"Holiday for Bill" & "The Quiet Revolution"

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There are two films on this DVD:

(1) "Holiday for Bill", a 31 minute, color film with professional actors that was produced in 1951. This is a TV show type production where a salesman from the city breaks down in the country, meets the proverbial farmer's daughter who takes him home. He ends up having to help do farm work, and the daughter shows him how she uses their new 8N with various implements to perform the chores around the farm.

(2) "The Quiet Revolution", a 9 minute, narrated color film with a professional production that was produced in 1956. It shows Ford tractors from 8N's through Hundred Series being used to build Levittown, PA.

Note: You must have a DVD player in your PC to view these movies. A CD-ROM drive will not work!! You may also use the DVD player in your home audio/video system.



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