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Second Unit Sold to Paul LeRoy
Third Unit Mounted on a Ford 861

Jackson Power Steering is introducing a Front Mounted Hydraulic System designed to give older tractors a live hydraulic system that is reliable, strong and trouble free. The unit is designed to look like front mounted tractor weights and actually adds less than 150 pounds weight to the front of the tractor. The unit holds a little over 5 gallons of hydraulic oil. The 9 GPM Vane Pump is embedded into the reservoir for protection and to allow the unit to be as compact (close) to the tractor as possible. This unit is set up for the 2N, 9N, 8N Ford, however, could also work with the NAA, 600 and 800 Series as well.

Pic 1

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To fill the reservoir with hydraulic fluid, both the plugs are removed and hydraulic fluid is poured into the large filler tube until fluid comes out the fill hole on the upper left back side of the unit.


Pic 3
The pump is embedded in the reservoir. The pressure and return ports are located on the upper right of the reservoir.


Pic 5
The drain plug is recessed for protection and located to the bottom left portion of the unit.


Pic 5
The flex-more coupling is mounted inside the grill.


Pic 6
View of the pump shaft and pressure / return ports.


Pic 7
View of the mount

Unit Mounted to Paul LeRoy's 8N

I wanted to update you on the front mounted hydraulic unit. I sold the unit to Paul LeRoy. He mounted it on his 8N powering a New Paulson Loader and a JPS power steering unit. I thought it would be interesting to the readers to see the "rest of the story" as it were. This was our first front mounted unit...and there was certainly a learning curve, but in the end, it turned out well.

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Paul and I are both very proud of his outstanding work on his 8N. In the next few days, the pictures will be posted on my web site, and in the farm show magazine later in the month.

As a result of Paul's help and feed back, I built the third front mounted hydraulic unit of a different and improved design. It's mounted it on a very, very hard working Ford 861. This Ford tractor is a un-restored working tractor that will be used to to power a hydraulic powered grain loader. Because of long stretches of use, I built the reservoir to hold ten gallons of hydraulic oil...with a 11 gallon per minute vane pump inside. Also, I decided to put the steering's priority flow valve on the inside along with the pump...so it would be hidden, protected and out of the way. I decided to design and build this tank with access to the pump from the top of the reservoir. It doesn't look as appealing to the eye, but will be easy to work on if ever the need arises. Anyway, this unit works much better then I ever expected. The hydraulics are responsive and powerful. Not an attractive tractor, but it is in perfect condition mechanically, but just needs a paint job. Of course, it lives and works in the remote Oklahoma Panhandle, called "No Man's Land" so what is the point of paint? It runs well and the front mounted hydraulic unit has the embedded pump as well as the priority flow divider to also power the steering unit. The hydraulic unit works perfectly, and I am proud of it. Here are some pictures of "The Oklahoma Outlaw" as refer to this wonderful 861 Ford.

Pic 21

Pic 22

Pic 23

The next design is on the drawing table, actually the welding table. It is going to be a power unit that can be adapted to many different tractors. The customer would have the option to buy the tank...then adapt it to his brand of tractor. The unit will be serviced from above...but will be more pleasing to the eye. I can make it out of chrome diamond plate. Many possibilities.

Best Wishes, Roland Jackson

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