Cutting RxR ties with creosote causes chemical burns

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Posted by TimW(PA) on August 08, 2007 at 19:36:30 [URL] [DELETE] :

All you old timers probably know this already, but I was cutting some railroad ties today for a friends barn that needed some new posts. The old ones had termites in them and i thought that RxR ties would work good. Well the combination of creosote sawdust and me being hot and sweaty has burn't my arms neck and face something horrible!!! it literally feels like i'm dipped in hot gasoline. It is a hot soaked into the skin feeling that just wont quit. I Washed off good with soap, soaked in a tub of cold well, water put aloe on, nothing helped. Fianlly got some benzocain first aid spray and that took the edge off, but it is still burning like crazy. So, for all of you that didn't know if you cut railroad ties, wash off any sawdust immediately, wear long sleeves and a mask, and don't do it when it is hot and sunny, or you will be sorry. I think what really made it bad was that I was cutting a notch for a tenon to fit into, so I was using the circular saw and sawzall. It was smokin and throwing out lots of fine sawdust. Never thought to wash it off till the end of the day.....So be careful, and if anyone knows a good way to get it to stop burning, I'm all ears.....Thanks.....Tim

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