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Posted by Paladin (Bob In PA) on September 27, 2010 at 08:55:58 [URL] [DELETE] :

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Are you sure that the serial number isn't BNO 40 1406 or BNO 25 1406? The 40's were shipped with dual rear truck wheels and the 25's had single wheels. The alloy plate that you mention had various Ford patent numbers on it in very fine print. Most likely someone tried to polish it and rubbed the numbers off. You can obtain an exact replica of this plate from restoration suppliers such as just8ns. The front axle was the BNO 7409 subassembly according to the parts manual - rust has most likely made the "7" look like a "1".

Keep in mind that the Tug had a standard, off the production line, Ford 2N gasoline burning tractor motor - right down to the little aluminum patent plate. Your 9NAN motor is a kerosene burner. The NAN motors are scarcer here in the US than are Tugs. Most all NAN kerosene burners were produced for export.

The Moto Tug parts manual is posted on this website for download or you can use it online. The same serial number that you observed on the engine should be repeated on an aluminum data plate that was riveted to the sheet metal down by your left foot as you sit on the tug. Many of these data plates are missing on Tugs - perhaps they were in an inconvient location and vibrated loose. If your tug ever had a data plate, you should see four small (1/8 inch) rivet holes. I will try to post a close up picture of a Tug that still has its data plate. To the best of my knowledge, the serial number of the tug did not appear anywhere else on the tug.

Please post some pictures of your Tug for us to see!


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