neglected when I got it. Still 6V, replaced wiring, fixed everything, and used rustoleum paint. Kevin LaRue Unknown KevinL_19528N
1952 8N 8N504580 Mostly OEM Soundguy   8N001 
1952 8N 8N505129 8N with live hydraulics. Totally rebuilt converted to 12volt. Rave Mangat Bought in Troy New York.  
1952 8N 8N505467 Original condition. Replacing brakes, axle bearings and seals for now. Will restore later. Gotta work it first. Good reliable machine. Pictures then. Spencer Burns Dennis Matthews  
1952 8N 8N505474 My grand father bought this tractor band new in the summer of 1952, it has never left the family farm, used weekly ever sence '52. This is my son, 4th generation farmer. Stephen Brown N/A SteveB_19528N
1952 8N 8N505715 This is my first tractor. Purchased 2007 in South Texas. Tractor is in overall good condition; runs well, included a 5' Mohawk shredder. Has a Monroe E-Z Ride seat, a cyclone breather and B-L-C headlights with odd, "L" shaped mounts made from flat stock. The hood is actually from a Massey (no Ford script and no breather door). Used mostly for mowing and grading the driveway, and occasionally pulling a hayride wagon for the kids from church. Dave Rogers Jimmy Grimmett DaveR_19528N
1952 8N ◊8N508432 Original condition with 2035 hrs on proofmeter. John Moore   JohnM_19528N
1952 8N 8N510550 Pretty good shape , just doing 12 volt conversion. Ken Stone   KenS_19528N
1952 8N 8N510802 My first 8N. I am looking forward to restoring it. Martin St-Pierre   MartinS_19528N
1952 8N 8N511504   Jimmie Thornhill N/A  
1952 8N 8N511635 It's in decent shape. I'm looking forward to taking it to a local steam engine show this coming summer in (2008). Bryan Johnson Unknown, purchased at N-Complete Tractors, Wilkinson, IN  
1952 8N 8N512715 Farm tractor. Charles R. Miller Charles W. Miller  
1952 8N 8N513801 Family tractor passed to me from my grandfather Frank Swett Maurice Swett  
1952 8N 8N513849 I found this tractor in north Louisiana for $400. I hauled to southwest Missouri and had it running the next day for $ 6.01.I plan to have this tractor for many years! It reminds me of my grandpa's tractors in the boothill of Missouri. Michael Bartlett Charlie Hines  
1952 8N 8N514302 Restored Larry Steed Kelly White, Vicksburg, MS Larry Steed
1952 8N 8N514501 Found this one in the Racene WI area. Brought back to the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Needs some work but mostly original. Been painted once in its life. Runs like a champ! Will keep this one alive for a long time. Cody Sabin   CodyS_19528N
1952 8N 8N514736 Looks like all the major pieces are original 1952. Randall Fountain Jane Essig RandallF_19528N
1952 8N 8N514749 Complete running tractor in very good original condition.Will use as is while collecting parts for restoration. When my 2N is complete I will tear this tractor down and restore to "new" Wes Benton Terry Reed  
1952 8N 8N515063 Found this tractor sitting in the weeds behind a closed gas station in the Missouri Ozarks. The original paint is chalked, but no significant rust on the sheet metal. Has original bumper, Monroe EZ-ride seat, lights, tail light, work light, and toolbox. Strong runner. Will restore and use with my finish mower. Jerry Marks    
1952 8N 8N515131 Fully restored to original condition. Eddie Shuman    
1952 8N 8N515225 Useable tractor, but slowly gathering parts to do a restore -- someday. Scott Iverson   ScottI_19528N
1952 8N 8N515365 Bought off of ebay for $1200. Missing the grill, but everything works great and it runs like a top! The brakes stop on a dime and the axle seals pass no oil Jonathan Decker    
1952 8N 8N515716   Brad Scharmer    
1952 8N 8N515927 Purchased in 1996 in Saline Mi from Neil Heaton. Liked it because although rusty and smoking, it was original. Used year round here on 10 acres in Michigan for snow removal, finish mowing, brush hogging, log skidding, landscaping, pulling stuck neighbors from mud and snow etc. Complete restoration in Aug 2009. Hated to use it after that but living in the country would be impossible without Ole' Berto! Steve Pasternak Unknown SteveP_19528N
1952 8N 8N516649 Nice tractor but needs piston rings replaced Brian M. Gleason Sr. N/A  
1952 8N 8N517462 Still being used. Johnny Stricklin    
1952 8N 8N517492 1952 Ford 8N with 3 speed Sherman Trans. 12 speed Fwd and 3 in Reverse. This tractor came from the dealer already painted blue. Jill Port Gary Heilig JillP_19528N
1952 8N 8N517970 Restoration almost complete. James Bailey Troup Ford Tractor Company JamesB_19528N
1952 8N 8N518080 Late 52 that I purchased and restored myself. Ken Shorney Several KenS_19528N
1952 8N 8N518189 1952 Ford 8N, restored, 16" fr. rims, cyclone pre filter, converted to 12V/alt. Leslie Adcock Amy Bennett LeslieA_19528N
1952 8N 8N518893 This tractor is a great starting point for a full on resto. Casting are correct and everything works. Angelo F. Danna Bruce Danielson AngeloD_19528N
1952 8N 8N524133 Need Ford Magneto schematic showing all parts. Diane Seney   DianeS_19528N
1952 8N 8N567420 My first tractor it is in good shape and is complete. It has been converted to 12v. Alain Crete N/A  
1952 8N ??????   Larry Renaldi    
1952 8N N/A Funk conversion, Flathead Six Dallas & Ramon Mercer   Picture_1385
1952 8N Unknown   William Miller Unknown  
1952 8N 8N??????? Was a big job but now me and my farmhand use it to ride around on Steve Brown   SteveB2_19528N
1952? 8N 8N? Got it from a gentelman in Ill with the help of a gentelman on the board. She comes with a Woods belly mower and will be my dedicated lawn tractor. Got the 641s for the dirty work. Calvin Luethe   CalvinL19528N
1952 8N 8N?????? My 1st big tractor! It has a Davis front-end loader for the northern Indiana snow. This tractor is a gem, it runs great and looks great. Still has the 6V system, until it gives me a problem I probably won't upgrade to the 12V. It starts and runs well even at 0 degrees..It has been very handy on our property!!! Kevin Boyd   KevinB_19528N
1952 8N Illegable   Richard & Laura Beach   RichardB_19528N
1952 8N 8N?????? was told it is 1952, it is an 8n painted ford blue and grey. picked it up Sat. removed the head becuase the motor is stuck. Fenders are in greatr shape as is the dash. All the sheet metal forward of the dash is complete but needs to be replaced along with the battery box. 12 volt conversion. gering up for resto it looks like. Just hope the engine gets unstuck it looks like #1 is the culprete. Eric Kruger Unknown  
1952 8N 8NXXX823 Tractor was bought new and used as a workhorse tractor for the farm. WAs repainted back to its origional colors back in 2003 for a fair parade. Was not restored but at least it went from looking old and ratty to new and looking good. Unsure if it is a 51/52. Thats been the debate for years!! Bruce Elliott N/A  
1952 8N C N232   Bill fitzgerald Unknown  
1952 8N Funk *?????*** 1952 Funk 6 cylinder. Early side rail Funk Patrick Tipton Joe Daskovitz, Kutztown, PA funky
1952 8N Funk 8N Funk 6 Cyl This is my 52 8N 6 cyl Funk. This one has a 51 Ford Truck flathead H. Bob Shattenberg Unknown BobS_19528N
1952 8N V8 Unknown V8 conversion in progress Bill Ploetz   BillP_19528N
1952 8N - AN Funk ohv 6 cylinder 5100 In process of re-restoration Old amateur restoration done 10 to 15 years ago John Dix Roger Bevard  
1952 8N OHV Funk 6 Cylinder 5163 6 cylinder overhead valve funk, to be restored. Purchased from Montana. Julie Browning, UK John Locke JulieB_1952Funk
1952 (Jubilee/NAA - S/N 1 to 4929) (17 entries)
1952 Jubilee NAA00034 Just purchased 5/07. Came from a farm near Mansfield, MO where owner had died, bank ended up with tractor. Was purchased by mom-and-pop tractor sales business at bank auction about a year ago, then by me May 2007. Yes, that's the serial number...may be the lowest number Golden Jubilee known. Mostly original, runs good. Kent Schnetzler Unknown KentS_1952Jube
1952 Jubilee NAA00053 Bought this Ford Jubilee 3 years ago at a farm auction in Golden City, MO. After powerwashing the tractor I finally uncovered the serial number location. 2nd/current owner TJ Ensch Wesley Wirth TJE_1952Jube
1952 Jubilee NAA00081 Early Jubilee Model. Must have been made the 1st or 2nd day of production. I 20/20ed it for my dad in 96. It's still in use at his place. I will totally restore it someday when he stops using it. He bought it from an old Ford dealer in 1960. The original owner had traded it in for a new Ford. I knew the original owner until he passed away a couple of years ago. John Dale-Woodville, MS Purchased in 1960. Marshall Treppendahl-Original owner. Traded in 1960 to Seal Tractor Company in Woodville, MS.  
1952 Golden Jubilee NAA00177 Bought as a 54 naa 3 months ago. I am going to restore it. Mark G. Munger    
1952 Jubilee NAA00247 Runs , painted wrong color , has front hydraulic snow plow. Jerry Lohr Tom Kashmer JerryL_1952Jube
1952 Golden Jubilee NAA00358 Found this one at about 9,000 ft elevation in the Colorado Rockies. Fairly recent amateur paint job but sheet metal very straight. Stock 6v setup. Tight steering. Runs very well, appears to be a low hour machine. Will fix a couple leaks, replace a loose lift arm pin, and put it to work next summer. Jim Schumacher    
1952 Jubilee NAA00477 Working tractor in good condition. Needs new front tires? Charlie Van Norman Tom Muir CharlieN_1952Jube
1952 Golden Jubilee/NAA NAA 1040 Runs great. Daily worker. Needs some paint and TLC. Guy Romine Metro New Holland  
1952 Jubilee NAA01125 Working unrestored. Lanny Gray   LannyG_1952Jube
1952 Jubilee NAA01149 Working tractor with new paint. It don't hurt to look good in the field. Jess Johnston Gordon Carr JessJ_1952Jube2
1952 Jubilee NAA01742 Not much information on this tractor. It has been idle for around three years. Restoration is in order. Don Doan Wade Stricker DonD_1952Jube2
1952 Jubilee NAA1746   Bob Holt Carlos Acres Austin Texas 1998 to 2003 when I bought it from him. Clyde Smith Monhans Texas 1988 to 1998 sold to carlos. Ford House Marfa Texas sold to Clyde some time in 87 or 88. Now reside with me on my pecan orchard north of Ft Davis Texas works bout daily and a good runner. tractor 003
1952 Jubilee NAA01805 I bought the Tractor in August 31 2006. Jeffrey Lee Harshman George G Cowen, Jr. JeffreyH_1952Jube
1952 Jubilee NAA01286 Very Solid and Straight machine. Someone painted it like a 601 years ago for some reason. Very tight and runs great! Joel Allen    
1952 Jubilee NAA02211 Work in progress/complete restoration Philip Weathington My grandfather bought it used in 1955 from our local Ford dealer. PW_1952Jube
1952 Jubilee NAA03396 Has Sherman combo and vane pump.  Not running. John Sanderson  Unknown  
1952 Jubilee/NAA NAA03707 I had 2 8 N 's growing up on farm. Never forgave mother for selling them when I went to college. Bought this one in fair shape. Looking to get an 8N also. Randolph J Henson    
1953 (Jubilee/NAA - S/N 4930 to 77477) (115 entries)
1953 NAA NAA00595 Runs great, over all realy good shape Quintin Akeley Craig Holder  
1953 Jubilee NAA02551 1953 Jubilee Tractor w/ 3 point hitch and JD loader. Terry & Stephen Tollefson Dave Henderson  
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA05751 Came with Superior Front Loader. 3 point and PTO works. Purchaased from owner on horse farm. Karl Rechlin Dawn Spencer  
1953 Jubilee NAA6015 Tractor has been used, abused, and painted the wrong color. Using right now to get our new place cleared out and then will do complete rebuild. James Judd Mr. Martin JJ1953_Jube
1953 NAA NAA6085   Fernando Roves   Tractor1
1953 Jubilee NAA06718   Jim Jennessee James Henschenn JimJ_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA7006B  My wife mary and I purchased this tractor April 05. Bought from original owners son. Wrong color but like it. Plan on using daily. William J Forness    WMF_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA08532 Needs paint has front end loader runs good Michael Allen Henry Copple  
1953 Jubilee NAA8190? The battery explode and it caught on fire. We bought it this way to fix up. Tim & Tom Rathbun Dan Wilson TimR_1953Jube2
1953 Jubilee NAA9336 Repainted, workin tractor Raymond Brannan   RB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA12308 Project Michael Lahar   MichaelL_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee/NAA NAA12997 I bought this tractor in 1998 and restored it. I did add a 12 volt system because of the slow starting. Runs and looks great, no problems. Dan Thompson ? DanT_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA13619 Bought as non-runner. I am the third owner. 1st owner traded back to the dealer in 1968. 2nd owner bought it on 10/7/1968. He also gave me the title and bill on sale from 1968. It has a sherman combo trans. I just did a valve job on it and rewired it. Not running yet still working on it Kirk Witte John Trunner KirkW_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA14254◊ Bought salvage in 1970 in Hillsboro, Tx Walt Petty Unknown WaltP_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA14380 Golden Jubilee Jerry W. Green    
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA15358 Saw it in a backyard barn and stopped to ask if it was for sale, now I own it. Currently working on partial restoration to get it running smooth. Complete restoration in the future. Bernie and Debbie Bresie Alan Hoops BernieB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA15985 It needs cleaned up and painted the right colors, but it runs real well. Tim Rathbun Clarence Hokr TimR_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA16937 I bought this tractor with my father in law. He worked with the farmer who bought it new for several years. Now we have it and it will be used to now about 3 acres a week, and light finish work. Tractor has been converted, and is all original and in great shape. Tom Grimes & Rick Stille   RickS_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA17109 Good working tractor, good sheet metal, could stand a paint job. A few parts are worn but I will get to that. Engine runs strong no smoke or rattle transmission pulls good, no attachments. Rod Ashley    
1953 NAA NAA18327 1953 NAA. Bought in Portland TN. Moved to Brentwood TN. Frederick & Aimee Young Ronnie White FY_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA18454 20 footer with new tires, Sherman Combo trans, Selec-Trol valve body, Trac-O-Lites, Cyclone air cleaner, and 12V generator. Phil & Retha Warner Tom Girard PhilW_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA19503 Just purchased, want to do a complete restore, runs great Les Foster Unknown LesF_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA20975 1953 Jubilee Carl Holthaus Unknown CarlH_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA21920 Backstory is bought new by Seaberg farms in Dayton Texas. Has a Sherman combination transmission. Doesn't smoke and just repaired the hydraulics. Needs a few more parts. May restore it in the future.. Bought from my uncle. Eugene Brown Doug Brown EugeneB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA22900 Sold An 8N to buy this tractor for the live hydraulics. Have a 5, bushhog, Ford 907 flail mower, Dearborn dozer blade w/remote hyd., rear blade, slip scoop. lift boom, and two harrows. Used mostly to mow one acre and some trails and to plow snow. Gene Kihn A sheenyman in Clinton Mi.. GeneK_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA23124 Jubilee home made loader. Owned since 2005. Dennis Horton    
1953 Jubilee NAA23525 Working tractor. Lanny Gray   LannyG_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA23940 Nicely painted, and the hydraulics appear to work well enough, but needed new plug wires and fan belt, and might need other minor fix-ups. Lain Turriff
Dan Kabler
(New Owner)
Unknown LainT_1953NAA
1953 Jubilee NAA23954 Original unrestored plus electronic ignition and heavy duty PTO shaft. Dearborn 19-61 front loader and Olsen 3 axis box scraper. Serious rear tire weights. Bill & Sally Tantau Ditz Bros. Catapillar , Stockton, CA BillT1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA24142 Very used, with Ford front end loader attached. Robert R. Stuart Larry Hitchcock  
1953 Jubilee NAA24379 Very solid 2,000 hour tractor with D/B Live PTO. Presently undergoing full restoration............. Art & Rita Schaefer Came from Pennsylvania ArtS_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA25254 Needs paint,needs new back tire, steering sector needs rebuilding(have parts will start project after I retire in approximately 6 weeks. Ken and Jane Langford Hubert Phillips (2nd owner)  
1953 Jubilee NAA25262 Tired. May have forzen engine, cracked block, rear wheel bearings bad. Lynn R. Lee Unknown  
1953 Jubilee NAA26347 Found in cow pasture, broke down and sitting for a couple years. In rough shape but still there and needing a lot of TLC.She has had some abuse and some not so good repairs, but I have her now and she is in good hands. Jim Bush Erik Rose JimB_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA28878 Golden Jubilee Matt Lis   MattL_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA29150 Totaly restored Sherman Hi/Lo org remote valve org bumper. Plowed many garden 8 A of hay mow rake and bale 2 A of garden my self sweet corn and veg. It never let me down. Now retired like me. Calvin Poulsen Herman Bottger Ex father in law. I bought from him it in the late 60s He was a IH dealer CalvinP_1953Jube
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA29153
Needs restoring. A PROJECT WOOHOO. Photo coming soon. Patrick & Teresa Spurling Unknown  
1953 Jubilee NAA29556 Bought new by my grandfather and then used by my father on the family farm. Now being restored in Lincolnshire, IL. Dan Palmquist    
1953 Jubilee NAA30191 Repainted by previous owner. Has 2N 16" front wheels&hubs, Dowden Foot
Feed, Arnco Parking Brake, Cyclone Prefilter, Sherman Hi-Lo auxiliary
transmission, adjustable work light holder, front bumper, and all
original working gauges. Purchased from deceased owner's estate from the
Francis Farm Museum, Rehoboth, MA. Looks great and runs like a top! Used
for moving boats, landscaping driveway, light road work in NH, and just
having fun!
Robert L. Baker Richard Lopes RB_1953Jube2
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA30489 All original going to repaint. Larry Bensley Joe Kajarski LarryB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA31504 I have just aquired this tractor in the last month. It has been repainted (very poorly) but it is in great condition, everything works and it runs very well. It is all original including the 6-volt system and I intend to keep it this way! Allan Wongstedt Andy Anderson  
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA32308 Bought in the mid 80's, 2 years later rolled out as a solid working tractor , been using it ever since. Mark G. Munger    
1953 NAA NAA32438 Dearborn live pto installed. Sweigard Bros., Inc.    
1953 Jubilee NAA32847 Bought 5 years ago, daily runner, painted the wrong color, Ford Blue & Grey. Gary Artim    
1953 Jubilee NAA33646   John Ferrell Walter Ferrell  
1953 NAA NAA34849 Purchased in 2013. Previous owner had used it for several years for mowing and had a lot of mechanical work done. With some cosmetic work and, paint and better front tires I think she should look pretty good. John Lamb   JohnL_1953NAA
1953 Jubilee NAA35432   Garth Mook    
1953 Jubilee NAA35673 Working tractor I hope serial # is correct some number hard to see. Jim Mitchell Unknown  
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA37170 Bought in 2010, use for mowing, starting the restoration. great tractor Brian Scheffler Dean Haarstick (Vergas Ford)  
1953 Jubilee NAA37352 1953 Jubilee Purchase in May 2005. Used on our 5 acres in Smithfield, KY. Implements include: 5 foot King Kutter rotary cutter, King Kutter dirt scoop, Hawkline post hole digger, Wingfield chain harrow. Matt Carmichael  


1953 NAA NAA37466 USED, all there, metal straight, needs TLC, very restorable, w/Freeman M601 loader s/n 12908 Clint Wilhelm Linda Ringler  
1953 Jubilee NAA39356 working but decent, undergoing sheet metal refurb, Named Miss Elizabeth for Elizabeth Arkansas where the previous owner found her in a chicken operation. Once had a Wagner front end loader. Phil & Retha Warner Ralph Yarbrough PhilW_1953Jube2
1953 Jubilee NAA40240   James Graham   JamesG_1953Jube
1943 NAA/Jubilee NAA40250 In need of restoration has been a workhorse for many years and shows it. Andrew Boynton Unknown  
1953 Jubilee NAA40749◊ This tractor has been in my wife's family for decades. Shaun & Christine McCluskey    
1953 Jubilee NAA43189 Great grandfather's tractor in restored condition Dwayne Young James Shelton DY_1953Jube
1953 NAA/ JUB NAA43466 WAGNER LOADER, O/U ORIG Burt Hudson NA  
1953 Jubliee NAA43691 Working Tractor that I refurbished. Ran good when I bought it, but had been setting up for a long time and had no paint on it at all. I plan to keep it, kinda fond of the old girl! David Byers (AKA Jubal Lee)   DavidB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA44989 Bought from a local person who repainted it with Tractor Supply Ford red and gray; looks OK at 20'; runs good; everything works, but I am a novice, at best; some new parts installed; the gray will need to be redone eventually, but I will use it to plow the garden and take it to low key shows and events. I wish I did have the history, for it is a neat old tractor and it will match well with my 1955 F100 Ford pickup {stock} --- maybe I'll tow it to the shows with the truck, if possible. Robert and Barbara Pifer Carl Allen  
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA45839 Currently not running. Restoration project. Steve Ellerbrock    
1953 Jubilee NAA47309 Got this tractor from a trade for work deal. Steve Potts    
1953 Jubliee NAA48714 Working tractor with dearborn loader. Rich Casarano    
1953 NAA (Jubilee) NAA49349 Sherman step up - step down Trans...LivePTO.In family since new. Marshall Morris Reno Wolfe (Father-in-law)  
1953 Jubliee NAA51025 Working tractor that I also take to antique tractor pulls. Has Sherman combo. trans. and a set of pie weights. slowly being restored. Rob Arison    
1953 NAA/Golden Jubilee NAA51342 Very good condition. Sherman High transmission, rebuild motor and hydraulics, new guages, new paint. Restored for use, but close to being a showpiece. Barry Moran    
1953 Jubliee NAA51471   Wayne Joyner   WayneJ_Jube
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA52345 This ‘Jubilee’ was purchased new by John J. Niessen in 1953. It was passed down to his son, Allan John Niessen, and was a solid workhorse on the family farm for 60 years. After a full restoration, it was sold in 2013 to the Niessen farm’s long-time renter and friend, Loren Klassen. It was proudly driven in Butterfield Threshermen’s Association’s 2014 tractor parade by John Niessen (3rd generation), and Joshua John & Christina Niessen (4th generation). Loren Klassen Allan J. Niessen LorenK_1953Jube
1953 Jubliee/NAA NAA53143 This was my first tractor, given to me by my great grandfather before he died. He traded an 8N for it. I have rebuilt the Engine and am in the process of restoring it. I use it daily on the farm. It has the live PTO attachment. I am also planning on adding a Sherman Transmission. Ross Rieckers Eldor Darlage  
1953 NAA/Golden Jubilee NAA54362 This tractor was a street broom owned by a construction company and when the owner no longer wanted to invest in the high maintenance of the broom attachment he sold it to me. I removed the broom and will start this winter to restore the tractor. It has no factory hitch and I hope to find a donor tractor to obtain the necessary parts to complete the hitch installation. Jim German North Bay Construction  
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA54469 Earlier restoration, 43 hours on rebuilt motor, needs cleanup and new paint, perhaps more. been in storage. Nick Pierce Russell J. Levesque NickP1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA55145 Father bought it in the 70's. Used on small farm for several years. Set for several more. In good shape, working tractor. Will restore when done with project. Have three point plow, cultivator, back blade. Casey Neiman Mervel Neiman  
1953 Jubilee NAA55762 53 Jubilee equiped with a Wadner Loader---a work in progress Joe Malsed Beaver Creek Rentals. Mariposa CA.  
1953 NAA NAA55973◊ Runs great, but it has obviously been working for a long time. I hope to restore it to a certain degree, but we bought her to work our 143 acres. Cynthia Owen   CO_1953NAA
1953 Jubilee NAA56103 Runs well, Wagner Loader Jim Hanzlik   JimH_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA57239 On jack stands and in the LONG process of rebuilding Paul Davidson Buford Grigg, my father-in-law, This tractor was used to build many drive in theaters in North Carlonia.  
1953 Jubilee NAA58782 Just bought. Will restore and continue this American machine's heritage of hard work. Gail Babineaux Jr. Tommy Callaway GailB_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA58921 I was given this tractor for Christmas from a dear friend. Needs a lot of minor work but runs good. Travis Boggus    
1953 Jubilee NAA59097 Close to original Jubilee with live PTO, converted to 12v in the past, good tin and engine Charlie Lindert   CharlieL_1953Jube
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA59357 Sherman O/U Restored Burt Hudson Belonged to dealers daughter  
1953 Jubilee NAA60213 Purchased 08/08 in Espanola Ontario. Good engine. Needed paint badly. Completely stripped and repainted her. Finished in 11/08. Planning to give her a relative life of ease around our 3 acre home in Goulais River, ON, Canada. Brian A Irwin, ON   BrianI_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA60362 This tractor has been in my family for 45 years. My dad and I picked it up from my grandfather on 6/16/07. It has been sitting for 3 years with the 3rd cyclinder burnt. We are going to get started restoring it soon. Bill Brickey Jr. Bill Brickey Sr, Floyd Brickey, Torri Brickey originally owned it. BillB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA61427 All original one owner. A total restoration will be done on this tractor. Richard Brock Don Morgan RB_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA61809 We bought this Jubilee primarily to move snow on our acreage, but I see that it is becoming another hobby. John Boysen Lyle D JohnB_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee


Originally purchased by my great grandfather, Walter Price Neff, in 1953 and given to his son's (my grandfather & great uncle) for farming. I purchased it back from my great aunt, 4/5/08. I plan to refurbishing it someday. For now I want to get it started and knock the 6 yrs of cobwebs off it. This was my grandfather's favorite tractor. Tyler Neff Ruth Neff TylerN_1953Jube
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA62162 I have a 1953 Golden Jubilee, with a power digger and a power shove basiclly a back hoe. This was origionally owned by kings park psychiatric center, my Grandfather bought it from them and added the power shovels to the tractor bofore that it was used to cut the lawn. Right now it is sitting in the woods for the past 20 years my uncles used up the clutch then it sat for 10 years then they wanted to start it and took off the carb and just left it off in the dirt. al of now I just bought replacment parts for it off of ebay, and a new clutch. I should have it working again very soon. I will add a pic soon. James Bell Donald DeHart (Grandfather)  
1953 NAA NAA62927 Believe it to be 1953 Golden Jubilee,still runs good. Jim Foster John Hall JimF_1953Jube
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA63988 Working tractor. Excellent mechanical condition. Sheet metal is in great shape. Runs like new and not afraid to work. Jason Rector Sid Rector JasonR_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA64447 This NAA was originally sold to the Woodlawn Golf Course, Muddy Creek Rd, in Cincinnati, OH by B & J Tractor Sales, Brookville, IN. I still have the original owners manual. It is currently a working tractor, used to bush hog about 3 acres and scrape the boat ramp. Karl Nakel Charles Wilkening KarlN_1953Jube
1953 NAA/Golden Jubilee NAA64565 I named the tractor gorgeous after the tractor was repainted because of the beautiful paint job done to it.The jubilee also has a Dearborn Model 10-156 2 bottom plow attached to the three point hitch, which was also repainted. I plan on showing the tractor and plow, at various tractor shows throughout Western Pennsylvania in 2013. The tractor will be proudly shown in loving memory of husband,father,and late owner Eugene Larimer who went to be with the Lord on November,6 2003. Eugene Larimer Family Eugene Larimer EugeneL_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA65412 Remanufactured 1906 by N-Complete. Have owned and used for 20 years to hay with. Murray Engle Herb Techaue  
1953 NAA NAA66972 Unrestored Has Hupp combo trans. Being used as daily worker. John Sanderson Unknown  
1953 NAA NAA67415 Owned this tractor for the better part of 30 years. I am the second owner. She's never been restored or rebuilt. It's fitted with a Dearborn 19-8 loader. A lot of peple say that these old tractors don't make good candidates for loaders. Well that old loader sure beats a shovel and a wheelbarrow any day. Always intend to restore when I can do without it for a long time, but there always seems to be something that requires her use. I use it with a backblade, a post hole digger, a plow, a disk, a roto-tiller, and a bush hog. I hate Ford automobiles, but if they had built them as good as they did these old tractors, I'd be a customer for life. Tom Valeika Wish I could remember so I could thank him for a great tractor. TomV_1953Jube
1953 Golden Jubilee NAA67674 Purchased in Nov '14. Replaced distributor, all is well. Added the seat cover and fresher up the medallion. Great runner! Was garage kept for 30 plus years. Glenn Taylor Guy Sheppard GlennT_1953Jube
1953 NAA/ JUB NAA68283 Orig Burt Hudson NA  
1953 Jubilee/NAA NAA69519 Really rough, has not run in 6 years, but I finally got a Jube! Lynn Patrick Mel Meyers, Ogden, IA. Previous Belzer Ford, Albia, IA LynnP_1953Jube
1953 NAA NAA70068 Clean machine that hardly acts it's age. Thomas Peterson Burly Witham Jr. TP_1953NAA
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA70088 Bought this tractor from Lonnie Sherman (Girard, PA) in 2008. It has a Sherman combination transmission that works well. I use it to brush hog, plow and prepare deer food plots, and snow plow in the winter. Good running tractor that gets used regularly year-round. Darrel Sisson Lonnie Sherman (Girard, PA) DarrelS_1953Jube
1953 NAA 70088 (Casting Number) Bought this tractor with intentions of using it on my small farm and to restore over time. (It is an early jubilee that has had its original engine changed out with a later jubilee and does not have a serial on either the block or the transmission casing.) Kale Luce    
1953 Jubilee NAA70324 Under restoration, Sherman transmission. Located in Murfreesboro TN. Scott Zimpfer John Wytrall  
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA70442 Just bought this tractor last week. It runs great and looks good from a distance. Looks like someone painted it with a brush. I am currently doing sheet metal refurbishing, then painting. George Pogue    
1953 NAA/Jubilee NAA71212   Ken Gasch    
1953 Jubilee NAA73981 Pretty sad looking! Needs lots of work. Lynn Patrick Orval Head LynnP_1953Jube2
1953 Jubilee NAA74093 Good worker with all sheet metal in good shape. It could use a paint job. Shy Farms Unknown ShyFarms
1953_ Jubilee
1953 Jubilee NAA75611 Basic machine, very reliable, dependable, used for many jobs on 40 ac farm Terry Gibson/ R. Dale Gibson Adrian Farm Tractor TerryG_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee NAA75642 Clark Craig Richard Williams    
1953 Jubliee/NAA NAA75646 Good worker in good shape. Millard &Virginia VanHoose    
1953 NAA NAA71124 Ridden hard and put away wet. Bought running and pulling, she'll slowly be rebuilt while working twenty acres. Patience Clara Pauline Hinchey Rebel Farm Auctions  
1953 Jubilee NAA77009   Doyle Fountain    
1953 Jubilee On the way Sherman O/U, Original Parking Brake, Backhoe, Dozer attachment Patrick Tipton Teddy Beemer, Plumbsock, NJ 1974-2003
1953 Jubilee Not Sure Excellent running condition and very powerful. PTO works and all. Joe Pires Ron Fawfau JoeP_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee Update Later Sherman high/low, very rusty when bought, but metal was straight and everything worked. Used on 20 acres. Jeff Klafka   JeffK_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee Not Sure A Gift from a family friend. Spent over $1000 so far. Mainly to get back hoe operational. Tractor is the wrong colour. No hydraulic. PTO works. Rear tire blew at patched rim three years ago. It is sitting in the bush still! Bruce Hann Isaac Reaman  
1953 Jubilee Not Sure In great condition but the amp meter dosn't work Michael Condra Gary Herlache MC_1953Jube
1953 Jubilee I'll check! Golden Jubilee I bought in '79 to farm hay with. Used it for 23 years to cut hay, rake hay, and bale hay. I bought it from a used car lot for WAY too much, but, I needed a tractor with a bucket (it had a Freeman loader with a manure fork) which I used to build my place. I bought a Ford 2120 a year ago and sold the Freeman loader. The 'ol heifer has power steering now! I sure don't miss all that weight on the front end. It's on the list to be restored. Jack Remillard Unknown  
1953 Jubilee/NAA Not Today   Kurt Hutter    
1954 (NAA - S/N 77478 to 118353) (600-800 S/N 1 to 10614) (43 entries)
1954 NAA NAA7006B
(Casting #)
Rusty gold. Was my wife grandfather's, he used it to farm tomatoes in San Diego. Tractor now lives in my shop in Clarksburg, California wine country. Justin Bell   JustinB_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA78370 Received this tractor from my best friend, it belonged to his dad and before him his grandpa which was the original owner. Kris Severson Kenny Huitt KrisS_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA81051   Charlie Strickland    
1954 NAA NAA81140 Freeman loader, working on adding lights and touching up Steve Davis   SteveD_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA83270 Nice NAA, mostly original. Just bought and already has new shoes on front. Jerry Wyatt Pete Hall JerryW_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA84803 Looks rough but runs real good. I remaned engine 10 years ago rebuilt transmission 4 years ago it is a working antique ,but i want to fully restore it my next project is the steering hopefully power steering because it has a very good old wagner iron works loader on it. I definitely want to redo all the sheet metal and paint. Beth& Allen Haught Sharper Farms  
1954 NAA NAA87708 Strong working tractor. Got a rattle can paint job in '04 Ed Vander Hoeven Conley Tilson, Jr. (Fx., VA)  
1954 NAA NAA88162 Mostly OEM Soundguy   finrs
1954 NAA NAA88630 This tractor was purchased by my father about 35 years ago. Upon his death it became my brothers. He used it for almost 10 years before it developed a steering problem. It didn't run for the last 4 or 5 years with the steering frozen. I'm currently in the process of restoring. She's running and steering again. The photo is the day I picked it up. Good Lord willing an updated photo will be posted by the end of the year. Clark Rogers Gamwell Clark Rogers ClarkR_1954NAA2
1954 NAA NAA88919 Good Condition: good metal, fair paint; everything else restored Isaac Kervin Unknown  
1954 NAA NAA89602   Jerry Lohr   JerryL_1954NAA2
1954 NAA NAA91522 This is a hard-working tractor in excellent running condition; needs sheet metal and paint. Used almost daily on our hobby farm. Wyndal Carter Original owner WyndalC_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA91604 It's painted red and white. Looks and operates well. Used all year round and slowly being restored. John Danish II Unknown JohnD_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA93212 Old but still runs great. Tim Wilson TN Wilson  
1954 NAA NAA93547 A little rough, but still runs great. Daniel Jinkens   DanielJ_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA93721 She's a kaleidoscope of colors, but runs well and the sheet metal is straight. But she leaks hydraulic fluid like crazy! (The Wagner FEL needs a little work...) Garth Ratliff   GarthR_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA94624 The completed ressurection of Project Rustbucket. Every system has been completely rebuilt taking 9 months to complete. Dan DeGroot   DanD_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA95392 Sheet metal, fenders, and rear wheels were repainted and still in nice condition. Previous owner bought the tractor in 1973 and owned it for almost forty years prior to selling to me in 2013. PO had to upgrade the hydraulic pump soon after purchasing. Electrical system was upgraded to an 8v system. I plan on adding a bumper to protect the front and use as is. Chuck Palmer Walter Arbuckle ChuckP_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA97022 Purchased 9/2007 in Manchester, Michigan, the picture is at time of sale. The seller was the son of the original owner. The ol'tractor came with a working gravity loader, a front mount snow plow and a rear blade. Since purchase in Sept 07, I've managed to gather up a ford two bottom plow, a ford 202 3pt. disc, an IH spring tooth and a set of tire chains. Did I mention she sound alot like a sewing machine! Needless to say, I'm very happy with this ol"tractor. Michael Waldchen Ed Townsend MichaelW_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA98550 It's been in use until last year. Needs carb overhaul. Would love to restore it. Jack Watkins My Dad and Grandfather  
1954 NAA NAA98910 Sherman O/U - smooth running engine, trans, & PTO - good lift - good metal, average paint, everything works but the lights and they are present. Jim Rodgers    
1954 NAA NAA101408 I bought this tractor in 1994 from the original owners wife. It came with a Ferguson two bottom plow model 12-AO-28 sn 36463,Superior manual dump model JH 100 loader sn 4863,a 3pt disc ? manufacturer 6 ft wide it has wooden bearings. I have added a 14-AO-28 plow, a dirt scoop, and two boom pole one is a dearborn model 19-52 Dan Zakrajsek Gerald Evens  
19054 NAA NAA101630 Great running little tractor. John David Binkley N/A JohnB_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA101893 Bought from original owner ,Good shape. 1587 hours. Jerry Lohr   JerryL_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA102811 My Dad bought the tractor used from my uncle back in the early 70's. Don't know if Uncle purchased it new or used. It has a Superior Loader up front and a Woods brush hog on the rear. Pretty much original as far as I know.Radiator grill is missing. Other sheet metal is straight,but the paint is pretty worn and faded. Warren Brown Mark Saunders  
1954 NAA NAA104746 Belonging to a Grand Uncle, this was the first tractor i ever drove. He gave it to me shortly before he passed away. The tractor is currently undergoing a restoration. Chris Marsden Louis Pasotti  
1954 NAA NAA106667 Was included with a 10 acre property. Looking forward to a little restoration work. Franz Weckesser   FrankW_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA110911 This tractor was owned by my wife's uncle, Leon Bodiford. He rebuilt the engine 20-30 years ago and converted it to 12V. Following his death, my father-in-law, Carl Branch, stripped and painted the tractor. However, it wasn't quite finished and had some running issues at his death. With lots of help, I finally managed to get it finished. Clark Rogers Leon Bodiford/Carl Branch ClarkR_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA111088 That's all the vin# that is stamped on this one. Looks rough and painted wrong. Full time working tractor that I am restoring 1 breakdown at a time. Tony Whitley    
1954 NAA NAA113542 Totally restored tractor. Jerry Marks    
1954 NAA NAA114500 Barn find in Nashville Area. Under restoration. 6/15 Robert Grosz Unknown RobertG_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA116980 Acquired tractor in spring of 2012. Replaced engine EAE6015F (49P:1) with engine EAE6015D (A1932). Completed rebuild in April 2014 George Small Purchased in "The Goulds", Newfoundland and Labrador GeorgeS_1954-2
1954 NAA NAA117185 Red Belly w/power steering and Dearborn live pto conversion. Keith Pomeroy Rolland Johnson  
1954 NAA NAA118201 Working unrestored. I bought it in 1992 to keep a 6 acre pasture mowed. Upgraded to 12 volt with electronic ignition. In-framed the engine in 2000. Needs paint, but runs great. Damon Price    
1954 NAA NAA118301 Rough but hard working. Purchased 03/2010 Getting ready for a new clutch, and some body work. Gary Little   GaryL_1954NAA
1954 NAA NAA123872 Purchased May,'06.Very straight & rust free but weathered.My son & I like using her more than my Br.-in-laws new Mahindra! I think she's a keeper. Steve Genna Tom  
1954 NAA NAA700034 1954 Ford NAA tractor in running condition but worked hard and left in the outside to rust. Charles and Nicole Mendenhall   C-NM_1954NAA
1954 NAA Illegible Paint and sheet metal in good condition. Hard working dependable tractor. In need of Sherman O/U. Karl Rathburn Alfred Grahm
Carthage, NC
boyz & toyz
1954 NAA Illegible   Dave Hennessey Iowa DaveH_1954NAA
1954 NAA Illegible Engine overhauled Low hours Hydraulics not working Need loader and pump Dave Sterner Wellsburg Golf  
1954 NAA Illegible All the sheet metal in good shape. Missing 3 Point hitch and PTO. Strong loader with good down pressure. Tim Molinero Mike Coan TimM_1954NAA
1954 NAA Looking it up Needs work, runs great. Larry Bensley Kirk Witte LarryB_1954NAA
1954 600 3658 Bought this from a repair shop LeRoy Dukes Larry's Tractor LeRoyD_1954600
1955 (600-900 - S/N 10615 to 77270) (41 entries)
1955 640 1546 6-volt (+ gnd) I have used it as a lawn mower & snow plow for 19-yrs Cliff Cerbus Benny Hale's Garage  
1955 740 NCB31 One of the first 740's and NCB31 is the actual serial number, restoration has begun Church Family    
1955 640 3229   Archie Winters N/A ArchieW_1955640
1955 640 6109 Just got her warm on new engine. I'm grinnin like a mule eatin yellow jackets. David R Green Bill Olsen DavidG_1955640
1955 850 10064 Rough Wagoner loader and Sherman 54c backhoe Andrew Brown   AndrewB_1955850
1955 660 11125 From the Palmer Fossum Collection Dan Coffman Palmer Fossum  
1955 640 12843 Good worker. Sheet metal rough and could use a paint job. Shy Farms Owned since 1960  
1955 640 13089 I bought this about 3 years ago. It was mechanically sound but paint was rough. I re painted it and use it daily on my farm. Don Sura    
1955 860 16516 Working tractor in bad condition. Weather outside for 10 years in western WA . Needs TLC. Previously maintained as inexpensively as possible. PTO won't disengage. Tom Kearns Guy Clogg TomK_1955860
1955 650 19793 Grandfather bought new. Past onto my dad, then onto me. Steve Maluske Brad Maluske\Stan Maluske SteveM_1955650
1955 650 19851 Orig., 19-97 Loader Burt Hudson    
1955 860 24554 Very poor physical condition. Runs well. Very rusty and missing body parts. Poor tires. Very ugly. Bob Thomas Richard Cox  
1955 640 24972 In great shape. Used primarily for pulling logs and trailers. Michael A. Fields Sunnyside Farm MichaelF_1955640
1955 860 26584 Orig, nice Burt Hudson Mr. Cannon, orig. owner  
1955 640 27125 Purchased from friend of a friend. Charlie Chauvin   CharlieC_1955640
1955 850 27423 Has Sherman backhoe and Wagnor front bucket. Dont know the model numbers. Josh Beeman N/A  
1955 850 29066 Purchased new in 1956 by my father in law. He said it sat on dealer lot for a long time as people were leery of the new transmission and preferred the 860’s if they bought. Gregg Foster Norman Summy  
1955 860 29802 Bought it sight unseen in 1999, it was a mess. After a lot of money & work, it's okay know. Will register my 2n when I get a good pic.
Note: Paul sold this tractor in 2010 and is now owned by Tim Fitzpatrick .
Paul Wiesman
Tim Fitzpatrick (New Owner)
Unknown PaulW_1955860
1955 850 34217 Has been converted to 12 volt. Loren Hoppel Shannon Babbie  
1955 860 36527 Not very pretty. Isn't running but hasn't been too long since it did, so shouldn't take too much! Lynn Patrick Andy Tygrette LynnP_1955860
1955 960 RC 38615   Burt Hudson    
1955 740 RC 41780 Orig. Sherman O/U, PS, PTO Ext., Swinging drawbar, remotes Burt Hudson    
1955 960 41859 Has not run in many years, but in very good condition. Has 1900 hours & I think everything is original. Lynn Patrick
Richard Hartsog, Mt Airy, N.C.(New Owner)
Bob Novotny LynnP_1955960
1955 960 44801 Rough w/much farmerizing, but runs great! Lynn Patrick Scott Implement, Biggsville, IL LynnP_19559602
1955 640 47678 Sherman reverser trans., Sherman forklift. Sweigard Bros., Inc.    
1955 630 54681 Sherman forklift, reverser trans Burt Hudson    
1955 960 56104   Jason Gerald   JasonGerald_960
1955 640 56483 Original paint is getting thin, but you can still see all the original decals. Has a Sherman over - under drive transmission. I purchased fall of 2012 and enjoy driving this tractor. Chuck Palmer
Sold (Unknown)
Ray Burke ChuckP_1955640
1955 850 56878

Jethro" has a Dearborn 19-71 loader and a 12 Volt conversion.
Note: This tractor was sold in 2005 and is no longer owned by Brian Szafranski

Richard Szafranski (Bri's brother) of Lancaster, NY John Voss of East Aurora, NY Ford 850
tractor 2.5x2.5
1955 850 57804 Mostly original, unrestored worker Jim Webb Terry Green. He bought it at a farm liquidation from the last operating farm in Sandy, Utah. Lumpywest
1955 630 60376 Pretty rough but pretty to me. David R. Green Mr. Larry Wilson  
1955 850 66818 Sherman backhoe, 19-97 loader Burt Hudson    
1955 860 68102 Worker purchased in western Kentucky in March of 2003. Has 12 volt conversion. Jackson H. Collins Unknown  
1955 640 68368 Just inherited from Dad, retired USMC. He was told it was a 1957 but all I can find out thru #s is it must be 1955. Ralph M. Maddox Ralph R. Maddox M.Sgt. USMC RET.  
1955 640 71098 Just got her fixing to start bringing her back to life. Micah Griffith Jeff Bush  
1955 640 76615 This was my Dads tractor we worked on the farm and now I have it and will be restoring it. Chris Keiser Frank Keiser  
1955 640 76980 Bought from a family friend, been sitting in a building for 10 years. Fresh plugs and wires, carb kit, cleaned and sealed gas tank. Runs and works great. Fred Fuller Charlie Williams FredF_1955640
1955 650 ?????   Nabil Laham    
1955 740 ????? Tractor bought at a Ohio farm. Has 711 sidearm loader and Sherman Hi/Lo trans. Terry Smith   TerryS_1955740
1955 960 ????? Originally owned by a Ford dealership in Marion, NC--never sold until we bought it. It was used to load plows/equipment. Terry Smith Marion Ford Tractor TerryS_1955960
1955-1956 640 ?9808 This tractor belonged to my father-in-law. It was given to me by my mother-in-law after my father-in-law's alzheimers got too bad for him to use it. It already had several problems and had been sitting unused for a few years. I put alot of money into fixing it up and continue to try to fix it up.It. still has problems with the lift wanting to work properly. Daniel Robertson Major Puckett  
1956 (600-900 - S/N 77271 to 116326) (12 entries)
1956 640 82440 I purchased this tractor with the intentions of using it to landscape my property. It needed a hydraulic lift repair which is now become a full restoration which I don't mind at all. A few more weekends and I should have the work done and ready for this season. John M Kelsey    
1956 620 83360 Sherman reverser trans, Sherman forklift ser.# A1363.Needs some work but extremely dependable and handy. Jim Molski    
1956 860 89407 WaltTX connected me w/ the seller in Maypearl, TX. The pto didn't work & the tranny had a chattering noise. Turned out to be a thrust washer. Picked her up in 2005 & finally got her 90% restored in 2011. Jeff St.John Buster Marion JeffS_1956860
1956 860 90829 Good working tractor. Steve Ellerbrock    
1956 640 93972 Still working on restoration Richard Savage Don't know  
1956 960 95306 Was my grandfathers. First tractor I farmed with. Dallas Mercer   Picture_1543
1956 660 96037   Bill Neidenbach Uncle Mick BillN_1956660
1956 640 96710 This ole girl was rough when I got it . Added Sherman hi/lo , new fenders , 4 new tires & 1 rear rim . Installed my Dads original comfort heater C-814c that I acquired at an auction . This setup is exactly what my Dad had on his 640 back in the 60s . Kenneth F. Crisman N/A  KenC_640
1956 860 97348 Loader Burt Hudson    
1956 860 97675 Worn but solid Ford 860 I bought from a farm in SW WA. Has 711 Loader and awaiting restoration. Roy Frady Mich RoyF_1956860
1956 620 101404 19-97 loader with Dearborn blade ATT Burt Hudson    
1956 860 108989 Good solid tractor. Needs a little sheet metal work and paint. Tony Gentry    
1957 (600-900 - S/N 116327 to 144015) (601-801 - S/N 1001 to 11996) (9 entries)
1957 640 93760   Burt Hudson    
1957 640 126545 Dad and I purchased this tractor in the spring of '87. He then refurbished it by the spring of '88 at the Career & Technology Center in Frederick, MD. He calls her "The Princess". Ron & Tyler Neff Farmer from Lost River, WV RonN_1957640
1957 640 128680 Straight original 600 series tractor. Purchased by original owner in December of 1957 and delivered painted in 601 paint scheme from dealer. Jerry Marks    
1957 860 128723 Working tractor, mechanically restored 2014, Paint restoration 2015 Sweet Town Farms Mr. Porter  
1957 660 129093 1957 Ford 660 with power steering added. James Lowe   JamesL_1957660
1957 860 132549 Looks good. Needs front tires some engine work. Lynn Patrick Unknown - Putney Auction, Indianola IA LynnP_1957860
1957 960 141771 Bought w/bad engine. Now has a 192 industrial. As close as I could come to my dad's 1958 961. Lynn Patrick
Ian Svensson, Sweden (New Owner)
Unknown, New Prague, MN area LynnP_1957960
1957 640 141495   Carlos Pizzi Eugenio Weishaupt Ruiz CarlosP_1957640
1957 640 144234 Late 1957 640 with 601 Workmaster hood. Terry Reed   TerryR_1957640
1958 (501-1801 - S/N 11997 to 58311) (18 entries)
1958 861 Powermaster (Diesel) 0000233 Bought from a horse rancher in Lancaster, CA Fine running tractor with excellent straight tin. Shows 1285 hours on working tachometer. 1st 4 #'s of serial eaten away by leaking battery acid. I'm really proud of this one. Watch for future photos. Larry & Candy Steed Bob Finberg LarryS_1958861
1958 861 15070 Bought this tractor at a divorce sale. Engine, tranny, hydraulics overhauled. New rubber front and back. Only have to finish the sheetmetal, paint, and detail. Jerry Marks    
1958 861 15909 Was told when I purchased this tractor that the PTO was jammed. Adjusted the clutch according to the manual and both clutch and PTO worked great. This tractor has power steering, Freeman FEL, original spin-out wheels, and a Rest-O-Ride seat. Plan to remove the FEL and restore. Jerry Marks    
1958 861D 16878 Diesel, 5 speed, power adjust rear wheels. Josh Beeman N/A  
1958 841D 22343 Started to resurrect August 10' after it sat in a backyard for 9 years. Alan Troast Dennis Devlin  
1958 861 Powermaster 24953 Bought for $600.00 in November 2006. Matt Wasgatt   MattW_1958861
1958 641 27520 601 Workmaster. Needed fan, water pump and radiator. Runs and operates as it should. Purchased from a PA farmer. Kirk Witte Richard Detweilio KirkW_1958641
1958 841 Powermaster 31338 Junk in 2004. I have 3500 into the machine now and all that is left to do is sheet metal. Every think is rebuild. This a great machine!!! I'm the second owner. Stephen Mann Anna Dawson StephenM_1958PM
1958 861 31905 w/loader and run down, needs lot of work. Tom Jellison Unknown TomJ_1958861
1958 661 43426 Restoration under way. Sean Crocker   SeanC_1958661
1958 651 Workmaster 46892 Dad's tractor. I drove it first when it was new. It is in good orig. cond. A real jem. Burt Hudson & Sons Mary & Cliff Hudson Purchased for $1400.00 plus 1945 - trade in, list price $2400.00  
1958 961 Powermaster 48379 Wide front axle Larry & Candy Steed Jeff Huber LarryS_1958961
1958 861D 51004 Passed down to me from my Dad. Tractor was born same year I was. We received it repainted blue & grey. Glenn Hawkins Charles Hawkins GlennH_1958861D
1958 851 Diesel 57704 Original Condition with 6004 hrs. on ProofMeter Purchased from Original Owner in 1993. Tractor is used to "Tedd" hay on Belvue Farm John Moore Roy W. Tripp JohnM_1958851
1958 861D 124451 Purchased from 2nd owner in mid-2014 & was in original condition with rear pie wheel weights, but soon required an engine rebuild when hydraulic pump & cam drive gear self destructed and new 2 stage clutch installed at the same time. Dalmer M. Badgett Robert Tate  
1958 861D Powermaster 347484 My Dad and I drove from Biloxi Ms. to Coldwater Michigan in March 2010 to purchase this tractor. We met Farmer Dan at Seybert's Implements Sales and Service. A great unrestored 861. Factory power steering, selec-trol valve, with 5 speed and live pto. Runs and operates strong. This tractor was well cared for. Billy Williams Moe Tanner, Reading Michigan BillyW_1958861D
1958 861
1000000 Pie Weights Burt Hudson Orig owner G. Bushfield  
?   Unknown Restored a few years ago. Looks great! Lynn Patrick Jim Kaster LynnP_501
1959 (501-1801 - S/N 58312 to 105944) (13 entries)
1959 661D Workmaster XX0000   Burt Hudson    
1959 901
62078 Ford 901 Powermaster row crop tractor; 48 hp gas eng. w/4 speed transmission. Larry & Candy Steed Brian Breland, Petal, MS LarryS_1959901
1959 871 Gold Demo 62940 Painted blue, runs and drives but trans needs some work. Kirk Witte    
1959 871D 63469 Gold demo, PS, remotes Burt Hudson    
1959 871 S-O-S
Gold Demo
68160 (Select-O-Speed)
Was blue over red with quite a bit of gold underneath showing where paint was woren
Kirk Witte Crossdale Repair Shop KirkW_1959SOS
1959 541
72887 Offset with Cult. Burt Hudson    
1959 871 74397 SOS With Loader 1 arm bandit Purchased Jul08 from owner of 30 yrs Doug Parmele Jim Snyder  
1959 881 77627 Traded a good 8N for this tractor. Has a broken "ear" on the block that affects the front end mount, but I have another block to install. Am anxious to finally have a running 881! Lynn Patrick
Allen Molyneaux (New Owner)
Bryan Peterson, Fairfield, IA  
1959 541 Offset Workmaster 80736 1758 hours,134ci gas,4spd,Lots original parts.Older restoration. Rare jewell to have with my N-Collection. Stan Morris   StanM_1959541
1959 631 95284   David OSteen   DavidO_1959631
1959 841 96168 This 841 was sent to the scrap yard to be crushed!!! I spent about an hour with her working out some problems. Put the 8N wheels and tires because she had none, new wire from the distributor to the points (Thanks Bruce (VA)) which eliminated a direct short, cleaned out the fuel tank, new fuel filter and new battery. Spayed a bit of ether in the intake, bumped on the carb to unstick the float (she was dripping gas bad) and it cranked on the first roll over. She smokes a bit but probably hasn't been run in a while. The loader is too heavy for these 4" tires : ). I gotta get me some cheap used 15x5 or 15x6 industrial tires and rims. Mark B. Williams Junk Yard MarkW_1959841
1959 841
105836 PS, Sherman reversing trans. Burt Hudson    
1959 851 XXXXXX Was born as a diesel, but at least the last two motors in it have been 172 ci gas. Tractor was recently rebuilt, and it runs great. Everything works but the lights, which I'll figure out one of these days. Bought to be a working tractor. Sheet metal is good; paint is not, but she'll be working so no matter. Barking Cat Farm (Laurie Bostic) John Thompson LaurieB_1959851
1960 (501-1801 - S/N 105945 to 131426) (5 entries)
1960 861
☆110822☆ Very clean, good working 861, to be used on our farm. Tom & Gloria Sowinski Harold Feltz TomS_1960861
1960 Workmaster 120865 Bought it for a restore project. Hope to have it done by spring Don Charlette Unknown DonS_1960WM
1960 641 123424 Nice tractor that was part of an estate. I won't let anyone touch it that doesn't know what HP it has. LeRoy Dukes   LeRoyD_1960641
1960? 951 N/A Bought this tractor at an auction to plow food plots ond bushog on 200 acres. I was surprised at how well it was kept, but found the previous owner knew nothing about wires or power steering, the hoses were hooked up to the wrong ports. Tom Simpson N/A  
1960 B275 International 12161 Has rebuilt 38hp diesel & several new parts. Bush tractor Dale Cowle    
1961 (501-6000 - S/N 131427 to 155531) (2 entry)
1961 851 137086 A little rough but restoreable,a real good 19-201 loader on it.
Note: This tractor was sold to Richard Carter in October 2009.
Quintin Akeley Carrol Bagley  
1961 871 139053 Very original survivor William Nicholson ??? WilliamN_1961_871
1962 (501-6000 - S/N 155532 to ?) (11 entries)
1962 971 Diesel Powermaster 156627 Tricycle Ford row crop in great shape; has an SOS tranny that works great in all gears. Larry & Candy Steed Dennis & Zack Cunningham  
1962 641 156635 Work tractor running restoration. Walter Ingram    
1962 641 163120 Purchase tractor in fall of 2003 and repainted it in 2004. All original light and remote hydraulics. Harold Cooke   HaroldC_1962641
1962 2000 LCG 166254

Bought in April 2005 from a guy who has over a dozen Ford tractors, from 8N on up. He bought an 8N new and still has it. He tried to sell me his 1964 Ford 6000 (beautiful, and recently completely overhauled, including the SOS tranny), but it's just too big of a tractor for me (class 2 hitch and all).
Note: This tractor was sold to Butch Bokman in 2008. Butch then sold it to Paul Otto in January of 2009.

Brian Szafranski of Elma, NY Bob McKerrow of Arcade, NY



1962 Industrial 20313 166254 Early 1962 Light Industrial 3pt,live Hyd, 4 Speed,Foot Throttle Paul A. Otto   PaulO_1962LCG
1962 841 Powermaster 166342   John Ratliff Charles Wade, Tupelo, MS JohnR_1962841
1962 631 167979 4 speed with PTO in fair condition - working tractor James Parker Justin Nichols JustinP_1962631
1962 2000 19719 Needs some attention, but has power steering! Lynn Patrick Lyle Short LynnP_19622000
1962 4000 32493 SOS, one arm loader, PS Burt Hudson    
1962 4000
000000 Front blade, SOS, 1000 RPM Burt Hudson    
1962 4000
5 Speed
000X0000 Was burnt, now field ready Burt Hudson    
1963 (5 entries)
1963 2000 LCG 1792 My first tractor. Turns out to be unique in that it has a torque converter. Local FORD dealer has never seen one and their manuals do not show that FORD ever put them in this series of tractors. Running great, looking forward to painting the panels. Roger Youngerman Unknown  
1963 4000 LCG Unknown Recent repaint & engine rebuilt, new rubber. 4 speed w/foot throttle. Lynn Patrick Matt Reed LynnP_1963LCG
1963 4000 34624 Well used but runs good and everything works. Plan to restore over the Winter. Bill Griffin Mike Verbillion BillG_19634000
1963 641 WorkMaster 129009 I bought the tractor about 3 yrs ago. I was mainly using the tractor for mowing, but right now I'm in the middle of restoring some of it's functions. I have tore the tractor apart and am now trying to figure out how the gauges should work, since they never have as well as make it look alot nicer. I hope to put a picture out here as soon as I'm finished with the restore. Lindsey Snapp Jim  
1963 621 Workmaster 168812 Airport Tug , torque converter Burt Hudson    
1964 (5 entries)
1964 4000 42182 The last year of the 172 cubic inch engine. 12 volts under restoration. William aned Lovell Vance  Gilbert Vance  
1964 4000 43890   Mark Janowski   MarkJn_19644000
1964 4000 54654 1667 Proof Hours Showing Stephen Grigg Ernie Horne StephenG_19644000
1964 2000 70250 Model 21201 bought used 4/1/15 Lee Isenhour Jay LeeI_19642000
1964 4000 ?????   Molly Rennaker    
1966 (1 entries)
1966 4200 C138538 First year of production on these row crop models. 3 cylinder 4000 row crop, narrow front, gas, Select O Speed. When the fellow I bought it from was thinking about trading it in he asked the dealer what it was worth. Dealer just dead panned; "What does it weigh?" It wasn't running when I got it - just needed points and carb work - but runs real good now. Still has some issues: not charging the battery and the power steering leaks pretty bad. I'm thinking I will clean it up a bit and leave it as-is, original. Jerry Lemire -
(Ultradog MN)
1970 (1 entries)
1970 3000 C286833 Not very pretty but mechanically quite good. Lynn Patrick Mark Delehanty LynnP_19703000
1971 (1 entry)
1971 4110LCG C320791 3 cyl gas, ps, live pto, 8x24 duals, 8 speed, 1650 hours. LCG - low centre of gravity, were first made as 601 Workmasters, then 2000 & 4000 with 4 cyl' then in the 2000 & 4000 with 3cyl mine is call 4110 which just means 4000 LCG with standard tires 8.3 x 24 duals and 6.50 x 13 front or optional 18.4 x16A - 6 ply and optional front 6.00 x 16. They were painted blue bottom and IND. yellow on tin and wheels. Mainly used for golf course and mowing slopes Burt Hudson  City owned tractor  
1973 (1 entry)
1973 3000 C388812 Purchased as my working tractor while I try to find time to finish my 8N Ed Gooding Agri-Business, Ashland, VA, Oct. 1999 My 3000-2
1974 (2 entries)
1974 8600 C41086 Cab and after market M&W turbo kit. Josh Beeman N/A  
1974 2110 LCG C411070 Should make a great mowing tractor! Lynn Patrick Carl Burgin LynnP_1974LCG
2009 (1 entry)
2009 Boomer 8N Z9D8N0046 Bought new on May 28, 2011, from Forrester Farm Equipment in Chambersburg, PA. Accessories include loader w/toothbar, 48" pallet forks, and red grill guard. Tyler Neff N/A TylerN
Misc. (3 entries)
1942-???? 9N's, 8N's ???? I have a couple of each tractors. Mando Frausto    
???? 621 123051 I beleve this is a air port tractor. I'm trying to get info on it. Ron Dexter   RonD_621
1939 to 1953 9N thru 801 9N2019 Rons Tractors Ron Dexter



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