Steps on how I painted the embossed "FORD" logo

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To Anyone that is interested in this easy way to paint embossed logos.

First step in painting your Ford logo.

Spray paint the logo the color you want it to be, don't worry about the surrounding area it will be repainted later.

Photo Date: 1-25-06

Second Step in spray painting your Ford logo:

Apply the paint mask with a artist brush, I used the following brush description:


If case your wondering the paint mask that I use is, (your not going to believe this)
Desitin Diaper Rash Baby Ointment, and no I haven't been sniffing the paint fumes to much.
This stuff works great as a paint mask, it stays were you brush it on and it's white so you can
tell where you are when your applying it, and it wipes off with a mild dish washing liquid and water.
Please Note: The Desitin Ointment that I use is the orginal kind NOT the creamy new kind, the orginal kind
is more of a paste and not a liquid like the creamy.

I stumbled onto this idea when I was thinking what I had on hand that I could use as a brush-on paint
mask that was white and would stay in place when brushed on, and would not dry out, and would keep
the paint from sticking to the areas where I didn't want it to stick. And last but not least it had to be able
to be wiped off with a dampened cloth in soap and water and not harm the painted surface.

And presto, It Works! (It took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to mask this logo.)

Photo Date: 1-25-06

Third step in spray painting your Ford logo:

Spray the hood the color you want it to be, the paint will not stick to any area that the
Desitin is applied to. The color I sprayed on was Medium Gray made by TISCO in a spray can.
I purchased my paint from ( )

You need to wait until the paint is Completely Dry! Not Tacky! before you proceed to the last step. It took about
a day and a half for my paint to dry completely.

Third step in spray painting your Ford logo:

Photo Date: 1-25-06

The final step is to wipe off the paint where you applied the Desitin with
a water dampened cloth in mild dishwashing liquid, I used "Sun Light"
dishwashing liquid with Lemon in it.

And as you can see you get amazing results without taking and sign painting lessons,
the only fussy part is when applying the Desitin paint mask, if you make a mistake when
applying it you can just wipe it off and start over again. The better you apply the paint mask
the better the final result will be.

I stood back and took a look at it and it looks just like a factory job. It's sure better than what was on
it when I purchased the tractor, someone brushed it on and you could see all kinds of brush marks in the logo.

Photo Date: 1-25-06

Kevin(FL) & Emily 52' 8N459231
If the Admins want to make a How To in the How To Section you have my permission.

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