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Posted by Tim Daley(MI) on October 12, 2009 at 08:13:35 [URL] [DELETE] :

The N-Series Tractor Oil Filter, Part Number 9N6731, is an intregal part of keeping your engine running smooth and clean. Dirty oil can cause premature wear and tear on internal engine parts. Keeping oil changes on your Preventative Maintenance schedule only makes sense. Check the oil level and condition each time you use the tractor before you start the engine. If it shows signs of getting dirty, plan on an oil change soon. The amount of use and external conditions will vary with each tractor so determining exact intervals is basically up to the owner, but plan on at least once or twice a year under normal use. You will want to change not only the oil, but the oil filter too. Most replacement filters today still have a wire handle to help ease the filter out of the oil filter canister. The exception I know of is that the FRAM C3 does not, but the FRAM C3P does. FRAM was the original supplier to FORD -in the pictures, the left most is an original and it has the Ford logo and FRAM Corporation listed on the decal. The decal that applies to the top lid of the oil filter housing also denotes the FRAM Corporation as well as Ford. Most filters also come with the new rubber gasket that fits under the lid. New filters use to also come with a new washer that goes under the hex bolt that clamps the lid down in place, but I have not seen this washer in packages for several years now...probably a cost cutting procedure although the unit price doubled. You might want to replace this washer also if it worn too badly as you will get leakage at this point. Just8Ns carries filters and the washers. Don't forget to check your air cleaner while you're at it. Your oil bath cup needs to be cleaned and refilled with same grade oil as you use in your engine. Go to the NTC "HOW-TO's" under lubrication to do the "Perfect Oil Change'. Here are some pictures followed by a list of oil filters and manufacturers for replacement filters for the N-Series Tractors. The right most unit is Ford Part Number CPN-6731-B, for the NAA, NAB, and Hundred Series tractors. Quart of oil and can of beer shown to give perspective...

Left to Right -
Original Ford p/n 9N6731; NOS Ford; New Holland; FRAM; NOS FORD p/n CPN-6731-B for NAA/NAB/Hundred Series Tractors.

Original & NOS -close-up View-


Baldwin P40Big A 92010
Bosch 72127
Carquest 85010
Fleetguard LF574
Ford CPN 6731B 9N-18649; 9N-6714; 9N-2731
Ford CPN-6731-B for 53-57 tractors
Fram C-3; C-3P *C3 has no handle
Hastings Mighty M3LF-130
Luber-Finer P3
Motorcraft FL144
NAPA Gold 1010
New Holland 86546605
Puralator L20110, L20701
Texaco HSO 100
P 70 FR
Unacol 76 OF 1010
White 10575
Wix 51010
Fleetrite LFR-8574

Tim Daley(MI)
*9N653I* & *8NI55I3*

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