Ford Tractor Videos on DVD

DVD Image

This DVD was dubbed over from a Ford factory 16mm film that was used for marketing purposes.

This DVD contains four vintage videos from the 1950’s. You get almost a full hour of black & white and color film, comprised of four films:

1- 1950 “Power to Prosper” – a b&w video that shows how the 8N is manufactured.
2- “The Proofmeter” - a color video that explains the advantage to using a Proofmeter when using implements and maintaining your 8N.
3- “Power” – the Red Tiger engine. A color video that covers the benefits of using the “new” Red Tiger OHV engine in Ford tractors.
4- “Meet My New Partner” – a color video on the features and benefits of the 700/900 Ford tricycle tractors.

Note: You must have a DVD player in your PC or home audio/video system to view these movies. A CD-ROM drive will not work!! You may also use the DVD player in your home audio/video system.

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