Refresh (Reload) Your Current Web Page

Most internet browsers cache web pages so you do not have to download the full page each time you visit it. It may be necessary to press the refresh (reload) button on your browser to get the latest version of the NTC forum index page. If your newly posted message isn't displayed on the page, please refresh (reload ) the page using your web browser's refresh (reload) button or by using the shortcut keys provided below.

Shortcut Keys for Refreshing (Reloading) Your Page on a Windows PC

  • Internet Explorer - F5 or CTRL+F5
  • Firefox - F5 or CTRL+F5
  • Chrome - F5 or CTRL+F5
  • Safari - F5 or CTRL+R
  • Opera - F5 or CTRL+F5

Shortcut Keys for Refreshing (Reloading) Your Page on a Mac

  • Internet Explorer - Command+R
  • Firefox - Command+R
  • Chrome - Command+R
  • Safari - Command+R
  • Opera - Command+R