www.ntractorclub.comN Tractor Club Discussion Forum Policy

We, the administrators of the N Tractor Club, believe it's important to clarify our position on free speech and censorship of topics on our discussion forums.

We expect participants of these forums to do their best to be thoughtful and considerate in their posts. No one here is perfect. As a large and culturally diverse group of people, we recognize that participants may find other posts offensive from time to time. In our opinion, that doesn't warrant censorship. If you find a post offensive and feel the need to address the issue, we urge thoughtful and considerate dialog so that we may all benefit by learning and thinking about other folk's points of view.

What we DO NOT allow in our forums:

  1. Spam (inappropriate & non-related material containing advertisements, pornography, etc.)
  2. Foul Language Including Racist Remarks
  3. Personal Attacks
  4. Double Posts/Messages
  5. Posts/Messages in the Wrong Forum (we will delete or move to the appropriate forum)
  6. Continuous conduct that in the opinion of this site's administrators constitutes a detriment to this web site.

We try to moderate our forums the best we can. If you find a post/message that fits the criteria above, please click on the [DELETE] link near the top of the post/message to notify us that this it needs reviewed by the administrators.

We hope you participate in our community, enjoy the benefits of our collective experiences and help us strengthen both our knowledge of tractors and of our fellow enthusiasts. Please post your message in the proper forum.

The N Tractor Club Administration