www.ntractorclub.comFrequently Asked Questions - NTC PayPal Shopping Cart

Q: Why do I get a timing out error using PayPal?

A: The PayPal system is designed to drop your connection, or time out, after five minutes of inactivity. This is just one measure of many PayPal uses to offer the highest levels of security for our members.

If the system is timing out in less than five minutes, it may be caused by a lost (or dropped) secure connection, which is often a result of Internet congestion. When Internet congestion occurs, secured web servers (the backbone of most websites) are affected the most.

If the problem persists, disconnect and reconnect to your Internet connection (whether via a dial-up or DSL or cable connection). You may also want to wait a few minutes before accessing the PayPal website.

Also, make sure to clear your cache files periodically; otherwise, you may experience slow connection and closing times attempting to access or log out of the PayPal website. To improve overall performance on the web, and specifically while visiting PayPal, routinely clear your cache.

For more information on clearing the cache in all browsers, click here.

Note: If you need to write a long description when sending a payment or Money Request, open a text only document, type your message and then copy and paste the message into the PayPal sending document page.

Q: I'm having trouble getting two items to show up in ny NTC PayPal shopping cart. It seems to let me add one item or the other but not both and then it says something about me not being an approved shopper?

A: PayPal requires that you enable cookies or you cannot accumulate items in your cart. The error message, "The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user. Please review your selection and try again", is also related to cookies being disabled. To configure your web browser to accept cookies, click here.