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Posted by Red Neckerson on February 03, 2011 at 16:14:19 [URL] [DELETE] :

In Reply to: Re: VERY IRRESPONSIBLE TV AD posted by Tyler (MD) on September 18, 2010 at 10:11:30:

Thank You Tyler for telling the truth. Gees lots of stuff aint safe but I see nothing wrong with the commercial. Most of the kids who aren't smart enough to ride back there safely live in the city where they will never have a tractor to jump on and the kids in the country I'm sure have already rode on a drawbar many times in there life. I should post pics from the Rushville IN Steam Show. There are always kids riding inside the wheels on the Steam Engines and most of the tractors have atleast one passenger in the parade. It's that way at EVERY tractor show I've ever been to. If you wanna know my honest oppinion , I'm against most Safety upgrades. I feel like this country is progressively getting dumber every year because of all the safety crap out there. It's almost impossible to get killed with the stuff they sell today. All this does is let the dumb ones live to procreate and make more dumb ones. I grew up around hit-n-miss engines , old tractors , steam engines, farm equipment and learned at a young age to pay attention to what I was doing and use my head to keep me safe. I was cutting up skid lumber with a 24" buzzsaw with no safety gaurds and being run with a flatbelt and a 1.5 hp McCormick Deering Model M when I was 6 or 8 years old, by myself, while my dad was at work. We used the lumber to burn in the woodstove in the house and garage. Kids grow up today with hardly any real danger in there daily life and all it does is let them grow up without having to use there head and think. I was smart enough when I was a kid to keep me and my clothes out of moving parts and not get on a tractor with somebody that was stupid enough to be running full throttle in reverse with someone on the drawbar. I am all for saftey but my kind of safety is much differant than todays outlook. I teach my kids to use there mind to be safe. You can do almost anything in a safe manner,,INCLUDING rinding on a drawbar. Even dangerous stuff can be safely done, it just requires thought and attention. This is what I teach my kids. It's just like driving, my dad told me when I first started to drive when I was about 12 "Watch everybody else on the road and figure out what the dumbest thing they could do is and then plan on them doing it". I use that same mentality in everything I do and I'm 36 years old and have worked with farm equipment, lathes, mills, ran a 250 ton punch press, and work on engines of all kinds my whole life and I can still count to 10 on my hands and on my feet , have never had a major broken bone and never had any more injuries than bruises and pulled muscles. I say teach your kids to think and take the saftey guards off and let natural selection do it's job and stop dumbin down the gene pool!

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