New CAPTCHA Enhancement for the N Tractor Club Discussion Forums

CAPTCHA Example ImageEffective 03/01/09, the NTC implemented a new feature in all forums to help us combat the waves of spam that have been hitting us on a daily basis. The name of this feature is called CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and you may have seen it on Craigslist or other websites. When you preview or post a message, you will be shown a series of letters and/or numbers in a small box. You must type this same series of letters/numbers in, or your post won't be accepted.

Most spammers use small programs to post their spam - it is not being done by an individual at a keyboard. CAPTCHA puts a stop to that.

This will allow the NTC admin's to concentrate on more helpful tasks like scanning and posting more tractor and implement related material.

It will create an extra step for those of you who post, but we feel that the NTC community will be a huge beneficiary of this new spam-stopper process.

Work-around for AOL Users with Image Verification Code Errors:

If you are an AOL user, you may have problems getting past our CAPTCHA spam stopper. It will require you to access the NTC web site outside of AOL, using the following procedure:

Log on to AOL to establish your Internet connection. Click the minus sign in the upper right-hand corner of the AOL window to minimize AOL.  You then click Start in your lower, left-hand corner of your screen and click on Internet Explorer.  If you don't see Internet Explorer when you click on the Start button, click on the Programs button and you should see it.  This will start Internet Explorer OUTSIDE of AOL.  You key in the web address of the N Tractor Club and proceed from there.
What you are doing here is using AOL to open a connection to the Internet, but you are NOT using AOL's web browser to surf the net. Do not close out AOL or you will lose your connection to the Internet.  Just leave it minimized on your desktop window and use Microsoft's version of Internet Explorer to do your web surfing.  When you are finished surfing the Internet, then you can close AOL to also close your Internet connection.

Also note that other web browsers, e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera will also work in getting past our CAPTCHA spam stopper program.

The N Tractor Club Administration