1951 Ford Farming Newsreel

DVD ImageThis DVD contains almost 36 minutes of color video that is professionally narrated. It was intended for distributors, dealers and news media. This one covers various places around the country with news bits that Ford thought would be of interest.

This one starts in Detroit, MI and covers the parade that celebrated Detroit's 250th anniversary.

The next stop is Jeaunea, WI and introduces Baldwin Kuntz who demonstrates his remote control device for the 8N tractor. Mr. Kuntz puts the tractor through its paces to demonstrate his remote control of the engine and steering. He then has his 8N pull a Dearborn wagon, with him in the back of the wagon controlling the 8N.

Next stop is Noblesville, IN for a neat story about a 74 year old grandmother who loves her 8N. She helps her husband farm 117 acres with their 8N. NOTE: check the bumper on this 8N.

Next stop is Okeene, OK for a rattlesnake round-up. No 8N's in this one, but it's pretty interesting.

Next stop is Akron, IN to watch a cattle farmer use his 8N to drive his cattle milking machine by connecting it to the engine manifold.

Next stop is Lake City, MN for an ice fishing contest. They use an 8N to drill the holes in the ice.

Next is footage devoted to new, prototype and experimental implements for 1952. It also gives quick peeks of prototypes of the Jubilee and Hundred Series utility and row crop tractors that are kept under cover.

Next stop is Dearborn, MI for footage called "Famous Tractor Firsts". Shot at the Henry Ford Museum, it parades a 1907 Ford tractor - the company's first. Next in the parade is a 1917 Fordson, followed by a 1939 9N, an 8N and then a jump to the company's farm in Clarkston, MI for a quick peek at the "new" Jubilee, pulling a 3-bottom plow!

The last stop in the newsreel is Rushville, IN for a corn picking contest, won by an 8N and a Dearborn - Wood Bros. Cornpicker.

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