Harry and Henry Introduce the "New" Ford-Ferguson 9N Tractor - June 29, 1939 in Dearborn, Michigan

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This DVD was dubbed over from some Ford factory 16mm films that were primarily used for marketing and training purposes. You will still hear the old-timey flicker of the film moving through the projector as it is dubbed over to DVD.

This one contains two vintage videos from 1939:

1) A 10-minute b&w video that demonstrates the features of the new 9N Ford-Ferguson tractor. It shows Henry and Harry introducing the ’39 9N. You can see Harry personally demonstrating the agility and plowing ability of the 9N. Lot’s of good footage of the ’39 in action.

2) A 30-minute color video that shows very early 9N’s being used to plow, the farmer adjusting wheel width, then using it to disc and cultivate, mow, harvest hay and corn, etc.

Note: You must have a DVD player in your PC to view these movies. A CD-ROM drive will not work!! You may also use the DVD player in your home audio/video system.


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