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Posted by Jerry Marks on November 15, 2008 at 04:18:33 [URL] [DELETE] :

Just a note to all on the board regarding safety. My 15 year old daughter, aka chief 8n mechanic, called me the other day to relate a story that happened Halloween night across the street from her home in Kansas City. It seems that a local gentleman had hooked up a hay wagon to his "little tractor" in order to take the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating and did just fine until he turned onto a street that went down a fairly steep hill. With the wagon full of hay, kids, and some adults, the tractor's brakes were unable to slow itself and the full wagon down and eventually failed completely. The operator , when faced with a rapidly accelerating situation, attempted to steer the tractor onto a driveway which turned up from the street. Just as soon as he turned the steering wheel, the tractor and wagon jack-knifed, rolling the tractor with him onboard underneath the wagon full of kids and adults. The wagon continued down the street, dragging the man and his tractor along with it, and finally came to a halt when friction overtook the momentum of the load. Unfortunately, the tractor operator was killed and the kids will suffer from unpleasant memories of a Halloween treat gone terribly wrong. One lapse of judgement ended this man's life. We all need to remember to weigh the consequences of our actions on our "little tractors" or we could very well end up like this poor fellow. Keep it safe and listen carefully to that guy on your shoulder.


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