Introducing the "New" Thousand Series Tractors

DVD Image

This DVD was dubbed over from a Ford factory 16mm film that was used for marketing purposes. You will still hear the old-timey flicker of the film moving through the projector as it was dubbed over to DVD.

This DVD contains a vintage, color video from 1964. It includes a narrated infomercial on the "new" Thousand Series tractors from 2000 through the 6000 Commander. It has some great footage of engineers meeting to design the new tractor and the new features of the tractor. It shows various models being manufactured, tested and produced. There is some great footage of the somewhat rare 6000 Commander tractor. It also offers info on the Select-O-Speed transmission and other features like the inching pedal.

This is a nice piece of history to add to your collection if you own one of the later Thousand Series tractors, or you just enjoy watching the history of old iron.

Note: You must have a DVD player in your PC to view these movies. A CD-ROM drive will not work!! You may also use the DVD player in your home audio/video system.

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