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I've been wanting to do this for awhile. Today is "Throne Day" starting at noon, so I have some time this morning. For a definition of Throne Day, see the Off Topics board. I'll have something posted there soon.

My topic today is wheel stud extenders....the kind that get used for adding pie weights or dual wheels. In my efforts to be a cheapskate and not pay full price for a set of wheel weights, I have been slowly accumulating the individual parts needed, including the wheel extenders. I've been able to buy a few here and a few there, trade for some and have some just given to me. As I've done this I've found at least 6 different variations and I'd like to pass this info on so you don't buy some that are not compatible with your tractor without realizing it.

Here are the 5 different variations I'm going to talk about today:

I've labeled them A through E. Now I'll discuss each separately and try to point out the things to watch out for.

First we'll start with A:

At first glance it looks like it should work fine. But when you try to screw this onto your Ford wheel studs you're in for a surprise. This is actually for a Ferguson. Both the male and female ends are 9/16" rather than 5/8" that your Ford needs. Other dimensions are:
Base to Shoulder: 1-5/8"
Male Stud Length: 1-1/8"
Overall Length: 2-3/4"
Hex Size: 1-1/16"

Now on to Stud B:

This one is a real oddball. I pulled this set off a friend's TO-20 in exchange for a set of regular lugnuts. So obviously they won't fit a Ford as they have 9/16" female threads. But the odd thing is the male stud is 5/8"! So you can put these on a Ferguson, but you have to use Ford lugnuts on the male end. Why such a strange combination? I have no idea. Other dimensions:
Base to Shoulder: 1-1/2"
Male Stud Length: 1-1/4"
Overall Length: 2-3/4"
Hex size: 1-1/8"

You might be able to use a mixed set of A's and B's on the same Ferguson, but you'd have to use two different lugnut sizes on the male ends and you'd have to use two different wrenches to put them all on as they have different hex sizes. Also the base to shoulder length is slightly different so that your weight mounting plate (or dual wheel spacer) might not seat straight.

Stud extender C...the most common:

This is the typical stud extender we've come to expect to find. Male and female ends are both 5/8". Other dimensions:
Base to Shoulder: 1-1/2"
Male Stud Length: 1-3/16"
Overall Length: 2-11/16"
Hex size: 1-1/16"

Stud Extender D looks different, but is really about the same as C:

All dimensions are basically the same as C. Male and female ends are 5/8" and all other dimensions are the same as C so you could use a mixed set of C's and D's on the same wheel. The only difference is appearance. The D only has the hex partway down and the rest of the barrel is round. The round portion is 1-3/6" diameter.

Stud Extender E...don't mix this one with C or D:

I made the mistake of selling a set of stud extenders to a guy without paying attention to detail. When he contacted me to complain is when I learned the difference between this one and Extender C above. If you look closely at the second photo you'll see that the hex part is tapered on both ends. This is the only one that's like that. The result is the base to shoulder length is significantly longer than the C stud and you can't use them together on the same wheel. Both male and female ends are 5/8". Other dimensions:
Base to Shoulder: 1-3/4"
Male Stud Length: 1-1/16"
Overall Length: 2-13/16"
Hex size: 1-1/16"
I said at the start that I have found at least 6 different variations of this part in existence, but I have only shown 5 of them. The 6th one is a set I bought from a guy on ebay who apparently is making new ones. I didn't take a photo of the new set I bought, but the dimensions are:
Male end: 5/8"
Female end: 5/8"
Base to Shoulder: 1-1/2"
Male Stud Length: 1-1/8"
Overall Length: 2-5/8"
Hex size: 1"

So these new ones are a 1/16" shorter in overall length and are made of 1" hex stock rather than 1-1/16" hex stock. But I'm sure they'll work fine and they are a matched set.

I hope this helps someone avoid a costly mistake by buying a few stud extenders that he can't use.

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