Just like an airplane; all about weight

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Posted by Mike Wilson, Catlett VA on November 15, 2008 at 04:48:09 [URL] [DELETE] :

In Reply to: Just like an airplane; all about weight posted by Jerry Marks on November 15, 2008 at 04:35:42:

I've added it up. 25 bales at 40lbs is the first 1000. 8 adults a minimum of another 1000. 16 kids at 50lbs. or so, another 800. That covers the tractor and we haven't weighed the wagon yet.
When the hitch is designed to provide rotational moment of force around the back wheels and downwards force on the fronts when pulling, everything goes into a cocked hat when the load starts pushing.
My grandfather performed the experiment 50 years ago when the almost new 8N got its butt lifted clear of the ground by a full stacked load of hay, probably 6000 lbs. altogether, things went downhill a lot faster than intended, and the music started playing faster than he could dance. He was only knocked unconscious.
The N is unauthorized on the front of loaded wagons around here. We use nothing smaller than the 4600 for moving loaded wagons down the steep hills, and even then if the brakes lock up, it will be pushed all the way down.

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