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Posted by Paladin (Bob In PA) on May 05, 2009 at 20:14:40 [URL] [DELETE] :

I got another copy of the 1943 Moto-Tug parts manual from the guy who sold me the sheet metal. What surprised me was that he included a xerox of an original CIVILIAN sales brochure. It shows pictures of a tug with a guy driving it in an airline freight handler's uniform. The Tug has different rear wheels than those shown in the parts brochure, and even truck-type hubcaps! (which are NOT in the parts brochure at all). The sales brochure says that it could be used at airposts, freight terminals, factories, etc. and it was available from Harry Ferguson in three colors: Ford Gray (gloss), Navy Gray (flat), and Army Olive Drab (flat). You could also order oversize rear tires (size not specified) or solid rear tires. Interesting. Clearly, there WERE Moto-Tugs that did not have the military in their past. This must indicate that there was a way of continuing production, that is, they did not make a single 3000 tractor production run and then just stop.

I wish that Mr. Brock had had more info when I called him. Frankly, the call was a disappointment. By that time in the 40's Brock said he was working on projects for the US Gov't including posible tank production by Ford. He seemed to think that the whole Moto-Tug thing was a sort of a side show - the Gov't asked for them and Ford made a couple of thousand and then moved on.

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