1952 Implements (New and Experimental) Info for Dealers Only

DVD Image

A DVD dub-over from original 16mm film created by Ford marketing. It
was intended to be sent to dealers and was confidential. It gave
dealers a preview of new implements for 1952, but also showed them
experimental implements that Ford was testing to determine if they
would be subsequently approved for sale.

The "new for 1952" implements shown include the single disc harrow,
single bottom 16" plow, the one-way disc plow and the heavy-duty

Experimental implements shown include a forage harvester, side
delivery rake, corn harvester, a self-propelled combine, a cotton
stripper, peanut digger and combine, a 2-row corn picker, a corn and
cotton planter, lister planter, and vegetable planter.

Note: You must have a DVD player in your PC to view these movies. A CD-ROM drive will not work!! You may also use the DVD player in your home audio/video system.

Cost for the DVD is $10 each which includes postage.


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