Tim: M5 bomb trailer wheels?

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Posted by Paladin (Bob In PA) on July 15, 2010 at 11:59:22 [URL] [DELETE] :

Last night I was up way too late checking out a tip that I got from another Moto-Tug nut. During WW2 the gov't purchased a bunch of M5 bomb trailers. These things were about 16 feet long and had detachable racks for carrying different types of bombs from the magazines out to the aircraft. They were what strikes me as an odd design, riding on two truck wheels in the back and a pair of small dolly wheels up front (actually, a tricycle setup). A lot of them survive today and some still turn up on military disposal lists as military bases kept them to use as garbage trailers and general purpose totes.

Long story short, the front dolly wheels look identical to the Moto Tug front wheels. I am going to log onto a military vehicle website or two and see if somebody can give me the size of the wheels.

The trailers were built by the Saginaw Stamping Tool Company. Since Ford "farmed out" the tugs, I wonder if they sourced wheels from Saginaw, or if Saginaw sourced Ford auto hubs (which is what they appear to be on the bomb trailers) from 'ol Henry and paid Henry back with wheels?

I wonder if the author of "Ford at War" ran into any incidences of Ford and Saginaw buying from or selling to each other?

There IS a reprint of the bomb trailer maintenance manual available which would give the size, also. Hate to spend the bucks, though.

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